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It’s All About The $$$ – How Much Money Can Chatbots Actually Save You?


Source: Alex Knight. It’s hard to remember a time when Chatbots weren’t a hot (albeit, polarizing) topic in the customer service and tech industries.


Delivering Great Service begins with a Spirit of Greatness!

Wired and Dangerous

Customers have changed! We know that customers’ expectations are higher than ever. Research we have reviewed suggests customer expectations have risen as much as 33% in a year!

Customer Centricity is MORE than Customer Experience

Michelli Experience

Recently, I’ve been talking with clients about a critical, albeit subtle distinction – so I thought I would share it with you. Frequently, you’ll hear these two phrases used rather interchangeably. The first is customer-centricity, and the other is customer experience. From my vantage point, the latter phrase (customer experience) is a subset of the former (customer-centricity). I think of it like this. Customer-centricity is a commitment or a strategy to assure the success of your customer.

A Day for the Worker


What’s better than a weekend? A three-day weekend, of course! Thanks to the federal holidays that fall on a Monday, seven times a year the banks close, retailers put out special ads, and some businesses even shut their doors and give their employees the day off.

Customer Experience Transformation in Telecoms

Transforming CX: Critical success factors mobile operators are looking for.

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How Fast-Growing ezCater Minimizes Agent Attrition in the Contact Center


Contact center attrition is one of the biggest challenges brands face. The continuous cycle of hiring and onboarding new agents and ramping them up to full productivity can cost a customer service organization roughly $10,000-$15,000 per employee. Then there’s the impact on service quality.

How to Protect Customer Data Rigorously so You Don’t Lose Clients Through Loss of Trust

CSM Magazine

When it comes to having a focus on customer service so you can make more sales and generate more referrals and testimonials, there are lots of different things you can work on.

Building a Brand with Customer Experience: Episode 19 of Experience This!

Smarter CX

? ? ? ?. Episode 19 of Experience This! – a customer experience podcast series – is now available. Listen here. Episode 19 summary: Listen and learn why customer experience drives your brand, the keys to building great customer service habits, and why so few brands are using CX to differentiate.

Customer Self-Service and Its Value in the Digital Age

Provide Support

Customer Self-Service and Its Value. In any interaction, allowing another person to take the initiative and choose the terms of communication tends to empower them and enhance their experience.

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

This cheat sheet covers ten fundamentals of customer service to help your business excel.

The Data Digest: Consumers Want Devices To Talk Back

Forrester's Customer Insights

My parents were recently gifted their first Amazon Echo — and as you might guess, I’ve been thrilled to observe first-hand how a household of relative tech Luddites responds to the device.

Amazing Business Radio: Tom Karinshak


Great Customer Experiences Start with Great Employee Experiences: Valuable Lessons From Comcast. Shep Hyken Interviews Tom Karinshak, Senior VP of Customer Service at Comcast. Are your employees properly equipped? . . ? <span

Customer Experience Is Either Everybody’s Business, or Nobody’s Business

CX University

Until maybe 20 years ago, people were fine with businesses that were in it for efficiency and strategy. Andrew Carnegie didn’t need to worry about maintaining above-average customer satisfaction. He just had to deliver at the right price.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizes Customer Service

CSM Magazine

As a vital component in today’s marketplace, learn how AI is is harnessing the power to revolutionize the customer experience.

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Tactics for Boosting Engagement and Brand Affinity.

The Customer is King. So what is the Service Provider?

Up Your Service

The Customer is King. So what is the Service Provider? Does “the customer is king” mean the service provider only a servant? Or as the Latin root would indicate, a slave? Not according to our definition of service: “Service is taking action to create value for someone else.”

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of February 19, 2018


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. Top 5 Tips to Improve Social Customer Service by Kristina Knight.

Valid Measurement Tool for CX Knowledge now available through CX University

CX University

CX University announces today updates to its CX Quotient (CXQ), a measurement tool to benchmark one’s knowledge about Customer Experience (CX) competencies.

Top 12 Retailers for Customer Service

CSM Magazine

Latest research by Yonder Digital Group reveals 12 UK retailers that are offering the best customer service.

How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?

Let's look at how the customer experience of an angry customer informs strategy, and how companies can transform frustrated customers into delighted ones.

