14 Critical Call Center Metrics You Should be Tracking


As a contact center manager, you’ve got a lot of metrics to choose from as your key performance indicators (KPIs). In this blog, we help narrow down this long list to help you focus on the metrics that, when improved upon, will really help your contact center thrive.

What HR Wishes WFM Knew About Call Center Employee Experience


Put your hand up if you grew up wanting to be a call center agent. That’s why we’re so dead-set on defying that stereotype and creating an excellent call center employee experience. They need to meet forecasted call volumes in the most efficient manner possible.

Call Center Survey Questions for Better Customer Satisfaction


KPIs and Analytics drive call centers as much as the people taking the calls. While data may be critical for the call center , we cannot overlook the often-ignored impact of feedback obtained from clients and customers directly.

4 Challenges of Call Center Coaching


Many call centers implement rigorous training programs as part of the onboarding process for newly hired agents. Once agents are able to start picking up calls, supervisors often engage in live coaching sessions where they actively advise agents during phone calls.

5 Strategies for Improving Call Center Coaching Sessions


Every contact center manager wants a team of agents that perform at optimum levels. That’s why it’s so important to be as considerate and thoughtful as possible with call center coaching. While every manager has his or her own unique communication style, it’s worthwhile to take note of some successful call center coaching strategies. Here are five different ways contact center managers can make sure they’re getting the most out of their agent coaching sessions.

12 Critical Questions for Call Center Agent Engagement

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Call Center Coaching Culture Customer Service Management Leadership Based on 25 years of research done by Gallup polls, the book "First Break All of the Rules" shares the following 12 questions that are key in keeping your talented employees.

Top reasons to outsource your call center

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Call center outsourcing can help you improve your telephone answering service. Why Outsource Your Call Center? You should outsource your call center for the following reasons: Lowered costs. Outsource your call center to the Philippines.

4 Tips for Effective Call Center Management


Managing the day-to-day operations of a call center can be a tall order. Call centers are central to the customer support operations of many companies. Effective call center management involves many different skills and processes. Call Center

Ensuring a Successful Go-Live Launch for Your Call Center Technology


You and your project team have poured hours into the design and implementation of your new call center technology platform, and the big day has finally arrived – Go-Live. Create “invitations” to disburse throughout the contact center inviting agents to Go-Live.

Talkdesk Named Call Center Leader by GetApp


Independent business tool analyst GetApp just released their Call Center Leaders report for Q1 2017 and the results show Talkdesk rapidly climbing to the top of the industry. With a category score of 16/20, Talkdesk is the second highest reviewed call center solution in the category.

Elevate Your Call Center’s Performance with Speech Analytics


The thousands-upon-thousands of conversations that pour into call centers worldwide every day contain priceless information. The performance-enhancing information is already there , it’s waiting to be found in the call data.

3 Things Being an Overwhelmed Call Center Manager Taught Me About Motivating Employees

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I called George into my office. George jumped at the chance to get out of the call center and sit in on a meeting with managers and directors. Here are 3 things being an overwhelmed manager taught me about motivating my call center employees.

5 Advantages of Call Center Voicemail Transcription


Voicemail is an essential call center feature for a variety of reasons. Providing callers with the option to leave a voicemail can reduce call queues, ease call volume stress for agents and direct callers to a solution after the maximum wait time or queue size has been reached.

5 Tips for Having Better Conversations in the Call Center


What is a call center designed for if not talking on the phone? Sure, there’s after call work and other administrative tasks, but the most important thing you do all day is talk. After all, you called them! Call Center

Employee Engagement Shaping Call Centers

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Contact centers that are always on the lookout for new tools and resources can hold a powerful competitive advantage. Preparing for the New Year is a great opportunity to join their ranks and explore industry trends. Employee engagement is a top-of-mind concern for many organizations, and improving it should be on your to-do list. Employee engagement has been proven to add tremendous value to organizations, and ongoing developments are pushing its benefits further than ever before

Using Call Center Teams & Data to Support Outbound Sales


Making the business case for outsourcing customer service to a contact center partner can be relatively straightforward when C-Suite decision-makers are weighing in-house versus outsourced options. The post Using Call Center Teams & Data to Support Outbound Sales appeared first on.

5 Reasons Why Call Centers Must Be Mobile Friendly

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Mobile technology just makes things easier, and that goes for call centers as well. It only stands to reason that your call center software should also be mobile-friendly. Does your call center have an app that customers can use for contact?

Call Center Location: Mandaluyong, Philippines

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It’s half an hour away from other business centers such as Makati and Eastwood City. Here are the other reasons why it’s a good time to locate your call and business process centers in Mandaluyong City: Accessibility. A Mandaluyong call center.

