Retail trends shaping the consumer experience

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Retail is changing so fast that retail futurist Doug Stephens recently made this bold prediction : “Within five short years, the current user experience of online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba will begin to look as archaic as a Sears & Roebuck catalog.”

3 Ways Retailers Can Improve Customer Experience With Their Contact Center


No one ever said working in retail was easy. Succeeding in retail is tough and these days it’s much more difficult. Customer service remains the key difference of brick-and-mortar retail operations. The call center is no longer a cost center for retailers.

Retailers’ CX Slips In 2017

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Facing stiff competition on- and off-line, retailers need to invest in superior CX to differentiate themselves and foster the loyalty of empowered customers. In 2017, we saw both traditional and digital-only retailers’ CX quality slip. […]. customer experience customer experience index (CX Index) emotion online retail retailAcross industries, improvement in CX leads to growth in total revenue.

Five Reasons Retailers Need to Invest In People

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Five reasons to invest in store labor Labor was 43% of retail operating expenses based on our last US census data, but retailers haven’t been spending more on employee training [1]. In addition, retail customers aren’t thrilled […].

The Retail Ombudsman is no more

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The Retail Ombudsman (TRO) is no more. Many of the largest high-street retailers, including ASDA, Tesco. retail ombudsman role is too sensitive to be handled by the private sector. time that retail was given a government-run ombudsman system, in a similar way to. The Retail Ombudman had been run by Dean Dunham, a solicitor, former restauranteur. 15,000 retail companies as members of TRO and 100 staff, although the company’s.

Amazon introduces Just Walk Out technology in its new no-checkout-required retail concept


Amazon has formally introduced its new Amazon GO retail concept on the West Coast. To pull off pilots like this, retailers must coordinate the activities of multiple departments into one smoothly running new customer experience.

4 customer-based strategies health care can learn from retail

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Enter: The kings of customer-centric service, interaction and engagement—retail brands. By following examples set by successful retail brands, health care providers can devise new ways to better engage current patient populations and expand their reach to new demographics.

The rise of chief digital officers in fashion, luxury and beauty retail

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Nike isn’t the only retailer to hire a CDO. In the last year alone, retailers like Urban Outfitters and Citizen Watch have added the CDO role to the C-suite. The recent rise of the CDO in retail is driven by digital transformation efforts across all business sectors.

The Winning Formula For Retail Stores In 5 Simple Letters

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The world of retail is not out of the woods in terms of recovering from worldwide economic declines. Yet, 80+% of retail sales are still store based. What is interesting to watch is which retail chains are winning, and why. Customer Experience Retail

Observations on NRF 2018. Making Retail Great Again

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The National Retail Federation’s Big Show attracted tens of thousands of attendees. Three years ago we found retail CIOs most concerned about innovation and security [link] At the NRF show in 2018 it […]. Far from resigning themselves to conquest by market places they are determined to make the right investments to thrive and survive.

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Amazon introduces Just Walk Out technology in its new no-checkout-required retail concept


Amazon has formally introduced its new Amazon GO retail concept on the West Coast. To pull off pilots like this, retailers must coordinate the activities of multiple departments into one smoothly running new customer experience.

Experiential retailing is the next big thing in activewear

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Aware of the increasing competition and decreasing margins, some activewear retailers are looking for new ways to stand out. These retailers are embracing more immersive strategies, bringing unconventional experiences into physical retail. The rise of experiential retailing.

Guest Blog: Customer Service in Retail – Infographic


This week we feature an article by Patrick Thuot who shares an infographic about how customer service can help the retail industry. With the proliferation of the Internet and the ubiquity of smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the whole retail industry has experienced huge disruption.

Office Depot Acquires CompuCom — Is The Third Time The Charm For Retail Diving Into IT Services?

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Office Depot announced the $1 billion acquisition of CompuCom yesterday, which is a strong pivot into IT services for the 31-year-old retailer. As Yogi Berra said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”

Why Retailers Should Rethink “Self-Service”

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What four words best capture the state of retail today? Consumers run the show. Consumers are more informed, more demanding, and freer than ever before. The balance of power has shifted. Brands are no longer in charge of the buying process.

Guest Post: The Expanding Digital Divide Between Consumers And Retailers

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Consumers want it all … but just how much can retailers deliver? It is always a great learning opportunity to visit another country to discover retail trends firsthand. One of the biggest challenges retailers face in 2016 is where to invest when they simply can't do it all.

The Deadliest Threat to Your Retail Brand (and What to Do About it)

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One of these brands continues to disrupt like a scrappy startup and dominate the retail industry. The message here for retailers? Mystery Shopping Customer Experience Brand Experience Retail DisruptorsIn last week’s post , we discussed Amazon’s new brick-and-mortar venture.

3 examples of retailers re-focusing on the in-store experience

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Video killed the radio star, but e-commerce hasn’t killed bricks and mortar retail. consumers are primarily online shoppers , according the National Retail Federation’s quarterly Consumer View. Customer Experience retail

Attack of the Disruptor Brands: 5 Key Lessons for Retailers

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No one is safe; even the largest, most well-established retailers are running for their lives. From Dollar Shave Club to Warby Parker to Birchbox, retail disruptors are taking advantage of the current industry landscape and redefining the retail customer experience.

Retail Selling Tips: How Shoppers Define Great Retail Experiences

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What kind of experience do customers have in your stores? Step into the British supermarket chain, Tesco’s, and you’ll notice how they innovate. A greeter welcomes you and invites you to shop. The shelves are low, and each has clear signage so you can see what’s in each aisle.

