Generation Z statistics: New report on the values, attitudes and behaviors of the post-Millennials

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Business Strategy Customer Experience Employee Engagement Innovation Marketing Research consumer goods finance healthcare media and entertainment retail technologyGeneration Z, the cohort born between 1996 and 2010, is ready for the spotlight.

The ultimate report on Millennial customers: Gen Y attitudes and their impact on tech, finance, media and other major industries

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Business Strategy Customer Experience Employee Engagement Innovation Marketing Research CPG finance FMCG health care Media & Entertainment retail technology travel and tourism

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Nielsen’s Lynda Clarizio shares her perspective on the evolving media landscape

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Research Marketing Business Strategy Innovation Customer Experience media and entertainmentLynda Clarizio has seen the world of advertising evolve from several vantage points thanks to a varied career that goes back to the early days of the commercial Internet. Now president of U.S.

As Avaya Stadium Turns Three, Avaya Kicks Up its Fantastic Fan Experience


Customer Engagement Avaya Sports and EntertainmentI’ve always liked things in threes. Three stooges, Charlie’s Angels, the rule of three (suggests that when things come in threes, they are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers of things).

How to Create a Modern Stadium Fan Experience with a Digital Identity


Sports fans are focused and engaged, with instant mobile access to info and entertainment. Customer Engagement Avaya Avaya Sports and Entertainment fan engagement Fan Experience

5 CX Strategy Killers You Need to Get Over


It seems to be human nature to focus on the unnecessary but more attractive/compelling/interesting/entertaining distractions instead of the stalwart/steady/reliable but boring items in our everyday lives.

Inspiring a Sales and Service Culture


Caesars Entertainment VP Total Service Terry Byrnes and. Next week, join over 500 professionals preparing to gather at CXFusion to learn how to create exceptional customer experiences.

How Elizabeth Arden, Bustle, Refinery29 and Audible think about CX

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Marcus Lofthouse, senior director of user experience at Audible, a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment and programming, shared his insights from a subscription service perspective. “On Customer Experience technology media and entertainment customer experience CX and the City

Digital Store Technologies Take the Stage For Both Customer and Associate Experience.

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It’s the combination of original retail theater – entertainment, novelty, and engagement – with digital technologies and services to create the next level of in-store experience.

Creating the ultimate fan experience in a $1.5 billion stadium: Tips from the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United FC

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AMB Sports & Entertainment (owner of Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United FC and Mercedes-Benz Stadium) knows that the experience in the new stadium needs to match the building’s beauty and grandeur. Photo credit: Streeter Lecka / Getty Images.

How to Recession-Proof Your Business - Frank Reactions

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Entertainment. Entertainment. People pay extra for entertainment. Because of the entertainment value. Winners could even be argued to offer entertainment, in that for many people hunting through racks to find that amazing deal is entertaining.

VoC Leaders: How Travelzoo uses CX data to make smarter decisions (video)


Lisa Oswald is a customer experience (CX) advocate and Senior Vice President of Customer Service for Travelzoo, a trusted online publisher of travel and entertainment deals that places a premium.

Skate Where the Puck is Going to be: Adapt with Changes to Thrive


Growing up my family made a weekly visit to the video store typically Fridays after school so we could pick up some entertainment for the weekend. As technology evolved so too did the location we visited to find our video entertainment.

What’s The Difference Between a Customer and a Guest?

Steve DiGioia

A person entertained in one’s house. there IS a difference? This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. How do you treat the people that enter your place of business? What do you hope to gain from them? Are you more interested in providing value or to just fatten your wallet?

Are You Creating Memorable Moments for Your Customers?

Who's Your Gladys?

Their brand identity is colorful and entertaining. Like so many consumers these days, I look to the internet for all kinds of product information. A few months ago, I was looking for fun socks for a social media campaign I was working on and came across Sock It to Me Socks.

Analytics Obstacle to Avoid: Forgetting to Be Relevant

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” Rather than trying to replicate my entertaining banter, […]. Every day, analysts find a myriad of insights that could provide significant value for their organizations. Unfortunately, many (very possibly most) of them are ignored. What’s getting in the way? In a recent webinar for Clarabridge, I discussed five customer analytics mistakes to avoid. One of the mistakes is “Forgetting to be relevant.”

CMO Perspectives, (8th July, 2015)

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​In this week’s very entertaining CMO Perspectives, we share an amusing post by about the dangers of listening to your own opinions. Just the opening cartoon will be enough to make you smile, as we’ve probably all been there, with a senior manager who seems to think he or she knows more about your teenage customers than your own data and research has shown. We also remind you not to forget the small data when looking at the big data with a piece from Enjoy

10 Valuable Marketing & Business Podcasts - Frank Reactions

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The world is finally waking up to podcasts, and the wonderful chance they give you to listen, learn and be entertained when you are NOT in front of a screen. Here are a few of my business favorites. Click here … Continue Reading → The post 10 Valuable Marketing & Business Podcasts appeared first on Frank Reactions. B2B Blog Content Customer Service / Customer Experience Internet Marketing Social Media podcasts

Why Ford is Building an Engaging Customer Experience


In an interview at the new FordHub with The Street , Elena Ford, vice president, global dealer and consumer experience, said that FordHub is a branded experience where customers can learn and be entertained. . In case you haven’t heard, there’s a shift taking place in the automotive industry.