Benefits Of Booking A Flight Through A Call Center

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Some companies in the travel services industry have already decided outsourcing this task to call centers and BPOs is a practical and effective alternative to hiring their own reservation agents. Call Center Philippines Call Center Services

The On-Demand Economy Demands Better Call Center Software


The communication landscape is changing rapidly and the most successful brands are the ones that use call center software to adapt the quickest. That’s where the right call center software can be a valuable tool. Call Center

What Happens to the Call Center when People Stop Calling? - Frank Reactions

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Can Your Call Center Cope With The New Omnichannel Reality? Who doesn’t have a nightmare call center story to tell? Time For The Connected Call Center. This year there will be more digital interactions with contact centers than voice ones Tweet This.

Call Center Training: How to Maximize Efficiency and Optimize Your Time


Consistently great front-line performance is the goal of every call center training program. In many cases, call center training is delivered with the same frequency across the board, or it’s weighted toward agents who need the most help.

6 insane (but true) things about inbound call centers

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Just when you thought you knew everything about inbound call centers, here are 6 insane (but true) things about them: Some clients act as “mystery shoppers”. There are clients who pose as customers, often calling during peak hours of operation to see how the call center performs.

Integrate Social Media Channels to Transform the Call Center Experience

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Social routing is an emerging trend, a way in which contact centers can more accurately meet the needs of their customers. TMCNet discusses the answer by describing the modern day customer and the challenge that call centers face as they look to integrate social media channels […].

How to Scale Your Call Center Without Outsourcing


For many companies (growing and established), call center software forms the backbone of their customer support. This is because call centers enable companies to provide real-time, personalized support to customers. Call center agents are needed at different times.

Is Your Call Center Ready for Bots?


This technology means some brands have started to leverage chatbots for customer service in the hopes of saving on call center costs. But how do customers feel about these chatbots versus the ability to call and receive live support on the phone from a human?

What’s the Best Call Center Software for Your Business?


Whether you are replacing a solution that no longer suits your company’s needs or investing in your first system, choosing the best call center software for your business can be a daunting task. Call center software can be a significant investment. Call Center

Call Center Leaders Must Step Up to Boost Call Center Performance

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One day, the regional call center director of our company, I’ll refer to him as “Dave”, called me into his office. We had recently reengineered our call center training program for new hires using an integrated method I developed and still refer to as Chunk Training.

4 Situations that Make Callers Angry in the Call Center


Even the most well-run, customer-centric contact centers deal with angry callers every day. In some ways, this is just the nature of call centers. Smart call center management recognizes that angry callers are an unavoidable reality. Dropped call.

3 Key Soft Skills Every Call Center Agent Must Have

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Concrete customer feedback metrics, KPIs and CRM systems can be considered as the ‘science’ behind call centers, but the soft skills of call center agents are considered as the art. Here are the top 3 soft skills successful call center agents should possess.

6 reasons why outsourcing a call center can work for your business

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Here are 7 reasons why outsourcing a call center can work for your business. Philippine call centers’ expertise increases efficiencies within your business. Outsourcing to a call center lets you reap numerous benefits. New to outsourcing?

7 Customer Service Phrases To Never Use In the Call Center


From time-to-time, your call center team members will be met with challenging customer interactions. These interactions can trigger agents to make common call center mistakes. The post 7 Customer Service Phrases To Never Use In the Call Center appeared first on Talkdesk.

Types of technical support given by call centers

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Offshore call centers offer different kinds of services, one of these is technical support. Here’s a quick guide to several types of call center technical support. These are several technical support options you can choose from when outsourcing to a call center.

5 Things to Consider When Building a Call Center Culture


Some roles are particularly important to foster a positive company culture, and customer service agents in your call center are one of these critical roles. Your call center is the front line of your business and often the only people who will interact with paying customers.

5 trends in the Call Center


5 Technological Trends in the Call Center. What are the new technologies being deployed in the contact centers? Several key trends are currently dominating the landscape, and have already started to infiltrate the industry even well before this year. Read More. Jacada Blog

If Call Center Employees Were Honest

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Just for fun, I am posting this funny video. Customer Experience Design

Video 16

Moving Your Call Center to the Cloud After Avaya’s Bankruptcy


The company will continue to operate and has plans to retain control of their contact center, but there are certainly plenty of question marks around the long-term viability of their offering. With Talkdesk , creating your cloud-based call center can be done in as little as five minutes.

Why Call Center Training, By Itself, Doesn’t Work

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I know this may sound strange coming from a principal of a company that provides call center training around the globe. However, my colleagues and I truly believe 100% in the following statement: Call center training, by itself, doesn’t work.

Why Five9 Customers Choose Talkdesk’s Call Center Software


Choosing a call center software solution is a big decision. Every company wants to offer outstanding experiences during sales and service conversations and the right call center software is a huge part of that strategy. Call Center

Offshore Call Center for Cruise Companies

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Outsourcing call center processes to an offshore service provider is a viable option for cruise companies that don’t have an internal call center, as well as those that have limited capacity to handle calls. Why an Offshore Call Center for a Cruise Company?