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Journey to Contact Center Success


As a contact center manager, you face never-ending challenges from day-to-day operations to envisioning long-term possibilities to improve customer experience while at the same time building efficiency and modernizing processes and systems.

How to Improve Healthcare CX: Lessons from a CXO and Hospitality Veteran

Customer Bliss

What happens when one moves from hospitality to healthcare? Shawn Smith is a Chief Experience Officer at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.

How Costly Is It to Not Engage Customers? 


If you’ve never thought about how you engage customers, then what’s to stop them from becoming actively disengaged? Sometimes we set ourselves up for this! It even echoes back to us in the way we engage within our own organizations.

Want more respect and budget for your team? Follow these tips from Audible’s head of UX

Vision Critical

In many companies, the user experience (UX) team is often seen as the people responsible for the aesthetics of a software, website or platform. But companies that are more customer centric have a different view of UX.

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Expert Forum: Choosing the Best Path for Transforming a Legacy Contact Center

The world’s most influential and customer-centric firms lead with technology, but do not let technology lead their customer relationships. Iconic firms – as such firms are labelled – recognize that providing exceptional customer experience is a key driver of increased revenue and brand loyalty. Register now to learn what strategies differentiate an iconic firm from other businesses

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Is Respect an Obvious Element of Your Customers’ Journey?

Wired and Dangerous

Designing and implementing a customer journey that drives great experiences is a hot topic today. Customers have their ‘antennae” on high alert for journeys that are not easy or frictionless, They quickly leave providers whose journeys lack appropriate expressions of gratitude for their business.

Episode 003 – Integrating Your Core Values Into the Customer Experience - Transforming the Customer Experience

Kristina Evey

Shownotes… Core Values Build the Company Culture into the Customer Experience. Core values serve as the guiding light for how everyone in your company interacts, communicates and works with each other, external customers, and the community. Core values should be unique to your company. Core values provide the framework to help guide many business decisions. Use phrases or sentences as core values to convey the meaning. Core values MUST be exemplified at the leadership level.

Why a startup mentality may not help big brands

Vision Critical

Large brands are increasingly turning to smaller ones for inspiration. These brands are hoping that by learning and adopting a startup mentality, they can fend off disruption and continue to lead their industry. In many ways, copying or even acquiring smaller players makes sense for larger brands.

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Is Your Price Right? Here’s How To Check

Beyond Philosophy

Pricing is fundamental to your business. It also has an enormous influence on Customer Experience outcomes. You should understand Mental Accounting as it pertains to customer behavior before you set the price and before you ruin how your customers feel about your experience.

The Top 3 Ways to Forecast for Your Contact Center

Forecasting is no easy task. It can be difficult to schedule the right amount of agents at the right time. Download our ebook to learn how to reduce overstaffing and understaffing, lower customer wait times and improve the customer experience with proper forecasting.

Hoveround Successfully Navigates Customer Service – Increases Lead Conversion 116%


You may be familiar with the Hoveround name, even if you haven’t used it products. That’s because Hoveround is the largest direct-to-consumer manufacturer of power wheelchairs in the U.S., and its mission is a powerful one: The 25-year-old company is dedicated to improving and enriching lives through improved mobility. But Hoveround’s contact center, which plays a pivotal role in servicing current customers as well as calling prospects, just wasn’t keeping up.

Introducing Empathy: The New Benchmark For Customer Experience


Editor’s note: This article was originally published on There is a quote by F.

To Unlock Customer Insights, Speak No Evil

Kerry Bodine

Imagine you’re in the midst of a journey mapping workshop and your customers are bombarding you—in a good way—with insights about their needs and expectations.

Starbucks Could Have Avoided Losing $20 Million, And So Can You

Customer Guru

The leaders of Starbucks , the world’s favorite coffeehouse chain, have often encouraged their customers to consider the outlets to be a “third place” – a place where people spend their time outside of homes and offices: a perfect hangout spot.

Getting to Iconic – How leading brands balance technology and human talent to deliver exceptional CX

The world’s most influential and customer-centric firms lead with technology, but do not let technology lead their customer relationships. Iconic firms – as such firms are labelled – recognize that providing exceptional customer experience is a key driver of increased revenue and brand loyalty. Register now to learn what strategies differentiate an iconic firm from other businesses

Journey Mapping Your Way to Better Customer Communications

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Pixabay I originally wrote today's post for Zingle. It appeared on their blog on January 16, 2018. Communication is important to any relationship, and it's no less important in the relationships that businesses have with their customers.

