The Many Voices of Customer Experience

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Image courtesy of karith There are many voices you need to listen to when developing your customer experience strategy. You listen to your customers and to your employees. Both of them? There are many voices that are key to total understanding.

Why Only 15% of Voice of Customer Programs are “Very Successful”


Why Only 15% of Voice of Customer Programs are “Very Successful” Lynn Hunsaker. So why is it that two-thirds of VoC programs aren’t making a difference? VoC reports do not speak the language of managers. Voice of Customer

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CX 360: How to Align Voice of Employee with Voice of Customer Programs


According to Gartner’s research, nearly nine out of ten executives expect customer experience to be a key differentiator with today’s demanding customers.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid in your Voice of Customer Program


What are the Top 5 Mistakes that limit the success of a Voice of the Customer program? VoC programs change the culture of an organization by putting the customer first and responding to customers who have poor experiences. Retain Customers?

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Know Your Survey: Voice of Customer and Market Research


We’re thrilled to announce the release of our 2017 NPS® and CX Benchmark Survey, made in collaboration with MIT CISR! In honor of this release, we’re launching a series of blog posts, aptly named, “Know Your… ”, to promote CX and NPS best practices.

How Do You Know When It's Time to Redesign Your VoC Program?

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Image courtesy of Pixabay I originally wrote today's post for Clicktools; it appeared on their blog on July 26, 2016. Last month, I wrote about 20 tips to design better customer surveys. But what if you've been listening to customers for years?

Customer Surveys Are as Important as Ever!

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Image courtesy of m kasahara I originally wrote today's post for Clicktools. Some pundits would have you believe that surveys are dead, that they are no longer important for customer listening and understanding. Be mindful of survey length. to stay out of spam filters.

Voice of the Customer (VoC): Is Your Brand Flying Blind?


For the sake of safety and efficiency, you need to understand current weather conditions and how weather patterns are moving and changing. Here’s the catch: only 3% of the weather map is visible to you. Imagine a response rate to customer feedback requests of 30% or more.

The 10 Commandments of Customer Experience

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Image courtesy of Castles, Capes & Clones I originally wrote today's post for Clicktools. Are you following the 10 Commandments of Customer Experiences? The topic of my session was The 7 Deadly Sins of Customer Experience.

Knowledge Without Understanding is Useless

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Image courtesy of Tricia h c We have tons of data. Do you understand your customers' needs, expectations, the jobs they're trying to do, and their desired outcomes? Don't just ask customers about the experience, listen, as well. Research your customers.

Take Action on Your Customer Data!

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Image courtesy of ARMLE Are you taking action on your customer data? I like to write about taking action and actionable insights because there's a serious lack of action when it comes to customer feedback. Heed the evolution of analytics. Know your customers.

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Tools to Put the Customer at the Center of All You Do

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Image courtesy of reynermedia Trying to ensure the customer gets the attention she deserves within your company? Striving to make yours a customer-centric company? How does the customer become the center of attention for your organization?

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The Most Important Rule of Journey Mapping

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Image courtesy of Culture Republic Today's post is a modified version of a post I originally published on Touchpoint Dashboard's blog on March 9, 2015. Creating a customer journey map is an important first step when it comes to your customer experience transformation.

The Economics of the Customer Experience

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Image courtesy of LendingMemo I originally wrote today's post for Confirmit in September 2014. This is a modified version of that post. Not all returns from your customer experience investments are financial. That's not a purpose; that's an outcome of creating customers.

It's Not About the Metric

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In November 2014, I participated in the Hooked On Customers Summit , a webinar series hosted by Bob Thompson of CustomerThink. I joined Bob, along with Jeanne Bliss, in the first webinar to discuss Creating Actionable Insight from a Customer Listening Engine.

Two Major Flaws of Your Customer Listening Efforts

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Are you listening to your customers? In order to transform the customer experience, it's critical that you listen to your customers. The first flaw is: lack of action. You've got tons of feedback, tons of data, and you do nothing with it.

Understand The Current State of Your Customer Experience - Without Hiring a Consultant

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Image courtesy of cheryl1906 For today’s post, it was my pleasure to collaborate with Ben Motteram to compile some ideas you may not have considered with regards to ways you can measure how well you're delivering your customer experience - without hiring a consultant to do the work with or for you.

Grow Your Business through the Power of Listening to Customers

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Image courtesy of Leah M. Berry Are you listening to your customers? We really covered a lot of territory in the interview, but the main questions Leah posed were based on some previous blog posts that I've written. I enjoyed answering all of the questions Leah posed for me.

At Some Point, You Have to Stop Listening

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Image courtesy of Singleton2302 Do you survey and listen to customers ad nauseum? Are you surveying every customer at every interaction or transaction they have with your company? Do different departments in your company survey the same customers?

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6 Steps to Help You Put Customers at the Center of the Organization, Part 2

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Image courtesy of Pixabay I originally wrote today's post for Clicktools. In this second part of a two-part series, I continue detailing some important ways to ensure that your company is putting the customer at the center of all it does. Are you using some of these steps?

The Definition of #CX Insanity

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Know the definition of customer experience insanity? It was Albert Einstein who said: the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again and expecting a different resul t. I spoke at an event last week on the topic of disrupting voice of the customer programs.

