A Statistical Exercise, NPS is Not


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A Customer Loyalty Exercise – An Excerpt from Our NEW Customer Service Book Taming Gladys!

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This simple exercise creates lasting changes in the way your team thinks and acts with customers. The post A Customer Loyalty Exercise – An Excerpt from Our NEW Customer Service Book Taming Gladys! They get to hear how their peers handle tough situations. They get to collaborate and practice new ways of approaching tough situations and share what they do that works. appeared first on Who's Your Gladys?

Journey Maps: Not an Exercise in Futility

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One of the arguments against journey mapping I often hear is that it's an exercise in futility: You map. This is key to avoiding that "exercise in futility" mentality or outcome.

What Is The Access To And The Source Of Mastery In The Exercise Of Leadership

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What Is The Access To And The Source Of Mastery In The Exercise Of Human Centred Leadership? 2014 is behind us in a manner of speaking and we are in the first month of 2015.

What Way Of Being Creates Access To Effectiveness In The Exercise Of Change Leadership?

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On the other hand, if you find yourself in that ‘place’ and looking for an access to being effective in the exercise of change leadership then I invite you to listen – really listen and grapple with these words of wisdom: Position is everything. Just about every one of us (as a human being) sucks at relationship, at experience design, at calling forth engagement, at change, and at the exercise of leadership due to the neglect of this radical truth.

Leadership Lessons from Steve Jobs

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” about everything, even the things that seem obvious, is an exercise worth doing. Culture Exercises/Resources Little Things, Big Differences

To Sell is Human Summary and Review

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There are a number of actionable exercises after each chapter and frequent references to academic studies that provide additional context for those who are interested in finding them. Gallagher, Book Reviews Customer Service Experience Exercises/Resources This year, we decided to give copies of To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel H. Pink (signed by the author himself) to all of our employees at A Small Orange as part of our holiday gift package.

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Book Review: Roadmap to Revenue

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Book Reviews Culture Customer Service Exercises/Resources Little Things, Big DifferencesI just finished reading Roadmap to Revenue : How To Sell The Way Your Customers Want To Buy ( Amazon.com link ).

Check Sheet – Why Use a Check Sheet?

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Behind the Scenes Exercises/ResourcesCheck sheets (or tally sheets) are one of the seven management tools that organizations use to gather information to help monitor and improve quality.

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How to Leverage What You Do Right!

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Behind the Scenes Exercises/Resources Little Things, Big DifferencesI saw a commercial today for an exterminating company that advertised the ongoing training their employees receives.

How Can FOCUS PDCA Help Improve Business Operations

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Behind the Scenes Exercises/Resources Little Things, Big DifferencesImproving what we do and how we do it is an important part of business strategy. As organizations develop and grow, there is any number of improvement opportunities along the way. Opportunities can be related to business processes like the accounting function, a manufacturing process or a service process aimed to improve the customer experience.

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Home About Service Untitled Subscribe for Free Consulting Contact Archives Call Your Competitors Douglas June 04, 2009 Behind the Scenes , Customer Service , Exercises/Resources 1 Comment Here is something you can do to make your company more competitive in about 10 minutes. Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience.

Why You Need to Treat Your Business Relationships Personally

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And to connect with people, it’s important to understand it’s an emotional exercise and it’s always taken personally. Relationships: Personal, business and customer are all the same.

Does Your Business Pass the Customer Service Fitness Test?

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Customer service is like exercise – do it right, and you see results. It’s simple. But there’s nothing easy or convenient about it. If it was, everyone would have six-pack abs and a stellar customer-focused culture. Want to pass the customer focus fitness test?

Kick Start and Optimize Your NPS for 2017


Did you really exercise four times a week this year? How often do you keep your New Year’s resolution? Come on, be honest! Or skip the desserts and that end of day cigarette? Shh, I won’t tell. Get on with your bad self.

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JOIN US! Journey Mapping Bootcamp On May 16 & 17 In Chicago

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Our signature two-day bootcamp is jam packed with content and exercises that will answer these questions: Why are customer journeys (and journey maps) important? One recent attendee called our journey mapping bootcamp “an MBA on steroids.” On May 16 & 17, join us in the heart of Chicago to find out why. What makes journey maps effective? How can you create journey maps? How can you use journey maps?

Adobe Summit Recap - Make Experience Your Business


But beyond getting some physical exercise, it turned out to be the perfect prologue to the keynote on Day 1 of the Summit – Become an Experience Maker. This year, my Adobe Summit experience started off a little differently. I went hiking. With the opportunity to take in the natural beauty of Red Rock Canyon, the experience was sensational, to say the least.

Why you’ll never be a unicorn great at all 10 CX traits

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At the recent Qualtrics X4 event, we took a group of about 40 B2B CX professionals through a self-evaluation exercise. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as Steve Walker says in our bonus 10 Traits Recap podcast episode, “it would take a pretty special brand of unicorn.” And guess what? Continue reading. The post Why you’ll never be <del>a unicorn</del> great at all 10 CX traits appeared first on CX Advantage.

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How to Pass the Customer Service Fitness Test

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Customer service is like exercise – do it right, and you’ll see results. It’s that simple. Though, simple and easy aren’t always a package deal. If it was, everyone would have six-pack abs and a stellar service culture. Want to pass the customer service fitness test?

