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Global Governance and Your CX Program


One of the main issues that will be discussed is global governance. But what is global governance, and why is it so. A few weeks from now in Germany, we have the kick-off meeting for a certain automotive manufacturer’s global CX program.

Digital Government: Digitally Enabled, Not Necessarily Digitally Delivered

Forrester's Customer Insights

I've been thinking a lot about "e-government" and "digital government" these days, and one thing bugs me: the push for online services. Yet not everyone has easy access to a government office. digital government. e-government.

2017: Transforming Government Perspectives


Toward the end of 2016 I had the opportunity to hear the perspectives of many people who worked at city, state and national government and who participated in the first few Citizen2020 'Conversations Workshops.'.

Transform Government From the Outside In


A new report by Forrester Research, titled Transform Government from the Outside In , states that “governments should run more like businesses.” One area where local and federal governments can follow the lead of their private sector brethren is with their online services.

Mobile Matters for E-Government Digital Success


As a government department, agency or program, your goal is to serve citizens– efficiently, cost-effectively and using their preferred channels. The release of The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q3 2015) highlights mobile, increasingly the medium of choice for many people.

Does The Government Really Care About Your Opinions? - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

Who hasn’t stood in a lineup trying to access a government service? Trying to access a government service. The government agency he works for has about 5,000 staff, spread over 14 cities, serving 3 major customer groups. The Surprising Truth About Government Service.

Improving Digital Engagement with the UK Government


Recently, the British government announced a £1 billion pound investment for faster broadband and 5G in the UK, which will benefit consumers and businesses.

7 Steps to Successful Government Customer Service


The post 7 Steps to Successful Government Customer Service appeared first on ForeSee. Customer Satisfaction E-Government

Mobile Managers Answer The Call In 51st E-Government Satisfaction Index


Today we’re releasing the 51st consecutive ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index, a report showing comprehensive reflection of the citizen experience with federal government websites. E-Government Government

Government Customer Service: 3 Ways to Get Better Even as Budgets Get Smaller

Tricia Morris

Government customer service continues to be plagued by shrinking budgets and staff, and increasing media coverage when things go wrong. Government agencies should focus on harnessing knowledge and unifying it in one place/on one platform to deliver consistent, easily accessible information. “A

Mandaluyong City government recognizes Magellan Solutions’ community efforts

Magellan Solutions

Through the appreciation plaque, Mandaluyong City recognizes the community efforts made by the company in supporting the government’s initiatives and developmental advocacies towards sustainable progress.

What Should Washington Do About The Public's Lukewarm Attitude Toward Digital Government?


Digital government is big in Washington. Next year, the White House plans to spend $35 million more on the US Digital Service, $105 million for digital services teams at 25 agencies, and tens of millions more for digital channels throughout the federal government. And that's just the latest tranche, piled atop hundreds of millions in digital government spending in recent years. Why is public interest in digital government so weak? digital government.

Guerrilla CX For Government


Foster Rapid-Fire Experimentation and Learning Read more Categories: Government. Customer Experience GovernmentFederal customer experience (CX) professionals are trying to wage a conventional war against bad CX. But they usually don't have the budget, personnel, or authorities they need to win big, decisive battles. That's why federal CX pros should consider changing their approach and use some proven CX guerrilla tactics instead.

Citizen Satisfaction Rivals Private Sector CX in 50th E-Government Satisfaction Index


Today marks the release of ForeSee’s 50th consecutive quarterly E-Government Satisfaction Index. The post Citizen Satisfaction Rivals Private Sector CX in 50th E-Government Satisfaction Index appeared first on ForeSee. Customer Experience Research E-Government

Customer Experience Governance: Do This, Not That

Lynn Hunsaker

Customer Experience Governance: Do This, Not That. Governance doesn’t get much airtime in customer experience management conversations and writings. Customer experience governance is essential to ongoing success, especially in terms of enduring CX ROI (return on investment).

Not ready for customer experience governance? Then you’re not ready for CX

Heart of the Customer

I can consistently predict their future success when the conversation moves to governance. Governance is the active involvement of senior leadership to guide the program and knock down barriers on the way to an improved customer experience. The post Not ready for customer experience governance? As a passionate customer experience (CX) advocate, I frequently get to meet with companies just beginning their customer experience journey.

GovTech Recap: What Priorities City and County Government CIOs Have in Common


This week, large city and county CIOs and CTOs came together at the Government Technology (GovTech) Digital Communities Large City/County Fly-In in Washington, D.C. Government Public sector Government and Public Sector Citizen Services Technology citizen engagement

Achieving Customer Experience Excellence in Digital Government


The report also reveals citizen satisfaction scores for 100 federal department, agency and program websites and the latest ForeSee Mobile Federal Government Benchmark. The post Achieving Customer Experience Excellence in Digital Government appeared first on ForeSee.

