How the Entertainment Industry is Using Data Collection

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As mobile becomes more popular, however, the entertainment business is using the technology to capture what was lost in the relationship between the studios and the consumer, and convert that data into meaningful insight into what works and what doesn’t. Data analytics has opened a number of new avenues that the entertainment industry can use to analyze past data, make creative marketing decisions, and predict the turnout for upcoming movie releases.

The Big Media & Entertainment Industry Trends for 2021

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2020: Consumer Trends for the Entertainment Industry

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Optimove mitigates COVID-19 impact on Fortuna Entertainment’s sports bettors


“Optimove’s multichannel orchestration and testing capabilities allowed Fortuna Entertainment Group to implement the data-centric marketing plan devised by the Optimove Strategic Services team and reap “impressive results.” ” The post Optimove mitigates COVID-19 impact on Fortuna Entertainment’s sports bettors appeared first on Optimove.

Entertainment Hit Hard by Coronavirus & Considering Innovative Solutions


The Entertainment Industry has been hard hit by COVID-19, but is there a way to bring about innovative solutions during this crisis? The post Entertainment Hit Hard by Coronavirus & Considering Innovative Solutions appeared first on NetBase.

SWAGGER Magazine: Standing out in a Sea of Content


They help build their readers' confidence by providing them a pulse on the latest trends in fashion, grooming, entertainment, travel, culture, automotive, and more. Customer Experience Brand Experience Media & Entertainment(Part 1 of 4).

Social Media Industry Report 2019: Media & Entertainment


And what can media and entertainment brands do to keep pace with these ever-changing needs? We explore that and more in our Social Media Industry Report 2019: Media & Entertainment. Media & Entertainment Brands Must Eat or be Eaten. And one industry that’s at the forefront of this “eat or be eaten” rush forward that all brands face – a sector that’s forced to reinvent itself more than most, is the media and entertainment industry.

Cultural anthropology for entertainment

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A People Nerds interview with Susan Kresnicka

Engagement lessons from Orlando, the world’s entertainment capital

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The post Engagement lessons from Orlando, the world’s entertainment capital appeared first on CX Ahead. Besides from being a CX Speaker, I also publish articles such as this one on the CX Network, a leading platform for senior CX and Marketing leaders. Back in 2016, I wrote an article sharing that the biggest misconception around customer experience back then was that marketing would fully own the customer journey design. This […].

Using Insights to Stay Ahead in an Oversaturated Market


Customer Experience Media & EntertainmentNew competitors popping up, alongside industry titans expanding into new markets, make the competition for share of wallet more crowded than ever.

New Research Spells Big Trouble For Movie Theatres

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Covid-19 Media & Entertainment Sector

The Benefits of Creating an Entertaining Customer Experience with Gamification


If you're in the customer service and experience department, then you've probably heard all about gamification in the call center agents, as it boosts agent performance and engagement. Gamification has proven to be an effective strategy, which is why innovative companies have started to apply this not just for their customer service agents, but for their customers as well.

How PodPlays Is Disrupting the Podcast Industry with Listener Feedback


Product Experience Media & Entertainment Tech Industry User ExperiencePodPlays® is a family-friendly audio drama podcast with a mission to discover Nashville’s next country hits.

Increase Reservations: Top 5 Gravy Audiences Travel & Entertainment Companies Used in 2018

Gravy Analytics

Gravy Analytics uses anonymous, mobile location signals to understand where people go in their daily lives, and give brands new visibility into the offline customer journey. These location-derived insights power our industry-leading audiences that enable advertisers to reach engaged consumers

Group Nine Captures a 360-Degree View of Digital Audiences


Customer Experience Media & EntertainmentGroup Nine Media is a leading digital media company with many highly visible, category-leading brands in its portfolio, which include Thrillist , The Dodo , NowThis , POPSUGAR , and Seeker.

