COPC Inc. Shanghai Client Seminar a Huge Success


seminar series in China brought us to Shanghai. This seminar took place on May 17 and was a great success with participants from industries spanning technology, internet, finance, automobile, outsourcing and more. Artificial intelligence (AI), which has become a trend in customer experience operations, was the theme of the Shanghai seminar. Making the most of AI and setting up metrics to measure its performance was a hot topic during the seminar.

IP Migration Seminars at PSA-TEC

Customer Interactions

If you’re going to PSA-TEC 2010 ([link] and want to learn about transitioning from analog to IP, please feel free to register and drop in on my three 90-minute sessions. The first is for more technical-oriented people who would like an objective view of what transitioning from analog to IP means, and the design options (and pitfalls) that are out there.


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Service Leadership Workshop with Ron Kaufman and Marshall Goldsmith

Uplifting Service

So, I’m delighted to tell you now that in partnership with Right Selection, Marshall Goldsmith and Ron Kaufman will be delivering the Service Leadership Seminar, first time ever. Hello, if you’re watching this video, you probably know me.

COPC Inc. Welcomes Clients to Beijing’s First 2019 Seminar Series


s first China client seminar of 2019 was held on April 12 in Beijing, attracting participants from various industries including financial services, technology, utilities, outsourcing and many others. This Beijing seminar is the first in a series planned for China throughout 2019. We look forward to continued participation and excitement for future seminars, including those in May (Shanghai), June (Guangzhou) and October (Chengdu). COPC Inc.’s

Are Virtual Events The Right Move For You?

Forrester's Customer Insights

The COVID-19 virus has made canceling or delaying customer gatherings, seminars, conferences, and trade shows of any size essential. It’s a rough time to be planning or managing a large, in-person event. Digital alternatives don’t replicate the in-person experience, despite innovative technologies and approaches. Marketers and sellers rely on events to support campaigns that generate […]. age of the customer

Relationships Left To Chance Will Always Be Vulnerable

The DiJulius Group

Hardy relates how, when he was young, a seminar about personal accountability in relationships transformed. One of my favorite books is The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, which is based on the premise that decisions shape your destiny. One story Hardy shared was a real eye-opener, and it applies to relationships, both personal and professional. Read Full Article. The post Relationships Left To Chance Will Always Be Vulnerable appeared first on The DiJulius Group.

Which Is Better; Local Vs. Offshore Transcription

Magellan Solutions

Transcripts that will be published online or converted to captions, such as podcasts, seminars, and documentaries. Seminars. Local vs. overseas transcription services. What’s the going rate for transcription services. ?

Making Customer Feedback Actionable - How Can AI Help?


We recently talked about this topic in a breakfast seminar hosted by Sininen Meteoriitti. In many companies, customer experience is measured, but the results are not actionable. The most widely used customer experience metric NPS (check what Net Promoter Score is about and how to use it for your company) actually gives all the necessary ingredients for the actionability.

5 Ways to Connect the Learner’s Journey to the Employee Journey

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

It’s not enough to say you allow for two seminars a year. This means leading book clubs focused on fun fiction, travel seminars, and photography walks! I’m really encouraged by the amount of focus and attention leaders are beginning to put on the employee experience.

Event Survey Questions: 7 Questions You Must Ask Your Attendees


Plus, you’ll probably get a few rants and raves about the last event you hosted, which can be useful for optimizing your next seminar or convention. Like all feedback, event survey questions help you look objectively at the strengths and weaknesses of your conference or seminar. There’s a lot that goes into planning an event, and I’m pretty sure that event survey questions are not at the top of your list. But they should be.

Survey 188

Do your people ‘make’ your Customer Experience? Monarch & Specsavers believe theirs do!


At the 2016 Specsavers Partner’s Seminar in Birmingham last week, John Perkins, Joint Group CEO of Specsavers said the following quite inspiring statement: ‘Each day, your customers write to me to explain how their local Specsavers – your team – has changed their lives – sometimes even saved their lives. Do your people ‘make’ your company? Do your people ‘make’ your Customer Experience’?

