Inside Customer Success: Jobber


Founded in 2011, with offices in Edmonton and Toronto, Jobber Software has helped thousands of home service businesses be more successful. When she joined in 2014, Justine Burns was Jobber’s first Customer Success hire. How do you keep on learning about Customer Success?

Join us for Customer Success Summit 2018!


So much is happening in the world of Customer Success. We’re going to bring the best and the brightest from the field to share latest trends in strategy and innovation so you and your organization can make the BIGGEST IMPACT possible in customer adoption, retention and overall customer engagement. This annual industry conference that Totango produces is for ALL customer-facing professionals that want to deliver on their promise to customers.

Where Customer Support and Customer Success Goals Overlap


It should never be customer success vs customer service. They’ve been separated to showcase customer success as being this proactive, product-driven, revenue generating machine, and left the support department sitting around feeling like a reactive cost center.

Customer Success Story: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital


Customer Success Story: Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. Enter ReviewTrackers, the award-winning online review management and customer feedback software platform. The leadership teams are able to gain insight into the customer experience.”. Success Stories

Meet your first wave speakers for Customer Success Summit 2018


Customer Success Summit brings together the best and brightest minds in Customer Success. Our world-class speaker lineup for 2018 Customer Success Summit will share the impressive business results that customer success best practices should deliver. VP, Global Head Digital Customer Engagement. Manager, Partner & Customer Experience. Dante is the Manager of Partner & Customer Experience at Google Cloud.

Inside Customer Success: Typeform


Amity decided to sit down with David Apple , Director of Customer Success at Typeform, to learn about the structure and culture of Customer Success in this fast-growing startup, and to find out how it has evolved since its beginning 3 years ago. Success is very subjective.

Customer Success in Numbers


There is a lot happening in the world of Customer Success, everything changes fast, and it can be difficult to see the bigger picture and to locate yourself on the map. In 2016, 60% of Customer Success Organizations have been around for 2 years, or less.

What Are the Important Customer Success Metrics


Ask anyone in sales or customer support regarding important customer success metrics, and almost always, churn is mentioned. Churn is short for ‘churn rate’ and refers to the percentage rate of customer loss or customer defection.

Inside Customer Success: Loopio


From the day the three co-founders started the company, its business plan, and its culture, Customer Success has been at the forefront of all things Loopio. How did you get started in Customer Success, and how has your path led you to your current role?

The Customer Success Road: Where to Start?


You have successfully made the case for Customer Success and your organization has realized that investing in a customer success program will help provide more value to your customers. Know your current customer lifecycle. Know your customers.

Inside Customer Success: HelloSign


Amity sat down with Maranda Dziekonski , HelloSign's VP of Customer Operations, to chat about all things Customer Success: data, churn, team management, and much more. I’m the Vice President of Customer Operations at HelloSign. To me, success means effortless.

Customer Success Story: American Family Insurance


The ability to deliver trust-based customer experiences is one of the biggest challenges facing providers, brands, and organizations in insurance. By doing so, they can build a stronger foundation for customer experience and fill the gap between expectations and performance.

Inside Customer Success: Uber Eats


Amity sat down with Karin Ronde , Manager of Client Success at Uber Eats to ask her about all things Customer Success. Read our interview with Karin to find out where Customer Success started at Uber Eats, where it is now, and where it’s headed in the future.

The Vital Role of Customer Success Operations


Today’s customer success executives are being challenged to use unprecedented amounts of customer data to build more predictable revenue outcomes and run more efficient operations. That’s on top of their existing efforts to manage an entire customer base. If you are a VP of Customer Success, it is time to go beyond defining strategy and start ensuring the execution of your strategy across the organization. Learning From The Success of Sales Operations.

How Data Science Helps Customer Success Leaders Answer 5 Important Questions About Customer Churn

Bob Hayes

predictive analytics, machine learning) can help companies improve their customer success programs by answering 5 important questions about customer churn, including what is the current churn/retention rate (e.g., Customer Success.

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Customer Success at Scale: Freshworks


With over 130,000 customers, Freshworks has seen phenomenal growth since its launch in 2010. As Freshworks continues to add clients at a blistering pace, it's also focused on driving long-term value through customer satisfaction and retention. We sat down with Vipin Thomas, Head of Customer Success at Freshworks, to learn more. Customer Success Management

Whats Makes A Customer Success Manager Successful?


While renewals and churn are both important metrics you should be evaluating for long-term success, they are not the only ones you should keep an eye out for. Customer Success Managers are responsible for training, onboarding, usage, and continued success.

Inside Customer Success: test IO


By connecting its customers with thousands of professional software testers around the world, test IO gives teams near-instant real world test results on any device. Implementing Customer Success Management has revolutionized the way test IO relates to its customers and builds relationships.

Building Customer Centric Organizations – TSIA Keynote Recap from Customer Success Summit 2017


Customer Success Summit is the industry-leading conference on customer success because it brings together experienced customer success professionals and industry thought-leaders, as well as research institutes for industry benchmarking.

Scaling Customer Success: Technology vs. Headcount


Cash-flow and funding can limit headcount for many early-stage SaaS companies, and at the outset, the Customer Success function often falls upon a team of one. As the customer base grows, this team of one will need to figure out how to scale their role — and do so quickly.

