The Consumer Research Process 101


Consumer research is the process by which businesses track and analyze patterns of consumer behavior from the first clickthrough to the initial purchase. Consumer Insights

Driverless Cars: Are Consumers Ready?

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Automotive Emerging Technologies Study , only 1 out of every 5 consumers was interested in a fully autonomous vehicle. Only 1 out of every 5 consumers was interested in a fully autonomous vehicle. Consumers may purchase fewer vehicles, meaning automakers and their suppliers could be forced to shed jobs.” Audience Consumer Insights QuestionPro Products Trending automation cars Consumer Driverless insight Research tesla uber


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Patients as ‘Consumers’ and ‘Customers’: How Can Health Care Meet Their Growing CX Demands

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The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the “consumerization” of health care—patients behaving more like consumers in their healthcare interactions. In a white paper on key industry insights, Deloitte says the consumer has arrived in the healthcare industry sooner than expected.

How Weather Impacts Consumer Buying Behavior

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the weather has a huge influence on consumer behavior, and the effects are much more extensive than the obvious rain boot and snow shovel examples. Weather affects consumers’ mood, which influences buying behavior and dictates where they purchase, what they purchase, and how much they are willing to spend. PURCHASE PRICE Whether it’s sunshine, temperature, rain or snow, weather influences consumers’ moods. March winds and April showers bring forth May flowers.

Top 3 Ways to Conquer Virtual Retail Woes With Messaging

Today’s customers want to be met on the channel of their choice with experiences that are both personal and unique. Meeting these needs means delivering relevant experiences through the right technology such as messaging. Discover three ways to improve business outcomes by deploying messaging and AI. This quick read will help you discover strategies that help your brand stand out and go beyond customer expectations.

Changes in Consumer Habits | Download the Report


Read about the findings from the large-scale survey we conducted in early May, on changes to consumer behaviors since the inception of COVID-19. Leveraging our platform, we received over 2000 responses and identified some pretty amazing findings

Report 150

2020: Consumer Trends for the Auto Industry

Brandwatch CX

Consumer Trends 2020

The Evolution of the Tech Consumer


The people who consume tech have also changed significantly. From the niche world of hi-tech enthusiasts from the 90s to today’s mainstream users, the people who consume technology have had as much of an effect on its evolution as it has had in our daily life.

Save Consumers


Dear consumers, Display Advertising Company Updates Save Consumers

Blockchain: 4 Ways it Benefits Consumers

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According to a study conducted by HSBC , 59% of consumers said they’d never heard of blockchain technology, and 80% of those who had heard of it didn’t understand what it is. Never fear—we’re going to break it down for you while we explore 4 ways consumers will benefit from Blockchain. The company can then provide the consumer with a complete product history, from production line to their purchase, therefore providing certainty in its authenticity.

Artificial Intelligence and the Customer Experience

Forecasting Consumer Behavior with DemandJump


We specifically created our platform to provide real-time consumer insights marketers use to stay ahead of the trends in consumer behavior. Consumer InsightsIf forecasting was easy, everyone would trust the weather report and no one ever would have bought an eight track player.

Super Bowl Impact on Consumer Spending

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And these brands are betting—very large sums of money—on consumers checking out their ads. Super Bowl weekend brings in serious revenue from consumer spending for liquor stores, restaurants and grocery stores. Consumers carry the spending momentum through from the holiday season into their Super Bowl festivities. Whether hosting a party or going to a bar, consumers are going to spend on the game. Audience Mobile Trending consumer behavior consumer insights

A complete guide to using consumer panels

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What is a consumer panel? A consumer panel is defined as a representative group of people, selected by an organization or business to provide opinions and inputs for consumer research. The panelists provide feedback relating to product & services testing, ad testing, taste testing, and other areas. These recruited groups are like specialized panels that take part in various research projects sponsored by the researching organization. Audience

Protecting Your Brand by Harnessing the Power of Consumer Intent


Find out how to anticipate needs and understand consumer behaviour and intent as businesses are forced to shift away from their traditional sales model

6-Step Guide to Operationalize a Consumer Connects Program

Why do consumer-centric organizations succeed? How can my company build a consumer connects program? Establishing a Connects Program is a great way to support your consumer insight initiatives. Learn how to do it with the right tools in's eBook.

What are consumer insights?


Consumer Insights

The Changing Pattern of Consumer Communications

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consumers prefer to communicate with each other, analyzing their answers to the question, Which method would you most likely use to communicate with your friends? For the past several years, we’ve been examining how U.S. As you can see in the figure below: Text messages are on the rise (+8 points between 2012 and 2016), while […]. Customer experience

2020: Consumer Trends for the Restaurant Industry

Brandwatch CX

Consumer Trends 2020 Uncategorized

How Contact Centers are Rising to the Demands of Consumers Based from Home

NICE inContact

When history is written about the pandemic, there will be chapters on the increasing importance of customer service, adaptation, and the evolving role of contact centers in the quest to survive.

Are We Building Relationships That Will Last a Lifetime?

Speaker: Lauren Feehrer, President and Founder of LoyaltyCraft Consulting

Genuine connections between brands and consumers happen when empathetic team members are enabled with effective technology. To remain competitive in the next normal, we must examine how at the heart of digital transformation is consumer connection. Join Lauren Feehrer, Founder and President of LoyaltyCraft Consulting, to learn how the merging of empathy and technology can transform your Customer Experience.

