The Misuse of Tech-Touch Strategies in Customer Success – and How To Fix It


Today’s customers have high expectations, and in SaaS, selling never really ends. Customer SuccessB2B buying cycles are long and complex and a whopping 77% of buyers f eel like the process is very complicated and time-consuming.

Oct 13 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Vice President of Customer Success Location: Remote, New York, United States Organization: Deep Labs As a Vice President of Customer Success, you will drive Customer Success at the clients through increased renewal rates, expansion of use case, and reduced churn.


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Oct 01 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: VP, Customer Success Location: Atlanta, GA, US Organization: CMSPI As a VP of Customer Success, you will oversee the management, growth, and increased engagement of existing merchant accounts. Passionately prioritize the service needs of the customers.

How to Structure Your Customer Success Team


What makes a sports team successful? Having the right members and the right structure is key to the success of any team – whether that team is on a field or in a conference room. Who Makes Up a Customer Success Team? How is a Customer Success Team Structured?

Sports 102

The Art of Community: Higher Logic & Vanilla Forums Super Forum!

Speaker: Keynote Speaker, Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist, Canva

In its 12th year? Super Forum is the largest and most comprehensive conference for executives, community managers, marketing, membership, and customer success professionals who want to connect, engage, and create better customer and member experiences. And this year, we’re going even bigger as we add Vanilla’s highly regarded Conversations conference into the mix. Register today!

Oct 07 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: VP of Customer Success Location: Miami, FL, US Organization: AutoLeadStar As a VP of Customer Success, you will provide the front-line relationship for a select group of customers on an ongoing basis, and liaise with external and internal stakeholders as needed.

Oct 12 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Vice President of Customer Success Location: Remote, United States Organization: Seamless.AI Build and lead a world-class team, developing a company-wide customer success program that integrates processes, content, and data to/from stakeholder organizations (e,g.,

Customer Success & Marketing Success


When you think of customer success and marketing, you may be thinking that those two areas of the business—and their related strategies—aren’t very related. In fact, by making customer success an enterprise-wide priority, the entire company benefits—along with your customers, of course!

Effective Communication in Customer Success


Optimize business communication for customer success growth with these effective strategies

Customer Success & Teammate Success


You don’t usually hear feedback about how your customer-facing teams are doing unless things are either going really well or, unfortunately, really bad. Here are three key ways customer success thinking crosses over to also help teammate success. Customer Success

The Customer-Powered Enterprise Playbook

Harness the power of customers across every department of your business with this new playbook. It contains 7 strategic guides for various departments of your business, 9 inspiring case studies, and 7 tactical worksheets to get you started.

Oct 05 – Customer Success Jobs


Define the various stages of the customer journey and lead the Customer Success teams to ensure the customers achieve the best experience possible within each stage. Act as an advocate for the customer and serve as the escalation point for ongoing customer issues.

Customer Success Leading Indicators


For a team to be truly successful in the customer success world, data and metrics should inform every decision made. Leading indicators are variables or occurrences which can help your team forecast how a customer account will fare over time.

Oct 11 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Head Of Client Success Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia Organization: Liven As a Head Of Client Success, you will guide, develop and lead the Client Success team to achieve quarterly objectives and key results. Coach customers to be product experts.

How to Scale Customer Success Operations


For one thing, how would you scale your customer success operations quickly enough to meet the demand that this type of growth requires? Watch the Webinar: Steps to Scale Your Customer Success Operations Overnight. 8 Steps for Scaling Customer Success.

The Better Way to Onboard Customers

Speaker: Skilljar Experts

The best onboarding programs have a super power: they’re constantly improving. Here at Skilljar, we’ve learned a thing or two about onboarding, both by crafting our own experience, and by collaborating with the best Customer Education professionals in the world. In our upcoming webinar, we’re going to share these learnings with you.

Sep 15 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Director of Customer Success Location: Remote, United States Organization: Tessian As a Director of Customer Success, you will hire, lead and develop the US CSM team. Act as a key escalation point and exec sponsor for customers.

Sep 17 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: VP, Customer Success Location: Atlanta, GA, US Organization: CMSPI As a VP of Customer Success, you will oversee the management, growth, and increased engagement of existing merchant accounts. Passionately prioritize the service needs of the customers.

Q4 Customer Success: Renewals and Retention Process


It has become just as important, in the SaaS industry particularly, to work to keep existing customers as it is to chase down new leads. Customer retention and renewal are now crucial pieces of business growth. Conduct Preliminary Customer Success Renewal Research.

Sep 21 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Director, Customer Success Location: Dallas, TX, US Organization: Castlight Health As a Director of Customer Success, you will grow and manage a portfolio of business with responsibility for the growth and retention of the existing customer base.

