Keeping Up with Customer Insight

Wired and Dangerous

Shifting away from politics — what do you do with customer complaint magnification? How do you ferret out certainty from behind the customer’s emotional camouflage and keep up with your rapidly changing customers? Oh, that was fifteen years ago,” the customer said.

How “T-Rex Arms” Help Uncover Rich Customer Insights

Kerry Bodine

Half an hour after the first round of introductions and ice breakers, our customer journey mapping workshop was in full swing. points to interesting sticky notes and gets the customers to explain what makes that touchpoint useful, or why they hate it, or what could make it better.

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How to engage millennials for customer insight and marketing

Vision Critical

What are the consumer insight best practices when trying to engage millennials? And with the ubiquity of mobile, Millennials expect a seamless customer experience regardless of the device they‰’re using. ENGAGE MILLENNIALS FOR CUSTOMER INSIGHT.

The Breadth of Customer Insight

CX Journey

Different businesses continue to use the term “Customer Insight” to mean different things. In our poll of over 100 customer insight leaders, only half considered data management or database marketing to be part of Customer Insight.

Use Customer Insights To Close Four Loops

Experience Matters

Companies that have voice of the customer (VoC) programs (including NPS) often put in place a closed-loop process. Those efforts often focus on closing a single loop, immediately responding to a customer after they respond to a survey. CCXP2 Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding Customer Connectedness Customer experience Net Promoter Voice of the customer

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Report: Unlocking Customer Insights From Contact Centers

Experience Matters

We just published a Temkin Group report, Unlocking Customer Insights From Contact Centers: From Agent Productivity to Enterprise Intelligence. However, companies are now beginning to realize that contact centers actually contain a wealth of deep, untapped information about customers.

Creating a Customer Insight Strategy

Peter Lavers

Too few companies have a Customer Strategy, let alone a Customer Insight (CI) Strategy. But perhaps it reflects that may boardrooms have not had an empowered & articulate customer leader (or better still CI leader) to identify the need & drive the change.

Before You Reorganize Customer Insights, Press “Pause”

Forrester's Customer Insights

Organizing" is a topic that customer insights (CI) professionals and their marketing, digital, and other business partners are asking about. Consider this: Forrester research shows that despite continuing investments in people, big data, and technology, companies are not driving enough insights to actions. For example, 74% of firms say they want to be "data-driven," yet only 29% say they're good at connecting insights to actions. Customer Insights

The breadth of Customer Insight

Peter Lavers

Different businesses continue to use the term “Customer Insight” to mean different things. Even in our poll of over 100 customer insight leaders, only half of you considered data management or database marketing to be part of Customer Insight.

Need Better Customer Insights To Fuel Your Digital Strategy? Start By Working On Your Communication Skills

Forrester's Customer Insights

Retaining and delighting empowered customers requires continuous, technology-enabled innovation and improved customer insight (CI). In my recent report, entitled " Applying Customer Insight To Your Digital Strategy ", I highlight the top lessons learned from organizations in Asia Pacific (AP) that are successfully leveraging CI to fuel digital initiatives. customer analytics. customer insights.

The Customer Insights Research Team Is Hiring!

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Gone are the days when we have to "sell" the idea of using customer and marketing data to drive better business decisions. The sheer scale and diversity of customer data will provide rich new sources of insight and allow firms to effectively engage with customers using enterprise marketing technologies. And in order to activate insights from these customer analytics solutions, you need a robust set of marketing technologies to serve as systems of customer engagement.

You Need a Customer Insights Center of Excellence – Get Started With What You Have Now

Forrester's Customer Insights

There's a big insights gap out there. Not enough insights are turning into actions that matter, despite continued investment in data, people, and technology. That's up from 2015, but only by 3 percentage points - out of alignment with the investment in insights capabilities.

Create a culture of action in your Customer Insight Team

Peter Lavers

Customer Think is a really interesting hub of guest bloggers on customer related topics (especially US writers). My most recent post was an older one from this site, encouraging those implementing Customer Effort Score programmes to learn the lessons of what happened with NPS (i.e.

