Friday Flyover: Healthcare marketing videos


Grab your popcorn—it’s time to review healthcare marketing videos on this month’s Friday Flyover. The post Friday Flyover: Healthcare marketing videos appeared first on PK. My colleague Dave Wieneke and I took a look at how four provider systems are using […].

The Patient Experience: Gaining the Competitive Edge in Healthcare


A report by Prophet cites that 81% of consumers are unsatisfied with their healthcare experience, and that the happiest consumers are those who interact with the system the least. HealthcareAre We Expecting Patients to be Patient? The definition of the adjective “patient” is: to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

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Making Efficiency a Healthcare Priority


The healthcare industry is something that everyone utilizes even though it has a bad. HealthcareA few days ago, I found out that I need to get surgery on my right elbow. It’s been hurting a long time now, during the course of which I’ve seen various medical experts in hopes they would have a solution. View Article.

Patient loyalty: What healthcare can learn from retail


The post Patient loyalty: What healthcare can learn from retail appeared first on PK. Articles Healthcare Improve Customer Loyalty Strategy and Design Healthcare Marketing LoyaltyRetail brands develop loyalty programs to get customers to do more of something. Buy more often.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

healthcare) to 65% (consumer electronics). eGain clients “ease” (into AI) An integrated healthcare payer and provider in the US tried out. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the overall business is a red hot. topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot.

Healthcare consumerism: Better in theory than in execution


Consumerism is rapidly becoming a driving force in healthcare. According to one survey, consumerism was second only to industry consolidation as most top of mind for healthcare professionals. While healthcare […]. The post Healthcare consumerism: Better in theory than in execution appeared first on PK. Articles Customer experience Healthcare Business-to-Consumer Healthcare Marketing Healthcare policy Healthcare trends

Last Friday flyover: Healthcare narratives


The post Last Friday flyover: Healthcare narratives appeared first on PK. Articles Healthcare Modernize Experiences Strategy and Design Content Strategy Healthcare Digital Experience Healthcare Marketing Healthcare TransformationAs an homage to Alex Trebek, we’re excited to bring you our Jeopardy edition of Last Friday Flyover. This month, Derek Philips, Director of Content Strategy at PK, and I […].

Healthcare personalization trends


Today’s healthcare patients have access to a greater amount of health information than ever before – and yet still demand more that can be used for their benefit. The post Healthcare personalization trends appeared first on PK. Articles Healthcare Intelligence and Analytics Modernize Experiences Analytics Artificial Intelligence Data Digital Edge Emerging Technologies Healthcare Digital Experience Personalization Personalized Medicine

Does CX Apply in Healthcare, Manufacturing, & other Professional/B2B Industries?

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Healthcare. How to Apply Customer Experience to Healthcare. Healthcare encompasses a broad topic. Many healthcare providers see their role as the remedy. Healthcare providers are now publicly reviewed.

4 questions that help define effective healthcare content


As a patient, when we turn to a healthcare provider’s website, […]. The post 4 questions that help define effective healthcare content appeared first on PK. Articles Experience Platforms Healthcare Modernize Experiences Content Strategy Healthcare Digital Experience Healthcare Marketing Healthcare TransformationProviding the right content at the right moment helps patients and inspires a long-lasting, trusted connection with your organization.

Webinar recap: The connected healthcare workplace with Nuvolo


Many healthcare organizations today face the challenge of managing multiple systems across multiple teams. The post Webinar recap: The connected healthcare workplace with Nuvolo appeared first on PK. Articles Experience Platforms Healthcare Transform Core Operations Nuvolo ServiceNow

XM Fireside Chat: Healthcare Experience With Bruce Temkin And Susan Haufe

Experience Matters

During this "XM Fireside Chat," Bruce Temkin & Susan Haufe discuss healthcare experience in the current pandemic environment. The post XM Fireside Chat: Healthcare Experience With Bruce Temkin And Susan Haufe appeared first on Experience Matters. Customer experience Lead XM - Experience Management

Webinar: Building connected healthcare experiences


Technology such as chatbots , telemedicine and voice interfaces are making it easier for patients to get the information and care they need quickly and easily and will continue to do so long after the current healthcare crisis has abated. On May 28, I’ll be hosting a webinar with my colleague Derek Phillips, Director of Content Strategy at PK, called Building Connected Healthcare Experiences to Come Back Stronger from the Pandemic , in conjunction with eHealthcare Strategy & Trends.

