You’ve Got Data? Well Don’t Start There!


Did the title about data make you curious? Of course, in today’s data-rich environment I’m not really suggesting that you actually ignore it! If so, then just follow the steps I detail below and you will soon be doubling, quadrupling, if not 10x the ROI of your data.


Data for the Sake of Data? Never!

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Image courtesy of Pixabay "Data is just data until you do something with it," right? Today, on a webinar with Logi Analytics , I am sharing tips on moving beyond data for the sake of data (and dashboards for the sake of dashboards).


The problem of real-time data in CX

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Real-time data is a problem for customer experience. Here’s a relevant pull quote: “We live in a right-now economy, and deriving real-time insights and acting on customer data has never been more important for organizations to succeed,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO at DataStax. “We


The Analytical Leader: Understanding Customer Experience Requires Thick Data

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Overview Thick Data provides insight into people’s emotions, motivations and ways of thinking. For our organizations to have a realistic view of the marketplace and our customers, CX leaders need to provide and advocate the use of Thick Data to supplement operational Big Data insights.


Executive Report: The Customer Data Too Often Overlooked by the C-Suite

Data Sources; Organizations Likely Missing. In this era of big data, we collect information from more sources than ever. But having access to data and effectively utilizing that data are two. the noise by simply relying on data points they are most comfortable.

Sell the Value of Data Insights to the C-Suite


The key to unlocking this power is the insight provided by data analytics. There are three primary points to cover when selling the value of data insights to the C-suite: Outline the functionality and benefits of using analytics.


How Data Science Helps Customer Success Leaders Answer 5 Important Questions About Customer Churn

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Data science methods and related tools (i.g., Business professionals are relying heavily on the practice of data science to answer important questions to improve how they manage customer relationships. This proactive approach to customer churn necessarily relies on the analysis of data.


Amity Announces New EU Data Center


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is said to be the most important change in data privacy regulation ever. The GDPR’s primary goal is to protect and empower all European Union citizens’ data privacy.


Take Action on Your Customer Data!

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Image courtesy of ARMLE Are you taking action on your customer data? The Future is Now: Take Your Customer Data to the Next Level Two Major Flaws of Your Customer Listening Efforts It's a problem. Ensure that you have multiple streams/types of data for more-robust analysis.


How Real-Time Customer Feedback Drives Fleetio’s Customer-Obsessed Culture

Integrated NPS Data When it came to getting Fleetio up and running with AskNicely, the implementation was super quick. “We more meaningful customer health data. leveraging real-time customer feedback data within Intercom by. C A S E S T U D Y How Real-Time Customer.

Why You Need to Adopt Data Science and Machine Learning in your Customer Experience/Success Program

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A study of 80+ companies showed that analytical leading companies (those who use analytics to gain a competitive advantage), more so than analytical lagging companies, leverage their data differently. machine learning, data science, data integration, data platforms, in-depth studies).


How a Customer Data Platform makes data marketing more efficient


A long-standing problem that marketers experience time and again is their lack of access to quality, usable data. This inability to utilize data at the time when it’s needed means that it's difficult to communicate the right message to the right customer at the right moment. And with your data spread over multiple silos, it’s an overwhelming challenge for marketers to wade through different pools of data to find the information they need.


Utilizing Data Mining Services In Creating Effective Merchandising Strategies

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Data mining is one of the most powerful tools that every business needs today. It is the process of computing and analyzing large sets of data to get new ones and different patterns. It is not exactly what the term implies because many researchers have denied calling it “data mining”.


The Most Important Skill in Data Science: Mining and Visualizing your Data

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While data scientists have many resources in their tool belt, our research shows that proficiency with data mining and visualization tools consistently ranks as one of the most important skills in determining project success. We used two methods to rank data science skills.


The rise and fall of big data hype—and what it means for customer intelligence

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The following is an excerpt from the e-book Big Data and Beyond. The big data hype is officially dead. In 2015, the analyst firm Gartner dropped big data from its Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies report. The rise of big data. The big drawback of big data.


Auror and NPS: The Ultimate Crime-Fighting Duo

uses powerful, real-time data to solve crimes all over the world. Our job is to make our software do magic with data, helping crimefighters to solve and prevent crimes more effectively,”. more users and data is captured in the community. “It’s

Data Science Skills and the Improbable Unicorn

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The role of data and analytics in business continues to grow. To make sense of their plethora of data, businesses are looking to data scientists for help. Job site,, shows a continued growth in "data scientist" positions. Assessing Proficiency in Data Skills.


State of Analytics In Customer Programs: Customer Loyalty Focus, Machine Learning Adoption and the Data Science Skill Gap

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Customer professionals lack proficiency in, or access to, three important data science skills: programming, mathematics, statistics. Data were collected from January to March 2017. One way they are trying to get ahead is through the application of analytics on their data.


How Big Data is Creating Opportunities to Serve Customers in SMB


They are all run by data, or more specifically – big data. Big data makes it easier to use analytics in order to accurately predict or adapt to customer behavior. Big data is also helpful in operations, like product procurement. Blog Trends Big Data


What’s Missing from your Data Insights?


It’s vital to use real-life situations and analysis to determine what ACTIONS to take on those data insights if you want to work through your toughest customer experience issues. More Posts - Website Follow Me: The post What’s Missing from your Data Insights?


