15 Fashion Influencers to Watch from London Fashion Week 2019


London’s Fashion Week was, of course, an online sensation. And that’s because those involved in the Fashion Week are promotional pros, with powerful influencers among them. Positive Fashion at London Fashion Week. Fashion Influencers’ Irreverent Branding.

How to Prevent Fashion Influencer Fraud with Social Listening


Fashion influencer fraud is a troubling trend in the industry. Currently costing brands more than one billion each year, fashion influencer fraud is big business. The post How to Prevent Fashion Influencer Fraud with Social Listening appeared first on NetBase.

Glossy Summit: Future of Fashion and Luxury


The post Glossy Summit: Future of Fashion and Luxury appeared first on Optimove. events

The rise of chief digital officers in fashion, luxury and beauty retail

Vision Critical

Similarly, luxury fashion group LVMH filled the role of CDO with an Apple exec. When Nike hired its first chief digital officer just over a year ago, it wasn’t just to lead a couple of projects.


News & Customer Experience

Today we enter the fantastic world of a fashion store. When it comes to fashion retail , there are so many and different touchpoints.

Running a Customer Success Team in the Fashion Industry

CSM Magazine

The Customer Success Manager is a relatively new job title in the fashion industry that has become necessary due to the growing demands of customers and clients. Information gathered will also help you gain insight into the real world applications of your fashion products and services.

eCommerce Will Account for 36% of Global Fashion Retail Sales by 2022

Forrester's Customer Insights

Fashion is the second largest retail category after grocery. A quarter of clothing, accessories, and footwear (fashion) spending already occurs online and is still rapidly growing. In our recently published Online Fashion Retail […].

How Brazilian Fashion Retailer Passarela Uses Data for Better CX

Smarter CX

Here’s what we learned about Yasmini and the innovative work she and the Brazilian fashion retailer are doing in customer experience. In 2005 we’ve started Passarela.com, which was the first store to sell women’s fashion shoes in Brazil.

NY Fashion Week Themes Reflect Social Analytics Insight


New York Fashion Week just ended and it took online by storm, naturally. Though unfortunately, it’s where the insight stops for fashion brands that are using other sentiment analysis tools. Fashion Week Theme Discovery.

“Oh when you smilin’, when you smilin’ The whole world smiles with you” – do happy customers = better customer experiences?


I make no secret of the fact that I am a fan of ‘old fashioned values’ in the delivery of great Customer Experiences. Nine times out of ten, good old-fashioned values from the customer will be returned in spades from an employee.

Campaigns We Love: “Coach – Defining Modern Luxury”

Gravy Analytics

Coach’s new advertising campaign continues to evangelize its modern luxury leather goods to fashionable, younger buyers. Coach can easily target their ads to people known to visit premium fashion brands using an audience like ‘Fashion Shoppers’ or ‘Affluent Consumers & Luxury Lifestylers’.

3 notable trends in the retail apparel industry

Vision Critical

But regardless of the reasons for the shift in shopping habits, the remaining apparel and fashion companies are facing a retail landscape that’s more competitive and cutthroat. Innovation Customer Experience retail fashion apparel

9-1-1 Telecommunicator Lauded for Good Old-Fashioned Detective Skills

Customer Interactions

Good old-fashioned detective skills typically aren’t part of the job description, but this year’s PSAPs’ Finest Telecommunicator of the Year was able to apply her quick thinking and sleuthing to help police nab the bad guy. What does it take to be a successful 9-1-1 telecommunicator? Certainly, solid listening and communication skills are key, as well as a certain ‘thick-skinnedness,’ calm under pressure, manual dexterity and multi-tasking abilities.

In the fiercely, competitive struggle of fashion and service, Burberry does it well

Service Untitled

Chief creative officer Christopher Bailey made sure only one central location would be responsible for the Burberry theme; thus concentrating on design and the ‘brand’ which is inexorably fashion. What keeps a company in business in today’s competitive retail market?

Closing the Customer Feedback Loop: 6 Essential Elements You Need


Acting on it, and in a timely fashion, is how you can convert this feedback into positive Customer Experience (CX). Customer feedback has no value gathering dust in your database.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Abercrombie & Fitch Customer Service

Service Untitled

One of the favorite stops for her daughter is Abercrombie and Fitch; of course, it caters to the fashionable, modern collegiate lifestyle. Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience.

Vuzix to Debut ‘Blade’ Smartglasses at CES Next Week

QuestionPro Audience

Weighing in at 3 oz and using proprietary waveguide optics, the company says they’ve fit in a “sizable virtual screen and brilliant pallet of colors via a thin completely see-through lens, in a fashionable form factor.”

As Online Sales Strengthen, Brick-And-Mortar Retail Must Rethink How To Survive


Retail Pulse, which is published by Optimove, made some interesting observations on fashion transactions, particularly those that take place online. The post As Online Sales Strengthen, Brick-And-Mortar Retail Must Rethink How To Survive appeared first on Optimove.