Customer Insight Leaders have more IMPACT in the boardroom

Peter Lavers

As more and more Customer Insight leaders rise in influence within blue chip companies, it seems timely to consider this question. It is not just for Customer Insight Directors (CID), although that role and it’s american cousin (CKO, Chief Knowledge Officer) are appearing in more and more companies. Bringing extra insight to one of their current dilemmas, a customer perspective that can be acted upon, will increase your influence.

Verint Speakers: Gaining Customer Insights for Better Decisions


Attendees will learn best practices to adapt to the needs of today’s rapidly evolving customer service environments, and ways to increase employee satisfaction by applying best practices in employee engagement, mobility, and intraday flexibility.

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How customer insights can shape marketing strategies and improve customer experiences


In one sense, customer insights is something like those paint by numbers books every kid once had, at least before childhood went digital. And that’s where the numbers that undergird customer insights are something like those children’s art projects. That rendering of a three-dimensional customer can be a picture of success for both parties. For the customer, the more a company understands them, the better customer experience they will receive.

Safe Harbor is dead. What does that mean for your customer insights & analytics practices?

Forrester's Customer Insights

Customer insights and digital marketing teams.? If you're a multinational company doing business in Europe, Safe Harbor is the agreement under which you've been allowed to bring European customers' data back into your servers in the US for purposes of targeting, analytics, campaign management, etc. If you work with a US-based database MSP, digital or CRM agency to manage customer data, they've likely been relying on the same agreement.

A Shared Trait of Customer Champions: Gathering and Acting on Customer Insights

Think Customers

This week, as we recognize and celebrate the 2015 1to1Media Customer Champions, it's a reminder of the communal characteristics that are shared by customer advocates. They place customers at the center of their strategic efforts. They also listen to and act on customer feedback.

Customer Insight Leader: Customer Data is the new Marketing Battleground

Peter Lavers

This is the first of two blog posts on the Customer Insight Leader blog, in which I set out why data is the new Marketing battleground and (in my second blog) how analytics are the weapons guidance systems needed to win the battle.

Trust Centric Customer Journeys

Wired and Dangerous

Today’s customers are more powerful than ever and they are more fickle than they have ever been. One of the key elements in any customer relationship is trust. Can your customers feel trust as they interact with every area of your organization? We live our lives on promises.

The problem of real-time data in CX

Customer Bliss

There’s a new report out called “The Evolution To Real-Time Customer Experience,” which is a joint production of Forrester Research (consulting firm) and DataStax. Real-time data is a problem for customer experience.

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Understanding Customers Through Anthropolgy

Wired and Dangerous

What would he see or think if you brought in Dr. Indiana Jones to help you better understand your customers? Or, better still, if Margaret Mead or Ruth Benedict was your customer anthropology coach? Customers have many similarities; they also have major differences.

Are You Listening for Customer Discontent?

Wired and Dangerous

Customers are in the crosshairs of a perfect storm. And, the power of the Internet and social media has provided customers with the tool to deliver a downpour of blame as they flood cyberspace with their caustic critique. Really listen to your customers.

Customers Today Crave Consistency!

Wired and Dangerous

Customers today are more powerful than ever! And they base the majority of their decision on where to spend their hard earned dollars on the customer service experiences they encounter. Are you hiring employees who bring the spirit and attitude you want your customers to experience?

Drive More Impact From Data And Analytics With Insights Storytelling

Forrester's Customer Insights

There’s a big insights-to-actions gap out there. customer insights customer intelligence data insights analytics big data culture change insights-driven organizationWe said this a year ago, but alas, we have to say it again. Firms continue to invest in data, people, and technology, but in 2017, data and analytics pros reported basing fewer business decisions on data (45%) than in 2016 (49%). If you don’t feel pressured by […].

5 Strategies For Revolutionizing Your Digital Customer Experience


For companies, providing a truly exceptional customer experience can mean the difference between engaged customers and lost business. In one study, Forrester assessed 61 companies based on the quality of their customer experiences and operational excellence.

