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Are Kum & Go and Del Taco Doing Loyalty Programs Right?


Loyalty programs can take many forms. From a punch-card style program where customers eventually get an item after a certain number of purchases to subscription-based models where members get exclusive perks. But across each model, the consistent theme is additional value for customers.

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Building a Better Loyalty Program (and the Reward for Getting It Right)


loyalty programs on average. If, for example, you’re a member of Nordstrom’s loyalty program, Nordy Club, you’re among a group of customers who are likely to spend three to five times more than non-members, and are consequently driving two-thirds of Nordstrom’s sales. The Downlow on Loyalty: Reciprocity is Key.


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Build the Right Customer Loyalty Program

QuestionPro Audience

For that reason, consumer-facing companies find it essential to have some type of customer loyalty program. But with so many different loyalty programs out there, how do you know which one is best for you (and your customers!)? When programs are hard to use (or even just unpleasant to use), customers won’t use it.

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5 Effective Customer Loyalty Programs for Small Businesses

Help Scout

All you need to know about the benefits of customer loyalty programs for small business + examples of 5 types of programs to consider. Read the full article

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Guest Post: How Next-Generation Loyalty Programs Elevate Customer Experiences


She writes about next-generation loyalty programs and how they can enhance customer experience. These programs revolutionize how businesses engage and retain customers by incorporating elements such as gamification, personalization, experiential rewards, and social loyalty.

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The Benefit of Loyalty Programs Amidst Rising Inflation


As anyone who has recently filled up their gas tank or purchased groceries will tell you, the cost of living just keeps going up. Consumer reactions to this vary greatly. Some people will shop sales while others will buy in bulk. The common goal, however, is to get the best value for every dollar spent.

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The Impact of Casino Loyalty Programs on Satisfaction, Emotional Binds, Loyalty, and Price Sensitivity

CSM Magazine

There is hardly any online or land-based casino that doesn’t offer some kind of a loyalty program, like the iRush Rewards program or any other like this. But do those programs really work, and how? These programs not only aim to keep the dice rolling but also to decode the preferences of the diverse casino audience.