Study: The Health of the Contact Center

And it’s true: the report data also shows that call volume. By asking the right questions and looking for answers in customer interaction data, companies can uncover. CUSTOMER DATA AVAILABLE AT THE TIME OF THE REQUEST. 10 % data-driven.

Will omnichannel someday die out because of Big Data?

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Omnichannel and the rapid scale of Big Data . megabytes of new data will be created for every person on the planet every second. If you do the full math on that, the total volume of data globally in 2020 might be around 44 zettabytes. Now we know the rapid scale of Big Data.


5 Ways Big Data Will Improve Customer Service

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5 Ways Big Data Will Improve Customer Service. In such circumstances, companies are eager to find better methods to analyze customer service and this is exactly where data science steps in. In this article, we will show you 5 ways how big data improves customer service.(.).


Insights Services Drive Data Commercialization

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The new data economy isn't about data; it is about insights. A growing number of companies recognize the opportunity their data provides, and they take that data to market: 1/3 of firms report commercializing data or sharing it for revenue with partners or customers.


How IBM is Transforming Data Science

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I was invited by IBM as a guest to share some insights from the perspective of a data scientist. Data science is about extracting insights from data. The platform allows programmers to can get access to any of the data sets via an API to help them develop products.


How Plansource Uses AskNicely NPS with Salesforce to Transform Customer Relationships

believed they could better gather and then act on data and other feedback. C A S E S T U D Y How Plansource Uses. AskNicely NPS with. Salesforce to Transform. Customer Relationships A Better Path to Happy Historically, Plansource used annual satisfaction surveys.

How Customer Data Platforms compare to other data management systems


Our new eBook, A Marketer’s Guide to Customer Data Platforms , is here to clear up some of this confusion by delving into precisely what a Customer Data Platform (CDP) is and why it’s vital for marketers to recognize the differences between them and other forms of data solutions. Article Customer Data PlatformIt can be a relentless challenge trying to keep up with new technologies, not to mention all the acronyms and buzzwords that come along with them.


10 Questions to Ask When Collecting Customer Data

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Tips for collecting customer data. Articles collecting customer data customer data customer data managementCustomers are putting a great deal of faith in you, when they’re telling you personal information.


Customer retention: 35 data-backed approaches

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I talk often about customer experience , but recently I’ve heard from some followers that they’d like a bit more on customer retention. The first thing to understand about customer retention is that obviously it comes straight from customer experience.


Video Is Now Big Data, Too


Reading Time: 2 minutes If you’re like most, the phrase “big data” probably conjures up thoughts of giant databases being flooded with torrents of real-time data such as all the purchases in a grocery store chain or all the Web searches in the past 24 hours.


The Book of NPS

There is no shortage of data to backup that claim. This outdated attempt at gathering survey data does not even come close to getting at the heart of their customers. Auror uses powerful, real-time data to solve.

6 Data Protection Tips for Healthcare Companies


An investigation traced a data breach involving two government employees who turned out to be siblings. According to reports, the two exchanged emails that contained the private healthcare data of the clients. Tips to Avoid Data Breaches in the Healthcare Sector .


The Age of Alt: Data Commercialization Brings Alternative Data To Market

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They're looking for alternative data - or "alt-data.". We know that business leaders want to better leverage data and analytics in their decision-making. Demand for data is exploding. Fortunately, the supply of data is booming as well. big data. data economy.


Why Data Science Needs Subject Matter Expertise: Data Have Meaning

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In our Big Data world , we are awash in data. Volume, Velocity and Variety) represent significant hurdles to businesses in their race to extract value from their data. The Meaning of Your Data. Data are more than a string of numbers. Ensuring your data represents something meaningful to your business is essential to finding value from your data. The meaning of numbers is about the veracity of your data.


Shocking! Yahoo’s data breach

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That was over two years ago—ironically around the same time as the Yahoo Data breach. Later, when Yahoo account holders think of the brand, they will remember feeling afraid, angry and disappointed that it lost their data to hackers, where it ended up on the black market.


When Does Education Level Matter in Data Science?

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Data scientists are highly educated. In our study of data scientists, we found that over half of them, both men and women , hold either a Masters or PhD degree and about a quarter of them hold a 4-year degree. Data scientists have the hottest jobs in America this year.


Implementing Big Data: Pitfalls and Essentials

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Over 90% of all the data in the world, since time began, has been created in the past 2 years. ​ One of the biggest challenges for managers has been making decisions based on data analytics. They have to take into consideration the ‘cleanliness’ of the data, the ‘timeliness’ of it and the accuracy of the analysis. Outdated data is useless for making real-time or projected decisions. Big data has flipped that scenario on its head.


Assess Your Data Science Expertise

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What kind of a data scientist are you? Take the free Data Skills Scoring System Survey at [link]. Data science skills. Companies rely on experts who can make sense of their data. Complementary Data Skills Required. Data Skills Scoring System (DS3).


Top 10 Skills in Data Science

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The practice of data science requires skills that fall into three general areas: business acumen, computer technology/programming and statistics/math. Dave Holtz describes the data science skills you need to get a job as a data scientist ( 8 Skills You Need to Be a Data Scientist ).


{Infographic} Big Data to the Rescue of the Passenger Experience?

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The post {Infographic} Big Data to the Rescue of the Passenger Experience? __. Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D. is a professional speaker and chief experience officer at The Michelli Experience.