An Exploding Stove, Epic Hold Music, and AI that Measures Consumer Emotion

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Emotion is a powerful motivator—arguably THE most powerful motivator—and can make or break a consumer relationship. Consumers are people. Erica is CMB’s VP of Consumer Psychology.

The Digital Revolution: Rising Consumer Expectations

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The highest growth is expected in the areas of messaging and AI-driven self-service , offering consumers more ways to connect with companies so they can select their channel of choice for the type of problem/issue to address. The post The Digital Revolution: Rising Consumer Expectations appeared first on NICE inContact Blog. Digital today is much more than just email and chat.

Consumer Brands NPS® Benchmarks


Or why Starbucks is leading the fast food consumer brands NPS chart? Today we will walk through the NPS achievements, CX strategies and best practices from the consumer brands industry. The post Consumer Brands NPS® Benchmarks appeared first on CustomerGauge. Blog consumer brands Featured Net Promoter benchmarks News NPS Consumer Brands NPS benchmarks Starbucks TeslaWant to know how Tesla Motors got an NPS of 97?

NPS 72

3 Tech Insights for 2021, Straight from Consumers


And with many of us spending a lot more time at home, consumers are bringing more of these complex products into closer quarters, increasing the demand for products that interact seamlessly with each other and stay in sync even as iterations and updates occur across their tech ecosystems.

To Text or To Talk? Understanding Customer Care Preferences for Voice and Digital Channels

As customer care channels continue to evolve and expand, there’s been a lot of debate about which channels customers actually prefer to interact with brands. Based on a recent Harris Poll, learn why consumers choose one channel over another, and how common frustrations with specific channels drive consumers to pick alternatives.

Businesses Are Confident in AI — But Consumers Are More Cautious

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But consumers are more cautious. Then, we compared business responses with what more than 2,400 consumers told us about their actual service experiences in our 2018 study. Businesses are confident in chatbots’ ability to make it easier for consumers to get their issues resolved, and consumers are less certain. Businesses are enthusiastic about consumer use of at-home virtual assistants for customer service, and consumers less so.

Consumers Ride A Rising Tide Of Consumer Energy Into 2021

Forrester's Customer Insights

Age of the Customer B2C Marketing Chief Marketing Officer Consumer Energy Index customer experience Customer Insights Data Insights pandemic

Super Bowl Impact on Consumer Spending

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And these brands are betting—very large sums of money—on consumers checking out their ads. Super Bowl weekend brings in serious revenue from consumer spending for liquor stores, restaurants and grocery stores. Consumers carry the spending momentum through from the holiday season into their Super Bowl festivities. Whether hosting a party or going to a bar, consumers are going to spend on the game. Audience Mobile Trending consumer behavior consumer insights Super Bowl

Data Privacy: How Consumers Feel

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Privacy and security are definitely at the forefront of consumers’ minds in today’s digital era. Brands need to be cognizant of consumers’ feelings about the security of their personal information and online behaviors. Consumers are very concerned about the extent of personal information companies may have access to, and what they do with that information.

Fireside Chat: Lessons from "The Convenience Revolution"

Speaker: Shep Hyken, Bestselling Author & Customer Experience Expert

Join Shep Hyken, bestselling author and Customer Experience expert in a fireside chat, where we will informally discuss the six principles from his bestselling book, "The Convenience Revolution" that underline this shift in consumer preferences.

How New Year’s Resolutions Impact Consumer Buying Behavior

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January 1 marks not just the beginning of many consumer’s journeys to their goals, but also a turning point for industries that stand to profit from these sudden shifts in consumer behavior. After a long holiday season filled with food and drinks, the most popular resolution is to lose weight, but gyms are not the only industry that will benefit from consumer spending in the new year. Audience Mobile consumer behavior consumer insights

Happiness Affects How Consumers View Companies

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I started by examining the question: Does the innate happiness of a consumer influence how she perceives her experiences with companies? I analyzed the happiness of consumers (based on the degree to which they agree with the statement “ I am typically happy “) and the Temkin Emotion Ratings ( a subset of the Temkin Experience Ratings ) that they gave to companies with which they’ve recently interacted.

Deep Dive into NPS with the UK Consumer Study


The Results Are In The UK Consumer Study produced by Bain & Company in partnership with MaritzCX is the first comprehensive annual survey of major UK industries and sub-industries, including Automotive, Travel, Logistics, Utilities, Technology and Media. The Study includes over 110,000 individual brand responses that cover 198 UK consumer brands.

Study 219

The Top 5 Grocery Consumer Expectations of 2021

Second to None

Consumer behaviors have shifted dramatically due to the pandemic, and trends are pointing straight at a refined customer experience in 2021. Here are the top 5 consumer expectations as it relates to the grocery industry in 2021. Consumer convenience .

Moving Customer Service to Customer Experience and How It Benefits Your Business

Speaker: Kristina Evey, Customer Experience Strategist, The Customer Experience Podcast for Business Leaders

The psychology behind consumer behavior and experiences will be addressed as a foundation leading to the methods to build connection with customers to drive loyalty. This webinar will do a deep dive into the mindset, processes and methods of building a successful Customer Experience.

Simmons Leverages TikTok to Target Young Consumers


They recently experienced wild success leveraging TikTok to target young consumers during this lockdown. We will investigate how a brand can capture consumers by harnessing popular media, examined via social media listening. So, the consumer and market intelligence was clear.