What 1000 Consumers Say About Bad Customer Service


Word of mouth marketing is one of the most valuable forms of marketing with 92% of consumers believing recommendations from friends and family over all forms of advertising. The statistics support this too: 59% of consumers like to tell others about new products. CONTENTS.

Say Goodbye to Marketing & Brand Building, Say Hello to Consumer Centricity


The post Say Goodbye to Marketing & Brand Building, Say Hello to Consumer Centricity appeared first on C3Centricity. Marketing is an old profession. It’s been around for hundreds of years in one form or another.

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Creating Digital Habits in Consumers to Inspire Digital Adoption


Creating Digital Habits in Consumers to Inspire Digital Adoption. Businesses around the world are undergoing a digital transformation, using technology to radically improve performance by rethinking what customers want most and creating operating models which offer competitive differentiation.

A Guide to the Consumer Rights Act 2015

Helen Dewdney

The Consumer Rights Act 2015. This Act comes into force from 1st October 2015, when the following Acts will be repealed/amended: Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act 1973 will cover business to business contracts and consumer to consumer contracts only. Sale of Goods Act 1979/ Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 will still apply to business to business contracts and to consumer to consumer contracts.

National Consumer Week 2nd November 2015

Helen Dewdney

Week beginning 2nd November is National Consumer Week. Analysis by the charity shows that people are more likely to call its Consumer Service helpline with complaints about items such as toys, computer games and jewellery in January than any other time of year.

Magic Mirror Reflects Major Innovation for the Connected Consumer


The post Magic Mirror Reflects Major Innovation for the Connected Consumer appeared first on Mike Wittenstein. As a full-time experience designer with 15 years of experience, it takes something pretty spectacular to turn my head.

Happiness Affects How Consumers View Companies

Experience Matters

I started by examining the question: Does the innate happiness of a consumer influence how she perceives her experiences with companies?

Using consumer insight for rebranding: Q&A with Price Chopper’s Sam Trimboli

Vision Critical

We interviewed Sam Trimboli, consumer insights specialist at Price Chopper, to learn more about his role at the company and how he navigates the evolving retail landscape. I believe that the work I do as a consumer insights specialist helps Price Chopper succeed.

3 Truthful Behaviours of Millennial Consumers

Michel Falcon Experience

I’d guess yes.Has your company formally strategized and developed a way to attract the millennial consumer? The post 3 Truthful Behaviours of Millennial Consumers appeared first on Michel Falcon Customer and Employee Experience Expert

Magic Mirror Reflects Major Innovation for the Connected Consumer


Visit me on the web at MikeWittenstein.com More Posts Follow Me: The post Magic Mirror Reflects Major Innovation for the Connected Consumer appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting.

Full steam ahead to a better consumer deal for Rail passengers

Helen Dewdney

It’s good news for rail passengers today, as their rights are boosted by the Consumer Rights Act, giving a much better deal on compensation for delays, cancellations and overcrowding. How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results! Press release.

The Changing Pattern of Consumer Communications

Experience Matters

consumers prefer to communicate with each other, analyzing their answers to the question, Which method would you most likely use to communicate with your friends? For the past several years, we’ve been examining how U.S. As you can see in the figure below: Text messages are on the rise (+8 points between 2012 and 2016), while […]. Customer experience

How Consumers Are Changing the Face of Customer Service (Infographic)

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While failure to address the changing consumer needs can put your business at risk. Consumers are mobile and self-reliant: they are talking, texting, browsing, chatting and tweeting more than ever.

The Churn of the Digital Consumer


It’s no secret that consumers are growing more demanding, not less. Challenged by the growing customer preference for digital and the need to manage costs, organizations that succeed long-term will need to work hard to strike the right balance between the human and digital customer experience.

Brands Ignoring Consumers on Social Media Are in Trouble (Infographic)

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Gone are the days when we didn’t need to worry about using social media for customer support. But today, it’s not even a question. According to the Sprout Social report 90% of people surveyed have used social media in some way to communicate directly with a brand.

Exclusive Chicago Auto Show Interview: Consumer-Driven Innovations


I had an opportunity to interview James Bell, Head of Consumer Affairs for General Motors , about how they gather feedback and use it to create new innovations. The Chicago Auto Show, now in its 107th year(!),

The Complaining Cow releases new edition of bestselling consumer rights guide

Helen Dewdney

Third edition of the popular book – Now updated for Consumer Rights Act 2015. Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow consumer campaigner and blogger at www.thecomplainingcow.co.uk has rewritten her Amazon bestseller “How to Complain: The Essential Consumer Guide to Getting Refunds, Redress and Results!” to reflect the latest changes in consumer law. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 comes into force on the 1 st October 2015. Press release.

What did the EU do for consumer law?

Helen Dewdney

I have been asked a lot what EU law affects consumer law and what would happen to consumer law should we leave the EU on Thursday. EU legislation is intended to give consumers across the EU equivalent rights. See the UK European Consumer Centre for more details. So what do we have consumer law related and what is likely to happen to them? The Consumer Rights Directive 2013 . Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading (Amendment) Regulations.

Consumer champion says “Know your EU rights”

Helen Dewdney

Press release: Consumer champion says “Know your EU rights” As a nation the British aren’t very good at complaining. The Consumer Rights Act , introduced on the 1 st October, consolidated a number of Acts and introduced cover for digital goods, but with so few people currently knowing and using their legal rights the numbers complaining might decrease still further. 1) The Directive on Consumer Rights (2011/83/EC) [ 4] .

