12 Es Impacting Employee Experience

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Image courtesy of Leo Reynolds A lot of elements comprise the employee experience. Last year, I wrote about some of the employee lingo that gets bandied about, often interchangeably - and, sadly, incorrectly so. First and foremost, let me define employee experience.

Creating Employee Experiences That Drive Customer Delight

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Discover the importance of employee engagement and happiness in driving customer delight. But creating a delightful customer experience can be difficult, especially if you’re focusing solely on the customer. And the people who do that are your employees.

The Business Case for a Great Employee Experience

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Have you put the spotlight on the employee experience at your company? I've written many times about the importance of the employee experience, both on its own with regard to retention and performance and with regard to the impact of the employee experience on the customer experience.

How Does Best Buy Combat High Turnover and Digital Competition? Investing in Employee Experience

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Is your organization taking the time to improve its employees lives? When you improve the lives of your employees, you’re also taking the right steps to improve the lives of your customers. Turns out, the employee came first.” Fight High Turnover by Investing in Employees.

The Employee Experience - Customer Experience Connection

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Is the employee experience - customer experience connection real? Last week, I had the pleasure of joining Sue Bethanis of Mariposa Leadership to talk about that very connection and the importance of putting the employee first in your customer experience strategy.

A Job or a Journey? Mapping the Employee Experience


There is now a much more holistic view of the benefits of a strong relationship with future, current and former employees actively pursuit former employees. Parallel Customer and Employee Journeys.

A Job or a Journey? Mapping the Employee Experience


There is now a much more holistic view of the benefits of a strong relationship with future, current and former employees actively pursuit former employees. Parallel Customer and Employee Journeys. By Paul Butcher, Agile Marketing Group.

Customer Experience Weekly #7: Employee Experience


Welcome back to the CXW, the once a week roundup of customer experience insights from around the web. This week’s topic is the employee experience. Here’s what we found: The Business Case for a Great Employee Experience. Happy Employees Make Happy Customers?

Time to Hit Refresh on Customer and Employee Experience Design Efforts?

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What Matters And Is Missing In Those Who Are Working On Improving The Customer/Employee Experience? I’ve worked with folks working on improving/transforming the Customer Experience. I’ve also worked with folks working on improving/transforming the Employee Experience. Customer Experience Employee Engagement customer experience empathy employee experience Experience design Hit Refresh human centred design service design

Improving Employee Experience with Better Results

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Performance reviews are part of most employer/employee relationships. However, recent developments show that improving employee experience involves finding new ways to give employees feedback to improve motivation and success. After a less than insightful review, most employees might sigh as well. that Google hopes their employees want to improve for the sake of contributing more to the company, and not just to make more money.

Is The Customer and/or Employee Experience Your Priority?

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Before we continue, allow me … Continue reading "Is The Customer and/or Employee Experience Your Priority?". Customer Experience Employee Engagement Leadership / Change / Transformation Management UncategorizedYou may have noticed that my speaking here at The Customer & Leadership Blog has been sparse since 2016. A mere eight conversations so far in 2017. There was a time when I’d write that many conversations in one month. Why the change?

Extend The Customer Experience To The Employee Experience


This Forrester Research report outlines the role that CX professionals can play in developing exceptional employee experiences in the context of their in-flight CX programs and how to raise it as a priority. Voice of the Customer Voice of the Employee Analyst Insight

Virgin Shows Links Between Employee Experience and Customer Experience

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Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group, led the charge for better parental leave benefits this week for his employees. With Virgin’s announcement on Monday, they are one of only a few companies that offer this kind of benefit for its employees. I have written before of the link between a company’s employee experience and the Customer Experience they deliver on a company’s behalf. Valuing Employees is the Foundation for Employee Ambassadorship.

What’s The Impact of a Shitty Employee Experience on the Customer Experience?

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Can you deliver a good-to-great customer experience without paying attention to the employee experience? ” There is so much talk about the customer experience and in the process a lot of extra work … Continue reading "What’s The Impact of a Shitty Employee Experience on the Customer Experience?". If you forget theory and look at the practice in large organisations you might just see that the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

You Need Great Employee Experiences To Create Great Customer Experiences


We think a lot about how these technologies will create enticing customer experiences (CX), making these digital touchpoints the face of the brand. Are CX professionals thinking about the experiences these employees need as they think about customer needs? Workforce Experience.

A Trip to Staples: Why Employee Experience Matters to Customers


A Snapshot of My Customer Experience. I walked up to a locked front door, just as a teenage employee was letting some customers out. Later Thoughts: The Employee Experience. I only know what happened: those employees placed their concerns above mine.

Are you getting enough complaints? The Employee Experience Model

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Think about the last several times you had a disappointing experience as a Customer. The following is content taken from John’s best selling book The Customer Service Revolution (January 2015 Greenleaf Books) Are you getting enough complaints? Did you tell anyone at the company? You left a business feeling frustrated, or hung up the phone […]. Customer Service

Sometimes, It’s the Little Things That Make the Biggest Difference


The details have been engineered into an amazingly simple experience that makes it easy on customers—and easy on the baristas. Customer Engagement Strategy Customer Experience Customer Service Employee Experience Retail Retail Apps apps customer service employee experience retail training

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CX Journey™ Musings: Culture is More Than Hiring the Right People

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Culture is best defined as "values plus behavior" and is often described as "how employees act when no one is looking." culture employee experience talent values workplaceImage courtesy of Pixabay Don't believe everything you read or hear on the Internet. Yea, I know.

