5 Tips for Managing Customer Expectations


Customer satisfaction is dependent upon knowing your customers’ needs and expectations. But your ability to meet, and even exceed customer expectations is often dependent upon what customers think their experience should look like. Customer Service

Which Customer Expectations Matter Most?

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Customers have four expectations that determine whether they’ll be highly satisfied doing business with your company, according to Gallup Research. First, they expect ACCURACY – Does your staff meet the commitments they make to customers?

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Why Exceeding Customer Expectations Can Make or Break a Business


Identifying the service our customers want can be like trying to hit a clay-pigeon. We want to do our best to deliver the best support to our customers. But your customer and their desires can be moving targets. Again, this sets lower expectations. All customers are equal.

Words Matter: How to Manage Customer Expectations with Better Communication


Whether you’re a management professional or a frontline representative, it’s essential to manage customer expectations to the best of your ability. Just a few words, whether in person or via live chat, can make a world of difference when it comes to customer expectations.

When Customer Expectations Are Unreasonable, Meet Them Anyway

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It takes self-control to handle a customer with over-the-top expectations. The post When Customer Expectations Are Unreasonable, Meet Them Anyway appeared first on Who's Your Gladys?

Meeting Millennial Customer Expectations


Date: Friday, February 5, 2016 Meeting Millennial Customer Expectations. This means that organizations need to ensure that the customer experience meets the needs and expectations of Millennials if they want to win and retain their business.

4 Actions to Exceed Customer Expectations

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I meet many organizations that say they want to exceed Customer expectations at every moment of contact. The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”. - For most organizations, just meeting their Customer’s expectations would provide a good experience. To create a great experience you have to define which areas that Customers most value and exceed these aspects of the Customer Experience.

Instant Satisfaction: How to Meet Rising Customer Expectations

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As Internet speeds increase and technology becomes more sophisticated, customer expectations of companies’ online performances have also risen. Here are some essential online conveniences your customers now expect your company to deliver. Customer Service guest pos

Are You Meeting Your Customers’ Expectations for Omnichannel Service?


How often do you actually ask customers how they feel about the service they receive, what their expectations are, or how they would prefer to contact your business? If you’re like most customer service organizations, probably not as much or as often as you’d like.

Modern Conveniences Your Online Customers Expect

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From automated purchasing and shipping to simple returns and mobile-friendliness, these are the modern conveniences your online customers expect from your business. Today’s customer expects a lot. Online shoppers expect even more. Your customers expect it.

Reflections of A Practitioner: CX Maturity, Customer Expectations and the Use of Predictive Analytics


Following my four years leading the CX practice for, arguably, the best airline in the Americas, JetBlue, the transition to the “provider” side of things since last May has been very interesting. My experience has provided a unique perspective into the various levels of CX maturity in organizations across many different industries. It has also. View Article

Focus Services Keeps Up with Customer Expectations and Innovation with inContact Cloud Solutions


“Beyond Expectations.” In a world where customer expectations and needs seem to change almost daily, how does a contact center stay one step ahead of it all? Advantages of the Cloud Customer Experience Using the inContact Platform

Exceeding Customer Expectations Is Nice but Not Necessary

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Are You Losing 5 Star Reviews to Hidden Customer Expectations?


Why won’t most customers write a review for your agency? It seems like getting customers to respond is an uphill battle. Your customers are satisfied and very happy with the results you’ve provided. But these customers are in the minority.

Know What Customers Expect? 5 Onion Headlines that Nail It!


In 2015, The Onion showcased customer service (and lack thereof) many times. These 5 headlines really tell the truth about what customers […]. The post Know What Customers Expect? appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. Blog Culture Customer Engagement Customer Experience customer service Featured Humor call center culture dining experience linkedin restaurant experience

Gaps in Customer Expectations and Service Delivery Prevail

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Have you ever tried contacting customer service only to hit roadblock after roadblock? Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service Customer Strategy matchingcustomerexpectationswithcustomerservice roadblocksincustomerservice socialservice

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6 Tips to Make Sure You Are Meeting Your Customers’ Expectations

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Meeting customer expectations is incredibly important for any business that wants to be successful today. It takes careful management and a number of strategies to keep customers satisfied. Unsatisfied customers could potentially harm your business by giving bad reviews or simply stop making purchases. Here are six tips to make sure you are meeting your customersexpectations. Make every effort to manage customer expectations from the very start.

2015 Global Customer Service Report: Customer Expectations and Location, Location, Location

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But are customer service preferences and expectations? The 2015 Global State of Multichannel Customer Service Report published by Parature, from Microsoft and Microsoft Dynamics CRM shows that geography does play a role in customers’ views on service.

How can you meet customers’ expectations if you don’t know what they are?

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The post How can you meet customersexpectations if you don’t know what they are? appeared first on Heart of the Customer. Customer ExperienceWhat does “good” look like? It’s something that, as CX leaders, we’re always thinking of.