How food retailers can compete against Amazon’s Whole Foods and European grocers

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Now it’s clear that Amazon aims to sell customers everything, and therefore no retail spaces are safe,” writes Darrell K. What grocery players and other retailers can do to fight back. Retailers should take up Bezos’ advice immediately.

Holiday 2017 Retail Checklist: Is Your Customer Service Ready?


As always, we’re curious to see how the 30 retailers in our StellaService Ecommerce Index —the biggest and best names in ecommerce—measure up this year. But we’re equally focused on what retailers go through behind the scenes. This Year, Being Understaffed Is Retailers’ Biggest Worry.

3 Days of Retail Customer Experience Takeaways from NRF 2018

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This week, the team was at NRF 2018 , the National Retail Federation’s Big Show. Javits Convention Center, NRF is one of the largest and most anticipated retail events each year, and showcases the latest in retail customer experience trends and technology innovations.

Retail Survival 101: Treating Employees Better

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For retailers, 2017 will be remembered as the year of store closings. This article appeared originally in Customer Strategist. Nearly 13,000 stores are expected to shut their doors this year, compared with 4,000 in 2016, Bloomberg reports.

Tesla: The Future of Automotive Retailing?


Tesla’s unorthodox retailing approach of having about 83 factory direct outlets (‘galleries’) in shopping malls and other unconventional locations scattered across the US with.

Retail TouchPoints recognizes JCPenney in Customer Engagement Awards


Retailers understand that the customer journey is changing, but only a portion have executed strategies to address and improve the process successfully. One example of this is leading retailer JCPenney, The post Retail TouchPoints recognizes JCPenney in Customer Engagement Awards appeared first on ForeSee. Client Voices Retail JCPenney NRF

Dealership Digital Retailing is Inevitable, Because The Customer Always Wins!


Think of any retailer category out there, and the consumer inevitable wins in getting it their way“ The above quote is by Mark O’Neil, COO of Cox Automotive, at the recent JD Power 2017 Automotive Forum. The title of his presentation was Connected Retail: Deals in the Digital.

Predictions 2018: Customer-Obsessed, Data-Driven Retailers Will Thrive In 2018

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In a world of hyper-adoption – and hyper-abandonment – successful retailing in 2018 comes down to obsessing about your customer’s experience. digital business ebusiness strategy online retail prediction retailIt’s a tall order: Digital and physical touchpoints now must work together flawlessly – yet also do what each touchpoint does best on its own. And organizations must remove silo shackles to unify disparate […].

Key Retail Influencers Talk Mobile


Integration of Mobile into Retailers Business Model Roundtable. Apadmi have recently produced a whitepaper exploring the integration of mobile into a retailer’s business model and the benefits it can bring. The importance of integrating mobile into a retailer’s business model.

Retail Customer Experience: How to Stop Competing Internally—and Start Competing to Win

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Mystery Shopping Customer Experience Brand Experience Services In-Store Marketing Retail Customer Service Customer EngagementIf managing the customer experience were easy, every customer would be delighted. Every brand would enjoy rock-star status.

De-risking tech investments in retail: 3 questions executives need to answer

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Retail brands are investing billions of dollars to deliver more compelling experiences for their customers. According to Forrester , many retailers are skeptical about flashy technology such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), preferring to wait until the ROI has been proven.

More retailers are closing shop for Thanksgiving

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Customer Experience Brand Experience

Walmart and Google’s Voice-Assisted Commerce Partnership Highlight the Next Big Disrupter in Retail

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Amazon customer experience digital business ecommerce online retail retail amazon amazon alexa amazon echo brendan witcher digital digital retail google google express google home grocery same day delivery walmartWalmart and Google have announced an important new partnership that directly addresses the growing markets for voice-assisted shopping and free expedited delivery. Marc Lore, President and CEO, Walmart U.S.

Can Retailers Survive in the Age of Amazon? - Frank Reactions

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Retail Survival = Seamless Experiences. One of my favorite omnichannel retail stories is from Tesco in Korea. So when I spoke about changes in the retail world at the Seamless Africa conference a few weeks ago, I put up this picture and talked about it.

Luxury Retail – Invest In Digital Transformation For A Successful 2018 And Beyond

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Good news for luxury brands – Luxury will see continued growth for online sales and for in-store sales that are influenced by digital touchpoints, per Forrester’s newly updated Global Luxury Retail Sales Forecast 2017 to 2022. brand experience customer engagement customer experience customer experience management digital business ecommerce online retail retail

Data Driven CX Improvements: A Retailer’s Must Have For A Successful 2018

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The 2017 trends in retail saw many changes and movements, such as the importance of the in-store experience, developing the omnichannel, the use of data, and merge of retail and technology. Blog CX CX improvement data Retail Retailer

Retailers, Listen Up: Quit Wasting Customers’ Time


The Interaction Metrics 2016 Customer Listening Study evaluated the customer satisfaction surveys of 51 top US retailers. The first study of its kind, it found that retailers like Lowe’s and Wal-Mart waste customers’ time—and their own—with critically flawed surveys.

Overcoming Challenges in Retail with Mystery Shopping


As a retail brand, there are certain elements your company deems important in order to uphold your brand image to your customers. It’s imperative that each frontline employee represents the brand according to the standards set for service delivery.

7 Reasons Why Traditional Retailers Are Struggling to Survive

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Traditional retailers' legacy of store success is their biggest challenge. One only needs to look at the headlines to see that many retailers are struggling. Let's clarify that … a large number of traditional retailers are struggling to grow profitably.

The Experience Margin: Only CX can save retail brands

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Retail brands can be saved; but not by conventional retail strategy. While some retailers are making progress on this front, most continue struggling to face this reality. With so far to fall, it’s high time retail giants stopped dragging their feet.