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Why The World is NOT Full of Guys

Steve DiGioia

please use the correct words This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. Respect. We all want it, need it and deserve it. But when we use words that have “no meaning” we carelessly speak with disrespect to our customers. Why do we continually refer to “everyone” as a guy?

3 Types of Customer Experience Action Essential to ROI


This is a snippet of an article originally published on CustomerThink. You can read the full article here. Most things in life need ALL their ingredients to function as intended.

ROI 54

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Continuing Education at ReviewTrackers


Imagine a work environment with leaders who support and encourage professional and personal growth and creativity. This is the type of work environment where trying new things is encouraged and expected. ReviewTrackers is this place.

Visual IVR: The New Front Lines of Digital Customer Service


As the nature of customer service is quickly evolving, new channels of communications i.e. web, mobile and social, have raised the bar of customer expectations, and delivering an exceptional experience has become critical to business success.

Forbes Insights: Data Elevates the Customer Experience

New ways of discovering and applying customer insights

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4 Ways to Consider the Customer When Gathering Feedback


Like many households in America, I make a weekly run to the grocery store. Until recently, my grocery store, like many other retailers, provided a web address at the bottom of the receipt and asked customers to go home, log on to the store’s website, enter in their receipt code, and provide feedback.

Employee Engagement: A Confluence of Passion and Purpose

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Pixabay Why is it so difficult to understand what employee engagement is all about?

3 Ways Retailers Can Improve Customer Experience With Their Contact Center


No one ever said working in retail was easy. There are long hours, narrow margins, heavy competition and the threat of loss at every turn. You spend most of the year in the red, hoping for a big holiday season, and sometimes it doesn’t happen.

Brand Reputation Protection: The Complete Guide


For businesses of every size across every industry, online brand reputation has become one of the most powerful drivers of revenue and growth.


5 Tips for Hiring a Great Customer Support Team

Customer support is the most important job in your company, so it pays to hire right

Credit Crunch 10 Years On – Four Seismic Changes in Customer Experience Management

Peter Lavers

This blog coincides with the 10 th anniversary of the first signs of the Credit Crunch, which has impacted and continues to affect all our lives.

Does Your Customer Journey include Happy Processes?

Wired and Dangerous

jameschipper / 123RF Stock Photo " alt="Does Your Customer Journey include Happy Processes? post image" />. What is a service process? A service process can be defined from two perspectives. From the inside looking out, it is a collection of procedures and practices that govern a complete operation.

CX 360: How to Align Voice of Employee with Voice of Customer Programs


According to Gartner’s research, nearly nine out of ten executives expect customer experience to be a key differentiator with today’s demanding customers. Yet a critical link — engaged employees — is often overlooked.

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Why Does Your Company Need a Customer Experience Executive?

CX Journey

Image courtesy of GMC Who needs a customer experience executive? What does this person do? What are the critical success factors for this role? What advice is there for future customer experience executives? Those are just some of the questions addressed in an eBook I wrote - and GMC Software released - about six weeks ago. And during a recent podcast with GMC Software.

eBook 28

The Ten Commandments of Customer Service

This cheat sheet covers ten fundamentals of customer service to help your business excel.

Podcast: Tackling Net Promoter Questions from Practitioners on LinkedIn, with Maurice FitzGerald


What if a company wants to adopt the Net Promoter System, but lacks the resources and time to fully implement each aspect of the framework? Is it better to do something rather than nothing?

Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to Reduce Agent Churn


The increasing levels of technology being adopted into the contact center may leave some agents fearing for their jobs, but RPA will only benefit them in the long run. Read More. Jacada Blog

Three things we can learn from how Wimbledon is managing the customer experience

Peter Lavers

I had the pleasure this week of being invited to Wimbledon by IBM to see for myself how their systems, artificial intelligence, and cognitive tools (Watson) underpin the customer experience. What?! Isn’t Wimbledon all about ‘being there’?