Episode 17 – Managing the Customer Expectations to Build Customer Loyalty - Transforming the Customer Experience

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Customer expectations can make or break their perception of the customer experience they’ve had when working with us. The way to ensure success is to MANAGE their expectations. Let them know what to expect, when, and how it will happen every step along the way. This podcast delivers strategies to keep everyone on the same page and promote successful outcomes. link]. Podcasting

Recent Walmart TV commercial shows just how far customer expectations have evolved


The post Recent Walmart TV commercial shows just how far customer expectations have evolved appeared first on ForeSee. Insights Retail BOPIS customer expectations NRF NRF 2016 WalmartA version of this article was originally published on LinkedIn.

The art of meeting customer expectations

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Managing customer expectations are closely tied to an organization’s consistent and accurate ability to communicate. When there are poorly managed expectations and neglectful follow-up procedures, customers become confused, disappointed, and frustrated.

What’s on Your Service Menu?

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Customers today evaluate their experience in part by your service menu—the choices and options you provide. Their expectations are way up. They expect you to provide what they want, when and how they want it. Menus can tell you a lot about a restaurant.

Customers Today Crave Consistency!

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Customers today are more powerful than ever! And they base the majority of their decision on where to spend their hard earned dollars on the customer service experiences they encounter. Are you hiring employees who bring the spirit and attitude you want your customers to experience?

Is Your Customer Journey Hassle Free?

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Customers today are Vain— expecting treatment that telegraphs they are special and unique, not just one of the masses. The expectations of today’s customers represent a dramatic shift in what is required to insure customer loyalty—the stuff of growth and profits.

What Is Your Customer Service Handicap?

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Customers today are Vain — expecting treatment that telegraphs they are special and unique, not just one of the masses. What would a Customer Service Leader Board be like? What is your customer service handicap?

Making better business by exceeding customer expectations

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Most of us are busy setting appropriate expectations for our customers. Loyal customers are those who have stayed with organizations because of the high quality of their products or services over a continuous period of time. So how does this effect customer expectations?

Trust Centric Customer Journeys

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Today’s customers are more powerful than ever and they are more fickle than they have ever been. One of the key elements in any customer relationship is trust. Can your customers feel trust as they interact with every area of your organization? We live our lives on promises.

What Does Time Mean to your Customers?

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Today’s wired and dangerous customers live in a 24 x 7 x 365 day “wired” world where they can access most of what they want, when they want it, and how they want it. If your organization is not focused on meeting these service time expectations, customers are quick to leave for one that can.

When Sourcing Enterprise Marketing Capabilities, Start by Understanding Customer Expectations

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To successfully grow in Asia Pacific (AP), you must excel at understanding customers' needs, wants, and behaviors and have the capabilities necessary to transform this insight into improved customer engagement. Appreciating these market differences, and the impact they have on customers' expectations, is critical when sourcing enterprise marketing capabilities. customer intelligence.

What Chair is Reserved for Your Customer?

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Today’s customers expected to be treated as very valuable assets. Today’s wired and dangerous customer is fickle and will change providers faster than ever before. What chair is reserved for your customers? Chairs are a big deal.

Expectations Are Funny Things

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How well do you know and understand your customers' expectations? Merriam-Webster defines an expectation as a belief that something will happen or is likely to happen. But where do those beliefs, those expectations come from? Expectations are funny things.

How to spectacularly fail your customers and damage your brand – by British Airways


I actually think that boring is not always a bad thing when flying – as long as it ‘does what it says on the tin’, then most customers are happy. When you expect more from any brand, it is a significant disappointment when that brand fails to meet your expectations.

Do you have Service Experts Available to Your Customers?

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What would go in a Service Museum and what would it tell us about the ways customers have changed? As customers are unable to “take care of it myself” and are forced to deal with an expert or specialist, their standards of service excellence go up and out. Customer Service Expert

The Evolution of the Service Experience: Cooperation and its Impact on Customer Expectation

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I cannot say if customer service is, in general, improving or getting worse. The American Customer Satisfaction Index suggests that customer service improved until mid-2014 but has been trending downward since. The post The Evolution of the Service Experience: Cooperation and its Impact on Customer Expectation appeared first on The Daniel Group. Understanding Your Customer B2B customer behavior customer expectation customer experience Customer service

Do You Add “Hot Sauce” to Make Your Customers Feel Special?

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Customers today have higher expectations than ever. They expect treatment that telegraphs they are valued, special, and unique, not just one of the masses. Customers, especially those in “Generation Y,” are quick to leave.

What Has Changed in Customer Service?


Every week, I’m asked, “What is changing in customer service?” The expected answer is that I’ll talk about all the new ways customer service and support is conducted – and I do. There’s social media customer service with multiple channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Are You Listening for Customer Discontent?

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Customers are in the crosshairs of a perfect storm. And, the power of the Internet and social media has provided customers with the tool to deliver a downpour of blame as they flood cyberspace with their caustic critique. Really listen to your customers.

Tailoring the Customer Journey

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Customers today are Vain — expecting treatment that telegraphs they are special and unique, not just one of the masses. Customers start young wanting everything their way! Customers flock to sites like StumbleUpon to view only websites tailored to their preferences.

3 Steps To Improved Customer Experience This Holiday Season

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Customer expectations for the holiday season 2015. However, it is those 27% of retailers who cite improved customer experience as their top priority who are truly on right path to achieving their business goal of high revenue.