Customer Voice is More Important Than Ever—Here’s Why


The customer voice, also known as Voice of the Customer (VoC) , is at the core of any successful customer experience (CX) program. It refers to the customers’ needs, wants, and expectations as it pertains to a company’s products or services.

Customer Voice Management: Enabling Heroic Customer Relationships from the First Contact to the Last


Businesses are rapidly adopting these new channels to interact with their customers, but they all have one major characteristic: a delay between when a question or a statement is posted and the response. Connect to your customers in real time with a personal touch.

Does Your Brand Experience Align with Customers’ Voices? Elizabeth Arden Shows How


Article by Ernan Roman Featured on “Our leaders quickly realized that before we could use digital to transform our customers and the world, we needed to transform ourselves.” And, per Boff, “When we apply these technologies in our teams and facilities, our customers and markets can reach their potential.” So, the action companies must take is to share customer listening insights across all departments involved in product development and marketing.

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Journey mapping is still happening in silos.

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Journey mapping is a fantastic tool to break down silos by creating a shared view of the customer experience. appeared first on Heart of the Customer. This is ironic. Except when it isn’t. The post Journey mapping is still happening in silos.

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Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

INTRODUCTION Business Transformation and Analytics: Driving Change in a Customer-Centric World | 3. understand new sources of customer data and. quickly act to meet new customer expectations. percent) and direct feedback from customers (39. the customer base.

Is Customer Experience a Missed Opportunity?

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My immediate answer to this is no – there’s a ton of good work happening to improve customers’ experience. Unfortunately, if you read surveys about the current state of the customer experience, you may come away with a different […]. appeared first on Heart of the Customer.

Journeys are for Action, not Maps

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In preparation for the upcoming Customer Contact Week, CCW shared their special report on journey mapping with me. The post Journeys are for Action, not Maps appeared first on Heart of the Customer.

Too many see journey mapping as an employee workshop.

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appeared first on Heart of the Customer. What is journey mapping? That may seem like a strange question from a blogger whose title is “Mapper-In-Chief,” but there’s so much confusion on the topic that it’s a question that needs to be asked.

The customer feedback experience – an experience not to be taken for granted!


CX Measurement CX Strategy customer experience customer feedback customer surveys Net Promoter Score NPS VOC VOE voice of the customer voice of the employee voice of the process VOP Last week I made a telephone call to my bank. A routine query, I chose to pick up the phone and call with my question, rather than use any other channel open to me.

Stop Bribing Your Employees for Good NPS Scores

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We’re early in Customer Experience (CX) capability development, and I absolutely love it! Some actually hinder the goal of improved CX – to create loyal customers who love […]. The post Stop Bribing Your Employees for Good NPS Scores appeared first on Heart of the Customer.

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

to meet customer expectations for digital service Social Media Voice of the. Customer. Digital Self Service Tweet this Customers want digital self- service options, such as chat and. customers to order their favorite. experience that helps customers.

“Now, why exactly do you need to talk to customers?”

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I was talking with a prospective customer last week, and I walked through our customer journey mapping process – first you collect companies’ hypothesis and existing data, then go out to their customers to interview them in their places of work (they’re a B2B company), and finally bring that voice of the customer back to […]. The post “Now, why exactly do you need to talk to customers?”

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It’s not Necessarily a Design Issue

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This request comes from a good place, a desire to educate the company about the customer’s journey, but after a few questions, it quickly falls […]. The post It’s not Necessarily a Design Issue appeared first on Heart of the Customer. Customer Centric Culture Change Customer Experience Customer Journey Map Customer Personas CX vision Voice of the Customer brainstorm brainstorming customer journey customer voice CX CX tip journey map journey mapping

Customer Experience Measurement – Why it is Vitally Important BUT Badly Done!


When it comes to the profession that Customer Experience has now become, one of the most important and significant competencies required by all organisations is that of measurement. Failure to measure sufficient ‘voices’! Failure to measure the true ‘end to end’ customer journey.

The Many Voices of Customer Experience

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Image courtesy of karith There are many voices you need to listen to when developing your customer experience strategy. You listen to your customers and to your employees. Think those are the only voices you should be listening to in order to improve the customer experience?

Bringing Your #VoC Program up to 2020 Standards

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Continuous improvement is just important for your VoC initiatives as it is for your entire customer experience journey/transformation. Yes, even customer listening programs become stale and must be updated. Don't assume you know what's important to your customers.

Grow Your Business through the Power of Listening to Customers

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Berry Are you listening to your customers? I was thrilled to be interviewed by Leah Berry and to a be part of her 30 Experts in 30 Days series; she asked me questions about employee experience and customer experience, of course, but from a variety of different angles.

Questions to Consider Before Forming a Customer Advisory Board

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There are a lot of different ways to listen to customers and employees. One of my favorite approaches is via a customer advisory board. What is a customer advisory board? Running a customer advisory board is really a full-time job.

Improving the Respondent Experience

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There's a lot of talk about improving the customer experience. And there's a lot of talk about using surveys to listen to customers so that we know where we need to improve the experience. It wouldn't hurt to actually map the survey experience from the customer's perspective.

