3 notable trends in the retail apparel industry

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Apparel companies are hanging by a thread as consumers spend less money on stocking their closets , preferring to express themselves through social media rather than by what they wear and favoring weekend getaways over new clothes. Innovation Customer Experience retail fashion apparel

Nike versus Adidas: Who will win the digital transformation race in apparel retail?

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This is especially true in apparel retail, where longtime rivals Nike and Adidas have both recently invested heavily in digital transformation and innovation to stay at the top of their game. Nike: Making apparel retail personal. Great minds think alike—even fierce competitors.

What Retailers Should Know About The Online Apparel Boom


The apparel and accessories sector of the retail industry is experiencing major changes, with retailers seeing more business happening online than ever before, according to a recent report from Internet. Customer Experience Research Retail Apparel Internet Retailer

What CX Intelligence reveals about the men’s apparel market (infographic)


Over the last decade, the men’s apparel market has shown steady growth, outpacing even women’s apparel, and is expected to contribute upwards of $40 billion in sales to the global. Analytics & Measurement Research & CX Data Apparel CX Metics Infograph Menswear Retail

The Challenges of Omnichannel: Why so Many Contact Centers Struggle with Digital Self-Service

apparel products into its fitness. New study reveals that companies must first focus on themselves. to meet customer expectations for digital service Social Media Voice of the. Customer. Analytics. 24/7 Email CX Web Chat Mobile Video Text.

What’s driving Success in Apparel? Find out in ForeSee’s FXI Retail Special Report


Online sales of retail apparel and accessories is seeing huge growth, both here in the U.S. The post What’s driving Success in Apparel? Customer Satisfaction Retail Apparel customer satisfaction ForeSee reports FXI Scores

“The Survey Shows” Doesn’t Mean The Survey Knows


Apparel retailers who want to make a statement by differentiating their brands and connecting with their customers must go beyond table stakes (see the list below) and find ways to personalize their service experiences.

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New Look’s CVA is bearing fruit

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Earlier last week, UK high street apparel retailer New Look announced plans to close 85 stores, up from the 60 it announced in March. These closures are happening under the auspices of a restructuring deal (CVA first introduced as a “Creditors Voluntary Arrangement” in the 1980 Companies’ Act). Simultaneously, it unveiled a return to profitability […]. retail

Experiential retailing is the next big thing in activewear

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If the rumor is true, Amazon will challenge industry leaders like Nike, Lululemon and Under Armour in the $44-billion active apparel market. That figure dwarfs non-active apparel sales, which declined two percent last year.

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Podcast: Designing the Glitch Experience, with Adidas’ Celine Del Genes


It’s not easy to stand out in a market as crowded and competitive as sporting goods and apparel. She oversees the sports apparel company’s go-to-market strategy for soccer shoes and gear, managing key decisions about pricing, sales channels and marketing approaches.

Who’s Hiring Journey Managers?

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However, we did find journey managers in product-focused industries, including apparel & fashion, building materials, chemicals, cosmetics, food & beverages, luxury goods and jewelry, and packaging & containers.

Retail’s Hail Mary: Why Retailers are Betting on In-Store Data Insights

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Squeezed by online competitors and evolving customer tastes, Macy’s, Sears, The Limited, and American Apparel have said they will be closing some or all of their stores.

Google’s ‘Shop the Look’ Tries to Declutter Mobile Shopping

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On Tuesday, Google introduced a “Shop the Look” program that lets smartphone users purchase apparel and other products through the images that appear in response to search terms. Earlier this week, Google unveiled its latest effort to help retailers boost sales through mobile devices.

The missing piece in your approach to product innovation

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In The Human Side to Product Innovation , retail apparel company Chico’s and construction tool manufacturer DEWALT will reveal how they use authentic, ongoing insight to create better products.

Have You Hard Wired Service Recovery into Your Organization?

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Not only do we enjoy their high quality apparel, we value their over-the-top customer service. Customers today are Fickle –much quicker to leave if unhappy. They not only show a lower tolerance for error, they will exit just on account of plain old indifferent service.

Surge of Store Closings Reveals Greater Need for Omnichannel

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Among the closings are Macy''s, JCPenney, Guess, Radio Shack, as well as teen apparel stores Delia''s, Aeropostale, Wet Seal, and Abercrombie & Fitch. With the holiday shopping season behind us, retailers have planned a tidal wave of store closings for 2015. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit www.1to1Media.com/weblog.

Tailor Customer Experience for a Better Fit – Learn from TechStyle and Forrester


TechStyle is global retailer consisting of a collection of apparel brands with over 4.5 Recently TechStyle underwent a massive change in their approach to solving their contact center technology needs to address the customer experience journey. million VIP members selling throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

4 examples of direct-to-consumer initiatives—and what you can learn from them

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Its DTC approach is based on the premise that consumers will increasingly use their phones to purchase shoes and apparel and that it must lead in digital to maintain its market share. There was a time when the only way to get a Dell computer was to go directly to the company.