Why Apprenticeship is Becoming the New College Degree

The DiJulius Group

Apprenticeships, once considered an “old-fashioned” training pathway limited to very specific trades, are gaining ground today as a highly effective and efficient route to a rewarding career. This guest article is brought to you by Mark C.

Introducing The Temkin Customer Success Index

Experience Matters

As I discussed in a previous post, many customer success organizations still look a lot like old-fashioned account management teams. Over the last few years, many B2B organizations have created customer success organizations that focus on ensuring that their clients are happy. These companies are realizing that customers aren’t just buying their products, they’re making purchases with the expectation that they will achieve some value from the provider’s products and services.

Companies showing great CX in the wake of natural disasters

Customer Bliss

Airline margins are incredibly tight, and JetBlue will lose money on this in some form or fashion.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Forrester's Customer Insights

Le Tote Buys Lord + Taylor — A Most Peculiar Way To Buy Growth Fashion subscription company Le Tote agreed to acquire the storied (if tired) department store Lord + Taylor.

Smart Retail eCommerce Shopping Features And What We Can Learn From Them

Forrester's Customer Insights

Here are three examples of smart retail website features making online shopping easier in fashion today […]. Retailers are trying to differentiate their shopping experiences to win, serve, and, retain increasingly empowered customers.

The Parallels Between Customer Experience and a Rolls Royce

Michel Falcon Experience

Has your company designed your customer experience in a similar fashion to how you mapped out this year’s marketing efforts?

Boost Growth and Lower Costs with AI and Cloud Contact Center Solutions

NICE inContact

The study analyzed the impact of moving to the cloud for several companies, including fashion retailer TechStyle Fashion Group.

Seeing Beauty in Others: People Skills Chat July 26th | #peopleskills

Kate Nasser

Fashion photographer Rick Guidotti's video on albinism inspires #Peopleskills Twitter chat Seeing Beauty in Others Beyond the Norms. JOIN The People Skills Coach™. The post Seeing Beauty in Others: People Skills Chat July 26th | #peopleskills appeared first on KateNasser.com.

Customer-Centric Roundup: August 2017


Wearing white is now somewhat of a taboo (yes, some believe wearing white after labor day is a fashion no-no). The summer holidays have come to an end. Everyone is now back at school. Also with this came a whole bunch of new stats and stories about the customer experience to pour over. So let’s dive right into it. Customer Experience

Q&A with Olivier Mourrieras, Vice President, Customer Experience Centre of Competence, E.On, Part 1

Think Customers

Here''s an objection I sometimes hear when I talk to people about how improving customer experience can boost business performance: "Sure, it sounds great for glam industries like automotive or fashion.

With CXone, Fossil Group Unifies Contact Centers, Raises Performance

NICE inContact

Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, Fossil Group is an American fashion designer and manufacturer of distinctive watches, wallets, handbags, accessories, and wearables for a variety proprietary and licensed brands. Its 17 contact centers located around the world support the Fossil Group business , including 250 agents who support over 10 languages. Three third-party call centers take calls during off hours and busy holiday seasons.

Who’s Hiring Journey Managers?

Kerry Bodine

However, we did find journey managers in product-focused industries, including apparel & fashion, building materials, chemicals, cosmetics, food & beverages, luxury goods and jewelry, and packaging & containers.

Surveying Non-Desk-Bound Staff


Everyone agrees that it is important to gather feedback from employees in both a structured and unstructured fashion. Communication and transparency are critical to building a culture of trust and engagement where employees thrive and strive to provide their best performance.

Survey 260

Surveying Non-Desk-Bound Staff


Everyone agrees that it is important to gather feedback from employees in both a structured and unstructured fashion. Communication and transparency are critical to building a culture of trust and engagement where employees thrive and strive to provide their best performance.

Survey 260

How Visual Engagement Tools Can Streamline Online Banking Experience


Banks are just starting to incorporate AR into their online process, but the fashion and home industry have been using AR ever since Augmented Reality started. Online banking has been transforming customers’ behaviors, expectations, and needs. Why is that so?

Unintentional Influencers & Brand Authenticity


Lyn was discovered a few years back during Fashion Week. She’s so fashionable a photographer thought she was part of the event and snapped some pics. Brands love the idea of influencer marketing , but have trouble executing it well. Unintentional influencers to the rescue!

Social Analytics and the Best New Shoe Brands


And it’s why we see fashionable new shoe brands highly sought-after this Spring. Whether you’re a shoe brand looking to take part, or any other fashion retailer trying to connect to your audience , talking about shoes could make you a “shoe-in.”.

Top Hashtags for Cosmetics Companies in 2019


Take #fashion, for example – with more than a million posts mentioning fashion as part of the beauty and cosmetics conversation, we can explore it in a variety of ways to see what’s happening there and how the conversation is relevant.

How Emotion Is Changing The Face Of Customer Feedback

Rant And Rave

It makes our performance better, our messaging stronger, and a good old-fashioned customer survey is an obvious way of generating it. We all love customer feedback.