Can You Train Contact Center Agents in Empathy?


That makes us curious: can you train contact center agents in empathy? Unless you’re hiring trained actors, the typical agent won’t be able to make a connection with a customer through a canned script. Training for Empathy. It is easy to understand and it is easy to train.

Customer support training is way too passive


There are quite a few things that limit the value of lesson-based training sessions: it’s a form of passive learning; it’s usually tailored to a group rather than an individual; and it doesn’t happen regularly. It’s like training, but with everyone fully awake and active.

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20 Customer Service Training Ideas and Activities for Busy Teams


Whether you’re planning a training course or using external courses, it’s important to take a break and have some fun in order to keep your team members engaged. Planning activities can take a lot of time that your training instructor might not have to spare.

How Proper Training is Kryptonite to Bad Online Reviews


One strategy is proper training and consistent steps of service. Let’s dive into the type of training you’ll need to prevent negative reviews. Managers should train their staff on appropriate responses to common issues, and also create a culture of open communication.

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The Rise of New Online Training Softwares


The current solutions for training and onboarding can be divided into two categories. One is face-to-face (F2F) training which was once considered to be the dominant solution in the industry. The benefit of online training software is that it erases the need for ‘tick box’ training.

Building Your Training Team from the Ground Up


One of the most vital components of any contact center is the training department. Having an in-house training team provides a myriad of benefits to any center. Training is an important investment to make in your workforce and development of future leaders.

How Will You Change Seasonal Associate Training in 2015?

ICC Decision Services

For retailers, the race is on to find and train temporary staff. The holiday shopping rush is just around the corner. These associates will be in stores just 10-12 weeks, but on day one, they’ll need to hit the ground running.

Training the Customer Experience Athlete

CX Journey

Last week, I was training at a very popular gym. Image courtesy of mireilledelisle Today I'm pleased to present a guest post by Blair McHaney , president of Club Works, Inc. Great athletes have great proprioception. Great customer experience athletes have great “social proprioception.”

Your Most Important #CX Training Tool

CX Journey

Can you name one of the most powerful and most important customer experience training tools available to your organization? The most powerful training tool, the one that''s going to help your employees deliver a great customer experience, is a customer journey map.

Astonishing Benefits Of Training Your Employees

Beyond Philosophy

The next step to fostering employee engagement is to give your team the tools to do what you identified by the CES through training. However, we find that training in this area is insufficient. 3 Ways to Improve Your Training to the Next Leve l.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Cross-Trained Contact Center Agents


We believe that an out-of-the-box deployment of cross-trained agents can, in some instances, be a client’s best solution. The Advantage of Cross-Trained Contact Center Agents. Let’s be clear on the definition of “cross-trained” before we dig into this further.

Marketing and Associate Training: The Yin and Yang of Customer Experience

ICC Decision Services

Marketing and associate training are inextricably linked. Mystery Shopping Customer Experience Customer Service Customer Engagement TrainingThey’re the yin and yang of customer experience. Or at least they should be.

SAP SuccessFactors Online Training with Step-by-Step Walkthroughs


SAP offers training courses for their program which translates to time and money spent learning the software and teaching it to employees. Next Generation of Online Training Tools. In recent years, there has been an emergence of a new generation of online training tools.

5 Tips to Train Your Customer Service Reps for More Confidence

Provide Support

5 Tips to Train Your Customer Service Reps for More Confidence. When applied to customer service, this means that if you want you reps to be confident in front of customers, they need to be well trained and prepared to answer any type of questions.(.).

Here’s a Great Energizer for Telephone Techniques Training Classes

Myra Golden

In March I facilitated a 2-day Soft Skills training for more than a hundred people for a client in South Dakota. I was going into the final inning of this 2-day training in South Dakota. If you’re a seasoned trainer, you know that the hardest part of training is right after lunch.

Creating the Perfect Customer Service Training Plan


The lack of proper customer service training plan can lead to a bunch of support problems. If you don’t train agents properly, you can’t expect good customer service results. High turnover rates mean that you need to train more and more people each month. When the training ends.

Contact Center Training Events with Myra Golden

Myra Golden

The outcome of this web training event is customer service professionals who walk away understanding exactly how to create calm; how to find resolutions that balance the interests of the customer and the company; how to reduce escalations; and how to create a positive conversation.

[Interview] Improve Your Customer Service Training with This Expert Advice


A lot of different concerns crop up when you consider the best way to train your team in customer service. It’s enough work to consider all of your options and find the best course ; you also have to learn how to implement the training to get the highest ROI.

Key Aspects of Customer Service Agent Training

Provide Support

Key Aspects of Customer Service Agent Training. Undoubtedly, some of them will be directed to improving the customer service agent training. Customer experience is now winning the leadership race to become the main business differentiator.

Customer service training, or service education. What’s the difference?

Up Your Service

Many companies provide customer service training for some or all of their employees. To address this gap and answer this question, we must understand the difference between customer service training and actionable service education. Let’s start with customer service training.