The Surprising Answer to the FinTech Threat


While the world has embraced digital for both their entertainment and business purposes, something has emerged recently that may surprise a few people.

Increasing member engagement: 4 effective strategies for online community growth

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Engagement, not entertainment. Don’t confuse engagement with entertainment. Online communities are now an important tool in gaining ongoing customer feedback and insight.

4 storytelling devices to enhance your research reports and presentations

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Their purpose isn’t merely to entertain. The days of data tables, 100-slide presentations and 300-page reports are done. Today, storytelling is the key to communicating research findings in ways that create impact.

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How will you answer a Customer Service SOS?

Wired and Dangerous

It was one-fifth entertainment, one-fifth showcase, and at least five-fifths big-deal sales opportunity! The dinner party was super important because of the particular guests invited.

How to Leverage Six Sigma to Improve Customer Experience


Don’t be afraid to start – read a book, peruse an article, or get inspired by an entertaining blog post. For many years I have been a practitioner of both customer experience (CX) and Six Sigma , so I can personally speak to the unmatched advantages of bringing these two disciplines together.

5 Must Do’s for Courting the Millennial Customer


You become valuable to them if you are willing to take the time to establish a relationship with them first, if you are willing to entertain them and if you are willing to incorporate their values as a part of your business brand.

Emerging Trends In Customer Experience: The Continuing Story


More customers will want more to do (information, entertainment, service, repair, etc.) Kampyle, now part of Medallia, published this interview as a kick-off to their Emerging Trends in Customer Experience series in 2016. We’ve updated it for 2017.

Emerging Trends In Customer Experience: The Continuing Story


More customers will want more to do (information, entertainment, service, repair, etc.) Kampyle, now part of Medallia, published this interview as a kick-off to their Emerging Trends in Customer Experience series in 2016. We’ve updated it for 2017.

What’s the State of Social Customer Care in 2016?


It has been perceived as yet another platform to build brand awareness, advertise products and services, and share entertaining and informative insights to a wide network of potential customers.

The rise and fall of big data hype—and what it means for customer intelligence

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Computer technology, the Internet, cable entertainment and other technological advances have led to empowered customers who have more access to information, more choices, more demands on their time and, in many cases, less allegiance to individual brands and companies.

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Avaya CMO Morag Lucey introduces the “Smart Digital World”


Lucey discusses the digitalization of today’s world, from commerce and entertainment to communications, and where Avaya fits into it all. In her latest video , Avaya Chief Marketing Officer Morag Lucey explains how experience is everything in a smart digital world.

What Are the Important Customer Success Metrics


Take it from the man who started an entertainment empire with a mouse, Walt Disney: “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

How to Be 2 Steps Ahead in Anticipating Your Customer Needs


In-flight entertainment has been in-demand since commercial flight became routine; Virgin just figured out a way to up the ante by including individual TVs in all headrests. This is a guest post from our friends over at FieldBoom.

Just Surprise Me!

Customers today live in an over-stimulated, highly entertained world and love surprise. Guest blog by Chip R.

Technical Competence & Organisational Clarity – The two pillars of Customer Centric Leadership


However, before Stephen was prepared to confirm the reservation, he wanted to know whether or not there would be any festive entertainment on offer. After a protracted conversation, the restaurant manager was summoned – he proceeded to describe the entertainment programme in great detail.

Why Exceeding Customer Expectations Can Make or Break a Business


They added free in-flight entertainment behind each seat and free chauffeurs for business class customers. Identifying the service our customers want can be like trying to hit a clay-pigeon. We want to do our best to deliver the best support to our customers.

Meet the Science Superstars of Customer Service!

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For example, they will wear funny “Mad Scientist” costumes to entertain the students, they will stand in to do a marine touch tank presentation if someone is out sick, and they provide tours to disabled guests that may not have companions.

3 examples of retailers re-focusing on the in-store experience

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Before acquiring the Marvel and Star Wars universes, Walt Disney had established a long history of obsessing about great guest experiences, so a focus on its bricks-and-mortar presence is nothing new to the entertainment company.

Leveraging Data to Understand Today’s Fans for a Better Stadium Experience Tomorrow


Narrowing the scope a bit, look at a single slice of this great big pie by taking a look at what the mobile-first, digital transformation means for the sports and entertainment industry. Our interactions are increasingly digital.

How to Prepare for the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

West Monroe

Consumers are leveraging the entertainment value of these devices rather than their utility, and industry leaders are taking note.

Health care mergers and acquisitions: Why patients and employees should come first

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It’s happening in media and entertainment , tech , CPG and every other major industry. In a recent interview with Fox Business Network, Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove, MD, shared why health care will see more consolidation in the next few years.