Improving the Energy Industry Experience, With Damian Cotchett – CB67

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Podcast 5 customer experience competencies customer experience energy energy industry psychologyEpisode Overview. Damian and I discuss how he is leading the transition, in partnership with his CEO, to make AGL Energy of Australia a service business that happens to supply energy.

The Technology Industry NPS® Benchmarks


The technology industry has been continuously disrupting and leading markets when it comes to innovations and customer experience. The post The Technology Industry NPS® Benchmarks appeared first on CustomerGauge.

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Automotive Industry Transformation = Disruption or Opportunity?


Over the past two decades we have witnessed a massive transformation in the automotive industry, driven primarily by advances in technology. Disruption in the Industry. As technology has taken a front seat in the new generation of vehicles, the industry has undergone a tremendous amount of change. 1 Don Butler, Ford Motor Company, “ Digital Transformation and the Automotive Industry ,” CXO Talk, 8 May 2015, [link].

2017 Temkin Experience Ratings: 20 Industry Snapshots

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We released the 2017 Temkin Experience Ratings that ranks the customer experience of 331 companies across 20 industries based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. As a follow-up, we published blog posts that examine the results for each of the 20 industries. 2017 Temkin Ratings Customer experience Industry Dataconsumers. Here’s a link to FAQ’s about the Ratings. You can see links to all […].

What is Customer Experience? 19 Industry Experts Weigh In:


19 Industry Experts Weigh In: appeared first on Mike Wittenstein. [originally posted on the User Testing Blog 3/06/2016 by Spencer Lanoue] Investing in customer experience drives revenue growth and increases customer loyalty. According to Gartner, customer experience will be the main battleground for competing companies over the next two years. And when researchers analyzed the experience and revenue data from two $1 billion+ companies for a recent […].

Millennials are reshaping how the health care industry does business

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Now in their prime spending years, this generation is set to reshape economy as we know it, and the $3 trillion health care industry will be no exception. “Young people need to be asked what matters, not told what matters.”. Jeff Martin, CEO and founder of Tribal Brands.

Customer or Hostage? The unfortunate story of the UK passenger rail industry


Many of the UKs train franchise owners are in the midst of an industrial dispute. The unfortunate story of the UK passenger rail industry appeared first on I J Golding.

How To Leverage Customer Feedback In The Automotive Industry

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The post How To Leverage Customer Feedback In The Automotive Industry appeared first on HappyOrNot. Blog Automotive Industry Customer Feedback Traffic InstituteCustomer feedback is the most basic form of customer experience measurement.

When Hospitality is Not Hospitable. 5 Learnings for Every Industry


The hospitality industry is both simple and complex for customer centricity improvements. This is certainly true for the hospitality industry, but less so for many other businesses in my opinion. 5 Learnings for Every Industry appeared first on C3Centricity.

11 Industry Experts Discuss “What’s More Important: Customer First or Profit First?”

Steve DiGioia

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing many leaders in the business world and customer service industry. I am forever grateful to these industry titans for their willingness to share their expertise today. This original article was written by Steve DiGioia.

What Advice Can You Offer to Anyone in the Service Industry?

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But we can’t get there without Continue reading… The post What Advice Can You Offer to Anyone in the Service Industry? what is your 1 piece of great advice? This original article was written by Steve DiGioia. How Do You Answer That Question?

How to improve CX in the automotive industry

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The auto industry is at a crossroads. At the 13 th annual Automotive CX Summit, executives from OEMs, dealers, and finance providers shared their perspective on how the industry can work together to meaningfully transform the vehicle buying and ownership experience for the better.

Transforming the Insurance Industry with Digital


Although slow to adopt digital, the insurance industry should look at the many benefits this offers, rather than focusing on the challenges it creates.

5 Ways the Brexit May Affect the Tech Industry


The ambiguity extends to the effects it would have on the technology industry. A survey of the UK’s tech workers by Juniper Research has found that 65% foresee Brexit negatively affecting the global tech industry. Blog brexit business tech industry Technology

Context Matters, And That Means Your Industry

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And that means knowing the industry in which you operate. Some of these industry differences include: Read more Categories: industry. vertical industries. Customer Insights industry insights services insights-driven organizations systems of insights vertical industries

Hospitality: The “What Have You Done For Me Lately” Industry

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The hospitality industry is the most unique in the business world because we don’t sell a product. Today’s hospitality industry is not about numbers, at least to the guests, it’s all about how we make you feel , what the experience is like. This is a very unforgiving industry.

Retail Industry Transformation = Selling Things ? Selling the Experience


Over the last 10 years the retail industry has been radically transformed. Disruptions in the Industry. Whether retailers are ready for it or not, consumers have become hooked on the real-time, personalized world. Consumers expect to get what they want, when they want 24/7. They also expect to be able to order, return and browse in the channel of their choice: online, in store, chat, mobile app etc. Retailers are no longer selling things.

What is Customer Experience? 19 Industry Experts Weigh In:


So to help you gain a better understanding of what CX really is, we reached out to 19 smart and talented industry experts and asked them: “What is customer experience?”. 19 Industry Experts Weigh In: appeared first on Storyminers.

Lessons from Apple for the Automotive Industry


Anyone who has spent any time around an automotive manufacturer will know that Apple is held up as an example of something, perhaps, that we should be doing. But what is Apple doing and how can it be applied?

Top Industries For Social Customer Service


You probably already noticed that the quality of customer service varies greatly by industry. Let’s take a look at the industries that are most important to take on social customer service. Similar to the telecom industry, travel and hospitality deal with fierce competition.

