Southwest Airlines gets a CX kudos during Hurricane Harvey

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About 500 Southwest Airlines customers were stranded at Houston’s Hobby Airport last Sunday morning once the Hurricane Harvey flooding began and the FAA shut down Hobby.

Airline claim compensation letter template

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It would appear that many airlines like to make it difficult for passengers to claim for compensation and redress for delayed or cancelled flights. Compensation for delays is only due on flights in the EU or when using an EU airline arriving two hours or more late.

Airlines, Listen up and Close the Loop with Customers


In light of a series of unfortunate events with many Airlines recently, complaints in April have spiked 70% prior to the year before. The post Airlines, Listen up and Close the Loop with Customers appeared first on Clarabridge.

A United Airlines Post Mortem Discussion, With Diane Magers – CB48

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The United Airlines incident is eventually going to fade from public consciousness, but I wanted to try and address it a few times. Podcast apology apology peace process decide to say sorry United Airlines United scandalEpisode Overview.

Reviewer After United Airlines Incident: ‘Don’t Take This Airline’


This week: United Airlines’ customers are outraged because of the forced removal of a passenger from a plane. The video of the passenger who was violently dragged off a United Airlines flight on Sunday night has potentially damaged customers’ trust in the company.

Southwest Airlines Earns Top Customer Experience Ratings for Airlines

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Southwest Airlines and AirTran deliver the best customer experience in the airline industry, according to the 2017 Temkin Experience Ratings, an annual customer experience ranking of companies based on […]. 2017 Temkin Ratings Customer experience Airlines AirTran Airways Alaska Airlines American Airlines Delta Airlines JetBlue Airlines Southwest Airlines Spirit Airlines United Airlines US Airways Virgin America

Cost-Cutting Airlines – Headed for Trouble!

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I’ve been flying major airlines for a long time, and like everyone else, I’ve noticed the changes – and not in a good way. At American Airlines, for example, incentive payments for top executives are now determined exclusively by income and cost savings. Cheap Airlines: Low Prices!

United Airline’s Multi-Million Dollar Decision

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Tough decisions can be a drag, and the wrong one can cost you– just ask United Airlines. On April 10, 2017, United Airlines needed to remove four passengers from the plane to accommodate crew members needed on another flight. Federal laws do not, however, limit the amount airlines can pay passengers who volunteer to give up their seat. Hint: airline choices are not abundant. The airline faces a long journey ahead to restore customer confidence.

Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue Earn Top Customer Experience Ratings for Airlines

Experience Matters

Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and JetBlue Airlines deliver the best customer experience in the airline industry, according to the 2016 Temkin Experience Ratings, an annual customer experience ranking […]. 2016 Temkin Ratings Customer experience Alaska Airlines American Airlines Delta Airlines JetBlue Airlines Southwest Airlines Spirit Airlines United Airlines US Airways Virgin America

Message to United Airlines CEO Oscar Muñoz

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As if flying isn’t enough of a hassle, United Airlines has made every passenger in every flight around the world a little more uncomfortable in their seats until the plane is in the air. Unless you’ve been hibernating from all media feeds, you’ve likely seen the video of a passenger being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight. Customer experience United Airlines

2017 Customer Experience Lessons from the Airline Industry…So Far


The post 2017 Customer Experience Lessons from the Airline Industry…So Far appeared first on CustomerGauge. Blog Featured Airline industry Customer experience Net Promoter Score United Airlines

Airlines Are Changing the Way They Listen To Their Customers


In a crowded market where airlines of all types converge, price competition is tougher than ever, and passengers are more likely to ‘shop around’ for the best deals, it is becoming more and more difficult to secure loyal customers. Furthermore, for many frequent flyers the airline reward programmes that include upgrades and free flights are.

Glengarry Glen Ross: Automotive vs. Airlines


We’ve got the definitive answer for you, or at least for the auto and airline industries, in this week’s MaritzCX blog. Ever wonder how auto companies compare to other industries in responding to customer inquiries over social media? Until next time. christravell

Cheap Airlines: Low Prices! Terrible Service! Can They Change?

