System Downtime: Act with Ownership to Regain Customer Trust


System downtime can hit any online business at any time. You’re never ready and there’s never an ideal moment to handle system downtime apart from ASAP. For many businesses that happened on the 28th February 2017 when AWS had a system outage. Identify intermittent system outages.

8 Features to Look for in a Help Desk Ticketing System


For the unfamiliar, a help desk ticketing system is a tool that companies use to track if things are being done as they should. The Help Desk Ticketing System: A Closer Look. That said, you can tell a ticketing system is effective if it has the following features: 1.

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Podcast: Answering Listeners’ Net Promoter System Questions


The Net Promoter Score is a simple measure, but building a process and culture that results in deep customer relationships can be very complex. In this episode, I answer listeners’ questions on everything from competitive benchmarks to best practices for following up with customers.

Systems and smiles: the two key elements of a successful customer experience


Here’s a simple formula that encompasses what it takes to a successful customer experience: systems and smiles. I offer this in gentle contrast to the customer service philosopher Carl Sewell, who years ago proposed that it’s ‘‘systems, not smiles’’ that matter in pleasing customers.

Building trust in digital systems

CallidusCloud CX

Today, the CallidusCloud CX team hosted an interesting webinar called Trust in Digital Systems to Drive Performance , which introduced a new software development concept called Trust-centric Design and tied into the value of some of the CallidusCloud CX solutions.

Podcast Shorts: Who Should Run Your Net Promoter System?


Learn more : Who Should Run Your Net promoter System? What qualities and experiences make for a successful chief advocacy officer? Not just anyone will do, regardless of how bright and ambitious he or she may seem to be.

The Net Promoter System Podcast: Looking back on 50 episodes


The Net Promoter System Podcast started as an experiment almost two years ago when I asked my colleague Fred Reichheld if I could record one of our conversations. You can listen to our 50 th episode of the Net Promoter System Podcast on iTunes , or through the player below.

Webinar: Trust in digital systems to drive performance

CallidusCloud CX

WEBINAR: Trust in digital systems to drive performance. They also need to believe in the systems behind the processes they’re expected to perform. Why do we need trust-centric systems? The difference between trust in social environments versus business systems.

You Can’t Improve Customer Service With Disconnected Systems. But How To Connect Them? - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

Systems Integration: Not Sexy, But Very Important One of the biggest barriers companies face trying to improve customer experience is the challenge of systems integration. All the wonderful tools we have now to help us do more effective marketing need to share data … Continue Reading → The post You Can’t Improve Customer Service With Disconnected Systems.

Podcast Short: The Outer Loop of the Net Promoter System


The Net Promoter System’s “ outer loop ” mechanism supports improvements that go beyond the individual or team. In this short episode, I discuss the importance of this critical part of the Net Promoter System framework.

Measuring Customer Health: A Guidance and Feedback System


The monitoring and measurement of customer health is a guidance and feedback system that provides companies with a structured and disciplined approach to customer success. There is an adage that it is difficult, if not impossible, to be all things to all people.

Start Your CaaS Journey with NICE Systems

Customer Interactions

Cloud isn’t new. Companies have been touting its benefits for a decade, but only now has it hit the contact center and business operations sector at full force. Following some initial resistance, it’s now clear to service providers that utilizing cloud technologies brings high value in flexible IT footprint, rapid deployment, and risk-free upgrades. Thus, allowing contact centers to get the full benefits of the latest customer engagement technology

The Business Phone System Reinvented: The Next-Generation Cloud Communications and Collaboration Tool

Natalie Petouhof

In working with Dialed, I just completed some ROI research to understand how quickly, easy and affordable it is today to plug every employee into your business with a very innovative phone system. In these new systems, modern business communications integrate seamlessly with the productivity apps that employees use every day, making it easier than ever for them to collaborate with docs, emails, and calendar invites.

Practical Example: A Push System for Customer Success


And some part of that is due to the “push” system we’ve built that’s codified the individual customer touchpoints based on where our customers are in their lifecycle with DocSend.

