The rise of chief digital officers in fashion, luxury and beauty retail

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Similarly, luxury fashion group LVMH filled the role of CDO with an Apple exec. When Nike hired its first chief digital officer just over a year ago, it wasn’t just to lead a couple of projects.

Growing Business the Old-Fashioned Way

Customers Rock!

Here is a blast from the past, a classic Customers Rock! post on taking care of your current customers. Thanks to @Foundora for bringing it back to my attention. Enjoy! Many companies spend a lot of time and money on attracting new customers to their product or service.

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In the fiercely, competitive struggle of fashion and service, Burberry does it well

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Chief creative officer Christopher Bailey made sure only one central location would be responsible for the Burberry theme; thus concentrating on design and the ‘brand’ which is inexorably fashion. What keeps a company in business in today’s competitive retail market?

“Oh when you smilin’, when you smilin’ The whole world smiles with you” – do happy customers = better customer experiences?


I make no secret of the fact that I am a fan of ‘old fashioned values’ in the delivery of great Customer Experiences. Nine times out of ten, good old-fashioned values from the customer will be returned in spades from an employee.


News & Customer Experience

Today we enter the fantastic world of a fashion store. When it comes to fashion retail , there are so many and different touchpoints.

CMO Perspectives (24th Nov, 2015)

Customer Interactions

It seems we are being given a reprieve this week of 2016 predictions and the industry is back to good old fashioned what CMOs need to know to create better customer experiences right now. We feature Eric Krell interviewing Jeanne Bliss on

Seeing Beauty in Others: People Skills Chat July 26th | #peopleskills

Kate Nasser

Fashion photographer Rick Guidotti's video on albinism inspires #Peopleskills Twitter chat Seeing Beauty in Others Beyond the Norms. JOIN The People Skills Coach™. The post Seeing Beauty in Others: People Skills Chat July 26th | #peopleskills appeared first on

Companies showing great CX in the wake of natural disasters

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Airline margins are incredibly tight, and JetBlue will lose money on this in some form or fashion.

Two Very Powerful Words

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When delivering innovative service, thank you means communicating gratitude in a fashion that makes customers and colleagues feel your authenticity. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we think it is appropriate to stop for a moment and reflect on how we show our gratitude. Thank you!”

Vuzix to Debut ‘Blade’ Smartglasses at CES Next Week

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Weighing in at 3 oz and using proprietary waveguide optics, the company says they’ve fit in a “sizable virtual screen and brilliant pallet of colors via a thin completely see-through lens, in a fashionable form factor.”

Millennials Still Shop In Stores, But Are They in Yours?

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Per the Trendsource 2017 Retail Industry Report , it seems that millennial shoppers prefer physical stores for fashion, home improvement, and electronics. fashion, home improvement, and electronics), but brick-and-mortar higher for customer service and returns and exchanges.

JCPenney Brings Omnichannel Customer Service to Life

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Back in the 90s, JCPenney launched its "Fashion Comes to Life" campaign in an effort to refresh its public image. Like many brands, however, the retailer has found cause to reinvent itself repeatedly over the past quarter century.

Gratitude – Important for Independence Day and A True Measure of your Service Warmth*

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Thanks means communicating gratitude in a fashion that makes customers feel your authenticity. “Thank you” are the two most important words in the English language. Yet, how often are you served and end up the only one in the equation doing the thanking?

TechStyle Improves Contact Center Efficiency and Customer Service with inContact


The fashion world constantly needs shaking up, and TechStyle is doing exactly that. Whether it’s the active wear of Fabletics, footwear with Shoedazzle, women’s fashion from JustFab, or children’s items via FabKids, TechStyle’s great taste doesn’t stop at clothing.

Hot Topic’s “Daily Huddle”

Brad Cleveland

A few years back, fashion retailer Hot Topic won first place in an ICMI video contest for a creative portrayal of their “secret to service success,” a daily communications huddle.

‘Customer excellence is here: it’s just not very evenly distributed yet’. The Nunwood 2014 UK Customer Experience Excellence Report


The fact that First Direct have maintained their integrity whilst the industry around them have failed to do so in such dramatic fashion, is absolute testament to their unrelenting focus on the customer.

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Generation Z statistics: New report on the values, attitudes and behaviors of the post-Millennials

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Fashionable design matters to 67 percent of #GenerationZ shoppers—more than any other generation ( TWEET THIS STAT ). Generation Z, the cohort born between 1996 and 2010, is ready for the spotlight.

Customer service quality can falter if just anyone answers your email


Provide high quality responses at every point of contact and make sure to reply in a timely fashion. Websites, email and digital voicemail are changing the game in business. Some companies are taking the lead with great digital service like and

The 14 Leadership Principles that Drive Amazon


Leaders focus on the key inputs for their business and deliver them with the right quality and in a timely fashion. Over the last five years, a small number of organisations have featured multiple times in my writing.

8 Tips To Improve Customer Engagement in 2016

Popular sustainable fashion brand Everlane introduced a new spin on customer loyalty programs by opening a private instagram account and inviting a few of their most loyal customers. A recent study by Gallup shows that only 29% of customers are fully engaged.

