Segmenting Your Customer Base to Scale


As your company grows and more customers are added to your care, you will either need to hire more people, or be smarter with your time. To scale your Customer Success team, you will need to segment your customers and apply the appropriate engagement model.

4 customer-based strategies health care can learn from retail

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Long after the Affordable Care Act spurred a shift from fee-for-service to value-based , patient-centric care, many health care providers are still at a loss. Enter: The kings of customer-centric service, interaction and engagement—retail brands.

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Tools to Support Your Growing Customer Base


SaaS Tattler Issue 83 - Tools to Support Your Growing Customer Base. Yes, we recognize that some companies are a bit premature for a Customer Success Platform. However, that shouldn’t stop them from making their customers successful.

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Increase revenue through utilizing existing customer base

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Most businesses spend the majority of their resources on getting new customers that they tend to ignore their most prized asset: their existing customer base or network. “It Improve customer service. Need help in upgrading your customer care?

Moments of Truth: Retaining Customers Through the Frontline


Katy Churches, manager of CX at American Family Insurance, discusses the importance of moments of truth in retaining your customer base

Training Customers = Losing

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Customers aren’t filling out our form completely. ” “We just need to teach our customers how to use our website so they won’t call us so much.” Training customers is a losing proposition. Customers form an.

Microsoft: Customer Experience (finally) wins over “strategy”

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Do you trap your customers? Do you try to force customers who use one product to use another? By trapping customers into our systems, we believe they’ll learn to like our systems, and we’ll come out ahead. I was once a LexisNexis customer, managing 25 accounts.

Supporting Customer Values is More than a Nice Gesture—it’s A Necessity

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Why risk alienating parts of your customer base? But in fact, more and more customers seek brands that proactively promote values and beliefs that are aligned with their own. Corporations have long avoided taking sides on controversial issues.

What did Amazon Buy?

No, Whole Foods Market (WFM) also provides the kind of customer experience that is necessary to win in the cutthroat retail world of today. WFM states, “We go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy, delight and nourish our customers. Customer Experience CX Challenge Featured Amazon

How to Deliver Excellent Customer Experience to Millennials (Infographic)

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Millennials , also known as Generation Y, are among us and before you even know it, they will make up most of your customer base. Best Practice Infographics Tips and Tricks customer experience customer experience infographics customer service infographic millennials

Large Company Customer Experience Battles

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Managing the customer experience in a large company requires a different set of core skills than in a small company. Large companies, focused on growth and Wall Street expectations on EPS, move all their investment into new products, cutting costs and acquiring new customers.

Scaling Customer Success: Technology vs. Headcount


Cash-flow and funding can limit headcount for many early-stage SaaS companies, and at the outset, the Customer Success function often falls upon a team of one. As the customer base grows, this team of one will need to figure out how to scale their role — and do so quickly.

Customer Satisfaction Versus Customer Loyalty


If your business sells goods or services online, then you know that nothing beats having a new customer visit your website and then make a purchase. But, the sale is just the beginning of the journey with your new customer. Not all customers will tell you who referred them.

Measuring Customer Loyalty Shouldn’t Be Difficult


Which survey will measure customer loyalty and show us who our best customers are and those at risk of churn? Customer surveys that measure advocacy, satisfaction, and effort don’t give us the insights we need. Will faster reply times make a customers more loyal?

Let the Front Line be Human

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It might be closing the call within a time frame, a quota of customers in a certain time period, some kind of up-sell or cross-sell goal. Help the front line deliver to the customer based on the needs of the customer.

Listening Matters


Simply satisfying customers with what you perceive to be their needs isn't enough anymore. 60%-80% of customers who claim to be "satisfied" still abandon a business relationship. Yet there are companies who continue to grow a loyal customer base, and who steadily grow their profitability. The difference is listening to the voice of your customers and employees Employee turnover averages 20%-50% a year for U.S.

4 Steps to Make Your Net Promoter® and CX Program Truly Global


As your company grows, so does the diversity and backgrounds of your expanding customer base. Many companies struggle to adapt to a “think globally, act locally, market strategically” approach to their Net Promoter System® and customer experience (CX) program.

NPS, CSAT, or CES: What’s the True Measure of Customer Loyalty?

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There is an abundance of metrics out there that can measure the quality of your customer support. But which one really shows how loyal your customers are? When measuring customer support, metrics help you see whether the service you’re providing meets the expectations of your customers.

Marketing Smarts Podcast: Is your company committed to customer experience?

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We talked about several key topics, including: The rise of the chief customer officer. Why every company should strive to implement customer-centric leadership. Adopting and holding to customer-centric practices. The Need For Customer-Centric Leaders.