A Morning Shot of Customer Centricity with Hello Customer

Peter Lavers

WCL Customer Management is delighted to support Hello Customer for a breakfast seminar on September 10th with guest speaker, Daragh Kelly, Customer Intelligence Director at SKY IQ. Date: Thursday 10th September 2015. Time: 7am – 10am. Click here to register. Hello Good Morning wants to get you cracking, beyond the hypes and overly inspirational content that is flooding the scene. Up for coffee and pastry, practical learnings and take- aways?

Emotional Affinity, Customer Service, and Collecting

CX Accelerator

I recently attended a seminar where Dever explained that customers who have emotional affinity with a product or brand consider that product or brand essential to their daily lives.

Customer & User Experience Expo 2020

CSM Magazine

With a line-up of 500 cutting-edge exhibitors, dozens of leading keynote speakers as well as over 250 educational seminars and masterclasses, this is going to be a show like no other.

National League of Cities (NLC) | 15.-18.11.2017

Happy or Not

This year’s City Summit will offer seminars for building technical and leadership skills. There will also be workshops providing real-world collaborative solutions for local government concerns, including: economic development, technology, sustainability, housing and cultural and social issues. The post National League of Cities (NLC) | 15.-18.11.2017 18.11.2017 appeared first on HappyOrNot. Events

Digital Brick-and-Mortar: The 7 NRF Sessions For Seamless Retail Experience


There are a myriad of seminars, sessions, and keynotes to attend and defining your agenda can be a tad overwhelming. This year's BIG Show resonates a key theme repeated in session after session: It's a Digital World, and Retail Brick and Mortar live in it. Customers demand a seamless experience and Retail must deliver.

Enhance Your De-escalation Skills On Your Lunch Break – 30-minute training with knowledge checks and simulations

Myra Golden Media

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of attending several seminars given by Myra Golden. Start looking for her name on the seminars you are offered and sign up. How to Handle Difficult Customers. with a focus on de-escalation). 30-Minute De-escalation Online Class to Help Your Employees Get Angry Customers to Back Down, Even Customers Who Want a Supervisor – with Video Teaching, Simulations, Knowledge Checks, and Practice Interactions.

6 Tips to Planning The Perfect NPS Program


Your boss and your boss’s boss just came from a seminar on Net Promoter Score (NPS) and want you to implement an NPS program this week. You want to show them that not only are you on top of their request, but you can give them the results they are looking for — customer retention and growth. It’s tempting to simply download your customer list and send out a single NPS survey, but a rock-solid NPS program is much more than a single survey.

NPS 150

How to Conduct a Webinar – The Ultimate Guide


A seminar or event that you can host via the internet is widely known as a webinar. This online seminar or event can be business-related and educational. When you know the topic and the aim of your online seminar, it won’t consume much time to create a content outline.

3 Things I Know For Sure Motivate Customer Service Employees

Myra Golden Media

I know these ideas work because I’ve used them in call centers I’ve managed, and right here at Myra Golden Seminars. I keep things spicy at Myra Golden Seminars by regularly getting the team out for fun. We all go through times when we’re not feeling the whole work thing. The mere thought of work brings on dread, we mop ourselves into the office later and later, and our eyes are rolled to the back of our head more often than not.

Tips 65

Increase Productivity and Improve Employee Retention with HR Service Automation


They can provide 24/7 information on any company issues, from policies, seminars, documents to how to book meeting rooms or know more about after-work groups.

Airport T.EX Exhibition

Happy or Not

You’ll find us at booth 130, right opposite to the Seminar A stage. We’re thrilled to be exhibiting at the Airport T.EX Exhibition 2018 in London. It’s part of Aviation Festival 2018 – world’s leading aviation business & technology congress & expo. Read more about the event from HERE And you can also check out […]. The post Airport T.EX Exhibition appeared first on HappyOrNot. Events

Enhance Your De-escalation Skills During Your Lunch Break!

Myra Golden Media

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of attending several seminars given by Myra Golden. Start looking for her name on the seminars you are offered and sign up. How to Handle Difficult Customers (with a focus on de-escalation). Training Length: 30 minutes, with knowledge checks. Thanks to the Internet and social media, customers are savvier now than ever before.

How Outsource Video Transcription Started

Magellan Solutions

Academic seminar video. How video transcription outsourcing came to be. Closed captions began in 1973 on PBS broadcasts. Now it is hard to imagine a world without them. Think about all the restaurants, bars, businesses, and gyms that have multiple TVs.