Groups 130

How to Lead in a Crowded Streaming Media Market


Media & EntertainmentThe streaming media market is, at times, a tale of contrasts. On one hand, the market is booming: According to MarketsandResearch, the global streaming media market is on pace to expand at a 23.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2021 and 2025.

New Research Spells Big Trouble For Movie Theatres

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Covid-19 Media & Entertainment Sector

How Hospitality and Entertainment Brands Can Future-Proof the Guest Experience


Last week, I led a roundtable discussion at the Future Guest Experience 2019 conference, where I had a chance to chat with executives and CX experts who are searching for ways to future-proof their guest experiences. One of the biggest challenges that I’ve seen businesses face today is creating experiences that are both consistent and memorable.

Gen Z Rely on the Internet Primarily for Social Media and Entertainment

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Unlike their predecessors, who use the internet mainly to source information, the research found that 86 percent of Gen Z rely on the internet primarily for social media and entertainment, demonstrating a marked shift from “inform me” to “entertain me.” Gen Z has never known a time devoid of online access and they depend on it for entertainment over information.

Generation Z statistics: New report on the values, attitudes and behaviors of the post-Millennials


Business Strategy Customer Experience Employee Engagement Innovation Marketing Research consumer goods finance healthcare media and entertainment retail technologyGeneration Z, the cohort born between 1996 and 2010, is ready for the spotlight. Finally escaping the shadows of the generations before them, many Gen Zers are now entering the workforce. As a result, their spending power, currently valued at $44 billion , is growing every day.

Report 219

It’s Not Just About Baby Yoda

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Most articles looking back at the 2010’s mentioned the massive evolution in how we consume entertainment and the onset of the streaming wars. Arguably that’s good if the goal is to entertain the masses, but it limits the ability to enhance subscribers’ identities.

Walt’s Golden Child+

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It announced a strategic reorganization of its media and entertainment business, including the addition of a distribution team, with the goal of amplifying its success in the space. Why specifically Disney+ when there are so many offerings under its media and entertainment umbrella?

The ultimate report on Millennial customers: Gen Y attitudes and their impact on tech, finance, media and other major industries


Business Strategy Customer Experience Employee Engagement Innovation Marketing Research CPG finance FMCG health care Media & Entertainment retail technology travel and tourismIt’s impossible to overstate the urgency for businesses to understand Millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 1995. In the U.S. alone, Millennials number 80 million, and control over $600 billion in annual spending. Also known as Gen Y, this cohort already has enormous impact on society and the economy.

How Elizabeth Arden, Bustle, Refinery29 and Audible think about CX


Marcus Lofthouse, senior director of user experience at Audible, a seller and producer of spoken audio entertainment and programming, shared his insights from a subscription service perspective. “On Customer Experience technology media and entertainment customer experience CX and the CityEighty degrees and a nice breeze – check. Evening rooftop in New York City and specialty cocktails – check.

The Rise of Multiplayer Shouldn’t Be Sus to Anyone

Chadwick Martin Bailey

marketing strategy digital media and entertainment research Market research Identity Gaming Social Benefits COVID-19Ask any CMBer what they love about CMB and there’s a good chance they’ll say it’s the people.

Nielsen’s Lynda Clarizio shares her perspective on the evolving media landscape


Research Marketing Business Strategy Innovation Customer Experience media and entertainmentLynda Clarizio has seen the world of advertising evolve from several vantage points thanks to a varied career that goes back to the early days of the commercial Internet. Now president of U.S. media at Nielsen, her overriding advice to attendees at the closing keynote of the 2017 Customer Intelligence Summit ’s first day: Take risks, embrace challenges, and be yourself.

Was a Gender-Neutral Doll the Right Move for Mattel?

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But it’s especially true for brands in the entertainment space, like Mattel. marketing strategy brand health and positioning digital media and entertainment research growth and innovation Identity emotion BrandFx consumer psychologyDid I ever tell you about my dissertation…? Wait, don’t go! I promise it’s interesting. It was 2002. My advisor and I had been studying gender stereotypes, which we found were still depressingly pervasive.