Why Build a Contact Center Instead of a Call Center?

Win the Customer

Cloud contact center solutions are becoming the new standard for customer service. The cloud-based contact center market is growing at an explosive compound annual growth rate of 23.6 percent, on track to increase from $5.43 billion in 2016 to $15.67 billion by 2020, Markets and Markets projects.

Customer-Centricity Model: A Framework for Delivering “Wow” Moments


The post Customer-Centricity Model: A Framework for Delivering “Wow” Moments appeared first on Solvvy

Executive Perspectives on Automation Innovation


Remember that the Verint Systems Engage global customer conference takes place May 14 - 17, 2018 in Dallas, Texas—an interactive event designed to help customers and partners engage with industry peers and make the most of Verint solutions. Did you have a chance to read the blog last month from Rob Lamoureux that highlighted the Engage customer awards and a call for speakers? If not, check it out here for a link to the conference registration website and all the details.

Fines and Loss of Customer Trust If Companies Ignore New GDPR Legislation

CSM Magazine

Consultancy Tailored Data Solutions has urged company directors to start taking new data compliance more seriously, as implementation of wide sweeping changes is now only weeks away.

5 Customer Satisfaction Templates You Can Use Right Away

Begin or improve your customer satisfaction program with these 5 ready to use templates.

From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service


Customer self-service refers to customer-initiated interaction technologies that enable customers to access information and perform routine tasks without requiring the assistance of a live customer service representative. You may not realize it, but every time you change your password, track a package, or pay a bill without calling the company for assistance, you are performing a self-service task. Drivers for customer self-service.

RetailTech Japan | 6.-9.3.2018

Happy or Not

March 6-9, 2018 | Tokyo, Japan RETAILTECH JAPAN is Japan’s largest and most influential trade show specializing in retail information system and HappyOrNot together with its Authorized Reseller Datacom is proud to join the event. You can find us from Booth T-8-4.

The new incident management: safety-critical practices on the rise

Forrester's Customer Insights

Last May, WannaCry ransomware locked computers around the world. The incident hit the UK’s National Health Service hard. The attack hindered urgent NHS services by blocking access to its computers. It locked out vital medical equipment such as MRI scanners and devices for testing blood and tissue samples. Some hospitals had to send ambulances to other locations. Technology […]. incident response Uncategorized

New Book Explores How to Attract Customers in a World of Ai, Bots and Automation

CSM Magazine

We have now entered the third phase of digital evolution, and it is changing the behaviour and expectations of customers, fast. The first phase was all about the internet, and making information accessible. The second phase was all about mobile and social media, and how they connect people.

Customer Experience Strategy: How to Measure the Immeasurable

Take a second to reflect on the brands you love. How do you go about creating an awesome customer experience strategy that works for your own customers?

Treating Customer Experience Silos Dysfunctional Syndrome, and Bridging it. 30 advice’s to Tear Down This Wall!


Treating Customer Experience Silos Dysfunctional. The post Treating Customer Experience Silos Dysfunctional Syndrome, and Bridging it. 30 advice’s to Tear Down This Wall! appeared first on Eglobalis. Business Transformation CX Culture Transformations Customer Experience Customer Strategies Experience Design Uncategorized Customer experience Customer Service Custumer Experience Culture Silos Management Silos Strategy

Oslo Business Forum | 10.4.2018

Happy or Not

April 10, 2018 | Oslo, Norway HappyOrNot together with its Authorized Reseller Safeway is proud to join the Oslo Business Forum 2018, the conference topic is about leadership in changing times. You can find us from Stand 20.

Are Web Sites Dead?

Forrester's Customer Insights

But they will increasingly fall short of consumer expectations of curated content – especially from brands who know them. Moreover, channels seldom if ever disappear – we still get mail from MetLife each month advertising insurance. We’ve been talking about the diminished role of the browser-based experience for YEARS … years. Michael Facemire We talk […]. Uncategorized mobile website

5 tips to transform your social customer service


Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 5 tips to transform your social customer service. Published on: February 21, 2018.

7 Steps to Elevate Your Customers' Experience

Learn how to walk through your customer's journey in order to improve their satisfaction and engagement