Technology – Panacea or Tool?

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Recently I had a conversation with a brilliant IT professional who repeatedly referenced the “limitless possibilities” of technology. His zeal and enthusiasm for all things technology made him well-suited for his specialty but as we talked, it became increasingly clear that he lacked similar respect for the importance of understanding human behavior. In fact, at one point he suggested that “technology will help clean up all the ills of humankind.”.

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Embracing Technology in CX


Regardless of the industry you operate in, or size and maturity of your business, organizations across the board are being forced to adapt to rapidly changing digital technologies.

The Technology Industry NPS® Benchmarks


The technology industry has been continuously disrupting and leading markets when it comes to innovations and customer experience. When it comes to customer loyalty and retention, the technology sector scores an […].

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Lead People Not Technology: Interacting to Succeed

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Technology First? The interviewer inquired, “Isn’t a lot of leadership success today simply a matter of choosing the right technology before your competitors do?” They survey for trends, and they find tools – many of which come from technology – to position their people, products, and processes for success.”. Great technology in the hands of a misaligned workforce or applied to the wrong opportunity is worthless.

Getting to Iconic – How leading brands balance technology and human talent to deliver exceptional CX

Getting to Iconic – How leading brands balance technology and human talent to deliver exceptional CX. The world’s most influential and customer-centric firms lead with technology, but do not let technology lead their customer relationships.

How To Scale Service Design: Technology

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By the end, I saw four major areas in which the discipline of service design needs to focus in order to be able to scale: technology, ubiquity, coaching, and delivery. In today’s post, I’ll talk about technology. We must also move beyond just talking about existing technology.

4 Technology Trends set to Improve Customer Experience in 2017


There's no denying the fact that customer service is critical to any business. As customers have more alternatives than ever, the businesses that win the battle of customer service gain a clear competitive advantage.

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Your Visual Guide to Technology Net Promoter Score® Benchmarks


We’ve compiled a publicly available list of Net Promoter Scores® from the technology industry, along with opportunities for growth in the sector based on information from our most recent infographic! Blog Featured NPS Technology Industry Infographic Net Promoter Score technology

Technology: A Blessing & A Curse to Customer Experience Delivery {Infographic}

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Get the Stats- Don’t Become a Tragic Customer Experience Statistic

But technology and consumer preferences change so fast. Get the Stats- Don’t Become a Tragic Customer Experience Statistic. The results are in: only 2% of customers prefer chatbots. Yet 66% of businesses plan to use a chatbot this year, with the intention to improve customer satisfaction.

Seven technologies to improve customer service in SMBs


Which technologies really can improve customer service? Ten Critical Technologies to Transform Customer Engagement ’. And with technological developments ranging from mobile connectivity to speech analytics, businesses have more opportunities to enhance this experience than ever before.

Wearables: Technology on the Rise

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The wearable technology market is growing at a rapid pace, with 1 in 5 Americans owning a wearable tech device. This technology encourages wearers to be more engaged in their health and lifestyle choices. New wearable technology on the market such as K’Track Glucose may change that.

Send in the Drones: Elevating Service in A Technology-Driven World

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Have you been watching Domino’s global strategy over the recent number of years? If not, I think the pizza giant it worthy of study. Unbeknownst to many, Domino’s is an amazingly forward looking company.

Hot New Contact Center Technology in Early 2017


New technologies for a new era. The contact center space is rapidly evolving, due to a range of exciting new technologies that will significantly alter the industry in the near future.

Is Your Customer Experience Technology Helpful or Creepy?


Location-based apps were another year’s IT technology. The technology itself becomes secondary to the purpose. Will they find your customer experience technology helpful, or creepy? SXSW: Customer Experience Technology.

Study: The Health of the Contact Center

jobs, the challenges they face and how technology will dictate the future of the contact center. customer issues or requests because they’re ill- equipped with technology and training. Tweet this Technology and tools are key to addressing customer. technology will.

CMTO: Integrate Marketing, CCM Technologies


In “ CMTO Agenda: The C-Suite's Newest Member Takes On Customer Experience ,” Sheldon Monteiro ( @sheldon_tm ), ‎senior VP and chief technology officer at SapientNitro, writes: “In today’s digital world, experience makes all the difference.

Uplifting Service – Book Review from Technology Guru

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This review first posted on the technology blog: [link] ) Thank you, Daniel. The post Uplifting Service – Book Review from Technology Guru appeared first on UP Your Service. Uplifting Service book book review Technology

3 Methods to Capture the Promise of Technology in Call Center BPO Offerings


As businesses increasingly realize that leveraging the power of technology creates a clear competitive advantage, the future of the BPO industry has become dependent on its willingness to adopt new growth and BPO technology trends that will serve as a value multiplier for their offerings.

How do enterprise technology companies simplify their products services and experiences? Part II


In this article, we are going to give a few examples of enterprise technology companies simplifying their products, services, and experiences. The post How do enterprise technology companies simplify their products services and experiences?