The Inner Battle Royale: Who Is The Fortnite Fan?

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research, CMB interviewed thousands of gamers regarding more than 30 media, entertainment and gaming brands on this very topic. Chadwick Martin Bailey consumer insights Consumer Pulse digital media and entertainment research Market research Identity emotion technology Gaming

Why My Money's on Disney+

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Most articles looking back at the 2010’s mentioned the massive evolution in how we consume entertainment and the onset of the streaming wars. Arguably that’s good if the goal is to entertain the masses, but it limits the ability to enhance subscribers’ identities.

Avengers: Endgame Saw 90% More Moviegoers In Theaters Opening Weekend

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Blog Industry Solutions Insights Travel & Entertainment Avengers Endgame Foot Traffic gravy daas Location Intelligence Movie GoersAvengers: Endgame opened on April 24, 2019 to rave reviews and record-setting ticket sales. Its $1.2B opening weekend was the largest in movie history – both domestic and worldwide. Gravy data engineer Paul E. decided to look at foot traffic at movie theaters across the U.S. to see what exactly the impact was of Avengers: Endgame on theater visits.

The Realities of Rural 5G Deployment in the US

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Early last week, Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced his approval of the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. This will result in a third mega-carrier in the US mobile wireless market, which is a good move for consumers like you and me. I am glad this deal will now […].

4 ways IoT can improve the experience in sports stadiums

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News Travel & Entertainment AdmitOne AdmitOne Verified Attendance Gravy Analytics IoT Sports Sports Stadiums TechTalksAttending sports events in stadiums is among one of the most enjoyable experiences of life. It is also a way to strengthen the bond with friends and family. However, people often avoid stadiums due to many hassles and unavoidable experiences they need to go through. From high prices of tickets to parking issues, attendees face many challenges before and during the game.

Event of the Month: Food & Wine Classic

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Blog Events & Tradeshows Featured Events Restaurants Travel & Entertainment aspen food & wine classic Gravy Audiences Location IntelligenceFood & Wine Classic in Aspen. Aspen, CO | June 14 – 16, 2019. Each summer, the world’s top chefs and sommeliers gather in Aspen, Colorado to kick off the season with the world’s premier food and wine exhibition.

For Telecoms, These Three Automation Benefits Mean a Better Customer Experience


Customer Experience TIME (Telecommunications, Internet, Media, Entertainment) customerexperience telecomDespite its nostalgic undertones, the term "traditional" used to describe technology now substitutes as code for old and expensive. Rather, the transition to digital brings with it the promise of increasing customer loyalty, and for telecoms, digital adoption could be the industry's saving grace. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here.

How to Create a Modern Stadium Fan Experience with a Digital Identity


Sports fans are focused and engaged, with instant mobile access to info and entertainment. Customer Engagement Avaya Avaya Sports and Entertainment fan engagement Fan ExperienceThe sports fan experience—the way we consume and immerse ourselves in sports on site, at home, in a pub, pre-season, live, or in retrospect—is interwoven with digital tech. They crave integrated experiences that reach beyond the walls of the stadium.

Fervent Fans Give Customer Feedback to Verint for Turnkey Intelligence


Turnkey Intelligence is an independent third-party research firm recognized, respected and trusted by the top entities in sports and entertainment. After doing its homework, the company chose Verint Enterprise Feedback Management as the critical foundation to solicit and capture feedback from more than one million sports and entertainment fans annually.

Technology for 21st-Century, Experience-Driven Sports Fan Engagement


Customer Engagement Avaya Avaya Sports and Entertainment fan engagementSensors in their jerseys, shoes, and helmets. Sensors in the turf, the goal box, race car, and golf club. Athletes of the future will be tracked at every moment so we can know how fast and focused they are, and when they’re “in the zone.” The sports experience has become a 21st-Century medley of sights, smells, and experiences. Undoubtedly, technology is shaping the modern fan experience.