Building resilience in healthcare workers


Healthcare professionals are under pressure like never before. The challenge for healthcare workers. Advice from healthcare resilience experts. Susan Haufe, our Industry Advisor for Healthcare, spoke with healthcare leaders J.

3 Factors To Increase Healthcare Sales With Virtual Selling

Integrity Solutions

There are three factors that play a pivotal role in healthcare sales reps’ ability to adjust to this virtual selling environment and deliver value that results in more appointments and more closed deals. In all likelihood, the future of healthcare sales will be a blend.

How AI is Changing Healthcare

QuestionPro Audience

Now, there is a lot of excitement about how AI is going to change healthcare. In 2018, we’ll begin the adoption of a technology that may truly transform the way providers work, and the way patients experience healthcare, on a global scale.”. A common, and expensive, issue for healthcare providers and insurers is error and/or fraud. From virtual assistants to facial recognition to personalization, AI (artificial intelligence) plays a large role in our everyday lives.

NextGen Healthcare’s VoC Program Improves Client Retention and Strengthens Client Loyalty


NextGen Healthcare helps ambulatory care organizations transition to value-based care by empowering them to nurture and build healthier patient communities at a lower cost with its technology-enabled solutions. HealthcareEditor’s note: This is a chapter from the ebook, Unlock the Value of CX. You can download the entire book here.

Who’s Improving the REAL Experience of Healthcare Customers?

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

The healthcare industry in the United States is very focused on patient experience right now. But healthcare is an ecosystem. Take the amount of paper healthcare customers encounter. ” Healthcare paperwork goes “Jeckyll and Hyde” The point here is that the survey is often on lovely, easy-to-read and complete paper. Some larger healthcare systems are starting to catch up, and they are investing in technology to help the patient experience.

Healthcare Consumerism: A Guide


Diving into healthcare consumerism first requires a concrete definition of the new movement — here’s our take which was inspired by multiple interpretations from NRC Health , McKinsey & Company , and HealthLeaders : The healthcare consumerism model sees the patient as a consumer and empowers them with the information and choices necessary to make better healthcare decisions to meet their needs. The Importance of Healthcare Consumerism (In Numbers).

9 considerations for outsourcing your healthcare call center


It’s among the most critical times of the year, when healthcare call centers are flooded with consumers inquiring about plan options or needing additional assistance. Ideally, these are pre-vetted partners who have extensive experience providing services in the healthcare call center space.

Why Consider Outsourcing to a Healthcare Call Center

Magellan Solutions

These days outsourcing healthcare call center services is a necessity. It’s the bare minimum for patients who expect healthcare providers to be efficient and attentive. Top Benefits of healthcare call center services. The collection is important to any healthcare provider.

Video: The Future of the Customer in Healthcare


HealthcareIngrid Lindberg, the founder of Chief Customer, discusses how the more power we give the customer in their own hands through digital technologies, the more CX will have to change.

The Empowered Healthcare Patient

Forrester's Customer Insights

age of the customer customer experience customer experience strategy customer insights data insights healthcareThe coronavirus (COVID-19) has undoubtedly cast a long shadow over the media, business, and consumer conversation. The story is not only one of gloom and doom — as people take precautions to safeguard against risk and contain threats in this moment, a bigger-picture look at today’s empowered customers reminds us that consumers are more resourceful, […].

Supporting Healthcare With IoT: Philips

Forrester's Customer Insights

My colleagues Alessia Stewart, Paul-Julien Giraud, and I embarked on a journey two months ago to understand how connected devices can support the delivery of healthcare.

Easier Healthcare Review Management with ReviewTrackers and CareDash



Healthcare, Now.

C Space

Healthcare, Now. With healthcare on a crisis footing, disruption of the industry is happening right now. Understanding how healthcare brands can be the most valuable and relevant to customers (vs the competition) is crucial, and will be the real predictor of future success. Healthcare as we know it will be forever changed. Helping our healthcare clients anticipate future opportunities and mitigate risk has never been more urgent. Healthcare: What’s Now.

