5 powerful TED videos that will make you a smarter researcher

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With over 2,000 videos available to the public, the TED website is one of the best free resources available for customer intelligence professionals today. If you are a market researcher, an insight professional or user of insight, TED videos could be a source of lessons and inspiration.

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Customer Experience Matters (The Video)

Experience Matters

As part of Temkin Group’s CX Day celebration , we created a new video, Customer Experience Matters ®. Customer experience ROI of Customer Experience Temkin Group VideoCX Day is less than one week away!

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Implementing Video Chat?

Brad Cleveland

Are you considering adding video to your contact center? Video chat is an access channel that can certainly distinguish you from competitors. And with the technology barriers coming down, more companies are seriously considering adding this channel into their customer access mix.

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eCornell Videos: Empowering Agents with the Right Information and Training

Brad Cleveland

Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Organization and Culture Videos Brad Cleveland empowerment leadership

7 Secrets of Voice of the Customer Success Whitepaper

use photo, video and audio to provide. 34 5 6 7 2 1 Build executive support Strategize and plan Get organized Lose the silos Communicate Add Voice of the. Employee Act fast and innovate Why then, is every business not running a slick and successful VoC program?

Customer Experience and Employee Engagement Q&A | Video #1

Michel Falcon Experience

I’ve started to record videos answering questions that I receive via Twitter, email or via my website. If you would like me to answer your questions, please leave a question directly below this video or tweet me.

Emotion: The Missing Link in Customer Experience (Video)

Experience Matters

Enjoy this Temkin Group video…Filed under: Emotion, Temkin Group Video. Emotion Temkin Group Video

Customer-Centric Culture Change (Video)

Experience Matters

Watch this short video: The bottom line: CX success almost always requires culture changeFiled under: Corporate culture, Customer-centric […]. Corporate culture Customer-centric DNA Temkin Group VideoOur research and work with clients show that customer experience is a reflection of an organization’s culture. Any company that wants to build sustainable customer experience must build a customer-centric culture. By mastering Employee-Engaging Transformation.

Video Is Now Big Data, Too


The post Video Is Now Big Data, Too appeared first on truthlab.

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eCornell Videos: Anticipating Customer Needs

Brad Cleveland

Call Center Contact Center Customer Experience Customer Relationships Customer Service Leadership Videos

13 Short Customer Service YouTube Videos You Can Use for Training

Myra Golden

Myra Golden’s Customer Service Video Library. Our flagship program is comprised of 50 online training modules with video, interactivity, downloadable handouts, and quizzes. Top 6 Ways to Get An Angry Customer to Back Down. The Psychology of Customer Anger.

Customer Service: The Competitive Advantage [Video]

Who's Your Gladys?

Watch the video below (and share it with your team.) The post Customer Service: The Competitive Advantage [Video] appeared first on Who's Your Gladys? Ready to strengthen your competitive advantage through customer service?

What is Customer Experience? (Video)

Experience Matters

This new video is the perfect way to start off my blog in 2015. ” Written words are great, but I wanted people to fully understand the essence of CX, so I created this video, What is Customer Experience ? Some years it’s difficult to decide on the content for my first post.

How to Use Interactive Video for Self-Service Support


Video is an excellent self-service tool. Interactive video takes things to the next level – by giving your customers a complete support experience in one. So how can interactive video fit into your self-service support offering? Why use video in self-service support?

Has WhatsApp Video Missed a Trick?


So the announcement that WhatsApp Video is here has been met with mass excitement. The post Has WhatsApp Video Missed a Trick? Developers APIs Avaya Chatbot Customer Experience innovation Video Whatsapp Video

People-Centric Experience Design (Video)

Experience Matters

To help people understand PCxD, we created this short video: The bottom line : Tap into the power of purpose, empathy, and memories. Customer experience People-Centric Experience Design Temkin Group Video

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5 Powerful Videos That Spotlight Customer Advocacy


You’d have to be living under a rock to have missed video making its grand entrance on the Marketing must-do list. How can video marketing channel the powerful Customer relationships that your Customer Success team has worked so hard to establish?

Why casinos are looking beyond video surveillance

Customer Interactions

Casinos are expanding their purview of security beyond video surveillance into more advanced technologies and systems, such as PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), video analytics, and mobile apps. But what if you could let video analytics do this work for you?

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Building a Strong Voice of the Customer Program (Video)

Experience Matters

This video highlights our model for creating a VoC program, called the 6D’s: Detect , Disseminate , Diagnose , Discuss , Design , and Deploy. Customer Connectedness Temkin Group Video Voice of the customer

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eCornell Videos: Delivering Consistent Service

Brad Cleveland

Call Center Contact Center Customer Access Strategy Customer Service Leadership Multi-channel Support Videos Brad Cleveland customer access customer access strategy

CX Competency: Employee Engagement (Video)

Experience Matters

This video provides an overview of one of those competencies, Employee Engagement, where the goal is to align employees with the goals of the organization. Temkin Group has found that the only path to sustainable customer experience differentiation is to build a customer-centric culture.

Video: Fighting Customer Churn

Peppers and Rodgers

Tim Keefe discusses the importance of fighting customer churn. More and more businesses are looking at customers from a lifetime value perspective, using purchase history and propensity to identify who may be at risk of leaving.