Augmented World – How AR Transforms Customer Experience


Brazilian retailer C&A displays its apparel on innovative clothing hangers that show how many Likes each item has collected from the social-media community. AR apps makes shopping for apparel easier. TryLive Apparel and Dressing Room by Gap allow customers to select a garment from the virtual shelf, and then choose their clothing size and body shape.


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What Retailers Need to Know to Own Customer Experience in the Apparel Industry. What Retailers Need to Know to Own Customer Experience in the Apparel Industry. by Robert Howie (C Space) Apparel Magazine. International Women’s Day 2019: I’mbalanced.

Memorial Day 2018 By The Numbers

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Additionally, apparel, department, and electronic stores are the top categories where consumers are looking to spend. After a winter that felt like it would never end, Memorial Day weekend is finally here, and it’s bringing the heat.

Marks & Spencer Top for Customer Loyalty According to Survey

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The survey, conducted by apparel fit preference specialist Fits.me, asked over 2,000 UK adults to identify up to three clothing brands or retailers to which they consider themselves most loyal. The full Customer Loyalty Index ‘Top 10’ is: Apparel Retailer / Share of Mentions.

The Business Owner’s Guide to Yelp Transaction Platform


Shoptiques (Boutique apparel). What is Yelp Transaction Platform? Yelp’s Transaction Platform is a feature that enables users to make direct business transactions like bookings, delivery, and pickup directly though Yelp.

Tips for a Day in the Field

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Days in the field can be long and unpredictable, and poorly planned apparel has been the undoing of many a researcher. A day in the field doing user research brings limitless possibilities. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help make your fieldwork go smoothly. Be approachable.

Don't Get Lost in Translation: 4 Simple Rules for Global Researchers

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Many years ago, at a previous company, one of my clients, a leading athletic apparel company, conducted a seven-country global study to segment their consumers and understand underlying brand perceptions.

From ideation to production: innovation secrets from Wolverine Worldwide

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Since 2015, Wolverine Worldwide, a global footwear and apparel manufacturer of iconic brands such as Merrell, Sperry, Chaco and Saucony, has tested and vetted more than 1,000 new footwear styles with consumers before launching the product to market.

From Gen Z to the Silent Generation: How Consumers Are Tackling Holiday Shopping This Year

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According to the survey, “The Silent Generation outspends all other generations (3 times as much) on sporting goods, and plans to spend the most (39 percent of their planned holiday budget) on apparel.”

Err on the side of culture

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What Retailers Need to Know to Own Customer Experience in the Apparel Industry. What Retailers Need to Know to Own Customer Experience in the Apparel Industry. by Robert Howie (C Space) Apparel Magazine. Err on the side of culture.

Why a startup mentality may not help big brands

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” The apparel retail brand acquired a consumer data and analytics company so it can use data to treat every customer as a unique individual. Large brands are increasingly turning to smaller ones for inspiration.

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Improving Customer Experience Through A/B Testing Your Customer Service

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For instance, if you are an apparel retailer, you could create mutiple variations of script each for complaints such as ‘wrong size of product’, ‘damaged apparel’, ‘item does not look like advertised’, and so on.

9 Examples of Great Word-of-Mouth Marketing


Under Armour is one of the top sports apparel brands in the world, and the company’s success was based on initial awareness through word-of-mouth marketing. For many companies, word-of-mouth marketing is all about using natural conversations to show off new products or services.

The Lifestyle Experience

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What Retailers Need to Know to Own Customer Experience in the Apparel Industry. What Retailers Need to Know to Own Customer Experience in the Apparel Industry. by Robert Howie (C Space) Apparel Magazine. The Lifestyle Experience. Thirty years ago, the brand was advertising.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Black Friday Shopping is Here

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Computers are the hot ticket item this year on 26% of our respondents’ lists, followed by clothing/apparel and kids toys, but mobile phones and video games are not as popular as they have been in recent years, with only 11% of our panel looking to purchase these items.

Building for the Future – Cloud Contact Center Solutions Offer Flexibility, Scalability and Omnichannel


The women’s apparel industry is characterized by large seasonal spikes in both the amount of transactions as well as the related support calls. Building for the Future: CX in the Cloud is packed with real world lessons learned from a panel of seasoned contact center experts. What better way to learn about the benefits of moving contact center technology to the cloud than from the companies employing these solutions. TechStyle Fashion Group.

A New Tool For Using Video to Capture Stories From Your Audience - Frank Reactions

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like American Apparel's (now ex-)CEO Dov Charney ([link] and others that are really well connected with their people (like Zappos ([link] Will you check out the Reconnect Project and share your examples ([link] Happy to have words, pictures, audio or video! Today’s guest, Katrina German, co-founder of Saskatoon-based start-up, OneStory, always loved the idea of using video to capture and save people’s stories.

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Social Analytics Spotlight: Louis Vuitton and the Case for Passion


Without it, you’re just another handbag/apparel/jewelry company fighting for your spot in a crowded market. Status is everything for luxury brands. So how do you measure such a crucial metric effectively?

The #1 Social Media Monitoring Strategy You’re Doing Wrong


How many children’s apparel brands are wishing they’d paid attention beyond “the awesome (and meaningless) engagement their brand is getting on social” and solved this problem first?