Trust Centric Customer Journeys

Wired and Dangerous

Today’s customers are more powerful than ever and they are more fickle than they have ever been. One of the key elements in any customer relationship is trust. Can your customers feel trust as they interact with every area of your organization? We live our lives on promises.

4 Ways to Accurately Anticipate Customer Needs


You’ve given your customer a reason to come to your company in the first place and succeeded in solving one of your customer’s needs. Delivering another winner that will alleviate the next customer problem is key to the future of the company. Don’t overhaul your client base.

Are You Prepared to Offer Customer Service via Text/SMS?


This flexibility of communication is precisely why it continues to amaze me how slow businesses have been to adopt text/SMS as a channel for communicating with their customers. . Consumers want SMS as an option to communicate with customer service/support.

2017 Customer Experience Resolutions


2017 Customer Experience Resolutions Lynn Hunsaker. What’s new in 2017 customer experience management? Let’s take a look at 5 ways to accelerate results that your customers and investors will both reward: Customer Service — resolve to prevent recurrence of issues.

Customer Experience ROI – How to Introduce And Grow It

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Honoring “Customers as Assets” connects volume and value to customer experience ROI and growth. Your goal as CCO is to unite the leadership team in delivering one-company customer experiences and connecting the delivery to business growth. Elevate Customers as Assets.

ROI 89

7 Guaranteed Ways to Lose a Customer

Steve DiGioia

You worked hard for years to build a loyal customer base and now look at you. Your customers are leaving in droves. You stopped doing the things that brought you success and took your customers for granted. 7 Guaranteed Ways to Lose a Customer.

Customer-led rebranding: How Price Chopper uses customer insight to thrive in the grocery industry

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Price Chopper Supermarkets, an American grocery chain with 136 stores, has one answer: customer insight. Ongoing customer engagement, according to Trimboli, influences strategic initiatives at Price Chopper, helping the company drive innovation, foot traffic and sales.

Marketing Through Valuable Experiences

Kerry Bodine

Rather, they drew prospective customers to their offerings by serving up something of value, such as Tide’s advice on how to remove stubborn stains. Netflix understood prospective customers’ cravings for great TV and launched its investment in original programming with 2013’s House of Cards.

You’re Probably Measuring Customer Satisfaction Incorrectly


How satisfied your customer is can depend on a lot of things: your product, your customer support team, your marketing and advertising, your branding, their interactions in your store, your website, your in-store staff… the list goes on. When to use customer satisfaction surveys.

20 Ways to Thank Your Loyal Customers (Infographic)

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It’s probably needless to say that loyal customers are the biggest assets of any business. Studies show that only a 5% increase in your loyal customer base can result in increases of revenue and profits up to 85% or more. So how much do you care about your loyal customers?

The 3 D’s of online community recruitment

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Online communities provide the most ROI when they have people who are eager to actively participate and who represent the company’s customer base. Bonk’s advice is based on her experience recruiting members for OSF Listens, a 4,000-member insight community.

NPS and Text Analytics—Customer Feedback Decoded


So…you’ve surveyed your customer base and now you have a ton of feedback. The post NPS and Text Analytics—Customer Feedback Decoded appeared first on CustomerGauge. How do you extract value from these comments? Or process all this data in a reasonable time frame?

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What Is Customer Churn Rate and How You Can Reduce It Fast


Is your customer churn rate burning a hole in your retention plan? When it comes down to it, most companies are losing far too many customers. Reichheld in the Harvard Business Review, the average company loses about half its customers in a fiver-year period.

Segmenting Customers for Success


"Your segmentation strategy needs to be tailored to your unique customer base and resources so you can boost adoption, minimize churn, and maximize expansion revenue.". Customer Lifecycle Management Customer Success Management

Present Customer Asset Metrics in Whole Numbers of Customers, Not Retention Rates

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When I ask executives if they know the volume and value of their new customers and compare it monthly, weekly and annually to the volume and value of lost customers – it’s not top of mind. “It’s Leaders must start taking it personally that customers are departing from their business.

Listen, learn, convert: bringing social into the contact centre


What’s the role of social media in today’s customer service scene? Many of our customers are asking us this question. We all know that the digital age has handed the reins of power to the customer. Customers will listen to trusted advisors.

The Benefits of a Customer Success Platform in 13 GIFs


For fast-growing SaaS companies, it's easy to focus on new customers. But as much as new customers are rewarding, it's also important to take care of existing customers. In many respects, a customer success platform is a key pillar in how a company does business.

Expectations: The Mother of All Frustrations

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Now think about your customers. Customers come to do business with you because they have a set of expectations, including: "I heard they have the best [insert product here]." "I Customers have them, but they are not in control of them and not in control of the outcomes.