5 ways you can prepare today for the consumer of tomorrow


Less than 15 years ago, online shopping had yet to take off and your target consumers were happy to research and buy products at bricks and mortar stores. From tablets to wearable tech, consumers now use an average of five connected devices to research, compare and purchase products.

The 4 Powerful Emotions of Consumer Marketing

Joe Rawlinson

With a saturation of marketing and advertising, companies rely more on consumer emotions to sell a product. Today’s consumer has a shorter attention span and will move on to the next thing in five seconds or less, so companies use humor to engage them the moment an ad begins.

It's Here! Forrester's Consumer Privacy Segmentation

Forrester's Customer Insights

For over a year now, I and several colleagues on our Technographics and Data teams have been working on a completely new way to understand consumers' complex feelings about privacy and personal data. We've been researching consumer privacy for a while now, but we wanted to bring it to life, and to provide our clients a way to assess their own customers' privacy sensitivities in order to best understand how to apply the frameworks we've developed over time.

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A guide to credit cards and the Consumer Credit Act 1974

Helen Dewdney

You have a right to be refunded if you make a claim within 6 years (5 in Scotland) using Section 75A of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. However under Section 75 Consumer Credit Act 1979, the purchaser loses this legal protection if the card payment is processed via PayPal.

International Day of Older Persons: Treat older customers properly & fairly, says consumer campaigner The Complaining Cow

Helen Dewdney

But frequently older persons are more vulnerable to being fobbed off by big companies when it comes to consumer rights such as being mis-sold or not gaining redress when they are entitled. These, and all traders and service providers, have to abide by consumer law. Press Release.

The Evolution Of Consumer Attitudes On Privacy

Forrester's Customer Insights

However, by using our Forrester''s Technographics 360 methodology, which blends multiple qualitative and quantitative data sources, we found that attitudes on privacy are evolving: Consumers are beginning to shift from a state of apathy and resignation to caution and empowerment.

Do consumers who spend more get better service?

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Is it the Consumer’s Fault Customer Service is Vanilla?

Michel Falcon Experience

One thing that hasn’t changed is our behavior toward customer service as consumers. Let’s ensure our customer service expectations as consumers are aligned with what we deliver as a professional. The post Is it the Consumer’s Fault Customer Service is Vanilla?

What Do Consumers Value Most In Retail Banking, and How Are Banks Delivering?


As I described here recently, banks can get big financial rewards for even modest improvements in customer experience (CX).

What Causes Consumers To Keep Using Your App? Three Key App Features Stand Out


Perhaps not surprisingly, we found that apps generate varying levels of engagement simply due to the type of app they are: Consumers access gaming apps more frequently than they access travel apps, for example. Consumer Mobile Activities.

The New Golden Rule of Consumer Behavior

Think Customers

Peace on Earth and goodwill toward man--admirable concepts, particularly at this time of year, but still considerably lacking among the general public as of late.

Delivering what US consumers want


Date: Friday, July 8, 2016 Delivering what US consumers want. First run in 2008 and based on a representative sample of consumers, it tracks how people feel about their financial prospects and the impact that this has on their buying habits and behavior.

[Infographic] A Millennial's Perspective on the Millennial Consumer


Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are a big deal, and I’m not just saying that because I’m one of them. Customer Experience

The Consumer to Contributor Continuum (Part One)

Up Your Service

The Consumer to Contributor Continuum. People who live in developed societies are routinely referred to as “consumers.” Consumer” is a synonym for “customer” or “shopper”. And in these terms being a consumer doesn’t seem objectionable.

Balance Consumer Needs with Business Needs


Businesses often feel challenged by balancing their customer’s needs with the needs of the business. This position of trying to balance needs suggests a compromise in which case both sides lose something. But there is a better answer.

Do Consumers Prefer Live Chat over Other Customer Service Methods?

Win the Customer

It’s no surprise that almost one third of all consumers are now expecting live chat to be available on any business website. Live chat is a customer service option that fits into the consumer’s lifestyle. Let’s look some of the benefits of live chat for both consumers and businesses.

Five ways to align your customer experience with today’s consumer trends and desires


Although much about providing a great customer experience is timeless, it’s also a good idea to align your strategy with today’s consumer trends. The post Five ways to align your customer experience with today’s consumer trends and desires appeared first on Blog | NewVoiceMedia.

5 Reasons Consumer Goods Companies Are Turning to Voice of the Customer Programs


Consumers are talking, that’s for sure. For as long as there have been consumer goods companies, there have been surveys. They are essential and have enabled companies to stay consumer-focused and shaped countless products. One global consumer goods company saved over $3M.

As Consumer Tech Remakes the Workplace, a Thoughtful Security Strategy Is the Best Defense


For the most part, we’ve enthusiastically embraced this technology revolution in business, but recently it’s evolved to a point where consumer technology is now reshaping the workplace. I think we’d all agree the business landscape has changed dramatically over the past two decades.

Educating Consumers is Just as Important as Educating Employees


Education is very important not just for the consumer but employees as well. Even as the gap between training and marketing seems to close fast, the importance of education on employees and consumers cannot be underemphasized.

NEW REPORT: 63% of UK Consumers Have Left a Brand Due to Poor Customer Service

Tricia Morris

brands and organizations to know as much as possible about consumers and their growing expectations for service across channels. consumers surveyed saying that they have higher expectations for service now than they did a year ago, and First Direct research survey showing that U.K.