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The Subtle Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Service


Some see it as the old-fashioned version of customer support. The term ‘customer service’ evokes nostalgia for sales clerks in long aprons in country town emporiums. Many people can’t distinguish between terms ‘customer support’ and ‘customer service’. It’s confusing!

On Customer Obsession

Maz Iqbal

Customer Obsession Is Fashionable I hear more and more Middles & Tops mention the importance/need for customer obsession. It’s often used as an exhortation to the Bottoms – those on the front line. Something interesting happens when I ask the speaker what s/he means by, is pointing at, when s/he speaks of customer obsession. Silence … Continue reading "On Customer Obsession".

The Social Media Customer Service Opportunity


I was astonished that they were able to steal customers in such a public fashion, and that the airline I’ve been loyal to didn’t care to fight back to keep me or to even resolve my issue. Earlier this year I had an issue with an airline so, as many of us would do, I called them.

What’s causing the retail apocalypse, and what companies can do about it

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A renowned luxury fashion brand announces deep job cuts. A multinational discount shoe retailer files for bankruptcy protection. A major department store chain, once the biggest name in retail, admits that its future is now in doubt.

The Elusive ROI of Customer Experience

CX Journey

Sometimes, ROI comes in more of a softer or an indirect fashion (with no immediate metrics to track). Image courtesy of wallstreetinvestinggroup I originally wrote today's post for Intradiem. It appeared on their blog on January 25, 2016.

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Put History to Work for Customer Delight

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The old fashioned “note card” system can be just as effective. A guest of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Naples was attending a two-day conference. Since his two children had a school holiday and his wife was working, he brought his children with him on the trip.

How Do Your Customers Rate Your level of Innovation?

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Are customers given an opportunity to participate in a fashion they would not have expected? You take your car in for regular maintenance and your body in for a physical exam. Women get a mammogram; men get a PSA check.

Keeping the “R” in CX (Customer Experience)

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Give me back old fashioned personal service, not this customer-ized baloney. CX (customer experience) has been hot for a few years.

From the C-Suite and Beyond: Driving the Value of Customer Experience


You’ll likely find yours listed in some form or fashion and be able to draw convincing conclusions as to why customer experience makes for a pretty important investment for your company, too. How inContact “Walks the CX Talk”.

How Iconic Brands Market Themselves

Smith+co CX

So what on earth is the brand doing releasing this simple, old fashioned, monochromatic photograph of an elderly lady in the Times? An advertisement has just been published in the Times newspaper showing an elderly lady gazing into the distance; perhaps out to sea.

9 Ways Millennials Have Transformed Contact Center Customer Experience


As much as Millennials are redefining customer service through digital experiences, they also have a streak of old-fashioned sentimentality as well. As the fastest-growing consumer demographic, Millennials are poised to make a major impact on the American economy. By 2020, the spending of Millennials— those aged from roughly 18-to-mid-30s— will rise to 1.4 trillion annually.

Understanding the Customer Journey

Michelli Experience

That hope comes in the form of an old fashioned “customer journey” map. I will admit it. I am old. I remember a time when people carried pieces of paper in their car to help them get around.

Just Surprise Me!

It had a neighborly, old-fashioned feeling when we got an extra. Guest blog by Chip R.

A Fix for First-Time Fix Rates


The problem, according to Randy Mysliviec, president and CEO of RTM Consulting, is that many service organizations take a “Whac-A-Mole” approach to solving the problem, addressing the causes of first-time fix failures in a disorganized fashion.

When is Your Service Check-up?

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Are customers given an opportunity to participate in a fashion they would not have expected? You take your car in for regular maintenance and your body in for a physical exam. Women get a mammogram; men get a PSA check.

Silos Are For Farmers!

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Governance structure, steering committee : helps to ensure that action plans are executed and outcomes are measured - cohesively, in a collaborative fashion - across the organization; the governance board functions as the engine and the oversight committee of a CX change management initiative.

Amazon Takes Over The High Street! Are These Next?

Beyond Philosophy

Amazon is Thinking Out of the Box for Fashion Forward Customers. They announced this week that Amazon is entering the fashion subscription box business. The past week has been headline after headline of the changes in the retail landscape.

Digital Experience Holiday Wish List


Getting a fashion doll with just one outfit. Did you get a shiny new digital experience delivery platform under your tree this year? Were you super-excited to unwrap it and have all your DX delivery needs taken care of by one big end-to-end solution?

Uber: The changing gears of Customer Experience


Its subsequent reputational issues demonstrate how old-fashioned leadership and culture are so vital to a brand’s customer experience. Customer loyalty and advocacy have experienced a shift in gear as of late for Uber in the UK alone. This latest news of a huge hack in the US that exposed personal data of over 57 million customers and drivers is set to see many turn their backs on the ride-service provider and further damage their faltering reputation.

The Evolution of Kohl’s

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Kohl’s recognizes that when you run fast (to adjust to fashion trends, consumer preferences, new technology, competition, etc.)