Customer Success: A CCO's Journey of Trials, Celebrations, and Everything In Between

Speaker: Jeb Dasteel, Former CCO, Oracle and Owner, Dasteel Consulting

"Customer Success” has become extremely popular in the last several years but has turned into one of those terms so varied in interpretation that it has lost meaning. Even the role of the chief customer officer - or top Customer Success executive - differs endlessly across organizations large and small. In this session, Jeb Dasteel, the former long-time chief customer officer of Oracle, will candidly discuss his views, successes, and even failures in implementing Customer Success programs in a Fortune 100 organization.

5 Best Practices for Hiring a Customer Success Manager


Following best practices for hiring a customer success manager can make a critical difference in the quality of your customer relationships. This can determine whether customers renew or churn and whether they become loyal ambassadors for your brand. Customer Success

Sep 24 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Customer Success Director Location: Remote, United States Organization: Brightcove As a Customer Success Director, you will drive retention and growth among the most valuable customers by understanding their business needs and helping them succeed.

Developing Leaders for Customer Success


If you lived in and around the customer success space for a while, take a moment and think back to those earlier years. Leadership and the Customer Success Profession. Customer success firmly established a new level of legitimacy and maturity over the last decade or so.

Customer Success Plans Promote Client Satisfaction


Customer success plans provide you with a powerful tool to help clients achieve their goals. With your product, they feel more satisfied with your brand, positioning your own business for success as well. What Is a Customer Success Plan? Customer Success

Customer Success Needs to Grow (Up)

Speaker: Peter Armaly - Senior Director and Advisor of Customer Success at Oracle

Join this webinar with Peter Armaly, Senior Director and Adviser for Customer Success at Oracle, who will share his experiences, discuss some research, and offer guidance and opinions on the issue of Customer Success programs not being treated equal to its Sales peers.

Sep 27 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Director of Customer Success (Nonprofit) Location: Remote, San Francisco, CA Organization: Windfall As a Director of Customer Success, you will train, develop, and mentor a team of Customer Success Managers. Engage with a global portfolio of customers.

Structuring your Customer Success team


It’s time for another post in our series, This is Digital Customer Success , where we set out to get clarity on all things Digital CS. You’ve mapped out the customer journey , set your goals , you’ve created a channel strategy – it’s almost time to get to work. We’re back!

Guest post: 5 myths of Digital Customer Success


This month's guest post is brought to you by Condeco's arguably most customer-obsessed CSM – Erika Villarreal. She's about to bust five myths that all too often hold CS teams back when it comes to implementing and running digital-led customer success programs.

Customer Success Financial Metrics That Matter

CSM Practice

Guessing has no place in a changing customer success industry. Now more than ever, customer success leaders must use relevant and actionable customer success metrics to make guided decisions and strategies to deliver success. Customer Health Metrics.

The Modern Customer Success Playbook

The evolution of every high-functioning, effective customer success strategy centers around three C’s: connected experiences, an engaging customer journey, and a culture built on customer-centricity. Satisfaction won’t cut it. Quarterbacking your customers to long-term success and growth is proven to combat churn and transform customer success teams into revenue-drivers. But where do you start? Download the playbook today!

The Evolution of Customer Success


Across decades, in any industry, business leaders have obsessed over their customers. Whether a business serves five or 500,000 people, the opinion and experience of those customers are critical to the longevity of that business. . Today’s leadership also obsesses over their customers with one key difference. Namely, many think in terms of their customer’s success. They ask what investments they can make in their customers today to ensure tomorrow’s growth.

Customer Success & Channel Partner Success


When it comes to ensuring that your customers are having the best possible experience, you can’t rely on a gut feeling or just the feedback of those that happen to be a bit more vocal with their opinions—especially in a competitive market environment. Customer Success

5 Tips for Building a World-Class Customer Success Team


The COVID-19 pandemic created a new sense of urgency around protecting and nurturing customers by highlighting the fact that customers truly are the core of every business. And in this customer-centered economy, your customer success (CS) team is invaluable.

Sep 08 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: VP, Global Customer Success Location: San Francisco, CA, US Organization: Elastic As a VP of Global Customer Success, you will own the Elastic customer journey, ensuring the users’ success by driving transformational outcomes powered by Elastic solutions.

The Democratization of Customer Success

Speaker: John Ragsdale, Vice President of Technology Research for TSIA

Join Vanilla Forums on June 22 at 12 EDT for a webinar led by TSIA’s distinguished vice president of technology research, John Ragsdale. Along with Adrian Speyer, Head of Community for Vanilla Forums, expect an in-depth conversation about the role of online customer communities in enabling the three critical charters of customer success: adoption, renewals, and expansion.

Sep 13 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Customer Success Director Location: Franklin, TN Organization: Maetz Consulting, LLC As a Customer Success Director, you will spearhead the end-to-end effort to help build a new and thriving Customer Success team from the ground up, one person at a time.