17 tools to help you write the perfect email to just about anyone


If writing emails gives you anxiety, then try these tools and resources for fit. Tools That Tell You Who Your Audience Is. This tool also keeps stats of how often you are using each snippet, which can be helpful for support teams to know how often they answer the same question.

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The Top 14 Tools for Running A Successful Support Team


There are loads of tools out there that can help you do your job more easily and make the customer experience even better. Here are 14 tools that my team and I use every day to help our customers, without (almost) ever breaking a sweat! Communication tools. Email tools.

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5 Helpful Contact Center Tools for Managers


A mechanic would have a tough time trying to perform even basic maintenance on a vehicle without a good set of tools. It may be possible to change an oil or air filter without tools, but how about changing a flat tire or replacing the alternator? Here are five helpful tools that can solve common contact center issues and provide a better service. These contact center tools can make drastic improvements to your contact center’s productiveness and performance.

Are session recording tools a risk to internet privacy?


Internet privacy and more specifically, the use of session recording tools have been a hot debate in recent months. The post Are session recording tools a risk to internet privacy? Default Blog data privacy internet privacy profiling research-insights session recording tools

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15% Off Journey Mapping and Management Certification Workshop, from Strativity

Comments from Previous Journey Management Workshops “I think what was most interesting was showing the touchpoint tool, a very good platform tool, in which we can then organize the data and present that back to our colleagues.

The 45 Tools We Use to Run Promoter.io


According to the data gathered by Siftery, a tool that tracks and suggests software used by businesses, companies today use an average of 37 different tools or software platforms to run their day-to-day operations. That is an amazing fact to consider, especially when compared to how few tools businesses used just a handful of […]. The post The 45 Tools We Use to Run Promoter.io

What Twitter’s New Customer Service Tools Mean For You


Last week Twitter announced the launch of new Direct Messaging and Customer Feedback tools. With the addition of the Customer Feedback tool, brands can now get data through CSAT and NPS surveys following tickets handled in the platform.

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Tools to Support Your Growing Customer Base


SaaS Tattler Issue 83 - Tools to Support Your Growing Customer Base. There are numerous tools available that work with your budget while still helping to optimize the efficiency of your workflow. Tools of the trade: Apps for customer success.

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Mobile Tools for Better Customer Experience


ve compiled a list of best-in-class tools to keep your mobile customers engaged With the whole world going mobile, and omni channel retail solutions being all the rage, it?s s important for businesses to cater to every aspect of a customer?s s mobile experience.

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Your Most Important #CX Training Tool

CX Journey

Can you name one of the most powerful and most important customer experience training tools available to your organization? The most powerful training tool, the one that''s going to help your employees deliver a great customer experience, is a customer journey map.

A Secret Tool Used By Elite Bloggers to Grow An Audience


The post A Secret Tool Used By Elite Bloggers to Grow An Audience appeared first on Promoter.io Have you ever started a blog, been really dedicated to it for a few months, then give up when it didn’t seem to have any traction? Nobody was reading it and you poured hours and hours into it.

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3 Tricks (and 1 Treat) for Choosing Text Analytics Tools


Just like your neighbor who gives out full-sized candy bars, this Halloween we’re giving out the good stuff: three solid tricks for picking out the right text analytics tools (plus an extra treat, because you look so cute in your costume). Scared of unread customer feedback?

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Music: A Marketing Tool

Beyond Philosophy

Title: The post Music: A Marketing Tool appeared first on Beyond Philosophy. Music has a unique effect on our brain, especially concerning memory. Apple brilliantly capitalizes on all of them in its holiday ad.

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Using Customer Journey Maps as a Strategic CX Tool

Peppers and Rodgers

Customer centricity is an elusive goal. Most companies want to be more customer centric, but enacting the vision is a challenge. There are a number of things a business can do to become truly customer centric.

6 Tools to Create a Clear Line of Sight to Customers

CX Journey

The following six tools are a good place to start. Customer Journey Map : A customer journey map is the ultimate tool to help connect all employees to how they contribute to - and impact - the customer experience. This is perhaps the umbrella tool over the other five.

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Free Tools that Will Get Your Small Business or Startup Going


A lot of guides and articles aimed at small businesses often suggest getting tools that are simply too expensive. Even if it is the best thing in the universe, most small businesses will need a less-costly alternative and will often look to free tools. Tools: Flickr. Tool: Slack.

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How to Engage Employees in Your Customer Experience Strategy

CX Journey

But what tools do we give to employees to prepare them to deliver a great customer experience? What tools do we give them to help them understand why being customer-focused and customer-centric is paramount? commitment customer experience CX strategy employee engagement tools

How Workforce Optimization Tools Positively Impact Your Business, Clients, and Bottom Line


Common recently became a beta user of Avaya Workforce Optimization Select , an easy-to-implement, easy-to-use, security-oriented solution that gives contact center managers and representatives access to scalable and flexible tools.

CRM, The Most Important Tool For Customer Success in the Cloud

Win the Customer

Successful businesses have learned to master making customers successful. Throughout my career, I’ve watched customers set goals, and then watched as they either reached or fell short of them.

How ForeSee’s Feedback Tool Gives Argos Advantages Across The Business


The post How ForeSee’s Feedback Tool Gives Argos Advantages Across The Business appeared first on ForeSee. Argos is no slouch when it comes to digital retail, with over 900 million annual website visits and an enviable reputation that makes it among the top retailers in the.

Removing the Barriers: The inContact Connector for Skype™ for Business


Today, many enterprises – large or small – are standardizing on a unified communications tool that is rolled out to all their employees. Do you sometimes have the impression that your contact center is an “island” in the sea of your company?