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airlines, sizing them up according to factors that matter to travelers, including delays, on-time arrivals and lost baggage. Overall, the newspaper reported, airlines did a better job on some measures in 2016 than in 2015, with 7 percent fewer late arrivals.

The Airline Passenger Feedback Paradox


Clarabridge released a report, Customer Experience in the Clouds , last month that looked at the airline industry through the lens of passenger expectations. Airline customers are being heard less precisely because they are saying more. The airline problem seems desperate.

United Airlines’ Actions – Legal but Unwise

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Influential Factors - Harmful Commodity United AirlinesIt may be legal under carriage contracts to forcibly remove peaceful passengers from a plane, as United did earlier this week, but it’s a bad idea. Not all passengers who book tickets show up for flights. To account for this.

In Celebration of Customer Loyalty Month, Here’s Some “Anti-United Airlines” Stories

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It’s nice to read something positive – aren’t we all getting tired of that United Airlines story? The post In Celebration of Customer Loyalty Month, Here’s Some “Anti-United Airlines” Stories appeared first on Steve DiGioia and was written by Steve DiGioia.

5 Steps to Your Best Complaint Response Letter – with Powerful Examples From JetBlue, American Airlines and JCPenney

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Take a look at this outright apology from JetBlue Airlines after a major service mishap. Excellent Problem Response Letter From American Airlines. One of the things I do in my practice is write the templates for complaint response letters for some of world’s most renowned brands.

JetBlue and Southwest Lead Airlines in Customer Experience

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Overall, the airline industry averaged a 63% rating in the 2015 Temkin Experience Ratings and tied for 12 th place out of 20 industries. Southwest Airlines came in second with a rating of 72%, placing it 89 th overall.

You Think Airline Service is Bad? Try Taking the Bus

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The post You Think Airline Service is Bad? My daughter was home from college this holiday break, and wanted to visit her brother in Ames, Iowa, about four hours away. As we’re a one-car family, she elected to take the bus.

What's Fueling Customer Complaints with Airlines

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More flights are arriving on time while airlines are losing fewer bags and fewer passengers are getting bumped from flights. Yet customer complaints are at their highest levels since 2001, according to the 2016 Airline Quality Rating report. The report, released on April 4, found that while the percentage of flights that arrived on time in 2015 rose from 76.2 percent in 2014 to 79.9

OneWorld – 15 Airlines – OneHeadache

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Customer Experience Customer Loyalty AA American Airlines BA Brand British Airways Finnair OneWorld Skyteam Alliance Star AllianceWhile code sharing is a model that should benefit customers greatly, the reality is still far from the promise.

Ryanair ‘always getting better’ – has the world’s largest international airline really changed?


Ryanair are now the largest international airline IN THE WORLD!!!!! They have become so large, that they are the 6th largest airline overall – only surpassed with airlines that have significant domestic traffic. Some say that I am easily confused!

Q&A With Ryan C. Green, Managing Director Customer Strategy And Development, Southwest Airlines


In the airline industry, Southwest is no stranger to customer experience accolades. Q&A with Ryan Green, Managing Director Customer Strategy & Development, Southwest Airlines. A: Southwest Airlines has always been focused on the Customer. As a result, we now fly more passengers domestically, increased our airports served dramatically and Southwest Airlines'' Customer complaints are the lowest in the industry. southwest airlines.

How Priority Health, Southwest Airlines and The Ohio State University approach customer experience

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The session featured Nathan Foco, senior director of market intelligence from Priority Health, Molly Schmied, director of market research and insights from The Ohio State University, and Virginia Russell, senior business consultant of customer intelligence from Southwest Airlines.

U.S. airlines improving customer service?

