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The Evolution of Customer Experience in the Travel Industry


Few industries are quite like travel. Everyone has a horror story about their travel experiences, be it a brutal delay or a missed flight. It’s no wonder that today, against the backdrop of COVID-19 and societal upheaval, travelers are more concerned than ever with their personal safety. What do I need to embark on my journey?

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Millennial’s Spring Break Travel Trends

QuestionPro Audience

This year, 53% of millennials plan to travel for spring break. SPEND Travel is always a good gauge on the state of the economy, and all segments of the travel market have grown significantly over the last year, with millennials representing the largest and fastest-growing.

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How Mobile Apps are Changing Travel in 2018

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Experts are predicting 2018 to be the year mobile technology officially takes over travel. Gone are the days of making blind booking arrangements and hoping for the best, or using a travel agent. Today, 77% of Americans own smartphones and a recent Global Traveler study found that one in three travelers now books on a mobile device.

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How to save money on train travel

Helen Dewdney

Train travel costs can be astronomical and during a cost of living crisis it is more difficult than ever to pay for fares. Be flexible If you can travel a little later or a little earlier then do, as you can easily save 50% if you don’t mind waiting and you’re more likely to get a seat! Only 62.3% Peak times are between 06.30 – 09.30

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What Is Bleisure Travel, And How Is It Transforming The Hospitality Industry?

Blake Morgan

Bleisure travel, combining business and leisure, is on track to take over traditional business travel. The change creates a new type of traveler who is neither a business traveler or a carefree vacationer but a combination. That’s the idea behind bleisure travel, a pandemic-fueled trend with staying power.

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Navigating Airlines Travel Experience with the Metaverse


He writes about the impact on the customer experience that metaverse will have on the travel industry and how customers and brands will navigate the new developments. Customer service in the travel industry begins when a person reveals an interest to explore and decides to travel. Metaverse in Travel Industry.

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Traveling on a Budget: Top 5 Cities in the U.S.

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Americans traveling solo is at an all-time high right now, particularly among millennials. Travel, in general, is easier than even a decade ago. With smartphones, we’re able to research and book travel plans, but once you’re there, activities cost money. cities are best to travel to alone when on a tight budget.

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