I Don’t Care if it’s Against Company Policy

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Your response… “ It’s against company policy ” for me to do that… Continue reading… The post I Don’t Care if it’s Against Company Policy appeared first on Steve DiGioia and was written by Steve DiGioia. Customer Interaction against compay policy company policy

Customer Centric Sales & Service Policies


Customer Centric Sales & Service Policies Lynn Hunsaker. Do our sales and service policies show it? A new study by Consumer Reports lists the naughty or nice policies of 20 leading consumer companies. (By

Do Customer Experience Policies Empower Growth?


Do Customer Experience Policies Empower Growth? Do your policies set free your customers and your employees? Policies are designed to protect, but sometimes they disintegrate — rather than protect — customer relationships. Customer policies and employee policies go hand-in-hand.

Without desire, policies are useless

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And while it has nothing to do with policies, protocol, or signage, it has everything to do with desire. behavior commitment customer customer experience customs service desire performance policies signage

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

individual insurance policy for home, auto, or life. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the overall business is a red hot. topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot. wonder professionals, who had removed AI from their resumes, are. scrambling to add it back in!

Can a change in policy change the customer experience?


’ One way to look at it: a forced-upon-its-customers policy that requires users to contractually agree to be non-discriminatory in their selection and treatment of guests staying at their properties. Will it work and what will the outcomes of this change in policy be?

‘Serial returners’ hit by new ASOS policy

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ASOS has changed its returns policy. In a move that some might consider to be customer unfriendly, it has made significant changes to its returns policy. Online retailer tackles perceived abuse by online customers. ASOS changes in terms and conditions.

For Great Customer Service, Treat Policies Like Plaque

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4 Ways Your Policies Can Ruin Your Customers’ Experiences

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It should be obvious that how you treat your customers is a vital factor in business success, yet many companies become so focused on implementing their policies and procedures that customer satisfaction can get overlooked. No matter how air-tight and comprehensive you think your policies are, emphasize a personal approach to sales, customer service, and anyone else who interacts with the public.

Good Agent, Bad Policy

Pretium Solutions

Sarah shares a recent personal experience to demonstrate how important it is for companies to take a good hard look at their policies and procedures through the lens of the customer experience. A smart, customer-focused agent was painfully hamstrung by corporate policies.

Good Agent, Bad Policy

Pretium Solutions

Sarah shares a recent personal experience to demonstrate how important it is for companies to take a good hard look at their policies and procedures through the lens of the customer experience. A smart, customer-focused agent was painfully hamstrung by corporate policies.

Airways Fattist Policy is NOT about Safety

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Apparently, Uzbekistan Airways’s new fattist policy will direct their passengers to a weigh in station at the departure gate. and flying a lot for business, I am likely to be a little more sensitive about this policy. A weigh in policy is the height of insensitivity. This policy is just another form of discrimination. If airlines need to introduce more obnoxious policies to make money why not add fees for bad flight behavior?

How Your PTO Policy Creates a Culture of Excellence

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Oftentimes, employees do not take time off because an employer’s PTO policies need improvement. This is something that can end up costing the business in the long run. Paid time off (PTO) is an important way for businesses to invest in employee satisfaction and decrease unexpected absences. However, despite most full-time U.S. workers earning paid […]. Call Center Customer Service Management

10 stories how “policy” destroys brand loyalty

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Policy can kill your brand – Policy is a bad word. Customers hate hearing the words, “Our policy is…” and even worse, employees love to use it as a crutch. One of the biggest contributors to the Customer service crisis is management’s paranoia that Customers are out to take advantage of them. This leads to […]. Customer Service

Good Agent, Bad Policy

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Sarah shares a recent personal experience to demonstrate how important it is for companies to take a good hard look at their policies and procedures through the lens of the customer experience. Here is a policy that is not only customer un-friendly but also creates an inconvenience and cost to the retailer. A smart, customer-focused agent was painfully hamstrung by corporate policies. but company policy and procedures stood in his way.

Simple Ways Employees and Employers Benefit From BYOD Policy

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87 percent of companies currently allow employees to bring their own devices to work. Have we finally overcome the fear of BYOD by seeing its real benefits? Technology

Are Customers Taking Advantage of Your Return Policy?

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When it comes to your company’s return policy, when is it time to say that enough is enough? a customer experience podcast series, hosts and CX experts Joey Coleman and Dan Gingiss discuss the unique ways that brands deal with customers who take advantage of their return policies.

A Tale of Two Returns or Why “That’s Our Policy” Should Be Banned from Customer Service Lingo

Who's Your Gladys?