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The trade industry organization Airlines for America has reported customer service for airlines improving in three different areas. airlines have had the best on time arrival rates – up by 85.07 According to the Department of Transportation, Hawaiian Airlines scored 92.8

3 Ways American Airlines Can Win Customers

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After nearly two years since their initial merger, American Airlines and US Airways officially became one airline on Saturday. And after a million hours of training and more than 9,000 tests of kiosks, the airline is facing the last remaining hurdle where mergers are concerned: going live with their combined reservations system.

3 Examples of Change for the Better in Airlines

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There have been many great stories in the past couple of months about airlines doing what was right by their Customers. Frontier Airlines Pilot Feeds His Passengers While Stranded on Runway. Southwest Airlines is a great Customer-centric airline with excellent employee engagement. What Southwest Airlines is not, at least according the US Department of Transportation, is punctual, which is clearly not a great stat when you are in the transportation game.

3 Customer Service Lessons We Can Learn from United Airlines F up


United Airlines is a company that proves that aviation disaster can happen before the plane goes up. As you might suspect, the whole situation caused a social media outrage over United Airlines, however, as time has passed, everyone stopped talking about it.

Great EX (Employee Ambassadorship) and CX (Customer Advocacy) Story: The Southwest Airlines Rep and the Passenger With Cancer

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This past July 23rd, Southwest Airlines passenger Stacy Hurt called the airline’s customer service desk at the Pittsburgh International Airport. Southwest Airlines Agent Note. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D., CMC Thought Leadership Principal, Beyond Philosophy.

Actions MUST speak louder than Words: United Airlines eat humble pie!


One of the stories featured in the article was about United Airlines and their much publicised PR disaster caused by the practice of overbooking flights. Oscar Munoz, Chief Executive Officer, United Airlines, speaks during the 2017 Aviation Summit hosted by the U.S. United Airlines.

Net Promoter® News: United Airlines, National Australia Bank (NAB), Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)


United Airlines ties $500,000 CEO bonus to customer satisfaction results We have all read and seen the news and videos regarding United Airlines’ recent customer service debacle.

This Is What an Epic Customer Experience Fail Looks Like


We booked our flight through US Airways , but all our flights were operated by American Airlines. It should be noted it was booked this way through the airline, meaning we weren’t cobbling together two flights. The airline sent us this confirmation. Spring Break!

Challenges of Understanding the Customer Journey End-to-End


Airlines may argue their journey is about the actual time in-air for a customer, but as customers, we all know it starts earlier and ends later. One airline trying to understand the actual journey more for their customers is Virgin Atlantic.

Invent Your Vocabulary to Emphasize Who You Are


The other night I was on a Southwest Airlines flight, traveling home from a speaking engagement. Philosophy created by Southwest Airlines in which Customers are treated honestly and fairly, and low fares actually stay low – no unexpected bag fees, change fees, or hidden fees.

Customer-Obsessed Service

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And when things go wrong, customers often flock to social media to air their grievances; a perfect example is the article I recently co-authored for Forbes Online, with Mark Fidelman , about the Southwest Airlines 3 Million Fan Flash Sale fiasco.

Lack of professionalism from airline attendants reflects badly for customer service

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In this situation however, the plane turned around and passengers had to wait for hours while the airlines searched for a replacement crew. In fact, in 2010 American Eagle was dubbed “America’s Meanest Airlines.” airlines improving customer service?

Lack of Common Sense: Continuing to Destroy Customer Experiences Around the World!


Unless you have been living in a cave with no access to Wi-Fi, it can not have escaped your notice that United Airlines have come in for some rather heated criticism lately. I don’t know about you, but I will actively avoid using United Airlines for the foreseeable future.

Coffee, Tea or Laptop?


Last week was a bad week for the airlines. The United Airlines customer service debacle hurt all airlines, not just the United brand. Airline personnel get angry. And, that goes for all other airline personnel. Let me emphasize that this is not the airlines fault.

Eurostar est Shambolique: It’s not just the airlines who need to get their act together


In fact, in the light of recent horrific customer experiences served up by British Airways and United Airlines (to name but two), it was with a sense of relief that we would be getting to and from Paris via Eurostar, taking us through the channel tunnel.