The Definition of #CX Insanity

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Know the definition of customer experience insanity? Sadly, this is a concept that voice of the customer and customer experience professionals are quite familiar with. I spoke at an event last week on the topic of disrupting voice of the customer programs.

Do You Employ Actionability Thinking in Survey Design?

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You’ve been running your voice of the customer (VoC) program for the last couple of years, and you’re frustrated because you can’t seem to move the needle on the customer experience. Why are your customers still unhappy? Why don’t your customers recommend your company?

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Straight from the Horse's Mouth

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Well, they're not dead (yet), but companies are certainly looking for alternative approaches to customer and employee listening in light of the fact that survey burnout is a real problem. Customer Advisory Boards Advisory boards offer benefits to both customers and to your company.

The Biggest VoC Problem. and How to Solve It

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Why do we listen to customers and other constituencies today? It doesn't get transformed into anything digestible that can then be used to transform the customer experience. Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. Do you know about the biggest problem with VoC today?

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Digging Deeper into Net Promoter Score

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NPS is a metric that is used to measure customer loyalty and satisfaction. ” A Promoter is a customer who responds with a nine or a ten. A Detractor is a customer who responds with a six or under. It serves as an overarching measurement of customer sentiment, streamlining customer satisfaction and loyalty into a tangible metric. Furthermore, it provides a reliable benchmark for customer experience teams to work towards.

Emotional Intelligence in Customer Experience Leadership


Motivating Customer Experience Improvement. If you’re a customer experience leader, that duality is important to understand. Making Meaning Out of Customer Centricity. more often in your customer experience strategy can help you develop empathy for every party involved.

The Top Customer Experience KPIs that you Should Know

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In the customer experience domain, KPIs provide insight based on consumer data. Collecting tangible consumer statistics aides CX teams in building stronger programs based on customer needs. So, what are the most popular customer experience KPIs across the board? According to Lumoa’s “The State of the Customer Experience” survey, these are the top six in descending order [1]. NPS can also help to predict future revenue based on customer sentiment.

Listen with the Right Intent

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Image courtesy of Unsplash | André Spieker When you listen to customers or to employees, do you really listen? And in the customer conversation, that part is often missing. Use those cues, combined with what is being said, to form your response - after the customer is finished talking.

Make Life Easier By Asking Only One or Two Questions of Your Customers

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It occurs to me that the scourge of the customer-centric fad is customer surveys. It seems to me that just about every large organisation that I deal with asks me for my feedback … Continue reading "Make Life Easier By Asking Only One or Two Questions of Your Customers". Customer Insight (inc VoC) Customer Service Customer-Centricity customer surveys listening listening to customers Two questions to ask your customers Voice of the Customer

Are You Putting Marbles in a Bowl?

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Probably the most important component of listening to the voice of the customer is acting on what you hear. When we ask customers for feedback, it''s imperative that we make the most of that conversation. survey design surveys voice of customer voice of employee

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The Other Golden Rule

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We often hear customer experience professionals talk about the fact that there''s a great emphasis to - and a greater return if we - focus our efforts on the customer experience for B2C companies. And the knowledge that a great customer experience yields great benefits for the company.

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The Best Customer Experience Strategies Are Invisible


In this post, we’ll talk about how that theory applies to customer experience. Customer experience strategy should be approached in the same way. Great customer experience takes a lot of work. It just means that the customer only sees the result.

Do Your CX Improvements Rob Peter to Pay Paul?

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Image courtesy of HuffPos t When you make organizational improvements - be they for the benefit of employees and/or customers - are your efforts spot on or misguided? The purpose of the new dress code is to help customers more-easily identify employees.

4 Voices That Could Pull Your Company Out of the Innovation Rut

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When you're designing or redesigning your customer experience, it's critical to listen to - and understand - your customers, what they are trying to do, and how well it's going. I recently wrote about the many voices of customer experience, all important to total customer understanding.

The Pros and Cons of Implementing Social Media into your Customer Service Strategy

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So, what are the benefits of implementing social media into your customer service strategy? It decreases customer effort. Customer effort is a leading factor in determining an individual’s overall sentiment towards a brand. A single unsatisfactory interaction can terminate a customer’s loyalty indefinitely. Those with the same issue will receive second-hand assistance, saving both the customer and business time and effort.

Are you Making Big Changes to Avoid the Customer Experience Rut?

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Research revealed little to no improvement in customer experience over the course of 2018 [1]. Shaw argues that in order to see tangible improvements in customer experience, companies must be willing to disrupt the status quo of their organization. Many of the most effective changes happen internally, away from the customer’s attention. KEEPING UP WITH CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS. You have to know what the customer wants before you can give it to them.

Nurture Partner Relationships: Tough Jobs Require Strong Partners

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Listen to the Voice of the Partner It’s easy to get so wrapped up in listening to our customers and employees that we forget to listen to another key constituency: Our partners. Listen to the wisdom your partners possess thanks to day-to-day contact with your end customers.

Customer-Centric Cultures Don’t Just Happen


The same can be said of customer centricity. Customer centricity doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to build a customer-centric culture at your company, then you’d better be able to live with process and incremental improvement. Decide on Your Ideal Customer.