Gant Travel Goes the Distance with CXone


Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Gant Travel specializes in corporate travel services for mid-size businesses. Its 81 agents handle a variety of travel reservations 24/7 — approximately 600 every month. Gant Travel turned to NICE inContact CXone to help diagnose and solve its customer service issues — a process that Gant teams described as “peeling back the layers of an onion” because every new issue revealed many more.

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Have Dog, Can Travel


Lessons for engaging customer feedback programs from an international flight I recently traveled from India to the United States on Lufthansa Airlines with my dog Zuri. She was going to be alone for almost 24 hours, traveling in the cargo hold.

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Travel Trends of 2018

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Amid low unemployment rates, travel and tourism is still one of the world’s fastest growing sectors, with bookings hitting close to $1.6 Read our infographic below to learn more about 2018’s travel trends.

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Millennial’s Spring Break Travel Trends

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This year, 53% of millennials plan to travel for spring break. SPEND Travel is always a good gauge on the state of the economy, and all segments of the travel market have grown significantly over the last year, with millennials representing the largest and fastest-growing.

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How Mobile Apps are Changing Travel in 2018

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Experts are predicting 2018 to be the year mobile technology officially takes over travel. Gone are the days of making blind booking arrangements and hoping for the best, or using a travel agent. Audience Mobile consumers mobile apps mobile technology travel

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Have Dog, Can Travel


Lessons for engaging customer feedback programs from an international flight I recently traveled from India to the United States on Lufthansa Airlines with my dog Zuri. She was going to be alone for almost 24 hours, traveling in the cargo hold.

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5 Essentials for a Happy Business Travel Experience


I’ve been traveling a lot in the month of March. I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a business traveler (who happens to be a woman) on the road. I want all the coffee when I travel.

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Summer Travel Trends: The Who, What and Where

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WHO’S TRAVELING? 87% of married couples plan to travel together, and the same number will bring their children. Among non-married vacationers, 57% will travel with friends or family, and 24% will fly solo. is experiencing its sharpest drop in foreign travelers since 2009.

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Travel Digital Customer Experience Benchmark 2019


The post Travel Digital Customer Experience Benchmark 2019 appeared first on Maru/Matchbox UK. Digital customer experience travel Travel and Hospitality VoC Voice of the Customer

Traveling on a Budget: Top 5 Cities in the U.S.

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Americans traveling solo is at an all-time high right now, particularly among millennials. Travel, in general, is easier than even a decade ago. With smartphones, we’re able to research and book travel plans, but once you’re there, activities cost money.

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All you need to know about your consumer rights and travel

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Are you on the right track with your Christmas train travel plans? All you need to know about the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements 2018. How to complain about your train, airline, bus, tube, ferry or cruise. How to complain about buses.

How Millennials Are Impacting the Future of Business Travel

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Younger business travelers are on the rise, with the frequent travelers now more likely to be under the age of 45. In fact, by 2020, millennials will make up more than half of business travelers. trillion that they have to spend, are impacting the business travel industry.

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2019 Guide to Purchase Drivers for Travel


Whether traveling by plane, train or cruise ship, there are purchase drivers specific to certain segments of consumers, and some that are common to all, by category! Some travel is for necessity – and for purposes that fall outside of the business travel realm.

Travel Customer Care Excellence, Informed by Social Listening


How does social listening impact customer care in one of the most experiential categories – i.e., Travel & Hospitality? Social listening clues you in to the issues that are top-of-mind for travelers, as well as which matter most.

Eye for Travel Amsterdam


The post Eye for Travel Amsterdam appeared first on Optimove. events

Eye for Travel London


The post Eye for Travel London appeared first on Optimove. events

All you need to know about the Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements 2018

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The new Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements 2018 have replaced and considerably modified the former 1992 Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tour Regulations 1992. Linked travel arrangements (LTA). Traveller chooses to terminate a package.

3 Ways Conversational AI can help your Customers in an Urgent Travel Situation


As the weather heats up this time of year, vacation is the top thing on my mind and I start to book my summer travels. In my experience, the major problems with booking travel happen at the worst possible time.

CX Design Thinking in the Travel Industry, With Annette Höher-Bäuerle – CB64

Customer Bliss

Episode Overview. Annette Höher-Bäuerle went from being internal legal counsel at the Thomas Cook Group to leading all of Customer Experience globally.

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Gravy Analytics Adds New Brand Loyalist, Comic Con Enthusiast and Luxury Traveler Audiences

Gravy Analytics Lead Intelligence Blog

Gravy Analytics is excited to launch 18 new audiences for use in digital advertising campaigns. These new audiences make it easy for marketers to reach their target audience, using information about where people go – and what they do

Planning summer vacation travel? We have tips for making it a happier one

Happy or Not

Spring has sprung, and as Summer approaches so does vacation travel! Each year, nearly four billion passengers travel through airports worldwide, and whether your vacation destination is domestic or international, the time to start booking is now.