5 ways to stay ahead of your competition with speech analytics


Despite the growth of live chat and other text-based customer service channels, communicating by phone is often still faster and more effective than typing messages. When things get complex or emotional, click-to-call technology makes it easier than ever for people to reach out to a business via phone. For this reason, BIA/Kelsey, a leading strategic advisory firm, predicts mobile calls to businesses will exceed 169 billion per year by 2020. .

The CX Toolkit Requires More Than a Hammer


While doing some research on change management and organizational transformation, it struck me that as CX professionals we tend to see the impetus for any change initiative as deriving largely, if not totally, from looking at organizational issues primarily through a CX lens.

Podcast: Fostering a Feedback Culture, with Year Up’s Garrett Warfield and Jess Britt


Year Up has helped thousands of young adults leave minimum wage jobs and forge meaningful careers. Its one-year program has served almost 20,000 people since 2000, and the vast majority end up in roles at major companies or in college.

Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

A recent Calabrio research study of more than 1,000 C-Suite executives has revealed leaders are missing a key data stream – voice of the customer data. Download the report to learn how executives can find and use VoC data to make more informed business decisions.

Five Ways to Disrupt Your Competition with Customer Service


The concept of disruption is interesting. If you ask most business people to name a company that is known for being a disrupter, you’ll hear answers like Amazon, Uber and Walmart. Walmart disrupted local businesses when they came into a community. Uber disrupted the taxi-cab industry.

Financial Service Organizations: A Guide to Credit Karma Reviews


If you’re running or managing a business in the financial services industry, you’ve probably heard of Credit Karma.

Delight your customers – but only if they want to be delighted

Heart of the Customer

Delight your customers, or make it easy for them? How do we reconcile two popular CX books with opposite conclusions – The Effortless Experience vs. The Power of Moments? Consultancy CEB is the driver behind The Effortless Experience.

Don’t let shopping online become a “rip off”

Helen Dewdney

The Complaining Cow follows up on her Rip Off Britain advice. When purchasing items online it’s easy to get carried away when you see what you think is a bargain.

Get the Stats- Don’t Become a Tragic Customer Experience Statistic

The results are in: only 2% of customers prefer chatbots. Yet 66% of businesses plan to use a chatbot this year, with the intention to improve customer satisfaction. Are you surprised? If so, you’re not alone. Understanding customer expectations is key to your CX strategy. But technology and consumer preferences change so fast. How well do you really know what your customers want?

What college should be about and why UX research is tough


Reading Time: 3 minutes Last week Patrick Donnelly and I were on the beautiful college campus of UC Santa Barbara.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of June 18, 2018


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too.

What Reviews Mean For Local SEO — and How to Maximize Local Potential


This is a guest post by Kayleigh Alexandra, who is a content writer for Micro Startups — a site dedicated to spreading the word about startups and small businesses of all shapes and sizes. Visit the blog for the latest marketing insights and SEO pointers from top experts.

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5 Ways Customer Experience Technology Revolutionized Pet Care

Smarter CX

Animals may not have a voice to speak themselves, but it’s safe to assume that they’d give a “woof” or “meow” in approval of how customer experience technology has revolutionized the pet care industry.

How to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience

Learn 5 actions your organization can take right now to improve the customer experience.

AR for Field Service: Should you Choose Smart Glasses or Mobile Devices?


With its value clearly proven within the field service industry and Goldman Sachs predicting that augmented reality (AR) will be an $80B market by 2025, it comes as no surprise that the sector is leading the market in practical implementation of AR technology. .

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Mixed Reality Design: 8 Examples of Immersive Technology Changing the Customer Experience


Reading Time: 2 minutes As technology evolves into Mixed Reality, I am reminded of the words of renowned designer Michael Bierut: “Not everything is design. But design is about everything. So, do yourself a favor: be ready for anything.”

Amazing Business Radio: Marilyn Suttle


Color Your Customers’ World. How can you create strong customer loyalty while staying inspired? Shep Hyken is joined by Marilyn Suttle , conference speaker, bestselling author, and coach, to discuss her new book, Color Their World – The Art of Creating Strong Customer Loyalty. ?.