Retail trends shaping the consumer experience

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Retail is changing so fast that retail futurist Doug Stephens recently made this bold prediction : “Within five short years, the current user experience of online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Alibaba will begin to look as archaic as a Sears & Roebuck catalog.”

Dealership Digital Retailing is Inevitable, Because The Customer Always Wins!


Think of any retailer category out there, and the consumer inevitable wins in getting it their way“ The above quote is by Mark O’Neil, COO of Cox Automotive, at the recent JD Power 2017 Automotive Forum. The title of his presentation was Connected Retail: Deals in the Digital.

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What’s causing the retail apocalypse, and what companies can do about it

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A multinational discount shoe retailer files for bankruptcy protection. A major department store chain, once the biggest name in retail, admits that its future is now in doubt. These examples are just a sampling of the stunning headlines coming out of the retail sector.

Here’s A Notion Retailers Must Adopt


Javitz Center in New York is home to the National Retail Federation’s annual retail show. Hundreds of vendors to the retail trade and 30k+ delegates paraded through this […]. The post Here’s A Notion Retailers Must Adopt appeared first on Mike Wittenstein. NRF’s Big Show (image courtesy of During the second week of January each year, The Jacob K. It’s called the BIG Show because, well, it’s big.

Amazon introduces Just Walk Out technology in its new no-checkout-required retail concept


Amazon has formally introduced its new Amazon GO retail concept on the West Coast. To pull off pilots like this, retailers must coordinate the activities of multiple departments into one smoothly running new customer experience.

Retailers, Listen Up: Quit Wasting Customers’ Time


The Interaction Metrics 2016 Customer Listening Study evaluated the customer satisfaction surveys of 51 top US retailers. The first study of its kind, it found that retailers like Lowe’s and Wal-Mart waste customers’ time—and their own—with critically flawed surveys.

Experiential retailing is the next big thing in activewear

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Aware of the increasing competition and decreasing margins, some activewear retailers are looking for new ways to stand out. These retailers are embracing more immersive strategies, bringing unconventional experiences into physical retail. The rise of experiential retailing.

4 customer-based strategies health care can learn from retail

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Enter: The kings of customer-centric service, interaction and engagement—retail brands. By following examples set by successful retail brands, health care providers can devise new ways to better engage current patient populations and expand their reach to new demographics.

Why Retailers Should Rethink “Self-Service”

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What four words best capture the state of retail today? Consumers run the show. Consumers are more informed, more demanding, and freer than ever before. The balance of power has shifted. Brands are no longer in charge of the buying process.

Guest Post: The Expanding Digital Divide Between Consumers And Retailers

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Consumers want it all … but just how much can retailers deliver? It is always a great learning opportunity to visit another country to discover retail trends firsthand. One of the biggest challenges retailers face in 2016 is where to invest when they simply can't do it all.

The Deadliest Threat to Your Retail Brand (and What to Do About it)

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One of these brands continues to disrupt like a scrappy startup and dominate the retail industry. The message here for retailers? Mystery Shopping Customer Experience Brand Experience Retail DisruptorsIn last week’s post , we discussed Amazon’s new brick-and-mortar venture.

Attack of the Disruptor Brands: 5 Key Lessons for Retailers

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No one is safe; even the largest, most well-established retailers are running for their lives. From Dollar Shave Club to Warby Parker to Birchbox, retail disruptors are taking advantage of the current industry landscape and redefining the retail customer experience.

Can Retailers Survive in the Age of Amazon? - Frank Reactions

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Retail Survival = Seamless Experiences. One of my favorite omnichannel retail stories is from Tesco in Korea. So when I spoke about changes in the retail world at the Seamless Africa conference a few weeks ago, I put up this picture and talked about it.

Retail Selling Tips: How Shoppers Define Great Retail Experiences

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What kind of experience do customers have in your stores? Step into the British supermarket chain, Tesco’s, and you’ll notice how they innovate. A greeter welcomes you and invites you to shop. The shelves are low, and each has clear signage so you can see what’s in each aisle.

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7 Ways Retail Brands Can Enhance CX


Savvy brands with strong e-commerce strategies, like REI, Toro, and Lowe’s, understand that delivering a better customer experience (CX) results in greater profitability. If you’re gearing up to take your business to the next level, you’ll need to enhance your CX from the ground up. Improvements to your website, customer service, and order fulfillment can turn casual browsers into loyal customers. View Article

Retail Customer Experience: How to Stop Competing Internally—and Start Competing to Win

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Mystery Shopping Customer Experience Brand Experience Services In-Store Marketing Retail Customer Service Customer EngagementIf managing the customer experience were easy, every customer would be delighted. Every brand would enjoy rock-star status.

How to Prevent Difficult Customers in Retail: Online Stores


But the real question for online retailers is: How do I prevent this dissatisfaction to begin with? That’s an overwhelming majority, and points to a growing trend in retail worldwide: People want self-service options, and may be irritated if they don’t get to have them.

How CX Influences Retail Banking Loyalty


Retail banks score a 53% on the Temkin Loyalty Index, which is near the average for all industries. CX influences retail banking loyalty in several ways. The post How CX Influences Retail Banking Loyalty appeared first on Clarabridge. Do you feel loyal to your bank?