A Tale of Two Returns or Why “That’s Our Policy” Should Be Banned from Customer Service Lingo

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Coffee keeps me functioning and my dogs keep me walking, aka getting the exercise I need to stay healthy. Two things that are extremely important to me are coffee and walking my dogs. Unfortunately, over the last few months, both my coffee maker and my walking shoes have given me major trouble. Customer Service Dissatisfied customer Lori Jo Vest Who''s Your Gladys? customer service article customer service training defective product returns

Stop Falling Prey to Fad Diets When It Comes to Your CX Outcome Metrics


One thing you can always count on at the end of the year is an explosion of diet and exercise program commercials on television taking advantage of peoples’ desire to make. Stop falling prey to fad diets when it comes to your CX outcome metrics.

5 things we learned developing customer personas

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Our customer experience team recently embarked on an exercise to create our own personas. For persona building to be useful, your organization needs to really understand what needs this exercise will address.

Customer Friendship

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It started with an exercise for a senior living client. We tried an exercise that asked people to talk about what it felt like to be a best friend and to create a best friend relationship.

Stop Falling Prey to Fad Diets When It Comes to Your CX Outcome Metrics


One thing you can always count on at the end of the year is an explosion of diet and exercise program commercials on television taking advantage of peoples’ desire to make. Stop falling prey to fad diets when it comes to your CX outcome metrics. The end of the calendar year is around the corner. View Article

Lessons From Leaders At Brands Where CX Is Working


They aren’t just doing ‘low-hanging fruit’ exercises, they’re very focused on creating enterprise and customer value at the same time. I’m always curious about what makes leaders of customer experience and transformation projects invest in what’s new.

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Webinar – A SuiteCX Briefing


Should it be a simple/agile exercise or a deep study? One of our most frequently asked questions is: How to approach experience mapping? This video of a recent webinar addresses a few of the questions we have heard over the years: What business aspects should you address using journey mapping efforts? Is it meant for strategy or problem solving? Do you have any examples of how it might work? What skills/tools do you need to do this type of work? Pitfalls to be aware of in any approach.

2018 Journey Mapping Workshops

Kerry Bodine

And of course, you’ll get to hang out with us for two whirlwind days of discussion, hands-on exercises, and our favorite workshop supply—sticky notes! We’ve been getting multiple requests over the past few weeks about our 2018 journey mapping workshop schedule.

How To Keep Your Customer Workshops On Track

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We also planned networking breaks throughout the workshop to give participants a chance to swap best practices with each other, ensuring that they had a good experience without derailing the group exercises.

Social Media Training Activities and Marketing Courses You Never Realized Your Team Needed


The following blog post will give you helpful training tips, social media training exercises, and a brief list of courses that will help your social media team rise above and beyond. Empathy Exercise. Introduction. Social media is chaotic, but your social media team shouldn’t be!

How To Choose A Persona For Your Journey Map

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When I was in grad school, we did an exercise where we designed a particular experience for both the Pope and a drug dealer. We didn’t do any “customer” research for this, natch, but the general principles of the exercise were similar to the idea of designing for extreme customers.).

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The ABCs of PCT and Its Critical Role in Outstanding Customer Experiences

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Once I see those digits pop up on my scale I begin to act by curbing my calories and increasing my exercise. I’ve never seen my scale with a number so low that I began eating more or exercising less. Long ago I received my Ph.D.

The Three Words that Describe Your Company


So, as we approach this year’s customer focused holiday, I want you to consider working through an exercise that will help you create a better customer service experience. Now, back to the exercise. Sounds like a simple exercise, and for some it will be.

5 So Whats: Prioritizing Improvement Opportunities

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When you conduct a So What exercise, you're really trying to understand the importance and the impact of implementing a solution. To me, it seems like a smart exercise to do with any improvements that you plan to make. Image courtesy of (F.Q)

Are You Sending Signals That You Trust Your Customers?

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Four-way stops are exercises in decorum without supervision! Every driver knows the rules about who goes next and who has the right of way should turns be involved. There is no traffic light or police officer to ride herd over the proper behavior.

ForeSee Helps Life Fitness Ramp Up Customer Experience Analytics


When Life Fitness wanted to step up its online efforts and relaunch its website, the exercise equipment manufacturer turned to ForeSee. Life Fitness knew it needed a partner with a. The post ForeSee Helps Life Fitness Ramp Up Customer Experience Analytics appeared first on ForeSee.

What's in Your #CX Budget?

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Image courtesy of Pixabay What's in your customer experience strategy budget? Traditionally, customer experience professionals have no budget.

Knowledge Without Understanding is Useless

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Understanding these expectations and identifying key drivers of a great customer experience are important outcomes of this exercise. These are all learning exercises, critical learning exercises. Without that understanding, the exercises have failed.

Drawing Toast, Powering Outcomes and Delivering Delight


I have been told that this was the FIRST major brainstorming exercise at CloudCherry since inception that I played no role in. One shot, no retakes, no script – just to capture the ‘real time’ recap of what the whole exercise’s outcome had been.

How to Set Goals & Build a Strategy to Drive Customer Experience Improvement


This exercise can also help to bridge operational gaps that hinder customer service, like departmental communication barriers. Every company out there is trying to be more customer-centric, and the race for an excellent customer experience is heating up.

How “T-Rex Arms” Help Uncover Rich Customer Insights

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Maybe a customer doesn’t understand the instructions for a new exercise, so we model how it works…then forget to stop modeling. Later in the exercise, we circled back to that sticky note about the upcoming sale email and it turns out I’d gotten it wrong.