4 Ways To Boost Your ECommerce Customer Experience


eCommerce customer experience is vital for online businesses that want to ensure a smooth online experience for their customers. We share 4 ways to boost your eCommerce customer experience that will increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Top 21 eCommerce Influencers You Should be Following in 2020


Mike Wittenstein has been recognized as a top eCommerce influencer! Mike Wittenstein is a customer interface designer and consultant with a good knowledge of the emerging developments in eCommerce. Congratulations Mike! Mike Wittenstein ( @mikewittenstein ).

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How to Implement a Post-Purchase Survey to Boost Ecommerce Sales


The 8 steps to creating a successful post-purchase survey plan. Articles

Mobile eCommerce Best Practices

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Mobile eCommerce is the next big thing. According to BigCommerce, mobile eCommerce accounts for over 35% of the total eCommerce and is expected to reach 54%. eCommerceBut it isn’t just something that will pass after a few years.

eCommerce Marketing


What is eCommerce Marketing? eCommerce marketing includes the marketing activities done before, during and after a customer’s visit to an online store. Before customers visit online stores, eCommerce marketing focuses on driving traffic to the eCommerce store or site. However, marketers can drive traffic to eCommerce sites via offline channels such as direct mail, brick and mortar in-store promotions and outdoor advertising. The Benefits of CDPs in eCommerce.

The Impact of CX in the eCommerce


While the eCommerce industry has definitely gained momentum over the past decade, it still has a long way to go. Insight customer customer experience customer loyalty customercare ecommerce

eCommerce Outsourcing for the Modern Day Entrepreneur

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With quarantine measures in place around the world, demand for ecommerce is stronger than ever before. To meet these demands, ecommerce outsourcing is a solution to mitigate financial risks while coping with demand. What are the most important elements in an ecommerce business?

Facebook Shops Making eCommerce Waves


No doubt about it, ecommerce has seen a meteoric rise in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. And diving in to support this new world, we see Facebook shops making ecommerce waves. eCommerce Explosion. The ecommerce trend is certainly there. Consumers’ eCommerce Feelings.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing eCommerce

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By using AI, eCommerce sites are able to create personalized online experiences and recommend products uniquely suited to each shopper. VISUAL SEARCH Another tactic being used by eCommerce sites is visual search, a technology that uses AI to analyze a photo that the shopper submits.

Analysis of the Top 100 eCommerce Help Centers


Then we looked across the top 100 ecommerce sites to find out how standard these standards really are. Note: The sites included in this research are the top ecommerce sites in the “Shopping” category on Alexa. Only 38% of top retail ecommerce site have a well placed search bar.

3 Reasons Why You Should be Tracking Customer Experience as Part of Your eCommerce Strategy


eCommerce is probably the field with the most key performance indicators ( KPIs ) to track. As mentioned, there are a lot of different things you can be keeping track of when running an eCommerce business and a lot of different ways you can get ahead.

Which Live Chat Software is Best for an eCommerce Business?

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Customer support is one of the most important aspects of any brand , especially if you run a sales-based business like eCommerce. The post Which Live Chat Software is Best for an eCommerce Business? Imagine this: You wish to buy a new set of black jeans.

4 Content Marketing Tips Ecommerce Businesses Should Use in 2019

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You need to step out of your ‘comfort zone’ as an ecommerce brand and become a source of valuable and helpful content, not only product catalogs. Top 4 Tips to Boost Your Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategy in 2019. This is an advantage an ecommerce business cannot afford to miss.

Ecommerce Trends for 2019

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Savant eCommerce London


The post Savant eCommerce London appeared first on Optimove. events

Savant eCommerce Stockholm


The post Savant eCommerce Stockholm appeared first on Optimove. events

Savant eCommerce Berlin


The post Savant eCommerce Berlin appeared first on Optimove. events

Savant eCommerce Amsterdam


The post Savant eCommerce Amsterdam appeared first on Optimove. events

How to Create the Best eCommerce Customer Service Surveys


Customer surveys are extremely useful to eCommerce businesses — not only as a source of information about the things you are doing right and wrong with your business, they are also a really useful tool in determining whether your products and services are actually right for the market!

10 Steps To Increase eCommerce Traffic

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This comfort offered by eCommerce business is the reason why people are rapidly shifting from shopping in the real world to buying everything they need online. With this shift, many companies have turned digital and the eCommerce market is booming.

5 Brands Building eCommerce Buzz


And we’re sharing five brands that are beating the odds and winning eCommerce buzz during a global pandemic. Budgets were shifted and digital ads were deployed in order to drive more ecommerce. The post 5 Brands Building eCommerce Buzz appeared first on NetBase.

Surge in Both eCommerce Online Shopping and Customer Service

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Emarsys and GoodData’s ecommerce tracking shows revenue up 37% and orders up 54% in April, as the US emerges from Covid lockdowns.