Are You Getting the Most Out of the Net Promoter System? Five Questions to Ask


It’s a scenario that we routinely see: A company starts off using the Net Promoter System with great enthusiasm, gets a few quick wins and then hits a wall. And the more best practices a company follows, the more it will get out of the system.

How Qualtrics stumbled on the Net Promoter System—and then turned it on itself


He recently joined me on the Net Promoter System Podcast to discuss the company’s history and strategy, and how Net Promoter practitioners use its tools. Click here to browse more Net Promoter System podcast episodes.

Systems versus service


Date: Friday, November 20, 2015 Systems versus service. Systems had overridden human interaction, damaging the overall experience. Published on: November 20, 2015.

My Life as an Avaya Systems Engineer—#ProudAvayan on our Hot Solutions


The post My Life as an Avaya Systems Engineer—#ProudAvayan on our Hot Solutions appeared first on Avaya Connected Blog. Recently I spent three days in New York City, and they were easily the best three days of my career.

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Yanmar America Jump Starts VOIP System with IP Office


Yanmar America didn’t have a choice when it came to upgrading its aging VOIP systems. The existing system was difficult to support, and any customizations–like changing the display–required the IT department to get involved.

Assessing Your Net Promoter System: How VimpelCom Set a Roadmap for Improvement


Thanks to a legacy rewards program, people who worked for VimpelCom could have their services switched on and bills paid almost automatically, with no need to navigate the circuitous system that non-employees faced. I recently talked to VimpelCom executives Anton Telegin and Natalia Macpherson about how they used the Net Promoter System to support this critical cultural shift. Only a few of these companies have implemented all the system’s best practices.

With no System of Record of Customer Success, did anything actually happen?


These are systems of record. What is a system of record? A system of record (SOR) is the authoritative data source for a given data element or piece of information where the integrity of the data is vital. Make it black and white.

IVR Basics: A Guide to Interactive Voice Response Systems


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are essential elements to all functioning call centers. What is an IVR system? Most consumers are familiar with IVR systems, whether or not they are aware of what the acronym stands for. How do IVR systems work?

3 Reasons to Invest in Your Business’ Data Recovery Systems


Smart companies invest in a reliable data recovery system. Data recovery systems afford you peace of mind. But with a data recovery system in place, you can have peace of mind that you have a back-up of your data in safe keeping.

Why Your Business Needs a Ticket Management System


What Is a Ticketing Management System? A ticketing management system is software that allows your business to create and manage support tickets. Four Reasons to Invest in a Ticket Management System.

Legacy Systems Challenge Your Digital Customer Experience


Unless you’re a brand-spanking-new startup, your organization almost certainly has legacy software. By “legacy,” we mean previously acquired and now outdated – any software that was purchased when business requirements and market dynamics were different than they are today.

The inner loop of the Net Promoter System: Connecting employees and customers every day


Yet if you’ve read The Ultimate Question 2.0 , you know that the Net Promoter System was inspired by the way Enterprise Rent-A-Car used a simplified form of feedback to connect its car rental agents and managers to the customers they serve. Since then, we’ve come to appreciate that some of the other things Enterprise was doing were just as responsible as their system’s radical simplicity for making those scores more effective.

Podcast Shorts: The Inner Loop of the Net Promoter System


The Net Promoter System has a mechanism called the inner loop that helps employees of all kinds get real-time feedback directly from customers. The feedback is usually positive—most employees do their job pretty well—so people typically become more engaged and enthusiastic.

Customer Experience, Systems Thinking, Analytical Thinking & Organisational Design.

Doug Leather

I was privileged to be taught by the late Dr Russell Ackoff at The Wharton School and he re-enforced my long held belief that one of the major challenges organisations face when trying to transform their business models to become more customer-centric is a lack of systems thinking. Dr Ackoff produced extensive research, insights and knowledge into how systems thinking is the only way to approach organisational development.