Break Down Barriers to a Great Customer Experience

CX Journey

A couple of tools that will come in handy to help the CCO achieve those goals include: Governance structure. Without a governance structure in place, we perpetuate silo thinking and fail to achieve cross-functional alignment, involvement, and commitment.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Customer Experience

CX Journey

Failing to outline a governance structure Without a governance structure in place, we perpetuate silo thinking and fail to achieve cross-functional alignment, involvement, and commitment. customer experience customer service employee experience governance leadership

ForeSee Releases New E-Government Satisfaction Index and Mobile Federal Government Benchmark


The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q4 2013) Now Available Download the Report This quarter’s aggregate score for e-government websites (74.6 The post ForeSee Releases New E-Government Satisfaction Index and Mobile Federal Government Benchmark appeared first on ForeSee.

Improving the Federal Customer Experience: Feedback vs. Measurement in Digital Government


For over 20 years—starting with the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA) to the recent customer service cross-agency priority goals—federal agencies have been grappling with tactics and strategies to improve their performance in delivering customer service to citizens.

Doubting Thomas Or Devil's Advocate? CX Does Matter To Government

Forrester's Customer Insights

During a recent discussion of the Age of the Customer and how it applies to government, one of the participants from a government agency essentially asked why they should care. Needless to say I was taken aback - not shocked really, this is the government after all and not traditionally known for accessible or user friendly services. But personally my experiences have never been as bad as the stereotype of government. With government, citizens do have some recourse.

Easier Said than Done: Move the Needle with Your Customer Experience Strategy

CX Journey

Erin shares specific methodologies, approaches, and proven practices that have moved the needle at John Deere by enabling success in areas of strategic planning, governance, executive buy-in, analytics, VoC, and MoT design and delivery.

Are You Flying by the Seat of Your #CX Pants?

CX Journey

Image courtesy of shenamt Do you have a governance structure in place for your customer experience efforts? A solid foundation for any customer experience management effort must include a governance structure. What is governance? Do you have a governance structure in place?

Case Study: Using Journey Mapping Workshops to Drive Change in City Government Customer Experience

Heart of the Customer

Outside of some fantastic work by the UK government, I haven’t run across many examples of journey mapping in government. The post Case Study: Using Journey Mapping Workshops to Drive Change in City Government Customer Experience appeared first on Heart of the Customer.

How The Social Security Administration Hit A CX Trifecta With A Mobile App


Read more Categories: Government. digital government. e-government. mobile government. Customer Experience Government digital government e-government mobile governmentThe Social Security Administration's (SSA) Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program had a problem: it was paying out way too much in unearned benefits to program participants. This was happening because participants weren't reporting their income often enough.

Federal Agencies Must Focus On Emotion To Create Great Government Customer Experiences


Our research shows that the emotions a customer experience elicits influence the quality of the experience more than ease and effectiveness in practically every industry - including government. Think about the last time you went through airport security. Or applied for federal benefits. Or paid your taxes. How did those experiences make you feel? What specific emotions did they invoke in you? Did you feel comforted, hopeful, and valued - or insulted, frustrated, and nervous?

Digital Government Best Practices for Meeting the Expectations of Today’s Multichannel, Multi-Device Citizens


For over 10 years, ForeSee has been measuring and reporting on citizen satisfaction with the digital government experience. The post Digital Government Best Practices for Meeting the Expectations of Today’s Multichannel, Multi-Device Citizens appeared first on ForeSee.

How To Beat The Top Five Excuses For Not Improving Your Government Agency's Customer Experience


Naysayers love to complain that real customer experience (CX) improvement is only for the private sector because government is subject to unique and insurmountable pressures. Use this list of comebacks to subdue government CX skeptics the next time they start raving about: Read more. Don't believe these cynics. Many major corporations must overcome the same hurdles, and some federal agencies are finding ways to break out, too.

Deliver Top Notch Customer Service Even in Highly Regulated Industries

Kate Nasser

Customer Service Hot Topics and New Bits Customer Care customer experience customer satisfaction finance government healthcare insurance procedures real estate Ultimate Customer ServiceLeaders ask: Can we deliver top notch customer service even in highly regulated industries.

Federal Government Agencies Need Good Customer Experience Management, Too


Unfortunately,” Parrish points out, “customers remain apathetic about digital government in both theory and practice.”.

New report: E-Gov should be driven by data, not politics


Government Research & CX Data E-Government FXI E-Government report Public SectorIt’s crucial that decisions about changes to federal websites be directed by data, not by politics. For the last 16 years, the principle of data-driven digital experiences has been the.

Coffee, Tea or Laptop?


So, when faced with a government-imposed regulation, or even a tough company policy , what can you do, like Qatar Airlines has done, to comply, but still make it easier on your customers? Customer Experience company policy government policies Qatar Airlines

Leveraging Contact Center Technology to Help America’s Soldiers While Improving Performance and Saving Money


To help government agencies improve the constituent experience while saving millions of dollars each year, our Avaya Government Solutions team is constantly conducting enterprise business analysis, based on Lean Six Sigma principle and a four-step process of discovery, benchmark, scope improvements.

How Governments Can Improve Everyone’s Customer Experience


Government. Acquisition Customer Experience Government ProcurementI spend a lot of time talking about the poor quality of federal customer experience (CX) and the effects it has on the public. I've already talked about how federal agencies averaged the lowest score in Forrester's CX Index.

Going “Back to the Future” with Silos


What would Marty have found in terms of local government citizen service? In another life, as “Bob the Movie Man,” I am a prolific film reviewer—so, I often frame business problems in terms of famous movies.