A Tool For Positive Change: Five Tips for Building a Customer Journey Map


Building a great journey map is not easy. In our experience, the best approach is to make the initial investment in a holistic map and its supporting customer data, and then drill down to solve transactional issues in the next phase.

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Speech Analytics: Changing the Game for Contact Center Technology


Best Practices Contact Center Management Customer Experience General Trends & Insights Using the inContact Platform CEU Contact Center Management Tools inContact Speech Analytics Keywords Phrases Quality Assurance Quality Monitoring ROI Speech Analytics

4 Essential Tools for Remote Workplace Productivity

Win the Customer

Remote workplaces need the right social support systems for telecommuting employees and the correct set of productivity tools to ensure task efficiency and employee engagement.

10 Essential IT Support and Service Desk Tools


IT support and service desks require tools just like any other business function. IT support tools can assist the help desk with a multitude of tasks including managing remote connections, incident logging, report building, feedback management and pretty much everything else you can think of. However, making good use of the right tools can definitely make IT headaches far less painful. The following are tools which can assist IT teams with their problem resolution: 1.

Five Tips for Building a Customer Journey Map—A Tool For Positive Change


Whether transactional or holistic, journey maps need customer data to be relevant and credible. In last month’s article , I discussed how to get the most from customer journey maps and how to make them work for your organization.

Join the Webinar: How to Use Your Product Roadmap as a Communication Tool


Janna Bastow of ProdPad will be joining Kayako’s Dan Wong for a webinar about the benefits of going public with your product roadmap on Thursday December 3rd, 4pm GMT / 11am ET / 8am PT. Sign up here. Product and support teams are interlinked when it comes to customers.

Are You O-Positive? Cool Tool For Employee Engagement & Customer Service Ideas - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

Cool Tool For Employee Engagement & Customer Service Ideas appeared first on Frank Reactions. The other day I went for coffee with a very frustrated marketer. She had been hired by a manufacturing company that claimed they had decided it was time to invest in marketing. Unfortunately, they didn’t really mean it. She’s been stymied … Continue Reading → The post Are You O-Positive?

The 5 Whys: Getting to the Root of the Matter

CX Journey

It's a great tool to help you understand. continuous improvement process improvement root cause toolsHave problems? How are you solving them so that they never happen again? How are you getting at the root cause of any issues you or your customers are having?

8 Tools You Need in Your PC to Improve Productivity


When it comes to productivity hacks, there’s certainly no shortage of available tools out there. That said, here are some productivity tools you can use to increase efficiency and help with your concentration to accomplish more on your personal computers.

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4 Great Examples of Social Media as an Effective Customer Service Tool


Brands that are effectively using social media as a customer service tool gain a competitive advantage. Starbucks effectively used Twitter as a listening tool by creating a special Twitter account where customers can post comments and suggestions.

Facebook Tries to Woo SMBs with New Customer Engagement Tools

Think Customers

Yesterday, I did something I haven't done in years: I picked up my phone and called a store to ask a question. A friend told me about a farm that sells lavender but she wasn't sure whether customers could pick their own flowers.

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The Challenges of Customer Experience Management


B2B Customer Experience Interview Managing Customer Experience customer experience Customer Experience Management Strategy Customer Experience Tools Customer experience trends Evaluating Customer Experience Improving customer experience interviews mike wittenstein ReachForceThis Interview was conducted by ReachForce and first appeared March 9, 2016 Mike Wittenstein leads Storyminers, a pioneering customer experience design firm based in Atlanta.

Augmented Reality As a Selling Tool


One of the many benefits of having kids in university is that it keeps you more current on technology than, perhaps, you might normally be. Our oldest son (the future mechanical engineer) showed me something this past weekend that was, frankly, remarkable.

A New Tool For Using Video to Capture Stories From Your Audience - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

But she was frustrated by the time involved in video editing, especially if you were trying to put … Continue Reading → The post A New Tool For Using Video to Capture Stories From Your Audience appeared first on Frank Reactions. Today’s guest, Katrina German, co-founder of Saskatoon-based start-up, OneStory, always loved the idea of using video to capture and save people’s stories.

New Integration: inContact Agent for Oracle® Service Cloud


Arguably the single most helpful tool that allows your agents to provide better, more personalized customer service is an integration with the very source of “insightful counsel” ; nowadays (and in this context), generally known as a CRM solution, such as Oracle Service Cloud.

Seven Data Preparation Tools For Business Insights Users – Which One Is Best For You?

Forrester's Customer Insights

Data and analytics pros' highest priority - at 60% of data and analytics pros - is implementing or expanding their complete view of the customer across channels, and over 50% are providing self-service data preparation tools to business users. Data preparation tools. To accelerate time-to-insights and therefore time-to-actions, business end users and analysts who today wrangle data in spreadsheets or other traditional tools need direct access to data and a significant power assist.

How customer intelligence software helps companies fight the survey epidemic

Vision Critical

Customer Intelligence #NoSpamSurveys customer surveys spam surveys survey research survey software survey tools surveys traditional surveysJon Reed, the co-founder of the website diginomica , is sick and tired of surveys.

Do You Have The Tools To Make Your Customer Experience Ecosystem Work?


A high-quality customer experience is the result of interactions between people in a network Forrester calls a customer experience (CX) ecosystem. As followers of this blog know, what holds that ecosystem together are value exchanges facilitated by an open, collaborative business culture. My colleague Sam Stern laid out how businesses define workers' roles and create engagement within this ecosystem.