Video 52

6 Customer Service Facts for Every Business

Steve DiGioia

After all the money is spent, the seminars are attended and advice books read, what’s left? you won't be successful without them. This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. The world of business is fraught with a myriad of theories, quotes and snippets of information all designed to help wide-eyed junior entrepreneurs become successful. Then there are the wise sages who are paid handsomely to bestow others with their experience and long-held beliefs.

Emotional Affinity, Customer Service, and Collecting

CX Accelerator

I recently attended a seminar where Dever explained that customers who have emotional affinity with a product or brand consider that product or brand essential to their daily lives. When I was 12 years old, I discovered basketball cards, I loved them so much I collected over 5,000 of them in one summer. I grew up watching Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Once I started collecting, I had to have their rookie cards and then a card for every year after.

Lockdown Learning: What the Recent Pandemic Has to Teach Businesses About Adaptability

Joe Rawlinson

Having regular seminars and training on various adaptability courses can help a lot in minimizing the disastrous financial effects of a pandemic just like what we’re currently experiencing. The COVID-19 outbreak took the world by storm.

CX Leadership in the International Gas and Energy B2B Industry with Antonio Susta

Customer Bliss

During this time, Antonio and his team crafted internal seminars and workshops based on 3 messages : What is customer experience? In addition to hosting seminars and workshops, Antonio spent time on the front lines seeing for himself what was a part of the problem. In today’s episode, I speak with Antonio Susta , Head of Customer Experience and Customer Service at The Linde Group , a world leading supplier of industrial, processes and specialty gases. .

The Top Representative In The Philippines Telemarketing Lead Generation Services

Magellan Solutions

They also contact prospective customers from seminars, trade shows, and conferences. 2 types of lead generation services philippines. Lead generation is among the most misunderstood marketing principles on the web.

B2C 52

Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal Honors Calabrio CFO — Jenny Kray


It came as no surprise to me when the Minneapolis Saint Paul Business Journal selected Calabrio’s very own Jenny Kray as a 2019 honoree for its prestigious “CFO of the Year” award. The only thing that bewildered me was why it took so long!

What 3G Sunsetting Means for Home Security Firms


Holding a training seminar for all company technicians is not only costly but also impractical. 3G sunsetting is a significant step in the evolution of wireless communication. Old 3G technology is set to become obsolete as manufacturers and MNOs shift towards 4G LTE and 5G.

4 Things I Learned From Taking My Daughter to Work With Me at LinkedIn Learning

Myra Golden Media

I usually tell my client that I’m bringing my family with me on trips because I like to have my daughter attend seminars to see what I do. My kids have always been involved in the behind the scenes parts of Myra Golden Seminars – rehearsals, workbook creation, filming our eLearning, hushing during my conference calls and webinars, and my prep for trips. For three years, my 19-year-old College Daughter has worked for my company as a Studio Tech.

Master The Skills Of De-escalation While Your Agents Work From Home with our 30-Minute Online Class

Myra Golden Media

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of attending several seminars given by Myra Golden. Start looking for her name on the seminars you are offered and sign up. My first job was at Kmart. I was 16.

NetBase Quid World Tour Headed to Charlotte, Dallas & Austin!


Our World Tour seminar series is off and running, and we’re excited to share a bit about it – and invite you to join us at an upcoming complementary session.

How to De-escalate Angry or Agitated Customers

Myra Golden

Member Benefits: Unlimited attendance to Myra’s live web seminar series for one year. Creating calm with difficult customers is not a matter of using aggressive tactics. It’s also not about employees being a doormat, giving in to customer demands or escalating to a supervisor. This video, an excerpt from my customer service eLearning suite, is about how to take assertive control, create calm and pre-empt escalations. Watch this 7-minute video here. Myra Golden’s Full Access.

Outsource Transcription Philippines To Top BPO Solutions

Magellan Solutions

Seminars. Choosing the most accurate medical transcription service. Accurate and timely transcription is an absolute must. Medical transcription is key in medical practice. Quality transcription is important for both physician and the patient.

Digital Feedback: Why you’re probably doing it wrong


Because getting digital feedback is so important to CX professionals, we’ll be sharing best practices for measuring the digital customer experience in an exclusive web seminar hosted by CRMXchange titled “The Five Keys to Improving Customer Experience with Digital Feedback” on April 20 at 1 p.m.