The three qualities of the Net Promoter System’s “outer loop”: Answering the call for culture change at AT&T


In the Net Promoter System, we call this mechanism the “outer loop.” The outer loop works in tandem with the Net Promoter System’s “inner loop ,” which is the process for fostering rapid individual learning and customer intimacy through immediate, tangible feedback, coaching and follow-up. John Dwyer , the senior vice president for customer experience at AT&T, joins me on the latest episode of the Net Promoter System podcast.

Monitoring Your Customers’ Journey in “Real Time”

Wired and Dangerous

It came with a navigation system built into the dash. It monitors all the systems of your vehicle and sends you an alert if there is anything out of the ordinary. Sure enough, her Garmin was showing roads not known by the navigation system.

Podcast Shorts: Closing the Loop in the Net Promoter System


This short episode explains why this step is a central element of the Net Promoter System. To close the loop is not only to let customers know that you have heard their feedback but also to bring the customer’s voice right inside the organization.

The 7 components of superior self-service systems


Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 The 7 components of superior self-service systems. Self-service systems provide the answer. Centralized knowledge base At their heart successful web self-service systems need a powerful, self-learning knowledge base.

Microsoft Acquires FieldOne Systems LLC To Create Better Customer Service Experiences Via IOT and Analytics

Natalie Petouhof

That there is a huge ROI and enhanced customer engagement, trust and customer lifetime value are possible, especially when analytics and IOT are combined, these are some of the reasons why the announcement by Microsoft and FieldOne Systems LLC is so important.

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Monetizing a Net Promoter System®: Adam Dorrell Joins Amazing Business Radio


CEO and co-founder of CustomerGauge, Adam Dorrell joined Shep Hyken on Amazing Business Radio this week to discuss how companies can monetize a Net Promoter System. The post Monetizing a Net Promoter System®: Adam Dorrell Joins Amazing Business Radio appeared first on CustomerGauge. In the interview, Shep and Adam discussed some of the findings from CustomerGauge’s 2016 NPS Benchmark Survey, which found that the NPS industry still has a long way to […].


A Light Bulb Moment! – Why Layering PSIM on Top of Building Management Systems Makes Sense

Customer Interactions

Knowing that the building closed at 8pm, the intelligent building management system, which is being monitored at the front desk, alerts the on duty manager. So he switches his attention to the video system console to search for the nearest video camera, a process which takes some time given the hundreds of CCTV cameras in the complex. This is where layering a PSIM solution on top of a building management system makes perfect sense.

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Magellan Solutions goes to AMA Education System’s Career Fair 2016

Magellan Solutions

Magellan Solutions joined the AMA Education System’s Career Fair 2016 on February 26, 2016 in AMA Quezon City. Magellan Solutions helps companies from any part of the world through providing them the best teams of workers and systems for business solutions.

Beginners Guide to Net Promoter Score and System


What is the Net Promoter Score and System? The Net Promoter Score and System is a management tool that is used to determine the loyalty of a company’s relationships with their customers. The Net Promoter System uses a 0 to 10 scoring scale. Process & System Improvemen


5 Ways to Help Customers During a Major System Outage


Recently, two large airline carriers experienced major system outages that resulted in the delay or cancellation of thousands of flights. For companies of all sizes, technology systems can sometimes malfunction and interrupt or suspend day-to-day operations.

Evolution of Disaggregated Switching: Bringing Whitebox to the Masses


IT departments that are already challenged with simply keeping the lights on in their existing environments can’t afford to create operational teams and practices for developing open source tools and integrating operating systems onto bare metal hardware.

Constellation ShortList™ for Customer Experience (CX) Services: Global

Natalie Petouhof

A systems integrator (SI) or customer experience (CX) service provider brings together solutions into an overall customer experience hub. They work with all functional departments, such as marketing, sales, customer service, supply chain, ecommerce, IT, digital performance management (DPM) and back-office systems. Enterprise Service Providers / System Integrators / Management Consultants:  .