Show Me the Money: Predicting the Return on Investment for Customer Experience


Much of the customer experience ROI research and methodologies developed thus far only focus on the statistical relationship between customer experience and financial benefits. Additionally, early quick wins can demonstrate value that will continue to gain buy-in and finance more impactful mediums and longer-term infrastructural and organizational investment. The post Show Me the Money: Predicting the Return on Investment for Customer Experience appeared first on Strativity.

Is Organizational Change Management Just the “Fluffy Stuff” or Is there Real Business Value?

Natalie Petouhof

On time? With a proactive attitude vs “not invented here or we don’t do that – that way here” attitude… Get a high rate of return on projects- projects on time, within budget and scope, high customer satisfaction…? Giving orders that projects needs to be on-time, within budget and on scope didn’t really lead to change. More on that in future posts. Tweet Is OCM and CC Kumbaya?

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New Report: The ROI Of Agile Customer Care: Reduce Training and Easy To Add Channels

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Often times, depending on the technology stack they already have, there is a lot of code that has been written to add something new – i.e., it requires that a major pow wow of IT, customer care, business leaders, etc.

Show Me the Money: Realizing Return on Investment in Market Research


In today’s competitive marketplace you need to be sure that every investment, be it in time or money, has a positive return. For example, where can a Market Research firm hope to ‘find’ Return on Investment?

Preparing for the Connected Customer


According to Frost & Sullivan’s data, 47% of North American businesses have at least 11 different mobile worker apps deployed, and 88% plan on introducing at least one new employee-facing app within the year. Because there is a clear return on investment (ROI) both in efficiency and cost savings, as well as in customer relations. Field organizations should have a structured approach to gathering feedback from their customers so they know where to invest.

Customer Experience and the Bottom Line

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The implications of investing in both the employee experience and the customer experience are measurable against the bottom line. I've written on this topic numerous times, from different angles. Focusing on the customer experience has clear benefits.

What the Hell is Customer Experience?

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And the two young fish swim on for a bit, and then eventually one of them looks over at the other and goes, "What the hell is water?" There should be no concerns over executive buy-in or battles to build a business case and prove return on investment.

Why companies are focusing on their customer experience strategy

Vision Critical

I’ve identified three market conditions that have compelled leaders and organizations to focus on their customer experience strategy: After years of CEOs asking their organizations to become customer-focused, it has become plainly apparent that the silos do not organically unite.

Do You Need a Chief Customer Officer?

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A Chief Customer Officer is successful when he or she can simplify how the organization works together to achieve customer-driven growth, engage the leadership team and connect the work to a return on investment. appeared first on Customer Bliss.

How to Measure the Impact of CX Projects and Get Them Funded

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But compared with hard return on investment (ROI) numbers in business cases for other initiatives, CX projects won't get needed funding if their estimated returns are limited to benefits like improved satisfaction or higher Net Promoter Score (NPS).

How To Measure The Customer Impact Of CX Projects – And Get Them Funded


But compared with hard return on investment (ROI) numbers in business cases for other initiatives, CX projects won't get needed funding if their estimated returns are limited to benefits like improved satisfaction or higher Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Do Your Customers Talk About Your Products or Your Ads?

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Image courtesy of Carli Jean Are you delivering a great customer experience - or are you just relying on advertising to create awareness and sell your products? On the eve (sorta) of the biggest day of the year for the advertising industry (OK, for commercials.

The Rise Of Customer Experience – Webinar June 2

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Note: On June 2, I’ll be presenting at a Vision Critical webinar on the rise of the chief customer officer. I’ve been espousing and proving the return on investment in focusing on the customer base for many, many years. Now the message has finally caught on.

Speech Analytics: Five Ways to Set Your Company up for Success


If you aren’t at least considering speech analytics for your contact center, you risk missing out on valuable information that can improve the entire customer experience. The premise was to help brands—just like yours—answer that very question and start out on the path to success. When implementing speech analytics, the pressure is on to quickly realize return on investment. Do you want to know why your agents are putting your customers on hold?

Getting Your CCO Role Funded, With Camille Harrison – CB30

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She partners closely with our executive team to drive a persistent focus on the most critical customer initiatives, investments and strategies. In this period of work, Camille (like many CCOs) depended on “zealots” in the company to join the effort. Episode Overview.

Calculating the Returns on Customer Data Investments

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As companies gather boatloads of data to help support their customer strategies, a growing number of firms are taking a closer look at which data sets are delivering the greatest returns on investment. According to IDC, the digital universe is doubling in size every two years. By 2020, the amount of that''s created and copied annually will reach 44 zettabytes or 44 trillion gigabytes.

Do You Need a Chief Customer Officer?

Customer Bliss

A Chief Customer Officer is successful when he or she can simplify how the organization works together to achieve customer-driven growth, engage the leadership team and connect the work to a return on investment. appeared first on Customer Bliss.

