Leaving a Leadership Legacy {Infographic}

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Leadership accountability is killing your customer experience

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Short post this week as I’m in the middle of moving, but I wanted to take a few seconds and discuss leadership accountability as relates to customer experience. In the writings and speeches I’ve done, I commonly refer to this as “one-company leadership.”

Leaving a Leadership Legacy

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Whenever I consider offering customer experience consulting services for a prospective business client, I interview senior leadership and ask a lot of questions that get at motivation and their perceived purpose for the potential partnership. Long before I asked these questions of the CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) Steve Cannon, he had publically declared that his leadership legacy would be the transformation of MBUSA from a product-centric culture to one that was customer-obsessed.

The 8 Remarkable Traits of Leadership

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Leadership. Is that all that’s needed to get the promotion, the raise, or the real leadership position? Leadership leadership traits of leadershipWhat makes a leader? Is it making great speeches or bossing others around? Of course not.

Frost & Sullivan White Paper–CX Innovation Through Agile & DevOps

Agile & DevOps Transformation 50 Years of Growth, Innovation and Leadership A Frost & Sullivan White Paper www.frost.com Commissioned by Frost & Sullivan TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S Introduction: Keeping Pace with Exponential Change. Attend one of our Growth Innovation & Leadership (GIL).

How Do You Unite Leadership to Make Decisions That Drive Customer Growth?

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Most leadership teams don’t invest in the deep thinking required to answer these questions. Through communication of these commitments and actions they prove to be a powerful “prove-it” leadership strategy. Take these actions in unison across the leadership team.

The 3 Big Old Secrets Of Accountable Leadership

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I talked a bit about this in my book Chief Customer Officer 2.0 , but when discussing the idea of accountable leadership in terms of developing a customer-first, customer-obsessed culture, it all comes down to three major themes (which can further be broken down into a series of actions).

Recipes for Leadership Behaviors that Drive Customer Experience Transformation

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The dedication my grandparents had to my family showed me what good leadership looked like. Stair-step them and get agreement with your leadership team – because of course, success can only truly start once your teams operate with a one-company, united goal.

Leadership Engagement: 8 Actions to Increase CCO Success

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Make the Customer Leadership Executive an Officer of the Company. After initiating the CCO job, it’s important to establish the working relationship between the company leadership and the CCO.

The 14 Leadership Principles that Drive Amazon


‘Did you know that Amazon have actually embedded 14 leadership principles into the way they work?’, For reasons unbeknown to me, the fact that Amazon have 14 leadership principles had completely passed me by. Fourteen leadership principles seems like a lot!

13 stunning stats on the growing CX leadership gap

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According to Forrester’s Customer Experience Index, 2017 , today’s businesses across 21 industries are plagued by a growing “CX leadership gap.” There are ways to reclaim customer loyalty so you’re not on the wrong side of the widening CX leadership gap.

Leadership Unfairness: Reasons Leadership is Unfair to Leaders

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Leadership unfairness: Great leaders know that leadership is unfair to them in these ways & here's why they don't mind! The post Leadership Unfairness: Reasons Leadership is Unfair to Leaders appeared first on KateNasser.com.

Connecting People: The Key to Customer Centric Leadership


Leadership-Employee ‘Misconnection’. However senior I seemed to become, the less connected to leadership I appeared to be. I have written many times before about my view of Jack Welch and his brand of ‘transformational leadership’. Leadership Imperative.

CCO Survival Skill: Creating a United Leadership Team

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United leadership is important. I’ve been doing this type of work since 1983 (wow), and united leadership — which I regularly call one-company leadership in my books, speeches, and my five competencies — is as important as anything else. (If United leadership.

8 Leadership Strategies From An Influencer

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The post 8 Leadership Strategies From An Influencer appeared first on. Childhood bullying gets a lot of attention these days, but bullying and other bad behavior can be just as destructive in the workplace as on the playground.

How Leadership Impacts Customer Service and Experience at Samsung Electronics America

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In this episode, I talk to Josh about what customer experience leadership looks like in a large, multi-service organization like Samsung. Present the Customer Experience Story to Leadership.

Business to Business Customer Experience Leadership, With Tabitha Dunn – CB49

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Tabitha identified the “big rocks” related to CX, and then she asked the leadership team these questions: The data says this. ” Eventually this plan was kicked up to leadership team members associated with service delivery, and some behaviors were modified at each level.

Responsible Authenticity Includes Filtering! | #Leadership

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The post Responsible Authenticity Includes Filtering! | #Leadership appeared first on KateNasser.com. inspiration People Skills Soft Skills authenticity communication disrespect interaction interpersonal skills Leadership people skills respect trust

The New Face of Leadership: Capturing and Distributing Institutional Knowledge Part 1


Leadership and distributing knowledge is the key to being successful today in a communication-heavy environment. The following is the first of three blogs that focus on developing leadership—the type of leadership that will allow your company to excel.

Growing Leadership Listening Skills With 6 CX Recipes

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You only need to engage active leadership listening and direct the organization to hear your customers’ stories. Leadership will be able to understand customers’ lives with a connection to customer behavior and growth, as well as to the data. Leadership Listening Recipes.