Two things that are extremely important to me are coffee and walking my dogs. Coffee keeps me functioning and my dogs keep me walking, aka getting the exercise I need to stay healthy. Unfortunately, over the last few months, both my coffee maker and my walking shoes have given me major trouble. Customer Service Dissatisfied customer Lori Jo Vest Who''s Your Gladys? customer service article customer service training defective product returns

Why Your Insurance Policy Management System Doesn’t Need to Be Upgraded


The world is changing, technology is changing, the wants and needs of your customers are changing, why not change your policy management system? Changing your policy management or core systems can be notoriously difficult. It might seem like the most natural thing to do.

CCO Shares How to Create a Customer-First Health Care System by Directly Engaging Members

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This is a topic that comes up in my interview with Antoinette Taranto , Chief Customer Officer at The Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. Antoinette Taranto is the Chief Customer Officer at the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.

System 213

The Customer-Free Zone


That’s because the front line is constrained with policies, procedures, and rules created by people who don’t spend enough time interacting with customers. App Customer Service Strategies customer interaction leadership rules and policies

4 Ways to Stop Being a Business of No

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Customer Service 4 Ways to Stop Being a Business of No business of no company policyyou gotta be kidding with all these rules. This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. You took out a big loan to open your business; maybe even got a second mortgage on your home.

Why I Fired Allstate

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It was during this call that I learned of a certain policy endorsement that applied to my claim that increased my portion of the repair cost. During the 18 years I was an Allstate customer, I estimate that I paid more than $100,000 in premiums for home, auto, and umbrella policies.

The Starbucks Experience Infographic | Challenges and Opportunities in Philadelphia

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Customer Advocacy Customer Experience Customer Value Infographic company policy employee training Starbucks starbucks experience starbucks philadelphia__. Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D. is a professional speaker and chief experience officer at The Michelli Experience.

How Can You Leverage GDPR to Improve Customer Experience?

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As modern day consumers of digital media, you’ve probably already encountered numerous privacy policy updates through various alerts and newsletters. Customers as Assets customer experience GDPR general data protection regulation policy updates

Coffee, Tea or Laptop?


This ban on electronics is a United States of America policy. So, when faced with a government-imposed regulation, or even a tough company policy , what can you do, like Qatar Airlines has done, to comply, but still make it easier on your customers?

4 Things Every Employee Needs to Consider with Vacation Time

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In a typical vacation policy, employees accrue vacation time throughout the year. Depending on your company’s vacation policy, you may be able to turn accrued vacation time into dollars. Human Resources vacation policiesToday I delivered a customer service workshop in Chicago.

CX Storytime Tale of The Time that Retail Forgot

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Podcast change room clothing Customer experience cx jean skirt podcast retail retail store store policy yelling? When is 10 minutes not 10 minutes? The concept of time can mean different things to different people.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of May 7, 2018


How to set a return policy that works for the customer and you by Sam Kliger. Retail Customer Experience) A store’s return policy is an important part of your overall approach to customer service, but it’s not as simple as making your guidelines strict or lenient.

How Astea Can Help Meet GDPR Compliance


In keeping with the GDPR’s spirit of transparency, when vendors or customers connect to our enhanced Alliance platform via the partner portal, they will be asked to confirm their understanding of the terms and conditions, and privacy policy defined in their contract with you. Privacy Policy.

How to “Center” Your Business on Customer Experience Excellence


Customers see your company in terms of your people’s behaviors — not just the behaviors of customer-facing people, but everyone who sets and drives policies, processes, and handoffs throughout your company and its broader ecosystem. Policies — Empowering Growth.

Guest Blog: Reasons Why Eco-entrepreneurs Succeed in Winning Customer Loyalty


Notably, there is increased awareness on the implementation of environmentally friendly policies from more people across the world that are seen as detrimental by consumers before making purchases from not only eco-friendly but also ethical minded businesses.

Oracle Service Cloud Announces New Releases

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Tweet Oracle Service Cloud announces new releases for enhanced functionality in Web Customer Service, Contact Center including the Agent Browser User Interface, Knowledge Advanced, Policy Automation, and the Oracle Service Cloud Platform.

Paid Maternity Leave Carves Path for Women in the Workplace

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Employee Engagement healthy employee policies healthy families act paid maternity leave policies the US and maternity leave In his annual State of the Union Address last week, President Obama outlined his proposal for Congress to allow six weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave for all workers. On Jan. 15, Obama already signed a presidential memorandum guaranteeing federal workers six weeks of paid leave if they have a new child.

Transport for London unmoved on issue of equality

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There is certainly some confusion regarding policies and what if any of this is part of any training staff have to ensure everyone has the same message and treats people equally. 3) The policies referred to in the letter were not mentioned at all.

Don’t break your brand promise

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While I was attempting to “put more play in my stay” and #BringTheFun with my family, the security officer, citing hotel policy, asked me to pack up our pizzas and eat them elsewhere.). That said, I don’t blame the security guard for enforcing hotel policy.

A line in the sand

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adversarialism assumptions customer customer experience empathizing listening policiesIn 168 BC the Greek ruler, Antiochus led an attack on Egypt.