Does Your Rewards Program Inspire Loyalty?


Consumers love rewards programs. But do these programs actually build loyalty? I would argue that many don’t—either because the program has become too superficial to engender true loyalty or because it pays customers extra for behavior that would occur anyway.

Retail reward programs no guarantee of customer loyalty

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Loyalty programs started as far back as 1896, when stores would give out “green stamps&# that could eventually be redeemed for household products. Most consumers don’t want to spend the time figuring out the value of points and a reward that may take months if not years to earn.

How Smart Suggestive Selling Can Help Starbucks (Re)build Loyalty

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Last year, thanks to the My Starbucks Rewards program, the coffee giant enjoyed unprecedented sales increases. Last month, still riding high, Starbucks announced it would stop rewarding frequency of visits and start rewarding dollars spent.

An Advertising Legend Looks Ahead

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His storied career includes the creation of the toll-free 800-number, the magazine subscription card, and the loyalty rewards program. He's been called the creator of direct marketing and a pioneer in many modern marketing innovations.

To Get Loyal Customers, Start with Loyal Employees

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Hotel giant Hilton recently dropped the H from its rewards program , replacing the linguistically puzzling Hilton HHonors with an easier to pronounce version, Hilton Honors. But rewards programs alone – no matter how good – aren’t going to create customer loyalty.

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Their rewards program provides 2 points for every dollar spent at Nordstrom’s and provides for 1 point when I use the card elsewhere. Why pay for the use of credit cards if they aren’t able to offer some remunerative customer service rewards?

In Finance, Customer Service Can Make (or Break) Your Company’s Reputation


What makes this particularly alarming is that, now more than ever, consumers are looking beyond a bank’s digital strengths, rewards programs, and loan options — and reading online reviews and ratings in order to validate their decisions.

Employee Engagement: A Confluence of Passion and Purpose

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I recently saw a note from a reporter with a reputable online publication asking for sources who had used company perks, as well as apps to track rewards and perks in the workplace, noting that he was writing an article about employee engagement.

Do consumers who spend more get better service?

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Everyone participates in membership rewards programs, but that concierge service and other prestigious discounts come at a price. Bank America, Discover, Wells Fargo and other institutions offer similar programs, but none so revered as the American Express brand.

Proven Strategies That Build Customer Loyalty

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Companies are spending large amounts of money and time creating costly reward programs, sending out expensive marketing materials, and investing in expensive customer relationship management systems.

The 3 Trends Customer Experience Professionals Can’t Afford to Ignore

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From loyalty cards to rewards programs, and even a fruit basket here and there, well-intentioned efforts to win customers’ loyalty are misguided and don’t understand why customers are loyal to you. . The Three Trends You Can’t Ignore in CX Today.

How Lego and Nordstrom Create Customer Loyalty

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I’ve never heard: “I’m loyal to Apple because of their [nonexistent] rewards program.” ” That’s because true customer loyalty has a limited relationship to customer loyalty programs, customer loyalty cards, customer loyalty rewards.

5 Awesome Customer Loyalty Program Ideas You Should Try


A solid customer loyalty program. If you want to build the loyalty program your customers deserve, this post will give you customer loyalty program ideas to turn everyday shoppers into loyal fans. So what does this mean for your loyalty program?

11 TED Talks to Inspire Better Customer Support


Instead of implementing a “loyalty” program that has nothing to do with loyalty (and everything to do with discounts), Van Belleghem says think instead about how you would treat your best friend if he or she became a client. This will drive loyalty more than rewards programs.

Another Amazing Mistake – Customers Revolt!

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Take the new Starbucks rewards program ( please!). In the past, customers received a point every time they made a purchase and earned a reward after 12 points. If you just bought a brewed coffee for around $3, you could spend $36 and receive a reward.

Restaurant chains discover the special sauce of Net Promoter feedback


Most restaurateurs would love a chance to intervene on the spot if things are going wrong, or to thank and reward their happiest, most loyal customers. One tool they use called Thanx offers restaurants a prepackaged rewards system tied to a guest’s credit card.

We All Hate Losing – Here’s Why

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To see how this plays out in a customer context, think back to the new rewards program Starbucks unveiled last year. The old program rewarded people based on how many drinks they bought. The new one rewards people based on the amount of money they spend.

Doomed: Is There Any Hope For Hotel Chains?

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Hotel chains, worried about competition from Airbnb , are rolling out these and other special experiences for their best rewards customers. But true loyalty can’t be bought with rewards perks. In taking the rewards experience approach, hotels are making a perfectly rational assumption.

Are Loyalty Cards Dead?

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I didn’t get any of these cards out of loyalty, I got them to get a discount at the cash register, or, in the case of the airline and yogurt shop programs, because I didn’t want to lose out on accumulating points that I might be able to use sometime in the future.

Guest Blog: How Retailers Can Earn Millennial Moms Loyalty


Reward millennial moms with great deals. Did you know that 68% of millennials would consider changing where they shopped if they knew they could get more rewards elsewhere? And this concept can be perfectly incorporated into a loyalty program!

Teams Score Big With Fans And Franchises!

