“The Survey Shows” Doesn’t Mean The Survey Knows


If you follow this survey’s implied advice, you’ll spend more time and money on #1, less of your budget on #2, and so on. The post “The Survey Shows” Doesn’t Mean The Survey Knows appeared first on Storyminers.

Customer Surveys Are as Important as Ever!

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Some pundits would have you believe that surveys are dead, that they are no longer important for customer listening and understanding. The good news is that companies are listening through surveys. And give an honest assessment of how long the survey will take to complete.

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How customer intelligence software helps companies fight the survey epidemic

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Jon Reed, the co-founder of the website diginomica , is sick and tired of surveys. Every customer interaction, no matter how trivial, triggers a survey,” he grumbles in a recently published article. “If Why are ad-hoc surveys everywhere? The result of the survey epidemic?

Improving Survey Response Rates Through Incentives


From time to time customer experience managers will hear the following questions from their internal clients: “Is our response rate too low?”; “What can we do to increase our response rate?” or; “Should we provide an incentive for people to respond?”

Surveys Don't Sell!

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Image courtesy of henryfaber Is there anyone in your company who wants to use VoC/CX surveys as marketing tools rather than as customer listening tools? The control group wasn''t surveyed at all. Was this, in fact, marketing research and not a customer satisfaction survey, per se?

Beyond Surveys: 5 Methods to Learn More About Your Customers


It's quite likely that customer surveys have provided a valuable reference point for any other feedback-gathering initiative your organization has taken. Do your customers know you are really listening to them?

Genius Tips to Improve Your Customer Survey

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An Analyst Perspective on Customer Surveys: Customer surveys make up a multi-billion dollar industry, and many of us get at least one per day. But just because surveys are everywhere doesn’t mean they’re always good.

Is it time to revamp your customer experience survey strategy?


Do you need to revisit your survey strategy? Are you able to connect your customer experience survey program to key business goals, like increased revenue and decreased churn? Before Clarabridge, we used to manually read through and code all of the customer experience survey responses.

Fast Track Employee Engagement with a ‘Keep It Simple’ Survey


The strongest companies embrace their culture and the engagement of people who comprise it. Most traditional and effective Voice of the Employee programs focus on learning from employees about several key areas.

How to make NPS and Customer Experience Surveys More Useful


Both Net Promoter Score® (NPS) and customer experience surveys are useful ways to understand how your customers feel about you. But is there a way to get even more value out of these surveys? Combine multiple-choice and open-ended questions on your surveys.

Death by a Thousand Survey Questions


Surveys are a great way to get customer feedback, but how many survey questions do you really need? A colleague recently told the story of an annoying survey. He spent no more than five minutes online making a purchase, and then a post-transaction survey popped up.

Improving Customer Surveys

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A recent call from a friend helped me realize that customer surveys are still often ill-conceived and poorly executed. Best Practices Survey VerizonCommon practices often neglect common sense and are rife with common mistakes. Here are some things to consider to improve customer.

Survey Response Rates at All-Time Low, But There is a Better Way


When is the last time you actually took a survey? In fact, Forbes studies show that survey response rates are down to an all-time low of less than 2%. Well the answer is here: Conversational Surveys. You send them a two-question survey. Uncategorized NLP NPS survey

Optimizing the Survey Experience for Mobile Respondents


More people in today’s world have smartphones than have toothbrushes. In many developed countries, smartphone penetration is at or above 70 percent. We live in a mobile world.

Two Surveys Every Customer Experience Program Needs

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Executives use customer surveys to help them improve the customer experience. In this post, I will describe two types of customer surveys, each providing insight to help executives make better, customer-centric decisions. These surveys are relationship surveys and transactional surveys.

Don’t Know Option in Surveys


Including a “don’t know” option in a survey is an issue that is currently under speculation. The “don’t know” option can be explicit, as shown with the scale, or it can be implicit by the use of skip patterns within a survey. Your respondents might know more than you think. It’s a powerful option to. View Article

Do You Employ Actionability Thinking in Survey Design?

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Today's post is a slightly-updated version of one I originally published on Compellon 's blog on January 25, 2017, which is a largely-modified version of a very-popular post I wrote on CX Journey™ five years ago titled 22 Tips for Survey Design.

Four Ways Big Data Can Improve Customer Surveys

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Customer surveys remain the primary source of customer feedback for many companies, despite the growth in adoption of other customer feedback sources like social media, call center conversations and emails. Two popular customer surveys are relationship and transactional surveys.

The 90’s called, and they want their survey back.


That happened when I got emailed a survey from the airline. The crux of the long survey was a simple Net Promoter Score question. The survey, was just that. A survey. Instead of a 90’s style survey, after every Uber ride I get a one touch star rating (ONE TOUCH!)

How to Create a Balanced Survey


Companies do not consciously ignore customers in the survey process. It would be natural to assume that companies which invest in customer experience measurement (CEM) would put customer preferences at the top of the list, but this is not always the case.

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10 Survey Best Practices and Tips to Increase Response Rates (Part 1)


These days, most customers’ inboxes are filled to the brim with emails requesting their feedback, making the feedback survey somewhat of a hard sell. That being said, surveys are still one of the most effective methods for attaining data from consumers and can be extremely valuable when aligned with strategy, analysis and research. Value Your Customers’ Time and Make Surveys Short. Show customers you care by making surveys as short and as to-the-point as possible.