Customer-led rebranding: How Price Chopper uses customer insight to thrive in the grocery industry

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What do you need to succeed in a traditional and established multi-billion dollar industry like the grocery market? Price Chopper Supermarkets, an American grocery chain with 136 stores, has one answer: customer insight.

Customer Experience Leads to Recommendations (Charts For 20 Industries)

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In this post, I share data and analysis showing how customer experience correlates to customer recommendations across 20 industries. At the bottom of this post we’ve assembled a number of industry-specific data charts that you can download and use. If you want customers to recommend your company, make sure they have a good experience. In the […]. CCXP6 Metrics, Measurement, and ROI Customer experience ROI of Customer Experience

Enriching the Customer Experience Works in Any Industry

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As an industry, real estate, and property management in particular, is often viewed by consumers as being very “old school” and “behind the times”. BF : Property Management is renowned as a transient, high turnover industry with burnout a common problem.

“Such Poor Customer Experience!” 3 Industries I Hear About Every Day


It seems obvious which industries and brands need to pay attention to this. As customers, we don’t care about how difficult the industry competition is or how regulations make processes more challenging. These are the things I hear from friends working in these industries.

Women in Technology: Meet Vikki Kolbe, Senior Vice President of Industry Cloud at Oracle

Smarter CX

We’re kicking off the SmarterCX Women in Tech series with an interview with Vikki Kolbe, Senior Vice President of Industry Cloud at Oracle. I’m the Senior Vice President of Industry Cloud here at Oracle.

Deliver Top Notch Customer Service Even in Highly Regulated Industries

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Leaders ask: Can we deliver top notch customer service even in highly regulated industries. The post Deliver Top Notch Customer Service Even in Highly Regulated Industries appeared first on

New Data: How CX Improvements Drive Business Growth For 17 Industries

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In our analysis, we modeled the effect of changes in CX on loyalty and business growth for 17 industries. We included four new industries per popular demand: Health […]. If you want to make the case for CX, check out the new data we just published in the report “Drive Business Growth With Great Customer Experience, 2017” (paywall). customer experience customer experience index (CX Index

2017 Customer Experience Lessons from the Airline Industry…So Far


The post 2017 Customer Experience Lessons from the Airline Industry…So Far appeared first on CustomerGauge. Blog Featured Airline industry Customer experience Net Promoter Score United Airlines

Industry Secrets Leaked – Predicting Customer Behavior!

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The post Industry Secrets Leaked – Predicting Customer Behavior! Imagine the power of being able to predict your Customers’ behavior. It would mean that you can design an experience that plays into this behavior and creates an excellent Customer Experience that drives $$$ for you. However, reliably predicting your Customers’ behavior is going to be difficult even under the best of circumstances.

CX Design Thinking in the Travel Industry, With Annette Höher-Bäuerle – CB64

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Episode Overview. Annette Höher-Bäuerle went from being internal legal counsel at the Thomas Cook Group to leading all of Customer Experience globally.

The ultimate report on Millennial customers: Gen Y attitudes and their impact on tech, finance, media and other major industries

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Providing a 360-degree examination of the Millennial lifestyle, the report has important implications for business professionals in all industries, including finance, technology, media, retail, health care and travel.

Industrial Firms Must Embrace Digital As They Evolve From Grease To Code

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In volatile market conditions, conservative industrial giants must move faster to survive. And this digital transformation of traditional manufacturing firms cannot — must not — simply be about making existing industrial processes more efficient.

The Top Trend to Change Our Industry in the Next Five Years


The post The Top Trend to Change Our Industry in the Next Five Years appeared first on Calabrio. We think about analytics frequently at Calabrio. We think about how to improve the use of data, how best to implement analytics strategies, and how to make that data work in meaningful ways for businesses like yours. It’s not just because we’re data lovers (we are!),

Guest Blog: What Hospitality Industry Has Taught Us About Customer Service Best Practices


This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post my colleague, Benny Tjia shares lessons learned from the hospitality industry about creating a customer focused culture. Hospitality, we can say, is a pretty ‘old’ industry.

10 Skills to Master in the Fast-Paced Tech Industry


The pace with which the industry changes is so fast that what used to be considered a hot tech skill last year could become extinct virtually overnight. Technology continues to evolve each year, and along with it comes a host of skills that organizations need to keep up with the times.

Forrester Releases First of Its Kind Industry Wave Focused on Retailers’ Mobile Websites

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Home Depot and Wayfair take leading spots By Brendan Miller and Jennifer Wise You already know Forrester for its iconic Wave graphic that ranks technology vendors on their strategy and capabilities to serve industry clients. Starting today Forrester is introducing new kind of research document called a Forrester Industry Wave that evaluates digital experiences of […].

CX & Loyalty: Customer Experience Correlates To Buying (Charts For 20 Industries)

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At the bottom of this post we’ve assembled a number of industry-specific charts that you can download and use. Customer experience Industry DataPeople are always asking us about the correlation between customer experience and business results. While we recommend that companies examine this relationship for their specific company, we’ve done extensive industrywide analyses on the topic.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions for the Service Industry


This is even more relevant for the service industry, which relies on constant service improvement to stay ahead of their competitors. There’s many other reasons why effective customer satisfaction survey questions are so important for the service industry, too.


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Today we will walk through the Customer’s journey in a food service industry store, in search of the several points the client can touch before, after and during his lunch, breakfast, dinner or his ice cream.

Why the gaming industry should place its bets on customer experience


The post Why the gaming industry should place its bets on customer experience appeared first on ForeSee. Insights Betting gambling UK UK gaming industryI’m a huge fan of games, especially the ones that include a big payout upon winning! Creating a business from this seems like a great way to monetise our inner desires for competition.