You’ve Got Data? Well Don’t Start There!


Did the title about data make you curious? Of course, in today’s data-rich environment I’m not really suggesting that you actually ignore it! If so, then just follow the steps I detail below and you will soon be doubling, quadrupling, if not 10x the ROI of your data.

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10 Surveys for Actionable Data


In doing so, you gain a more holistic view of your audience and get access to more data to drive your business forward. Measuring key support metrics like Customer Effort or Customer Satisfaction can give you the data you need to improve service quality.

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5 Steps to Understanding Customer Needs Through Mindset Data

Smarter CX

If you can tap into this type of data, you can adapt your experiences accordingly to make sure you’re catering for mindsets as well as what your customers actually want. Step 1: Set up a cross-functional data team. Step 2: Capture data in minute detail and at scale.

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Data for the Sake of Data? Never!

CX Journey

Image courtesy of Pixabay "Data is just data until you do something with it," right? Today, on a webinar with Logi Analytics , I am sharing tips on moving beyond data for the sake of data (and dashboards for the sake of dashboards).

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3 Important Things A Chatbot Can’t Do (But an IVA Can)

customers’ intent, regardless of the order in which data. Chatbot 3 Important. Things a Chatbot. Can’t Do. But an IVA Can) Does not. compute. Chatbot As brands continue to focus on improving the customer. experience, incorporating automation into customer.

5 Tips to Improve Your Data Quality

QuestionPro Audience

The only thing worse than no data is bad data, because bad data will lead to bad business decisions. We’ve compiled a list of 5 best practices to improve the data quality of your research. Every good idea should be supported by extensive research.

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Data Privacy: How Consumers Feel

QuestionPro Audience

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal is the most obvious and public case of a business misusing personal data, which has brought this issue to the forefront. consumers worry about how brands collect and use their personal data, and 34% don’t trust tech companies with their digital privacy.

A Whole-Field Approach to Data Integration


Now that Summer is in full swing, many eyes are looking forward to another season of America’s Pastime, BASEBALL! As a baseball fan myself, I follow the team of my childhood, the 1992 and 1993 World Series Champions, the Toronto Blue Jays.

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The problem of real-time data in CX

Customer Bliss

Real-time data is a problem for customer experience. Here’s a relevant pull quote: “We live in a right-now economy, and deriving real-time insights and acting on customer data has never been more important for organizations to succeed,” said Billy Bosworth, CEO at DataStax. “We

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How the Entertainment Industry is Using Data Collection

QuestionPro Audience

Hollywood is learning what those in the market research world have known for years: follow the data. When they looked at the data, however, they found that 75% of the people who viewed the trailer online bought tickets to “Beauty and the Beast”, “Pitch Perfect”, and “Cinderella”.

Customer Experience Management starts with Effective Customer Data Analysis


Successful Customer Experience Management (CEM) is data-led, and customer data analysis is its foundational activity. Customer Experience

How Data Integration and Machine Learning Improve Retention Marketing

Bob Hayes

In this paper, I show you how marketers can improve their customer retention efforts by 1) integrating disparate data silos and 2) employing machine learning predictive analytics. In this Big Data world, a major goal for businesses is to maximize the value of all their customer data.

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Big Data – Breaking the Silos


Experts anticipate the amount of data collected globally to break the 40-zettabyte mark by the year 2020 at the latest. Editor’s note: This was originally posted on Document Strategy’s website here.

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Find and Eliminate Dirty Data That’s Lurking in Your Salesforce CRM System


Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) tool helps businesses support their customers in a powerful and efficient way by allowing them to combine big data with sophisticated customization. Since data is the deciding factor of most strategic business decisions, it’s essential to prioritize the maintenance of CRM data integrity. This isn’t as easy as it may seem—Salesforce reports that about 70% of CRM data “goes bad” or becomes obsolete annually.

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What’s Missing from your Data Insights?


It’s vital to use real-life situations and analysis to determine what ACTIONS to take on those data insights if you want to work through your toughest customer experience issues. More Posts - Website Follow Me: The post What’s Missing from your Data Insights?

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Build a Data-driven CX Program Without IT: A Centriam Story

Centriam Customer Experience Lab

In addition to her "day job" as marketing director for a regional telecom, she had been assigned a pilot project to gather more customer experience data. Maggie had a problem.

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Data-Driven Decision Making: A March Madness Case Study

Centriam Customer Experience Lab

Data-driven decision making. We all aspire to it. Whether it’s in Customer Experience management, targeted marketing, deciding which candidates to hire, choosing a new car, or picking the teams in your March Madness office pool. Customer Experience Analytics

The Continuum of Data-Driven Success

CX Journey

Data is just data until you do something with it, right?! For a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that they just don’t know what to do with the data. And let’s assume that Phase 0 is not listening or looking at data at all.

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The Impact of Email Branding When Gathering Insightful Data


Every CX program wants to gather as much insightful data as possible. We all are asked to provide our feedback multiple times every day. One day, I decided to count how many times I was asked to provide feedback. I initially thought maybe once per day, but when I counted it, I was invited to.

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Data Science Skills and the Improbable Unicorn

Bob Hayes

The role of data and analytics in business continues to grow. To make sense of their plethora of data, businesses are looking to data scientists for help. Job site,, shows a continued growth in "data scientist" positions. Assessing Proficiency in Data Skills.

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Seven Stages to a Data-Centric Mindset

Experience Matters

Analysts who work with customer data are often frustrated by the slow uptake in its usage. Are business people just anti-data? To understand how to encourage business people to use more data insights, it’s helpful look at their path to adoption.

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For Data Scientists, Big Data is not so Big

Bob Hayes

In our study of data scientists, we found that only about a third of them possessed skills needed to handle big and distributed data. These results are in line with findings from other studies that find that data scientists typically analyze small data sets.