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Each program targets specific team fans and celebrates that connection with a reward. Dunkin’ Donuts gives DD Perks® rewards program members coffee for $.87 Dunkin’ Donuts, Honda, and McDonald’s are all gigantic brands with huge reputations.

Make It Happen! Keep Your Holiday Shoppers Coming Back

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It is responding this holiday season by rolling out a new rewards program that aims to give these loyal shoppers special benefits and perks. These emotions far outweigh the rational rewards of a bargain when it comes to building (or destroying) loyalty and value.

The Time For A US Coalition Loyalty Attempt Is Now

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Coalition loyalty programs that let consumers earn and redeem a single currency across multiple partners have historically failed to gain traction in the US. The fragmented footprint of potential partners, proliferation of single-brand loyalty programs, and reluctance of brands to share customer data hampered hopeful coalition operators' efforts. Today, American Express announced that they will be launching a US coalition program later this Spring.

Astonishing BIG gains from little changes!

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You could begin a loyalty and rewards program to keep people coming back. It will likely have more influence on your Customer Experience than a frequent buyer program will.

Assessing Your Net Promoter System: How VimpelCom Set a Roadmap for Improvement


Thanks to a legacy rewards program, people who worked for VimpelCom could have their services switched on and bills paid almost automatically, with no need to navigate the circuitous system that non-employees faced. As a result, customer-focused programs lacked momentum and focus. Without the leadership knowledge and engagement driving the program, it’s not going to be that effective.”.

How to create loyal customers and brand evangelists in the travel and hospitality industry

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In its 2017 travel and hospitality outlook, Deloitte predicts that customer experience will make a much bigger impact than loyalty programs on customer retention. Organizations can have great rewards programs, but it’s not sustainable long-term if the service is poor.”.

Guest Blog: How to Make your Survey Better than Nordstrom, Lowe’s, and Wal-Mart


Read Shep’s latest Forbes Article: Verizon Unveils Personalized Rewards Program With Lady Gaga. This week we feature an article by Martha Brooke who writes about how to execute a customer satisfaction survey that gives you the data you need.

Tapping into the Loyalty Program for Glowing Online Reviews

Loyalty deserves to be rewarded. There are plenty of ways to offer value to customers beyond the sale of products or services, but one of the most popular methods that business owners use is the loyalty program. More specifically, the myGNC PRO Access program.

I Had to Pull the “Get Me a Manager” Card. Here’s Why.

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That is, until, a couple of months later when checking my account, I get a message stating that my 6-night hotel stay in Baltimore had been removed from my Rewards Account and that I would not get credit for that stay. The primary reason I use is for the rewards.

The Rise of Millenials and the Need for an Omnichannel Call Center

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They expect businesses to use technology in a way that creates a more personal experience for consumers and empowers them by making them part of the program content.

The golden rules of customer loyalty

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Understanding their reality and adapting our programs, efforts, and products to enrich our customers lives show how we value each person. Use loyalty reward programs. It’s well recognized amongst all business owners that it cost more money to find new customers than to keep the customers we already have while trying to attract more clients to climb aboard our growing organizations.

3 Proven Strategies that Build Customer Loyalty

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Companies are spending large amounts of money and time creating costly reward programs, sending out expensive marketing materials, and investing in expensive customer relationship management systems.

The Implications of Big-data Marketing: Bigger Than You Think

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With the institution of loyalty reward programs, the collection of purchase/transaction data took off.

Celebrating a History of Personal Service


Fina Recognition, has helped the company become a leading provider of employee recognition and incentive programs. Customer Engagement Avaya call centers Company Recognition Employee Gifts Employee Recognition Programs Gift programs Michael C.

Guest Post: The Future of Customer Loyalty Mimics the Past – Customer Centricity Says It All


That’s what your loyalty program should do. – Shep Hyken. Retailers can make it happen by rewarding customers for actions that have nothing to do with the purchase but have solid ties to their brand and brand values. If you’re selling beauty products, make like Lush and reward customers for bringing back your used containers. Consider your brand values and brainstorm every possible customer action that you could reward, and show customers you care.

Does America run on “Dunkin’ Donuts”?

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The company’s Dunkin’ Donuts Perk and Rewards program translates into free beverages as well as emails informing customers of the latest news, special offers and new store openings. Brands Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index sets Dunkin’ Donuts as number one in customer loyalty for the coffee category. Second only to oil production, coffee is the largest commodity sold.

Customers not feeling “a little love back from Starbucks”

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Stabucks UK has a lot of unhappy customers today after the company decided to change the terms of their loyalty program. The previous rewards card offered a free drink for every 15 transactions and a discount on filter coffee.

Tipping: Reward or Punishment?

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Some people consider tipping a reward for good service and not tipping a server is therefore a punishment for bad service. Possibly Related Posts: Retail reward programs no guarantee of customer loyalty Most retail organizations use discounts to entice customers to buy.

Personalize customer service and make it happen

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And along with everything else, don’t forget to personalize service with thank you notes to your customers, reward programs, and exceptional service.

4 Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment With a Loyalty Program


Let’s take a look at 4 things cart abandoners are thinking and discuss how a loyalty program can actually change the way they perceive some of the issues that are causing them to flee: 1. But no matter where you display shipping costs, consider using shipping as a reward opportunity.