Travel Learning Open-Mindedness: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat Nov. 22

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Travel learning open-mindedness is our #peopleskills global Twitter chat Nov. The post Travel Learning Open-Mindedness: JOIN #Peopleskills Chat Nov. 22nd 10amET. JOIN The People Skills Coach™ to explore this topic amidst all the hatred, discord, and strife racking our world today.

How to create loyal customers and brand evangelists in the travel and hospitality industry

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This post makes the same point, but for the travel and hospitality – one of the most traditional “service” industries on the planet. Read on… Customer loyalty is a powerful marketing force that travel and hospitality businesses are always chasing.

How Airlines Handle Trump’s Surprise Travel Ban

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President Donald Trump issued a travel ban to the United States for citizens of seven mostly Muslim countries – Iran, Iraq Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, for 90 days. The post How Airlines Handle Trump’s Surprise Travel Ban appeared first on The Upsell. Case Studies air canada airlines bloomberg british airlines british airways Delta Airlines emirates Facebook muslim president trump Social media travel travel ban trump Twitter WestjetRecently, U.S.

Customer Experience: The Road Less Travelled

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Given the demands on my time I will be keeping this conversations short – at … Continue reading Customer Experience: The Road Less TravelledIt has been a while since the last conversation. First, I took time out for a month of holidays. And then in September I was asked to lend a hand in a CX centred next generation CRM and omnichannel programme.

Missed CX Opportunities in the Travel Sector


After recently booking a flight for a transatlantic business trip, I received this email from the travel firm. From a traveller’s point of view: It immediately casts doubt in their mind as to whether the booking has been registered correctly or not.

Crash Course: 11 Terrible Customer Experiences In Travel

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But with so much riding on travel for your customer – the cost of bookings, the early-morning starts, the importance or the fun of their trip – it’s a sector primed like no other to stoke their rage when things go wrong. Travel-Sick. “I Weary traveller. “I

The Importance of Customer Experience Culture in Hotel & Travel Industry


The post The Importance of Customer Experience Culture in Hotel & Travel Industry appeared first on LiveChat. As you probably know, I’m nuts about customer service and great customer experience.

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Travel and retail customers demand self-service: will you answer the call?


For travel and ecommerce sites in the months after New Year’s, bringing the right kind of traffic to your site can be tricky, and making the most of it is even harder. ” Read more about creating a winning cx with self-service for travel and for retail.

The Startling Truth About Traveling With the Top 1%

Beyond Philosophy

These trends have led travel companies to rethink the experiences they offer to customers, especially the ones with lots of money to spend. But it could also make ordinary travelers feel inadequate and dissatisfied with the experience they are having.

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Three Travel and Hospitality Customer Journey Tracking Examples


Travel and hospitality companies have a difficult job. But even these leading travel brands can do better. Things are improving for the travel industry, but the biggest multipliers of customer satisfaction seem largely to be left behind.

Oh How Far We’ve Come and How Far We Still Have to Travel


Hi everyone! I’ve been on the road pretty consistently for the last 4 weeks and there are definitely some themes that are popping up across all the conferences and private events I’ve been doing. I’ve met so many of you and I’m always so delighted to get to hear people’s stories. Especially their stories about. View Article

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Increase Reservations: Top 5 Gravy Audiences Travel & Entertainment Companies Used in 2018

Gravy Analytics Lead Intelligence Blog

Gravy Analytics uses anonymous, mobile location signals to understand where people go in their daily lives, and give brands new visibility into the offline customer journey. These location-derived insights power our industry-leading audiences that enable advertisers to reach engaged consumers

How good is the digital customer experience from travel brands?


Date: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 How good is the digital customer experience from travel brands? So, how are UK travel companies doing in terms of online customer experience? The digital customer experience is vital to success in the travel sector.

JetBlue: Taking the turbulence out of travel


For the most part, that’s air travel these days. Traveling with small children is a stressful dance. And every parent has experienced the messy, frustrating and embarrassing struggle of traveling with infants and toddlers. Yet, in all my travels I’ve seen only one airline do something about it— JetBlue. Since its founding in 1998, JetBlue has been on a mission to “bring humanity back to travel.”

Travel Customer Service – Keys to Success in 2018


How to Achieve Excellence in Travel Customer Service in 2018. Last year, people traveling to and within the U.S. At the same time, travel customer service will be tested like never before. This is a big challenge for the travel industry.

New Industry Survey Focuses on Travel & Hospitality


TRAVEL CUSTOMERS HAVE THEIR SAY IN THESE KEY AREAS: CUSTOMER CARE EXPERIENCE, PURCHASE EXPERIENCE AND CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Full Travel & Hospitality Report Now Available! In this inaugural edition, travel & hospitality is the first industry in the spotlight. BUSINESS TRAVELERS: THEY TRAVEL MORE AND THEY EXPECT MORE. Compared to leisure travelers, business travelers take far more trips in any given year. of leisure travelers.