Improve Customer Experience in Healthcare: 4 Podcast Interviews

Customer Bliss

I’ve noticed that within this collection of interviews, quite a few of my guests have represented the healthcare industry. For those of you seeking to gain tips and insight on what CX in the healthcare industry looks like, here are a few podcast episodes you should listen to. Geeta Wilson , the VP, Consumer Experience – Enterprise Transformation at Humana Healthcare , talks to me about the work she did to implement a customer experience transformation at Humana.

Education And Healthcare Employees Are Most Impacted By Companies? COVID Response

Experience Matters

The post Education And Healthcare Employees Are Most Impacted By Companies’ COVID Response appeared first on Experience Matters. To understand the impact that COVID is having on employees, we surveyed more than 5,000 U.S. employees. While 11% have been laid off or temporarily furloughed, the remaining employees provided feedback on their COVID work environment. We found that: Most people are working from home.

COVID-19: Driving Growth of Chatbots in The Healthcare Industry


The post COVID-19: Driving Growth of Chatbots in The Healthcare Industry appeared first on Kommunicate Blog. Customer Support chatbots HealthcareChatbots, a smart asynchronous means of communication, powered by AI has seen a high acceptance and penetration during the last few months. A number of industries started to believe they can be a great help for their business and can support when they are focussed on fixing a number of other issues.A number of such [.].

How Zocdoc Reviews Help Healthcare Providers


The growing number of healthcare review platforms like Zocdoc gives medical practices an online presence. Having an online footprint is essential, especially in the healthcare industry.Data shows that only 5 percent of healthcare providers consider themselves as digital-first organizations. A simple scheduling system and the ability to fill out basic forms are also included to create a better healthcare experience.

The New Trend in Petcare Healthcare: CBD

QuestionPro Audience

The biggest money maker in the pet industry right now is healthcare, particularly veterinary care. Over the past ten years, the relationship between pet and owner has taken on a new meaning. With Americans waiting until later, if at all, to start a family , the bond with their pets has grown stronger, and young Americans are leading in their rate of pet ownership. The pet industry has seen changes like the popularity of grain-free food and pet technology.

Predictions 2021: Digital Goes Mainstream As The New Normal Sets In For Healthcare

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The forced digital transformation of 2020 was just the beginning for the healthcare industry. healthcare trends prediction Digital health health insurance healthcare mental health Predictions 2021 telehealth telemedicine Virtual Care

Digital healthcare’s next shift? Voice interfaces


While the use of voice to machine interaction in healthcare may still be in their infancy, early initiatives are validating the promise of voice interfaces. Read more at Fierce Healthcare. Dave Wieneke leads PK’s focus on serving the digital experiences of healthcare organizations, establishing a baseline method of measurement as outlined in PK’s Hospital Digital Experience Index. The post Digital healthcare’s next shift?

Why Do You Need Data Management In Healthcare?

Magellan Solutions

The healthcare industry is essential in our society, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. At its core, however, healthcare is still a business industry, and data is a valuable asset in every business. Moreover, data management in healthcare is, perhaps, even more important than in any other industry. Data management in healthcare is the handling of information in a healthcare business or organization. Why Does Healthcare Need Data Management?

Amazon Launches Pharmacy Offering, Furthering Its Strategy To Make Healthcare Shoppable And Convenient For Consumers

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With this announcement (and its past healthcare investments), Amazon becomes a direct competitor with legacy retail pharmacies CVS Health, Walgreens Boots Alliance, and others. Age of the Customer amazon Digital health healthcare pharmacy

Telemedicine will help healthcare heal after COVID-19’s reckoning


This is a time already ripe for innovation, and I believe that it is from these roots that telemedicine will emerge to make healthcare better and more accessible. Telemedicine will help healthcare heal. Often left out of the broader narrative is the impact COVID-19 will have on rural communities and their healthcare infrastructure. I work in healthcare because its leaders have such a broad commitment to service and seeking fact-based change.

United Imaging Healthcare

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