How to Build Your Customer Success Forecasting System with Eleanor O’Neil

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I’m a big believer in that,” said Eleanor O’Neil, regarding her decision to create a customer success forecasting system. Eleanor is the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Workshare , a B2B company that manages document productivity and security software for legal firms.

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Customer Success Enablement


Customer Success teams have no shortage of responsibilities — from launching new accounts, to helping existing customers achieve their goals and realize value — all the while securing upsells and renewals. Customer Success Management

Who Owns Customer Success?


Garrett shares his perspectives on which team should own Customer Success or if they should be owned at all. Customer Success Customers Onboarding saas value realization

Why Customer Success is not Customer Experience


Who owns the customer experience in your organization? When it comes to putting customer experience management into action, it’s critical to know who owns the moving pieces. In today’s B2B world, customer experience management (CEM) often falls to the customer success team.

How to Improve Customer Experience in an Era of Choice


Customer Success Tech Maturity Model


A lot of Customer Success leaders and Founders I have talked to since starting at CustomerSuccessBox have been confused about what customer tech stack to use at their SaaS businesses. So this got me thinking about what should be the Customer Success Tech Maturity Model.

10 Ways to Improve your Customer Success Strategy


There is no shortage of opinion in the market place about Customer Success; what it is, how to execute and whether growth should be a success metric are all hot topics. Do your processes work for 40 customers? Are you still onboarding every user/customer with a web-call?

Advocacy: Definition for Customer Success

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t not only make it, but does it in a way that makes their customers super successful in the process. ng new customers thr?ugh In the customer success word we use the term “advocate” to define a customer who t?lk? things a customer success manager ??n

Inside Customer Success: Densify


Amity sat down with Bradley Liou , Director of Customer Success at Densify to ask him about all things Customer Success. Read our interview with Bradley to find out where Customer Success started at Densify, where it is now, and where it’s headed in the future.

Proven SaaS Customer Success Best Practices to Increase Lifetime Value


The digital transformation of business has led to an explosion of demand for SaaS products, but the low barrier to entry and the fluidity it has afforded customers has created immense competitive pressures. SaaS Customer Success Best Practices That Work. Success plan.

The Customer-Powered Enterprise Playbook

7 Customer Success Team Goals for Your Enterprise in 2019-2020


Realizing lifetime value from your customers is about generating lifetime value for your customers. That’s the central tenant of the customer success approach to business. It represents a shift away from thinking of customers as point-of-sale pursuits and toward regarding them as ongoing relationships that require continuous nurturing. . So, what customer success team goals can help your enterprise generate real results?

Customer Success Webinar: Product-Led Customer Success: What, How, & Why


ClientSuccess will host David Jackson , Founder and CEO of TheCustomer.Co , for this month’s customer success webinar series: Product-Led Customer Success: What, How, and Why. Webinar: Product-Led Customer Success: What, How, and Why.

The Value of Customer Success

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On the thirteenth episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, we sat down with Irit Eizips, CEO and Customer Success Evangelist at CSM Practice. What would it be like if you were the customer in your business? Because when your customers succeed, your business succeeds.

How to Drive Growth with Customer Success Metrics


Customer Success Customers Onboarding saas value realizationShreesha shares the difference between KPIs and metrics and how to handle both so your team wins!

Customer Success Needs to Grow (Up)

Speaker: Peter Armaly - Senior Director and Advisor of Customer Success at Oracle

4 Customer Success Mistakes (and how to fix them)


Here are four mistakes I commonly see Customer Success teams make and how to address them. Customer Success ManagementThe start of a new year is a good time to reflect on our ambitions for the year ahead and acknowledge the mistakes we've made.

Launching Customer Success in Early-stage Startups – Should Founders Bother?!

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There are many stages in the life of a business: An early startup stage with a handful of customers, or a much mature stage with a larger customer base. Somewhere in between, it becomes crucial to monitor and ensure customer success in relation to your business.

Customer Success Metrics—4 Categories to Measure Customer Success Performance


Over the next month, I will be writing about the customer success metrics that top organizations use to measure the performance of their customer success strategies and team execution. In this blog, I will cover the 4 high-level categories of customer success metrics.