Key Retail Influencers Talk Mobile


Integration of Mobile into Retailers Business Model Roundtable. Apadmi have recently produced a whitepaper exploring the integration of mobile into a retailer’s business model and the benefits it can bring. The importance of integrating mobile into a retailer’s business model.

More retailers are closing shop for Thanksgiving

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Customer Experience Brand Experience

7 Reasons Why Traditional Retailers Are Struggling to Survive

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Traditional retailers' legacy of store success is their biggest challenge. One only needs to look at the headlines to see that many retailers are struggling. Let's clarify that … a large number of traditional retailers are struggling to grow profitably.

De-risking tech investments in retail: 3 questions executives need to answer

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Retail brands are investing billions of dollars to deliver more compelling experiences for their customers. According to Forrester , many retailers are skeptical about flashy technology such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), preferring to wait until the ROI has been proven.

Guest Post: Long tail vs curation - Which wins the future of retail?

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The future of retail survival will require more precision than ever before. Most consumers simply don't think about retail models and strategies. But for retailers, the landscape has never been more challenging and competitive!

Retail Selling Techniques: Tips to Change Your Business

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What if I told you that most retail executives are thinking too big for sales and revenue? If retailers want to grow their revenue, they should think small. The best retail executives we know travel to and walk through their stores.

Black Friday Opportunities Retailers Can’t Afford to Miss

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This makes Black Friday every retailer’s worst nightmare—and its greatest opportunity. Shoppers will always remember their worst Black Friday experiences. The pillaging, the plundering, the associates in full retreat. Doorbuster items that are nowhere to be found.

Retail’s Worst Nightmare – Virtual Reality!

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Over the past few months, some retailers have been experimenting with virtual reality. eBay’s new venture is being rolled out in Australia in partnership with Australian retailer Myer, and it requires nothing more than a free smartphone app and a pair of cardboard “shoptacles.”

Retail Technology: Building a Better Customer Experience


Retailers today are tasked with creating the most engaging, exciting and personalized experiences possible for their customers. This not only goes for brick-and-mortar locations, but for the overall, omni-channel experience ranging across platforms and devices.

3 Things Holiday Shoppers Want Most From Retailers

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Retail shopping. What’s the one thing that can sap the joy right out of some people’s holidays? Let’s be honest. We’ve all found ourselves dashing out for a quick victory, only to get stuck in stop-and-go traffic. Vying for parking spaces and carts. Elbowing through crowds.

In Retail, It’s All About the Customer Journey, Man


So often companies, particularly multi-channel retailers, are looking for that purchase destination when it comes to the customer journey. The post In Retail, It’s All About the Customer Journey, Man appeared first on CustomerGauge.

Rethinking Retail at DTLQC Conference


Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending DTL QC , a conference hosted by the Retail Council of Canada that brings together retail decision makers and influencers to rethink retail in the age of disruption.

Retail’s Future: Where Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Converge


The evolution of customer and employee expectations is impacting business results for all retailers in a big way. The post Retail’s Future: Where Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Converge appeared first on ForeSee. Customer Experience Research Employee Satisfaction Retail

“The Survey Shows” Doesn’t Mean The Survey Knows


This from Springboard Retail , a provider of point-of-sale (POS) software with enterprise-grade retail management features. Blog CX in Retail Retail Apparel CX Loyalty Personalization Springboard Retail Survey

Guest Post: The Retail Revolution - It’s Not Just About the Customer Experience

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I’ve been pointing out the trend toward blended physical/digital (“phygital”) retail experiences for several years now.

Five Ways to Improve the Retail Store Customer Experience with Voice of Customer Analytics


The retail store environment plays a unique role in today’s technology-driven world. If you’re currently measuring the retail store customer experience or looking to start, here are five ways you can get more value from your voice of customer data.

For On-Call Retail Employees, Engagement Takes Time Off

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Practically every retail store currently has their 'Now Hiring' sign front and center in preparation for the holiday rush. But this season, many retailers will be operating differently than they're accustomed to, as they will no longer utilize on-call scheduling to staff their stores.

Retail banking BEWARE! Winter is coming.

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For retail banks, today’s markets are fraught with challenges - new digital competitors and digitally empowered customers prominent among them. Yet, most still pursue business as usual, striving to be all things to all customers

Forget Amazon — Kmart Has Already Disrupted Australian Retail


Around 2,000 years later, and there's the same apocalyptic mood around Amazon's looming impact on retail in Australia. retail. retail Customer ExperienceIn the lead-up to Mount Vesuvius' catastrophic eruption -- as foreshocks became more frequent and the air grew tainted -- the citizens of Pompeii gossiped about a celestial force set to punish them for their sins.

Are You Ignoring the Greatest Revenue Driver in Retail?

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Here’s where many retailers are today: They’re mired in the numbers. We call this “retail assault.”). Are you driving serious revenue growth? Or merely aiming to beat last year’s sales? They’re tightening their belts to maximize profits.

Guest Post: 5 Signs that you’re in a relationship with your retailer … or not

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Unfortunately, there is no Facebook for recording the status of retailer relationships with consumers. Far too many retailers blindly assume that they have a "relationship" with their customers. A traditional retailer loyalty card does not equal trust or a relationship.

Retailer's Guide to Beacon Technology


With the power to drastically enhance the customer experience , beacon technology offers a lot of potential to retailers.