Guest Blog: Customer Service Training Ideas to Help Build Brand Advocacy


This week we feature an article by Kristin Erikson writes shares great customer service training tips and ideas that will help your company build brand advocacy. Remember customer service training is not something you di, it’s something you do. – Shep Hyken.

The need for excellent customer service training

Peter Lavers

Amongst all the hype of customer experience, AI, chatbots and real-time personalisation, don’t forget that staff still need excellent customer service training – no matter how successful your company is right now! Training customer support agents in sessions early on isn’t enough.

Building an Onboarding and Training Program in Customer Support


There are so many different ways to onboard new employees with a training program. To help you build your own customer support training program, I’ve collected some key insights from managers at other SaaS and tech-industry companies to help make sure you’re getting it right from the get-go.

29 Customer Service Training and Coaching Tips


If you’re in a call center performance management role, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and energy in your customer service training and coaching programs. These are the top- and bottom-line benefits your coaching and training programs should deliver.

Frost & Sullivan White Paper–CX Innovation Through Agile & DevOps

from seamlessly integrated automated systems and well-trained contact center agents. Training. Insufficient training can cause failed implementations. training and practice is required to master them. CX Innovation: Rising to the Challenge of Techno-Consumerism Through.

Why Customer Service Training Is Essential

Customers That Stick

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Creating Customer Service Training Videos to Onboard New Recruits


Unfortunately, there was no meeting room where I could sit down for training sessions , or 24/7 mentors who can walk me through the topics in my onboarding sheet. I would have probably needed more time getting through the teething phase had it not been for Kayako’s training videos.

Soft Skills Training Makes Even a TSA Screening More Pleasant

Who's Your Gladys?

Is soft skills training important at the airport? The post Soft Skills Training Makes Even a TSA Screening More Pleasant appeared first on Who's Your Gladys? Customer Service customer service article customer service training soft skills training

How to Improve Customer Service Training with Simple Metrics


It is, therefore, little wonder that many company bosses invest heavily in their efforts to improve customer service training, in order to bring staff members up to scratch. The post How to Improve Customer Service Training with Simple Metrics appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting.

Starbucks Store Closings for Training: Déjà vu and You

Michelli Experience

roleplaying) and predicted implicit bias training somewhere in Starbucks future. While I am far from perfect in my predictions, I was glad to see the company taking action in accord with that prediction for training on “unconscious bias.”. What I failed to predict (but should have expected – based on my past work with the brand including The Starbucks Experience and Leading the Starbucks Way ), was Starbucks’ swift and aggressive action to deploy training. .

Customer Service Training: When you’re done… you’re not done!


So, I took a few minutes to talk to several people about how they were trained. I asked them what kind of customer service training they received from the companies they worked for. It turns out that when she was hired, she went through training. It happens all the time.

Can You Train Contact Center Agents in Empathy?


That makes us curious: can you train contact center agents in empathy? Unless you’re hiring trained actors, the typical agent won’t be able to make a connection with a customer through a canned script. Training for Empathy. It is easy to understand and it is easy to train.

Building Your Training Team from the Ground Up


One of the most vital components of any contact center is the training department. Having an in-house training team provides a myriad of benefits to any center. Training is an important investment to make in your workforce and development of future leaders.

Free Call Control Online Training

Myra Golden

The outcome of this training is employees who possess the soft skills to make customers feel heard and understood, politely lead conversations and assertively bring calls to closure. Take my Call Control Online training for free, and then share it with your employees.

3 Ways to Add Magic to your Customer Service Training


The post 3 Ways to Add Magic to your Customer Service Training appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. Blog Culture customer service Featured Customer Experience employee engagement leadership linkedin management training

Key Aspects of Customer Service Agent Training

Provide Support

Key Aspects of Customer Service Agent Training. Undoubtedly, some of them will be directed to improving the customer service agent training. Customer experience is now winning the leadership race to become the main business differentiator.

29 Customer Service Training and Coaching Tips


If you’re in a contact center performance management role, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and energy in your customer service training and customer service coaching programs. These are the top- and bottom-line benefits your coaching and training programs should deliver.

Voice and Accent Training: Re-learning English at Kayako


Why we needed voice and accent training. And while we can’t fix that, the red flags we’ve seen led us to a conclusion that we must, as a matter of urgency, arrange for some voice and accent training (VnA) for the support team based out of our India office.

Why Business Leaders Must Attend Service Training

Up Your Service

The most common question we hear when launching service excellence training programs inside large organizations is: “Do leaders really need to attend these workshops?”. Business leaders only need an overview of service training content, not actual participation.

Trust your training

Customer Enthusiast

Whenever Cooper goes to the free throw line to shoot a critical free throw, I encourage him with these words: “Trust your training.” You see, in the absence of all the time and effort he’s put into his basketball training, he would have no assurance of making one or both free throws.

Guest Blog: Why You Should Train Frontline Personnel to Be Great Listeners


This week we feature an article by Evan Hackel who writes about why it is important to train your frontline with excellent listening skills. You Can Train People to Listen. Yet there are other listening skills that should be part of your training for frontline staff.