Facebook Video Ads: What’s the ROI?

Natalie Petouhof

With more and more buyers using mobile devices to shop, 4 out of 5 shoppers say a video showing how a product or service works is important in their decision to purchase or not purchase a product or service. As a result, Marketers who use video grow revenue ~49% faster than non-video users. But if a brand is going to use video, understand that shoppers of shoppers expect a consistent set of visual content across desktop and mobile devices.

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If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, What’s a Video Worth?


The old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words is true, a picture provides an additional “sense” of the story, adding context to help our understanding of an event or situation. We all know what it is like to read the answers to a survey or a transcript of an interview. Sure, there.

2017 Customer Experience Trends (Video and Infographic)

Experience Matters

We recently published our annual listing of CX trends. In case that wasn’t enough to satiate your needs, here’s a recorded webinar and an infographic describing the trends… Click on figure above to download infographic as a.png file, or click here to download it as a .pdf.Filed pdf.Filed under: Customer experience, Purpose, Trends. Customer experience Purpose Trends

The Six Laws of Customer Experience (Video)

Experience Matters

This video explains The Six Laws of Customer Experience. By understanding these fundamental truths about how people and organizations behave, companies can make smarter decisions about what they do, and how they do it.

Video: What is the Backwards Research Process?


Do you want to run a successful CX program and research process? Funda Whitaker, Sr. director of strategic research services at MaritzCX, teaches the steps of a successful research process – understanding the business context, designing with the end in mind, and validating your approach

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Start Talking About Emotions (Video)

Experience Matters

To help celebrate “The Year of Emotion” on CX Day (and beyond), Temkin Group created this fun, short video: Start Talking About Emotion. The bottom line: Add the Five A’s of an Emotional Response to your vocabularyFiled under: Customer Connectedness, Customer experience, Emotion, Temkin Group Video. Customer Connectedness Customer experience Emotion Temkin Group Video

VIDEO: Social Media Customer Service with Jay Baer

Customers That Stick

Customer Service VideoWe've Moved! Update your Reader Now. This feed has moved to: [link] Update your reader now with this changed subscription address to get your latest updates from us.

CX Competency: Purposeful Leadership (Video)

Experience Matters

This video provides an overview of Purposeful Leadership, where the goal is for leaders to act consistently with a clear, well-articulated set of values. Temkin Group has found that the only path to sustainable customer experience differentiation is to build a customer-centric culture. By mastering Four Customer Experience Core Competencies.

VIDEO: What is Customer Experience?

Michel Falcon Experience

” If you like the video, I would greatly appreciate if you did the following (it will only take you a moment): Subscribe to my YouTube channel. There are many more videos coming very soon. Comment on the video. “Like” the video by clicking the thumbs up icon.

5 Secrets of Accurate Scheduling in Today’s Contact Center

Brad Cleveland

Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Multi-channel Support Videos Workforce Management Brad Cleveland scheduling workforce management

Video: Culture, Leadership and Exceptional Performance

Peppers and Rodgers

There is no defined culture for businesses; it is something that leaders and their employees must demonstrate in order to make the customer and employee experiences as enjoyable and efficient as possible. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here.

Five I’s of Employee Engagement (Video)

Experience Matters

This video highlights our model for making improvements in what we call the Five I’s of Employee Engagement : Inform, Inspire, Instruct, Involve, and Incent. Employee engagement is one of Temkin Group’s four CX core competencies.

Keeping Up with Customer Service Developments

Brad Cleveland

Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Videos Brad Cleveland Call Center Management On Fast Forward

Visualizing the Future of Video Content Consumption

Think Customers

Thus, as audiences gravitate toward video on both mobile and desktop platforms, companies are quickly reconfiguring their content strategies to focus on this visual medium. Consumer behaviors often dictate marketing trends.

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Flipping the Switch on Video in the Contact Center

Think Customers

Last week at Enterprise Connect , one of the most talked-about topics was video, especially as it can be used by customer care agents to communicate with customers. Depending on how companies go about deploying video communication technologies, some of the challenges that have impeded adoption is the high amount of bandwidth consumed by video as well as cost constraints.

Video: Frictionless Customer Experience Gone Wrong

Peppers and Rodgers

A recent banking transaction turned from a great interaction to a trust-destroying lesson in frustration. If not executed properly, attempts to remove friction may only cause more customer frustration. If a company is unreliable in terms of communication, the customer will lose trust in the company.

Short Video: ROI on Customer Feedback Matters in B2B Companies

Waypoint Group

In this 9 minute video interview, we discuss: Why is it important to invest in getting feedback from the right people, in the right way, at the right time? [at The post Short Video: ROI on Customer Feedback Matters in B2B Companies appeared first on Waypoint Group. Customer Success TopBox Video Voice of Customer (VoC) B2B Net Promoter NPS ROI voc voice of customer

Video: Four Ways to Enable Customer Centricity

Peppers and Rodgers

Tim Keefe of Peppers & Rogers Group breaks down the four steps businesses must take to get the most from their customer-focused investments. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here. or visit www.peppersandrogersgroup.com/blog. customercentricity