Understanding the Employer Journey — The Employee Engagement Loop


Last week I had a fascinating conversation with a peer of mine – a fellow Customer Experience Professional. Yet to have the ability to achieve that goal, is it necessary to put your employee one notch above the customer? What do I mean by the ‘right employees’?

One Of The Best CX Resources Of 2017


Customer Experience is making great inroads into business, both in the US and in Europe. The 2017 KPMG Nunwood Customer Experience Excellence Analysis benchmarks CX efforts on both sides of the Atlantic. Experience continues to be a purchase driver (often above tangible value).

Focusing on Doing More of the Good Things

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Change management is really key to any customer experience transformation. Is there enough good in organizations when it comes to delivering both the employee experience and the customer experience that there's something to build on?

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How Do We Ensure Employees are Happy and Engaged?

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Without employees, you have no customer experience. There’s a whole alphabet soup of terminology around the various states of the employee relationship with the company, so let me start off by defining a few of them. So, each is party to employee engagement.

The Human Experience (HX) – the result of all other experiences


When I deliver Customer Experience ‘knowledge transfer’ sessions around the world, I regularly joke that all places of work have had a ‘magic vortex’ constructed at the front door – it is invisible to the naked eye.

Why #CX Transformations Fail

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Do you feel like you're not making the progress in your customer experience transformation efforts that you thought/hoped you would by now? Lots of effort has been put forth to improve the customer experience, with no apparent improvements.

Humanity is the crux of organizations, but…

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I don’t want to discuss my next book too much, as we’re currently doing some planning and development work around it, but — as you would probably guess — the theme is customer experience. What does this have to do with customer experience?

Put People Before Profits

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I bring this up because I've seen a particular phenomenon many times: executives decide to put their employee experience and customer experience improvement efforts on pause because sales figures are down. And its opportunity is to enrich the lives of its employees.

12 Principles of Successful #CEM Change Management

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John Kotter's got his eight principles of change management , but I'm going to expand on those a bit and put things into customer experience management terms. Here are the fundamental steps - or pillars - to successful customer experience change management.

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I’m thrilled to announce the publication of a FREE eBook: The 2015 Customer Experience Outlook. This eBook is a collection of ideas from customer experience authors, designers, and industry leaders.

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An Employee First Culture Risks Becoming Internally Focused and Externally Irrelevant


Which comes first, customer or employee experience? Both promise greater employee engagement and enhanced financial performance. With so much room for improvement, does it really matter where you start or even whether your customer and employee experiences are integrated?

Question Everything

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We've always done it this way" is a culture killer, an innovation killer, and employee experience killer, and a customer experience killer. Employees change. If employees and leaders are constantly asking questions, they.

A Culture of Excuses

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Have you ever had a conversation with one of your employees or a colleague about some topic - be it customer experience, employee experience, strategy, or the business in general - a topic, perhaps, where you asked about its progress or why something was or wasn't being done?

Companies Must Invest in Their Employees Now!

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National Customer Service Week is just a month away; it's awesome to set aside time to recognize and to celebrate those employees who work hard every day of the year to support customers. There is a clear linkage between the employee experience and the customer experience.

Retailers Who Create Value For Customers – WIN!


Customer Engagement Strategy Customer Experience Customer Experience Strategy Employee Experience Retail customer experience customer service employee experience mike wittenstein retail service design(image courtesy of info.comm-works.com) Last week’s blog covered the first of two themes that emerged for me at the National Retail Federation’s Big Show in New York.

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Customers + Employees = People. People = Business. Why Business is all about People


Communication Channels CX Professionals CX Strategy People Awards International customer centric customer experience employee experience Mark Horsley Northern Gas Networks people centric Simon Sinek uk customer experience awards UK Employee Experience Awards If you have ever heard me speak in public, it is very likely you will have endured hearing me recount my favourite quote of all time.

The New Paid PAID Vacation


Employee experiences are just as important as customer experiences. In fact, if your employees aren’t ready to deliver the kind of experience your brand promises, your customers won’t get the kind of experience they desire.

Customer Experience – that’s all just fluffy nonsense, isn’t it?


Usually (although not exclusively) the domain of men and women working for organisations in senior roles, the ‘rolling eye phenomenon’ often occurs when someone like me, a Customer Experience Professional, starts to talk about anything related to the Customer Experience.

Where Do Your Employees Fall in Order of Importance?

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Does your company put employees first? This post is all about where employees fall in order of importance in your company. In order of importance they are: customers, owners, managers, employees, and community. Employees come first.

Avoiding Change Fatigue

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Image courtesy of Pixabay Are your employees suffering from change fatigue? Customer experience management is all about change management; that also means that it's all about change. Well, with the "been there, done that" experience and attitude, for starters.

Saying "Thank You" - Today and Every Day

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Saying "thank you" is an essential part not only of your relationship with your customers but also of the overall customer experience. And if you get the experience right - expressing appreciation simply supports what has already been done. Image courtesy of _D.s.G._