Leadership and Crafting the Customer Experience in Consumer Goods with Kathy Tobiasen

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She had to unite leadership and teams in understanding the term definitions, the source of the information, and implications of the data. . She and her team had to explain to executive leadership what was happening from a customer point of view and have them care about it. Overview.

Improve Your School Through Leadership

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Whether you’re a teacher or an administrator, you have the ability to help your school by cultivating leadership skills and becoming a formal or informal leader. Develop Leadership Skills. If you’re an educator, don’t discount the power of leadership to improve your school.

Guest Blog: Customer Service Leadership – Using VUCA Leadership Principles


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, John Smart, explains the leadership term VUCA and how it can relate to customer service. In a previous article I described the difference between customer management and customer leadership.

Award Winning CX Leadership in Banking, with Mark Slatin – CB58

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He leads the Client Experience Leadership Council, a cross functional team of senior leaders who design, build, and implement strategies to deliver remarkable client experiences for clients consistently. Episode Overview. Mark Slatin is the Director of Client Experience for Sandy Spring Bank.

Why to Apply The Servant Leadership Approach in Customer Service?

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Why to Apply Servant Leadership in Customer Service. Articles leadership leadership in customer service servant leadership

Journey Mapping Effectiveness Comes from Leadership and Frequency


In the recent research report by MyCustomer in association with Quadient, Customer Journey Mapping Research Report 2018, results validate what we practitioners have known for years: leadership buy-in absolutely matters and it should never be a one-and-done effort. The MyCustomer/Quadient research reveals a few key success criteria that we want to highlight: Leadership buy-in absolutely matters.

Leadership Influence vs. Manipulation | #peopleskills

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Do you see leadership influence as manipulation? The post Leadership Influence vs. Manipulation | #peopleskills appeared first on KateNasser.com. It isn't. It inspires & ignites diverse views. It awakens & explores. It connects & creates.

Uniting Your Leadership Team begins with a Code of Conduct

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Use the CX journey framework and encourage your leadership team to think tactically through the customer experience, stage by stage: What must the company always do for customers to honor them and earn the right to grow? The lens for making decisions varies by leader.

Customer Centric Leadership: Are You Investing in the Organisational “Ecosystem” or Your Personal “Egosystem”?


The question was a precursor to defining why Customer Experience needs good, strong leadership. This month, I want to ask three connected but altogether different questions: What do you do if the organisation you work for or with does NOT have strong customer focused leadership?

Gaining Leadership Commitment is Your First CX Competency Milestone

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Your work will be successful when you take a stair-stepped approach to gaining leadership clarity and commitment to the CX competency framework. Gaining leadership commitment to the five competency framework is your first milestone. One-Company Leadership.

The 5 Customer Leadership Competencies Every CCO Must Embrace


For more than twenty years, she has helped organizational leadership recognize the importance of customer-focused initiatives in ways that directly impact the business results. The 5 Customer Leadership Competencies. Leadership, Accountability and Culture.

Lasting Effects of Rabid Emotionally Charged Leadership

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Leaders, before you use a rabid emotionally charged leadership style, think about the disastrous lasting effects. The post Lasting Effects of Rabid Emotionally Charged Leadership appeared first on KateNasser.com.

6 Thought Leadership Strategies for Independent Consultants


Utilize thought leadership in your consulting business with these 6 strategies

Leadership Humility Myths Fears & Truths

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Leadership humility myths and fears don't have to stop you from leading well. The post Leadership Humility Myths Fears & Truths appeared first on KateNasser.com. Hot Topics and New Bits inspiration Leadership emotional intelligence empathy fear Humility leaders management managers myths People Skills respect truthReplace them with these truths. By Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™.

Leadership: 5 Keys to Succeeding With Leaders Who Crave Change

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5 keys to understanding & succeeding with them from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ |Leadership Teamwork Employee Engagement. The post Leadership: 5 Keys to Succeeding With Leaders Who Crave Change appeared first on KateNasser.com.

CEX Leadership – Walk a Day in the Shoes of Your Staff - Transforming the Customer Experience

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CEX Leadership Tip – Walk a day in the shoes of your frontline staff. Walk in the Shoes of Your Staff. So many leaders fight this, but the single most effective way to truly engage with staff and customers is to literally do their job with them.

5 Tips for Effective Leadership in Customer Service

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5 Tips for Effective Leadership in Customer Service. In one of my previous articles, I have also touched on the topic of Servant Leadership in customer service. Articles Tips and Tricks customer service leadership leadership in customer service

Leadership Lessons: Running into the Same Wall

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If you ever wanted to know a little more about me - and my leadership style and challenges - here's your chance. From there, he delves into leadership beliefs and then into the all-important story or challenge that made you who you are as a leader. leadership

Unite the Leadership Team on Customer Asset Growth

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Is your leadership team united in focusing on customer asset growth? Take these actions in unison across the leadership team. Deliver united leadership communication that focuses on “Customers as Assets.”

Best of the Podcast: How to Create A Path for CX Leadership with Google’s VP of Ads and Commerce UX

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In this episode replay, I chat with Catherine Courage , the VP of Ads and Commerce User Experience at Google about how she created the path of her CX leadership role. CX Leadership Lessons Learned. Happy New Year!