How I Messed up a Remote Training Session (and What I Did to Ace the next One)


This is my story on how I completely messed up my first completely remote training session, and how I literally did 50% better in the next one. Hopefully, my tips will help you overcome your own remote training challenges so you can drive the training impact you need in your own sessions.

Be Like Disney: Best Customer Service Training Ideas


By hiring right people for the job and by giving them training suited for their needs, we can create a dream team, a true customer service super heroes squad! You’ll learn how The Walt Disney Company hires right people and train them. Customer service training ideas.

13 Short Customer Service YouTube Videos You Can Use for Training

Myra Golden

Myra Golden Seminars offers engaging, cutting-edge classroom and online customer service training based on the work of Myra Golden. Our flagship program is comprised of 50 online training modules with video, interactivity, downloadable handouts, and quizzes.

Guest Blog: The Power of Training in Customer Service


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Ian Landsman writes about the importance of training and preparing customer service representatives to interact with customers. I agree that every employee should go through customer service training, and it should be ongoing.

Train employees to make decisions

Customer Enthusiast

It was clear to me that while she had been trained to make a smoothie, she hadn’t been trained to make a decision in favor of the customer. Earlier this month my son, Cooper, and I were at Life Time Fitness.

9 Customer Service Training Ideas That Work

Customers That Stick

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Don’t Waste Your Money on Customer Service Training! - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

Customer Service Training Can Be Worthwhile, But… Too many companies waste their customer service training time and money. Customer service training is one of the most commonly searched terms online. Sadly, far too many companies throw away their money on such training.

Effective Employee Training Must Support Personal Growth

Think Customers

As job functions continue to evolve, employees have come to expect more from the training programs designed to advance their skills.

Training Customers = Losing

Heart of the Customer

We need to train them to fill it all out, and then we’ll be able to serve them better.” Training customers is a losing proposition. If your form or website isn’t intuitive, no amount of training is going to have a lasting impact.

Free Customer Experience Training For Non-Profit Organizations

Experience Matters

The NPSP will enable these employees to gain access to customer experience training that their organizations may not have been able […]. I’m really excited to announce that Temkin Group has launched its Non Profit Scholarship Program (NPSP). During 2017, the company will provide free enrollment to its U.S. workshops for up to 20 employees of non-profit institutions.

Trust your training

Customer Enthusiast

Whenever Cooper goes to the free throw line to shoot a critical free throw, I encourage him with these words: “Trust your training.” You see, in the absence of all the time and effort he’s put into his basketball training, he would have no assurance of making one or both free throws.

Why Call Center Training, By Itself, Doesn’t Work

Pretium Solutions

I know this may sound strange coming from a principal of a company that provides call center training around the globe. However, my colleagues and I truly believe 100% in the following statement: Call center training, by itself, doesn’t work.

10 Ways to Train Service When There’s No Time to Train

Win the Customer

When customer service schedules become tricky and the pace of the job demanding, training too often becomes an afterthought leading to lower levels of customer satisfaction. Training your new agents should also be the exactly that – speedy, engaging and at the same time empowering.

5 Privacy Training Tips for Health Care Customer Service Agents

CSM Magazine

Best-in-class live chat solutions like Velaro offer security features specifically for health care customers, but if your agents are under-trained, they’ll be unable to leverage some of those features—and the resulting benefits. Getting the right technology solution is only half the story.

Effectively Train and Equip Your Customer Service Team for Success

Joe Rawlinson

Having said that, even the best CSR team needs proper training to be as successful as possible, and attract and retain customers. Setting up your CSR superstars requires a combo of hands-on training and proper equipment that will allow them to do their jobs as effectively as possible. Take them through the stock room, give them a sample or two to try and keep, and if possible, team them up with a “senior” member of your CSR team to help with training.

Free Customer Experience Training For Non-Profit Organizations

Experience Matters

The NPSP will enable these employees to gain access to customer experience training that their organizations may not have been able […]. I’m really excited to announce that Temkin Group has launched its Non Profit Scholarship Program (NPSP). During 2017, the company will provide free enrollment to its U.S. workshops for up to 20 employees of non-profit institutions.

New Report: The ROI Of Agile Customer Care: Reduce Training and Easy To Add Channels

Natalie Petouhof

In addition, when agile customer care is implemented, it is often so simple that customer service agents don’t need training. Tweet The word “agile” has been part of may conversations when it comes to software. This new report looks at the importance of agile customer care.

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If Your Customer Experience Is Still Bad After Great Training & Coaching, This Is Probably Why

Myra Golden

A company called me to deliver customer service training. Story highlights. Making customers jump through hoops to get problems resolved ruins the customer experience. So I bought a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes – the red bottom stilettos. I put them on and oh, did they look good!

2017 Customer Service Online Training Opportunity with Myra Golden

Myra Golden

Myra has gathered up all of the best training content and activities from her live, full-day customer service workshops…the ones she delivers to companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Frito-Lay and Vera Bradley – and neatly packaged it in a comprehensive, affordable and extremely effective new customer service eLearning package that’s a fraction of the cost of classroom training. .