Blockchain Technology 101 for Customer Experience Professionals

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Everywhere you turn, these buzzwords are being used constantly – all referring to a hot new technology known as blockchain. It’s becoming a massive tech movement and countless companies are not only getting on board, but also finding new, innovative ways to use blockchain technology.

Customer Experience Simplicity in Technology: How Quality & Design Impact the Bottom Line


The post Customer Experience Simplicity in Technology: How Quality & Design Impact the Bottom Line appeared first on Eglobalis. What is simplicity exactly? To me, simplicity means a demonstration of features, functionalities, processes, governance and design which are really necessary.

Astea Infographic: Keeping Pace with Service Technology


Service companies face vital decisions in all stages of technology procurement that can have profound results post-implementation. Questions like ‘Should we purchase all our technology solutions from one vendor, or should we select best-of-breed solutions and integrate them?

Technology Based Solutions to Enhance Customer Retention Strategies


Technology-based customer retention solutions provide powerful platforms and fresh approaches, and most importantly, practical frameworks and processes to successfully engage with customers at scale. Technology – key to successful customer retention strategies.

New Technology Dramatically Helps CX

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Is Technology Your Power Core?

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With a strong technology power core, you could be far along on the continuum of collecting and using customer data and feedback. Make information technology a partner in the customer mission.

Incorporate Technology Effectively in Your Contact Center – Your Agents will Thank You


If you follow customer service trends then you know that technology continues to blur the line between digital and physical customer experiences. Unfortunately, “happy agents coupled with the advanced technology makes for happy customers” just doesn’t roll off the tongue as well.

Be Warned! Technology Isn’t Everything

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But many others look to technology. But technology alone is never the answer. Digital technology can enhance the customer experience. Technology can help, but it’s no substitute for truly caring about your customers. Case Study: Enhance Your CX with This Technology.

Speech Analytics: Changing the Game for Contact Center Technology


Despite this, many contact centers are still struggling to find practical uses, and/or measure the ROI of the technology. The post Speech Analytics: Changing the Game for Contact Center Technology appeared first on inContact Blog.

Send in the Drones: Elevating Service in A Technology-Driven World {Infographic}

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How To Ride The Technology Wave (And Not Get Swept Away)

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there’s enough emerging technology in financial services to fill a whole alphabet book. Investing in emerging technology is one of the main […]. AI, blockchain, chatbot, digital identity, etc.

Pokémon Go: How to Launch Experiences that Maximize Technology and Social Interaction

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3) Leverage technology and interactivity – While much has been promised from augmented-reality technology, Niantic delivered an emotionally engaging experience. Let me guess, you’d like your prospective customers to learn about your products or services WITHOUT you having to invest a bundle of money in marketing! Hmm…let’s think about a recent product launch that fits that description. How about learning from the makers of Pokémon Go?

How Does Technology Impact the Customer Experience?

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To innovate and get ahead of competitors and market trends, it’s critical for customer experience leaders to continually evaluate their vision of customer experience and perceive potential technologies that could accelerate the ability to deliver exceptional service experiences.

6 Keys to Successful Contact Center Technology Change Management


Success Depends On More Than Just Technology. You’re implementing a new technology solution – great! Hopefully with these tips – combined with your awesome new technology platform and your amazing project team – will set you up for success for your next change or implementation. The post 6 Keys to Successful Contact Center Technology Change Management appeared first on inContact Blog. Change is hard. As humans we are creatures of habit.

Zebra Technologies Expands Global Customer Service With inContact


Zebra Technology manufactures and sells computer printing technologies for a variety of sectors, all over the world. Call Center Architect, Zebra Technologies. Zebra Technologies began with the Asia Pacific region, then the European office.

Guest Blog: Technology Trends That Will Govern the CX Landscape


This week we feature an article by Shaista Haque who writes about the top technology trends of 2017 that she believes will disrupt customer experience benchmarks. The breakthrough technologies have swamped the world and it’s the truth that all this change has been enticing for most of us.

The Top Trends in Technology at SXSW


Amidst all the activity, the team also found the time to learn all the emerging new trends in technology at SXSW. . Artificial intelligence was one emerging technology that everyone at SXSW was talking about. ReviewTrackers is all in on this particular technology trend.

Providing Support to Technologically Challenged Customers

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Providing support to technologically challenged customers. As the technology continues to change and advance at an extremely rapid rate, we all in customer support have to deal with people who find themselves being challenged by new methods and updated technology.

Emotion Powers Technology Adoption

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It’s unquestionable that consumers become emotionally attached to certain devices and technologies.

Net Promoter® News: SAP, Securus Technologies and NPS Targets


SAP achieves an NPS score of 19 for 2016, Securus Technologies completes fourth year of using NPS and many more stories… Enjoy today’s Net Promoter News roundup! The post Net Promoter® News: SAP, Securus Technologies and NPS Targets appeared first on CustomerGauge.

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