Voice of the Customer is More than Just Feedback Surveys


For many, this term has become synonymous with customer feedback surveys, but that’s not exactly true. While surveys are a great way to get feedback, they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to a complete Voice of the Customer initiative.

How Customer Satisfaction Surveys Yield Bogus Results


Satisfaction surveys are important to capture customer feedback in a logical and objective way, right? That’s the idea, unless the survey is the result of an aggressive salesperson coaching the customer.

Customer Experience Survey: The Beginner’s Guide


One of the best ways to do this is by collecting feedback and information through the distribution of a customer experience survey. What a Customer Experience Survey Can Do. A customer experience survey can help you answer these questions and more.

The problem with customer satisfaction surveys—according to the inventor of NPS

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Renowned business author and strategist Fred Reichheld is sick and tired of customer satisfaction surveys. In an interview with Bloomberg Technology , the former Bain & Company consultant says CSAT surveys have become less meaningful now that they’ve become inescapable.

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What is the Purpose of Customer Satisfaction Surveys Anyway?


Recently I completed a customer satisfaction survey for United Airlines after a particularly bad experience even by airline standards. I actually wanted to be contacted by the airline, but there is no place in their survey for a hot alert (request to be contacted).

Know Your Survey: Voice of Customer and Market Research


We’re thrilled to announce the release of our 2017 NPS® and CX Benchmark Survey, made in collaboration with MIT CISR! This week it’s all about surveys. The post Know Your Survey: Voice of Customer and Market Research appeared first on CustomerGauge.

Why You Should Conduct “Post-Demo Surveys”


The post Why You Should Conduct “Post-Demo Surveys” appeared first on CustomerGauge. account management Blog Featured account executive demos surveyFor many SaaS companies, demos are the first chance to put their “best face forward” when it comes to interacting with customers.

It’s time to rethink transactional surveys

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As a CX profession we’re addicted to surveys. We want to know more about our customers, and a survey is our first response. A survey by itself is neither good nor bad. But what we forget is the unintended side effects of our surveys. Remember – how you survey your customers is another part of your customer experience. […]. The post It’s time to rethink transactional surveys appeared first on Heart of the Customer.

10 Lessons Learned from Voice of the Customer Trenches: How to Design and Build a Great Survey


Surveys play a vital role in customer experience (CX) and are often referred to as the “backbone” of a successful program. While there are many ways to gather information from customers and consumers, surveys serve as a very important tool in collecting and managing feedback.

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What is the Purpose of Customer Satisfaction Surveys Anyway?


Recently I completed a customer satisfaction survey for United Airlines after a particularly bad experience even by airline standards. I actually wanted to be contacted by the airline, but there is no place in their survey for a hot alert (request to be contacted). Instead at the end of their survey it says, “Comments or issues. View Article

The Strategic and Tactical Roles of Customer Surveys

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While there are many different methods of collecting this feedback, customer surveys remain a popular choice among CX professionals. Relationship Surveys. Relationship surveys allow customers to indicate their satisfaction about their overall relationship with the company/brand.

How to Create Successful Customer Feedback Surveys


Anyone can design a customer feedback survey. Simply collect the questions from everyone who wants to know about your customers, build the survey, and wait for the results. Initial Impressions: You want to make the entire survey process easy for your customer.

Local Search and Online Reviews Survey 2017


Key Takeaways from ReviewTrackers Local Search and Online Reviews Survey 2017. About the ReviewTrackers Local Search and Online Reviews Survey. based consumer panel with a 39-item, two-part survey. Read on for a summary of our survey findings. Based on survey results, 67.7

Bank Branches and Surveys in the 21st century


Banking in the Mad Men Era Many of us enjoyed the series Mad Men, remembering (or imagining) a time in the not so distant past. While we felt a nostalgia for some things – the cocktails, the clothes, the furniture – we also appreciated how much had changed in our lives over the intervening 50.

The Airbnb Survey Teardown: Analyzing What You Can Learn By What Unicorn Startups Ask


So after a recent stay in an Airbnb, I was incredibly eager to see what their post-stay survey looked like and what […]. The post The Airbnb Survey Teardown: Analyzing What You Can Learn By What Unicorn Startups Ask appeared first on Promoter.io

Realizing the Full Potential of Customer Surveys


Therefore, the use of customer surveys is integral as the data and results delivered allows you to implement plans that are guaranteed to work. Surveys are designed to give insight on how your customer views your company.

Customer Service Survey Questions You Should Ask to Get Good Data


Customer service surveys allow you to take a peek into your customers’ minds. But instead of a crystal ball, you need a few, well worded customer service survey questions. See what customer service survey questions you should ask and how you should do it to get the best results.

Best Practices for Customer Satisfaction Survey Invitations

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Anyone who ever conducted a customer satisfaction survey knows, drafting the questions for the survey is easier than drafting customers to answer them.

The Customer Service Survey That Backfired

Who's Your Gladys?

Like everybody else, I’m trying to figure out how my mobile phone bill and cable television bills became more like car payments lately. They’re so huge!