Learn To Drive Customer Success With Live Chat


Customers and prospects have a number of ways to reach your team with sales and support questions, but none are as effective and immediate as live chat. Over the past 4 years live chat usage has grown by 400% and more and more customers expect businesses to have it.

Data-Driven Approach to Proving Customer Success

Speaker: Irit Eizips, CEO, CSM Practice

With many different approaches to measuring performance, organizations must rely on the right metrics to drive the best results for their customers. By the end of this webinar, you will know: Which metrics to track to improve your customer success performance.

The Value of Customer Success

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On the thirteenth episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, we sat down with Irit Eizips , CEO and Customer Success Evangelist at CSM Practice. What would it be like if you were the customer in your business? Because when your customers succeed, your business succeeds.

Moving from Reactive to Proactive Customer Success


Clayton shares how to move from reactive to proactive Customer Success, and the necessary strategies to advance! Customer Success Customers Onboarding saas value realization

Q&A: The Case for Billable Customer Success


The most commonly quoted challenge facing Customer Success leaders worldwide over the past ten years or more has been confusion over the role and definition of Customer Success. The question “ What do Customer Success people do? ”

How to scale your Customer Success Team

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Our approach to scaling a customer success team might be vastly different for strategic accounts vs. your small and mid-size business (SMB) segment. Customer Segmentation. Some customer success teams perceive high touch as something that’s nearly impossible to scale.

The SaaS Guide to Customer Engagement, Retention, and Advocacy

Customer Success Performance Indicator

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This summer, I received a call from one of my favorite customer success community leaders, Dave Blake who is the CEO for Client Success. By Andreas Knoefel, Customer Success and Services Executive, Thought Leader, and Author. The Customer Success Performance Index™.

Customer Success Compensation: Base, Bonus, and Quotas


The debate over what types of financial incentives companies should offer customer-facing employees has been unfolding for years. How do you determine which compensation plan aligns with the customer's (and by extension, the company's) best interests? Customer Success Management

5 Tips For Hiring A Customer Success Leader


Customer Success Customers Onboarding saas value realizationJoseph shared how to hire a good CS leader, and what to look for during the process.

Customer Success Performance Indicators

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. This summer, I received a call from one of my favorite customer success community leaders, Dave Lake who is the CEO for ClientSuccess. As Customer Success leaders we are constantly challenged to preserve the customer base and to increase the recurring revenue stream.

The Complete Guide to Improving Your Customer Success Health Score


This is certainly true of the customer success health scores used to monitor the status of customers. When a health score indicates that a customer requires attention, you also need to know what went wrong and how to fix it. To improve the diagnostic value of customer success health scores, build them around the right metrics and derive solutions by understanding how those metrics impact customer lifetime value. Use a Customer Success Platform.

Customer Success Metrics


There is a long list of metrics for each pillar of Customer Success but for the purposes of this post I’ll focus on the key metrics for Customer Success Management and the metrics commonly used for CS as a whole (I’ll save customer support and customer education metrics for another post).

Pillars of Customer Success


In a previous post we tackled the question of ‘what is customer success?’ ’ In case you didn’t read it, or need a refresher, our definition of Customer Success is proactive enablement. Customer Success Management. Customer Experience.

The Most Important Customer Success KPIs You Should Be Tracking


Customer success initiatives are critical in ensuring your product gives customers the positive outcomes they’re looking for. But how can you tell if your customer success team’s hard work is paying off? Next, look at your customers’ goals.

Forward To New eBook on Customer Success

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This is my forward to Guy Nirpaz’ s new eBook on customer success, Farm Don’t Hunt , available today on Amazon. The disciplines of marketing and sales have traditionally owned a controlling stake in building customer relationships. Customer Success Kerry Bodine & Co

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Inside Customer Success: Jobber


Founded in 2011, with offices in Edmonton and Toronto, Jobber Software has helped thousands of home service businesses be more successful. When she joined in 2014, Justine Burns was Jobber’s first Customer Success hire. How do you keep on learning about Customer Success?

Introducing The Temkin Customer Success Index

Experience Matters

Over the last few years, many B2B organizations have created customer success organizations that focus on ensuring that their clients are happy. These companies are realizing that customers aren’t just buying their products, they’re making purchases with the expectation that they will achieve some value from the provider’s products and services. We think that to be successful customer success teams must blend account management with a strong CX mindset.