No Agent Is an Island: Why Collaboration Is Key to Great Customer Service


Customer service is often (wrongly) seen as the lowest rung on the ladder; it’s an afterthought, rather than (rightly) a valuable source of customer feedback. For most, the onus remains on the teams themselves to reposition and change the culture of customer support in their company.

Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign’s Effectiveness

Joe Rawlinson

Sixty-one percent of marketers planned to increase their spending on email this year, making email a higher priority than social media, mobile marketing or any other channel, StrongView’s 2015 Marketing Trends Survey found.

Sales skills every salesperson should master


Todd identified the sales skills in four different areas : personal, relational, professional and return on investment. Successful salespeople are able to overcome obstacles that occur on their way and they close the deal. Put a lot of effort on preparing that.

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Why Asking for Contact Center Pricing Shouldn’t Be Your First Question


You want to ensure every decision you make is cost-effective and produces sufficient return on investment. What’s your projected call volume, both on average and at peak seasons/times? We get it: As a business, managing costs is one of your top priorities.

Redefining the Next Era of Service Innovation: Time for Breakthrough Change


Is it even on your radar? In service, improvement efforts tend to be focused on doing the same things faster, or improving visibility. That’s because those efforts have a clear return on investment. However, half of respondents said that their company’s innovation efforts put a greater emphasis on products, while only 25% put a greater emphasis on service innovation. As a service company, how do you approach innovation? If not, you aren’t alone.

Customer Service Satisfaction across the Globe


On the other hand, some European countries see their customers as invisible. They give specific solutions based on customer data. So, why should you invest in your company’s customer service?

5 Insights About Sourcing and Developing Strategic Partnerships


An expert strategic sourcing team adds value not only to its own organization, but by leading a world-class process focused on the right outcomes for a lasting partnership, the strategic sourcing team plays a vital role in the outsourcer’s success as well. Read on to see for yourself.

Three Truths Proving Why Companies Should Be Customer-Centric


billion people and tens of millions of companies on the planet today. On top of that, each of those people has loads of options. Companies that are not customer-centric tend to focus on creating the greatest possible value from each of its products.

The New Year’s Resolution for Customer Success: Every Customer is a Subscriber


Today, you pay a fraction of the price, subscribe to it on the cloud, and automatically get updates sent directly to you for free (subscription model). Answer: expanded access and a larger product spectrum on the market (e.g., Yes, you heard correctly.

10 Silos Impact Customer Experience


In customers’ minds , “You have to go to X to get that” or “I’ll transfer you to Y” means delays in getting on with their objective. Information Technology’s vision may be at odds with Marketing’s vision, and so on across the C-suite. 10 Silos Impact Customer Experience Lynn Hunsaker.

The Business Benefits of Customer Feedback in 60 Seconds.

Luke Brown

But sometimes a colleague will ask you to justify the Return on Investment (ROI), or maybe you’ve just forgotten quite how many are the business benefits of customer feedback. Get my e-book on growing revenue through customer satisfaction.

Do unto Employees: Why Great Customer Service Relies on Respect from the Top

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Well, to start with, stop handling them as dispensable, or just numbers on your payroll. Investing in each one of your employees has a progressive return on investment.

How Measuring Customer Returns Leads to Higher Profitability


I started my career on Wall Street where I spent several years thinking about how to build balanced portfolios of financial securities. Put differently, the most thoughtfully constructed portfolios generally produce the best return on investment.

13 Short Customer Service YouTube Videos You Can Use for Training

Myra Golden

Myra Golden Seminars offers engaging, cutting-edge classroom and online customer service training based on the work of Myra Golden. Customers have the option of enjoying our interactive online training on our Learning Management System (LMS) or through SCORM modules for their own LMS.

Highlights of Customer Experience Strategy Advice


Collaboration, teamwork, and involvement of multiple functional areas in taking action on customer insights must be well-thought-out and institutionalized across your company for long-lasting results. Mis-matches take a toll on relationship strength.

The cost of NOT focussing on Customer Experience


Although I was not there when it was posed, it is extremely likely that the question was laid down as a challenge – to either ask for justification as to why the business should keep focusing on CX or to find a way to stop doing so altogether.

14 Worthy Customer Experience Reads for 2014

CX Journey

As we wrap up 2014 and say "Cheers" to another year, I thought it would be fun to take a look back on the year. Focusing on the entire journey, not solely on individual touchpoints, will yield greater results for the customer experience, i.e., it ''s much better for the customer.

What’s a Key Part of a Digital Transformation? Digital Workflow

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet As companies take on digital transformation for real, they need to consider the people (their skills and backgrounds), the processes (have they made them digital or they still doing things on spreadsheets?) For more on this report, please click here.

Why Only 15% of Voice of Customer Programs are “Very Successful”


Just 34% say their VoC program is “good” or “very good” at making changes to the business based on VoC insights. Instead, focus on action plan progress metrics. Have this planned out before you invest in VoC — or before you make further VoC investments! *63%

Driving Revenue Through Customer Segmentation


Based on these attributes, coaches, doctors and kinesiologists trained and assessed me specifically so I could reach my full potential. Depending on the athlete, a coach will train them differently.