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How to improve survey data quality

QuestionPro Audience

With nearly 90% of the US population online, followed by 76% in Europe, it’s no surprise why online data collection remains king. Join us for our upcoming webinar, as we look at other factors that have a direct impact on data quality.

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Using Your NPS Data to Build An Ideal Customer Persona (and then 10x your growth with personalization)

The post Using Your NPS Data to Build An Ideal Customer Persona (and then 10x your growth with personalization) appeared first on I’m going to teach you a little trick — one you can use to impress your friends at dinner or your co-workers at your next meeting.

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The Analytical Leader: Understanding Customer Experience Requires Thick Data

CX Advantage Walker

Overview Thick Data provides insight into people’s emotions, motivations and ways of thinking. For our organizations to have a realistic view of the marketplace and our customers, CX leaders need to provide and advocate the use of Thick Data to supplement operational Big Data insights.

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Assess Your Data Science Expertise

Bob Hayes

What kind of a data scientist are you? Take the free Data Skills Scoring System Survey at [link]. Data science skills. Companies rely on experts who can make sense of their data. Complementary Data Skills Required. Data Skills Scoring System (DS3).

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The Beautiful Big Data


What can Big Data mean for your Voice of Customer (VoC) software platform and program? Meeker’s 2014 edition has a section on Big Data where she lists the following six trends: View Article.

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The Beautiful Big Data


What can Big Data mean for your Voice of Customer (VoC) software platform and program? Meeker’s 2014 edition has a section on Big Data where she lists the following six trends: View Article

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Data Strategy and Insights Forum: Data Governance Goes Ambient with a Digital Strategy

Forrester's Customer Insights

Data governance is good for you, they said. Data governance de-risks your business, they said. Data should be owned by the business, they said. It’s my guess that data governance is not, quite, working for you. How’s that working for you?

Data Rich, Insight Poor

Ann Michaels and Associates

Most companies would say they are data-driven. You gather as much data as possible in order to make strategically based decisions regarding marketing, branding, budget, and new product ideas. Because more data equals more insights, right?

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Shocking! Yahoo’s data breach

Beyond Philosophy

That was over two years ago—ironically around the same time as the Yahoo Data breach. Later, when Yahoo account holders think of the brand, they will remember feeling afraid, angry and disappointed that it lost their data to hackers, where it ended up on the black market.

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Why Don’t People Care About Their Data Security? - Frank Reactions

Tema Frank

Data security is a case in point. that firms which have access to our personal data would promote that they really do keep it safe and use this to get ahead of their competitors). And this is why we still have so many data security breaches.

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Data Snapshot: Channel Preferences Benchmark, 2015

Experience Matters

We just published a Temkin Group data snapshot, Channel Preferences and Cross-Channel Activity Benchmark, 2015. see last year’s data snapshot ). The report has 13 data-filled charts, covering the 11 activities with details of preferences by age.

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10 Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Managing Customer Data


And with data playing a crucial role, knowing what to do with it can spell the difference between a profit-earning campaign and a strategy that’s headed straight down the drain. It is crystal clear that effective data management is needed to help your company gain profit.

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Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Data?


As invaluable as technology is to marketers, solving business problems with data science is ultimately a human-centric endeavor. 3 Ways to Get Better Data. Almost every business question can be answered using an appropriate statistical model and the right data. Behavioral segmentation through cluster analysis can help companies utilize their first party data to better understand what affinity groups exist. The post Are You Getting the Most Value from Your Data?

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Take Action on Your Customer Data!

CX Journey

Image courtesy of ARMLE Are you taking action on your customer data? The Future is Now: Take Your Customer Data to the Next Level Two Major Flaws of Your Customer Listening Efforts It's a problem. Ensure that you have multiple streams/types of data for more-robust analysis.

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3 Ways Integrated Analytics Can Solve Your Data Nightmare


When it comes to making operations more efficient, most executives know they need to leverage data to identify areas of improvement. Data collection and storage is manageable, but executives can easily find themselves with a mountain of information and more questions than answers.

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Data Science Reveals 3 Problems with the NPS Dogma

Bob Hayes

By applying data science principles to understanding the research behind the NPS, however, we see that the NPS claims have three serious problems. But there are other, better approaches to summarizing data, including: Mean Scores: This is the arithmetic average of the set of responses.

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Transforming the Customer Experience with Big Data

CX Journey

What is big data? Big data" has been defined in many different ways and seems to most often refer to the sheer volume of data, but for the purpose of this article, I''m going to refer to the data sources. To do that, we must have the right data at our fingertips.

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Data Snapshot: Media Use Benchmark, 2015

Experience Matters

We just published a Temkin Group data snapshot, Media Use Benchmark, 2015. This is our annual analysis of how much time consumers spend using different media channels (see last year’s data snapshot ).

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Get Your Industry-Specific Data (and Webinars)

Experience Matters

If you’re looking for data to benchmark your organization, competitors’ performance, or the CX of any group of companies in specific industries, then check out Temkin Group’s Industry-Specific CX Research ( We have a lot of data covering the 20 industries shown in the sidebar. We also have a lot of data on B2B technology vendors, examining the […].

A Whole-Field Approach to Data Integration


Spring is in the air and with Summer on the way, many eyes are looking forward to another season of America’s Pastime, BASEBALL! As a baseball fan myself, I follow the team of my childhood, the 1992 and 1993 World Series Champions, the Toronto Blue Jays. As a fan of analytics, I enjoy delving deeper. View Article. Retail

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When It Comes to Data Personalization: With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility

Smarter CX

The SmarterCX team recently asked consumers how they feel about artificial intelligence and data personalization, and the line between creepy and convenient interactions. Here’s the advice they shared about using data personalization responsibly. CX today is being driven by data.

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