Come Join My Telephone Skills Online Training

Myra Golden

I try to make my training easy – for you, your employees, and even for me, by offering it online. I still do onsite training, of course, but online training saves time and money. Look through course outlines and take a test drive of the training right here.

Everyone Has a Platform: Are You Training For that Reality? | Service Excellence

Michelli Experience

Since, according to the Institute of Customer Service (ICS), most customer complaints (62%) aren’t about products per se but rather about the way people treat customers during service interactions, investing time and money to, select, train and develop service talent creates a huge opportunity. What are you doing to train your team on who they work for and how they can even more effectively work for them? The post Everyone Has a Platform: Are You Training For that Reality?

Everyone Has a Platform: Are You Training for that Reality? | Infographic

Michelli Experience

Want more on service excellence and training? The post Everyone Has a Platform: Are You Training for that Reality? Read the blog post that inspired this. infographic. __. Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D. is a professional speaker and chief experience officer at The Michelli Experience.

Winning Live Chat Training for Your Customer Service Team


You could simply give technical training on the new system, then let your agents loose. So if you haven’t yet thought about giving your agents more than just straightforward systems training, here are five things to consider when giving effective chat support training to your team.

20 Customer Service Training Ideas and Activities for Busy Teams


Whether you’re planning a training course or using external courses, it’s important to take a break and have some fun in order to keep your team members engaged. Planning activities can take a lot of time that your training instructor might not have to spare.

Social Media Training Activities and Marketing Courses You Never Realized Your Team Needed


How are you supposed to find social media training activities and courses that will bring everyone up to speed? The following blog post will give you helpful training tips, social media training exercises, and a brief list of courses that will help your social media team rise above and beyond.

The Critical Role Of Customer Service Training In Successful Customer Engagement

Magellan Solutions

Start with the basics — customer service training. Customer service training is the initial step in leveraging customer engagement. How you shape, teach, and train your new hires predetermines how they will handle future circumstances with your customers.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Cross-Trained Contact Center Agents


We believe that an out-of-the-box deployment of cross-trained agents can, in some instances, be a client’s best solution. The Advantage of Cross-Trained Contact Center Agents. Let’s be clear on the definition of “cross-trained” before we dig into this further.

Astonishing Benefits Of Training Your Employees

Beyond Philosophy

The next step to fostering employee engagement is to give your team the tools to do what you identified by the CES through training. However, we find that training in this area is insufficient. 3 Ways to Improve Your Training to the Next Leve l.

Customer Experience Quality & Training – How to Build a Winning Framework within Your Organization


Free Download] 50 Customer Service Training Activities for Live Chat and Telephone Teams. The activities in this eBook can be great training materials to improve customer service or morale in your team. Training As a Part of Quality Management. What are the key training topics?

Training the Customer Experience Athlete

CX Journey

Last week, I was training at a very popular gym. Image courtesy of mireilledelisle Today I'm pleased to present a guest post by Blair McHaney , president of Club Works, Inc. Great athletes have great proprioception. Great customer experience athletes have great “social proprioception.”

Training Customers = Losing

Heart of the Customer

We need to train them to fill it all out, and then we’ll be able to serve them better.” Training customers is a losing proposition. If your form or website isn’t intuitive, no amount of training is going to have a lasting impact.

[Interview] Improve Your Customer Service Training with This Expert Advice


A lot of different concerns crop up when you consider the best way to train your team in customer service. It’s enough work to consider all of your options and find the best course ; you also have to learn how to implement the training to get the highest ROI.

3 Fantastic Things About Our Online Customer Service Training

Myra Golden

When your employees log in to their training, it feels like they are taking the training within your company because we give you a unique URL and upload your logo. Our training is interactive. Operations Manager, Shared Services Training & Development.

Here’s a Training Activity for Empathy In Customer Service

Myra Golden

I’m giving you the actual exercise I gave to the employees in the customer service training I delivered this morning, along with the discussion questions I used.

Guest Blog: The Power of Training in Customer Service


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Ian Landsman writes about the importance of training and preparing customer service representatives to interact with customers. I agree that every employee should go through customer service training, and it should be ongoing.

15 Top Customer Service Training Courses for Your Agents (Half Are Free)


” And customer service training is vital to maintaining excellent customer relations. But not every team has the resources or time to create their own training regime. Customer Service Training by ALISON. Customer Service Training Library by BLR Training Today.

Course 202

Train employees to make decisions

Customer Enthusiast

It was clear to me that while she had been trained to make a smoothie, she hadn’t been trained to make a decision in favor of the customer. Earlier this month my son, Cooper, and I were at Life Time Fitness.

8 Social Media Marketing Training Courses to Learn New Skills


To keep with today’s social media marketing , there’s a number of training courses out there for you to fine tune your skills or learn as a beginner. Social Media Marketing Training. The Hootsuite Academy has a free social marketing training. Social media is constantly changing.