Visible Light Communication: The Location Intelligence Backbone For Real-World Experience Delivery

Forrester's Customer Insights

It is now an important component of the system of insights for many financial […]. customer insights

How Do Your Customers Rate Your level of Innovation?

Wired and Dangerous

What about the service you provide to your customers? Today’s wired and dangerous customers are vain – expecting treatment that telegraphs they are special and unique, not just one of the masses. Asking the customer to say “ah” (a.k.a., Does it leave customers feeling secure?

What is customer intelligence? How a deeper customer understanding drives revenue and sales

Vision Critical

The following is an excerpt from The Enterprise Guide to Customer Intelligence , an ebook that explores the different tactics companies use to gain a deeper understanding of the customer. The balance of power has shifted from companies to their customers.

What Chair is Reserved for Your Customer?

Wired and Dangerous

Today’s customers expected to be treated as very valuable assets. Today’s wired and dangerous customer is fickle and will change providers faster than ever before. What chair is reserved for your customers? Chairs are a big deal.

Insights-Driven Businesses Have Different DNA

Forrester's Customer Insights

In their early days , their struggles to achieve true customer understanding led to poor digital experiences for its sellers and the failure to accurately capture customer preferences. customer insights data insights advanced analytics digital insights systems of insights

State of Voice of the Customer (Infographic)

Experience Matters

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are a central part of most customer experience efforts. CCXP2 Voice of the Customer, Customer Insight, and Understanding CCXP6 Metrics, Measurement, and ROI Customer Connectedness Customer experience Infographic Voice of the customerHere’s some interesting data snippets from the recent report, State of VoC Programs, 2016.

3 Steps To Better Customer Research

Kerry Bodine

But in order to get the most out of each research method, you need to properly sequence quantitative and qualitative research activities during your customer research efforts. Buried in that data are pointers to your customers’ key behaviors: what they’re doing, when, and where.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Marketing Clouds - Introducing The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites

Forrester's Customer Insights

Integration is increasingly important to marketers in their efforts to understand the full customer life-cycle and be able to execute across all interactions. We also found that the implementations of EMSS'' vary widely, with a diversity of use-cases reported by the vendor''s customers.

Digital Initiatives Expose Gaps In Customer Analytics Capabilities

Forrester's Customer Insights

In my last blog post I outlined Forrester''s key customer insights (CI) predictions for 2015. Core competencies of effective CI pros have typically centered on customer segmentation and campaign performance measurement. When extending these capabilities to digital marketing strategies, the goal is typically to enable more effective customer acquisition and onboarding by extending reach. I''ll give you four reasons: Read more Categories: customer analytics.

The Data Economy Is Going To Be Huge. Believe Me.

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insights services. BI Customer Insights advance analytics big data business intelligence data economy insights servicesAre they serious? I've just finished reading the recent Communication on Building a European Data Economy published by the European Commission.

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Chinese Businesses Embrace Social Intelligence

Forrester's Customer Insights

Chinese businesses have realized the importance of social for customer life-cycle management. While they''ve started using social to increase brand awareness -- such as broadcasting on Sina Weibo -- they can''t recognize potential customers in this one-way communication.

The Data Digest: Understand Emotion To Drive Technology Engagement

Forrester's Customer Insights

Thanks to the rise of empowered consumers, products and experiences that once seemed improbable, such as (literally) instant delivery, are now integral to our lives.

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Putting The Customer At The Centre of Your Business

Maz Iqbal

Here’s a question that I came across recently expressed in different ways: What does putting the customer at the centre of the business look like? What does it mean to put the customer at the centre of the business? What are the implications (for … Continue reading "Putting The Customer At The Centre of Your Business". Now and then a question comes along that provokes my thinking.

CX Design Thinking in the Travel Industry, With Annette Höher-Bäuerle – CB64

Customer Bliss

Annette Höher-Bäuerle went from being internal legal counsel at the Thomas Cook Group to leading all of Customer Experience globally. Annette is the Group Customer Experience Director for the Thomas Cook Group. In 2015 she built up the new area of Customer Experience from scratch.