Do You Trust Your Customers? Do Your Customers Trust You?


I just returned from Influence 2017 , the annual conference put on by the National Speakers Association. My friend and one of the world’s authorities on trust, David Horsager was one of the amazing keynote speakers.

What Makes a Successful Voice of the Customer Program

Learn how to build, maintain, and sustain an effective results-driven VoC program.

Personalizing Auto-Responses: Smart Settings for Proactive Support


After a week-long trial, I was ready to purchase a subscription for a project management app for my personal and work projects. I eagerly pulled up the company’s Contact page , entered my details, wrote my inquiry about their pricing, and hit Send.

From Chief Information Officer to Chief Customer Officer, With Brian Lillie – CB60

Customer Bliss

Episode Overview. Wow, can’t believe we’re at 60 episodes!). One of the interesting things about the CCO role in the last half-decade is that you’re seeing CCOs come from other, more-established parts of the organization.

Digital Humanism in the Customer Experience


Today, one of the main expectations regarding the customer experience is its level of personalization. However, often personalization in customer service solutions is merely a simulation of personalization, and a poor one at that.

Opentalk 2017: There’s an App for That: Supporting On-Demand Economy


Opentalk 2017 was packed with thought leadership from some of the most customer-centric leaders and companies of our time. The Opentalk 2017 Video Library is your team’s chance to re-experience those speaking sessions. Here’s more information on one of the videos available in this library.

Video 25

How to Build Great Customer Journeys

Make Each Touchpoint a Meaningful Experience

Be Warned! Technology Isn’t Everything

Beyond Philosophy

In our customer experience consultancy, we spend a lot of time educating people about the components of a great customer experience. Some companies get it and they’re creating an emotional connection that brings them loyal fans. But many others look to technology.

Get Ready For The Self-Driving Economy

Forrester's Customer Insights

Autonomous transportation. If you’re reading this, you have an internet connection, so you’ve heard all about how autonomous vehicles (AVs) are coming to take our jobs, eliminate traffic and give machines the power to make moral choices.


Team Management Tips for Amazing Customer Success Leadership


SaaS Tattler Issue 104: Team Management Tips for Amazing Customer Success Leadership. Managing a team is never an easy task.

My Life as an Avaya Systems Engineer—#ProudAvayan on our Hot Solutions


Recently I spent three days in New York City, and they were easily the best three days of my career. I talked with Avaya customers and partners about what’s happening in Avaya Solutions now.

CEM 15

5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Tactics for Boosting Engagement and Brand Affinity.

How Lane Bryant Turned Its Contact Center Into a Sales Machine


Three years ago, Lane Bryant’s contact center was something it “hid somewhere in a financial spreadsheet.” Like so many other brands’ customer service operations, it was simply a cost of doing business. Fielding contacts (some 850,000 per year) left agents weary.

Post Call IVR Surveys: Even More Popular But Not That Useful


After spending 15 minutes on the phone to my bank the nice lady asks me if I would hold on after she hangs up to take a short survey. Sure what’s one more survey to someone who lives them 24/7! After a couple of prompted button pushes to enter scores I get the chance to provide […]. The post Post Call IVR Surveys: Even More Popular But Not That Useful appeared first on Genroe. Comments Sarah, Thanks for stopping by. I don't have specific words.

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Shared value is the customer experience of the future: 5 key takeaways from the 2017 Asia Pacific Customer Intelligence Summit

Vision Critical

On July 13 2017, over two hundred Vision Critical customers, insights, marketing and CX professionals gathered in Sydney for the Asia Pacific Customer Intelligence Summit, Vision Critical’s 7th annual customer summit. Throughout the day, one clear theme emerged: shared value.

Nailing Your Customer Success Job Transition


So you have decided to take the leap and switch companies. Now what!?

How Does Customer Experience Impact Angry Customers?

Let's look at how the customer experience of an angry customer informs strategy, and how companies can transform frustrated customers into delighted ones.