The Biggest VoC Problem. and How to Solve It

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Why do we listen to customers and other constituencies today? The problem is all of the data that listening generates. The biggest problem with all of the data is that it doesn't get used. It's not just enough to listen for the sake of checking the box or for tracking the metric.

To NPS, or Not to NPS?

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Customer Engagement Customer Success Metrics Net Promoter (NPS) Voice of Customer (VoC

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What Your Customers are Saying (and What They Really Mean)

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Image courtesy of highersights Today I''m pleased to share a guest post by James Johnson of Questback. How often do you listen to what your customers have to say? I don’t mean when’s the last time you ran a customer survey. customer experience voice of customer

Strategic Customer Experience Action on Voice of Customer


Strategic Customer Experience Action on Voice of Customer Lynn Hunsaker. Strategic customer experience results require a strategic approach in the way we collect data and in the way we take action on it. 3 Types of Customer Experience Action Essential to ROI.

Listen to Learn, Listen to Earn

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Image courtesy of Unsplash Designing a VoC program can be daunting. There are a lot of components to consider as you dive in, from executive buy-in to organizational alignment to governance and more. Understand the Customer Who are your customers?

Transforming the Customer Experience with Big Data

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Image courtesy of fuzzedbuzz I originally wrote today''s post for Intradiem. and how is it used to deliver a great customer experience? Data Sources Any initiative to improve the customer experience will be unsuccessful without understanding the customer and his needs.

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4 Voices That Could Pull Your Company Out of the Innovation Rut

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Image courtesy of Thomas Hawk I originally wrote today's post for Intradiem. Do you think outside of the box to think outside of the box? I recently wrote about the many voices of customer experience, all important to total customer understanding.

Metrics to Map Your Customer Experience Success

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Image courtesy of Marianna Gomes What are your customer experience success metrics? Last Tuesday, we celebrated the second annual CX Day , a day to celebrate both customers and the professionals who work tirelessly to improve the customer experience.

The Future is Now: Take Your Customer Data to the Next Level

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I'm often asked about the future of customer experience: What does it look like? There are a ton of statistics out there about the volume of data we see today vs. just a few years ago, but I think we can all agree that there's a lot of it!

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CX, ROI and Reality: The Numbers Are Real, and So Are the People


In our last article, “ How to Calculate the ROI of CX for Your Business ,” we discussed the gains brands stood to make industry by industry with good customer experience. Clearly, a takeaway from this now infamous fiasco is that customers are in control, and poor CX has a real-life cause and effect with revenue in today’s market. They aren’t making national headlines, but they are still causing customers to leave and become detractors.

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To Tip or Not to Tip?

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Image courtesy of Pixabay To tip or not to tip, that is the question. One of the interesting things I learned was that it's not necessary to tip; Australia has a non-tipping culture. Would it be different if there was the expectation of a tip for great service delivered?

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Moving at the Speed of Innovation

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Image courtesy of Celestine Chua Do you think that the speed of innovation is too fast for your customers? Do you know how your customers feel about the pace? So if you're not innovating for your customers, for whom are you innovating? or at the speed of customer?

How Well Do You Know the Six Customer Experience Performance Domains?

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Image courtesy of I originally wrote today's post for HappyOrNot. This is a modified version of that post, which appeared on their blog on March 30, 2016. The success of the Association rides on its members. The following is an overview of the six domains.

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A #CX Topic to Avoid at the Dinner Table

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Image courtesy of thedcoy The rules of etiquette state: never discuss certain topics at the dinner table. Survey scales is another one of those topics, but for today, let's just go with metrics.) Is it customer satisfaction? customer effort score?

Making Useless Nails vs. Achieving Your Desired Outcome

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Image courtesy of Christina Welsh Which metrics have you selected to track your customer experience improvement efforts? Was it based on a desired customer outcome? Have you ever heard of Goodhart’s Law? Unfortunately, this is one of the pitfalls of NPS.

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Closing the Loop on CX Improvements

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Image courtesy of rovingisydney Do you close the loop with your customers? One of the most important best practices of any world-class VoC initiative is to close the loop with customers. Unfortunately, so few companies actually close the loop with their customers.

Weathering the Negativity Storm

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Smiling through the misery on summit of Ben Cruachan Today I''m pleased to present another guest post by Sarah Simon. What the Mountain Teaches The weather on the lower reaches of Ben Cruachan (3,684 ft/1,126 m) seems reasonable enough: cool and overcast, pretty typical for Scottish mountains.

CX / VoC: DIY or Hire a Guide?

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What the Mountain Teaches Eyeing an aggressive objective that might be slightly out of reach, mountaineers are faced with a choice: do we hire a guide or go it alone? Here are some of the factors we weighed, considerations we batted around, and decisions finally made.

Storytelling is a Trojan Horse for #CX Learning

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Image courtesy of dkuropatwa I originally wrote today's post for Intradiem. In a post I wrote several months ago, I outlined the 5 Rules for Turning Data into Action for a Better Customer Experience : Centralize, Analyze, Socialize, Strategize, and Operationalize.