Identifying Customer Success Heroes


Anyone who is taking a job as a contact center agent needs to be organized, friendly and calm under pressure, but the right candidates for a customer success team need a little bit more. Why is customer success important?

Forward To New eBook on Customer Success

Kerry Bodine

This is my forward to Guy Nirpaz’ s new eBook on customer success, Farm Don’t Hunt , available today on Amazon. The disciplines of marketing and sales have traditionally owned a controlling stake in building customer relationships. Customer Success Kerry Bodine & Co

eBook 141

Customer Success Organizations


As of today, there are over 200,000 Google search results with the phrase "Customer Success" in the title. Needless to say, there's a staggering amount of content about Customer Success! To help cut through the noise, we've compiled our favorite Customer Success organizations that you can turn to for advice, inspiration, and community. Customer Success Management

2017 Rewind: Your Customer Success Playlist


The day-to-day life of Customer Success professionals can get pretty hectic. The playlist below takes you through key questions Customer Success teams face. Building a Robust Customer Success Program. ” Scaling Your Customer Success Organization.

Inside Customer Success: Achievers


With hundreds of customers worldwide, Achievers delivers a powerful new way for companies to engage, align, and recognize employees to drive business success. How did you get started in Customer Success and what was your path into your current role?

[Infographic] 4 Strategies for Scaling Customer Success


Every growing SaaS Business knows that effective Customer Success is an essential activity for them. The challenges of proactive Customer Success grow as the team scales.

Compensation Plans for Customer Success Managers


Careers in Customer Success Management are on the rise globally. With the field of Customer Success Management evolving so quickly, it only makes sense that compensation structures get more intricate and precise over time.

Compensation Structures in Customer Success


Customer Success is a relatively nascent term, having emerged as a more critical role with the shift in focus towards customer engagement and satisfaction by SaaS companies. Both of which are naturally more conducive to the goals of a Customer Success department.

Customer Success Meetup – QBRs, NPS® & Growth


Last week on the 18th May, CustomerGauge’s Customer Success Managers (CSMs) held a Customer Success Meetup in our Amsterdam office. Twenty-five customer success professionals from all over the Netherlands, and in different industries, attended. What We Learned… Only a few CSMs had regular contact with their customers on an ongoing basis Around half used NPS […].

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Don't Mistake Friendliness for Customer Success


BUT, if you are responsible for the health and well being of your customers, ignorance is simply inexcusable. As a Customer Success Manager, it’s your job to have your finger on the pulse of your customer’s needs, wants, and desires. You need to know what their goals, objectives, and success measures are; and you need to be able to anticipate how, when, and where these might change, and why. Yes, being the point person for your customers is a multifaceted job.

Inside Customer Success: Vend


Founded in 2009, Vend is a retail POS Software, Inventory Management, E-Commerce & Customer Loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Vend helps over 15,000 customers worldwide easily manage and grow their business in the cloud. How is Customer Success structured at Vend?

Inside Customer Success: LinkedIn


Founded in 2003, LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. We sat down with Perry Monaco, Manager of Customer Success - The Americas, to discuss how Customer Success has evolved at LinkedIn over the last 5 years.

13 Hopeful (but Absurd) Customer Success Predictions for 2018

Over here at Promoter, we decided to use that as an opportunity to start the year on a lighter note by taking a look at the good ol’ Magic 8 Ball of Customer Success. The post 13 Hopeful (but Absurd) Customer Success Predictions for 2018 appeared first on Customer Success Featured GeneralWith 2017 in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to set our sights on the year ahead.

Your Guide to Building a Career in Customer Success


So, you want to pursue a career in Customer Success? Based on their extensive jobs landscape data, LinkedIn even identified Customer Success Manager as the third most promising job of 2018. Is Customer Success For You? How is the success of the team measured?

Inside Customer Success: Moz


With more than 23,000 paying customers worldwide, Moz provides analytics software to track all of a website's SEO and inbound marketing efforts on one platform. I also set the strategy, position, and direction of Customer Success here at Moz.

Customer Success Story: Hwy 55 Burgers, Shakes and Fries


Customers expect a positive experience when they dine at your restaurant. Online reviews are a vital source of customer feedback to improve the guest experience. They’re also a key source of information for customers when searching for a restaurant. Customers are 46.7

Inside Customer Success: Sysomos


As Sysomos grew and gained momentum, Customer Success became a true pillar of its culture. Making sure every single one of their 1,200+ customers achieves the best possible outcomes using Sysomos is a true mission statement for all departments in the company.

Stranger NPS Things: More Customer Success Mistakes that Seem Upside Down

Last Fall we shared strange NPS practices that destroy the value of your customer success efforts. The post Stranger NPS Things: More Customer Success Mistakes that Seem Upside Down appeared first on Customer Success Featured General Net PromoterWell, this year, the “stranger things” are back and they’ve taken on a new form. Here at Promoter, we consider ourselves the Ghostbusters of bad NPS habits.

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Benchmarks for Customer Success

Waypoint Group

Benchmarking for Customer Success: Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Customers. While understanding a “typical” score for a company in your industry can be interesting, it shouldn’t be a benchmark to base decisions about customer success.

The A-List: Customer Success


Frequently updated and always on point, the A-List is a snapshot of what's happening in the world of Customer Success. Director of Customer Success - Proven. The Customer Success Newsletter. Customer Success Expert - Glide Consulting.