4 Ways to Effectively Use Your Ecommerce Data


Ecommerce brands, or any brand with a digital presence, are uniquely positioned to make a killing with their customer data. The post 4 Ways to Effectively Use Your Ecommerce Data appeared first on Blueshift.

4 Ways to Effectively Use Your Ecommerce Data


Ecommerce brands, or any brand with a digital presence, are uniquely positioned to make a killing with their customer data. The post 4 Ways to Effectively Use Your Ecommerce Data appeared first on Blueshift.

Ecommerce Chatbots: Improve Sales And Retention


The post Ecommerce Chatbots: Improve Sales And Retention appeared first on Kommunicate Blog. If you’ve always had some interest in the technology world, and you’ve been around long enough. You’ll remember how odd and gimmicky chatbots used to be.

eCommerce Will Account for 36% of Global Fashion Retail Sales by 2022

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The eCommerce shift is a significant, palpable movement in most economies. Brick-and-mortar and eCommerce retailers are vying for shoppers’ attention and dollars. B2C ecommerce ecommerce global ecommerce

AR Support For eCommerce Industry To Enhance Customer Experience


AR Support For eCommerce Industry To Enhance Customer Experience. Customer Experience Digital Adoption Self service CEM

Best Chat Practices for Ecommerce Brands


Here are a few tips on how your ecommerce brand can make the most of live chat. Chat is an incredibly powerful customer service feature for ecommerce if you know how to use it. Live chat is more than just a customer service trend, it’s a pillar of business communication.

Hotel Chains Demonstrate Common B2B eCommerce Website Blunders

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B2B eCommerce sites should help business shoppers balance price with value, which is a nuanced combination of many factors, not a series of binary choices. Why do hotel web sites fail to support business travellers' customer journeys, in both the digital and physical sense?

Why Online Feedback is Vital for Ecommerce Managers


The ecommerce industry has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in the past decade. in 2018, this growth – in combination with a (still) relatively low market share – represents a huge opportunity for more innovative ecommerce companies looking to overtake their […].

Ecommerce Analytics: 5 Metrics That Are Often Overlooked

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These are the words of arguably the biggest eCommerce guru on the planet today, Jeff Bezos. In fact, the epicenter of eCommerce is all about data. If you are competitor-focused, you have to wait until there is a competitor doing something.

Forrester Has Expanded Its Coverage Of eCommerce In Latin America!

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In a recent report, Forrester covers regional and country-level eCommerce trends in the six largest economies in Latin America: […]. age of the customer business intelligence digital business digital customer experience ebusiness strategy ecommerce online retail retail

6 Ways to Improve Customer Experience on Your Ecommerce Website

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Quick Navigation – Ways to Improve Customer Experience on Your Ecommerce Website. Navigation is the most important thing to look at when you want to improve customer experience on your Ecommerce business website. This tip might seem a bit obvious, but there are always more ways to improve customer support , such as by using an eCommerce customer service software. An unsatisfactory customer experience due to poor UX/UI can drastically reduce your web traffic and revenue.

Another 10 Great Ways to Increase eCommerce Traffic

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You could have the most amazing eCommerce site with the best quality items at great prices , but if you don’t have a decent flow of website traffic, you will probably not be successful.

How to Build an Email List for eCommerce Stores?

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If we compare the ROI from traditional marketing campaigns, building an email list for an eCommerce store is the best investment for better conversions. ROI of email marketing is the highest among all other marketing channels.

Integrate Live Chat & AI to Your eCommerce Business [& Learn How to Do It Right]

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2018 saw the eCommerce industry grow by over 25 percent with 2019 showing no signs of a slowdown for the industry. The eCommerce boom has resulted in lots of competition. This is because live chat for eCommerce supports people who are in a hurry.

Top 10 Effective eCommerce Tools to Boost Conversions & Improve ROI

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Running an eCommerce business is all about surviving the competition and sustaining a steady upward growth in revenue generation. Further, eCommerce involves plenty of different activities, and you can’t point out the correct tools required to make their business more accessible.

Why Accurate Data Entry Matters in Your eCommerce Store

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Key Challenges that eCommerce Stores Face. The eCommerce landscape has been generating astounding growth over the years. Your eCommerce business consists of several business processes. eCommerce has always been in a constant state of flux.

AI in Ecommerce: Personalization and Beyond

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Kate Pioryshkina, Sales Manager at Iflexion takes a close look at how AI is transforming the ecommerce customer experience. Many online retailers are already making use of the AI capabilities built into ecommerce platforms (for example, SAP Customer Experience or Salesforce Commerce Cloud).

Smart Retail eCommerce Shopping Features And What We Can Learn From Them

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B2C ecommerce ecommerce global ecommerceRetailers are trying to differentiate their shopping experiences to win, serve, and, retain increasingly empowered customers.