Meet The Customer Service Rep Of The Year—in 2028


While no one can predict the future with perfect accuracy, don’t be surprised if a customer service rep in 2028 looks a little something like this: . The post Meet The Customer Service Rep Of The Year—in 2028 appeared first on SaleMove Blog.

Starbucks Store Closings for Training: Déjà vu and You

Michelli Experience

2008, 2018, 2028…the story will always be the same. As I was writing my blog last week, the news was shifting quickly on the Starbucks debacle in Philadelphia. In fact, when I put the finishing touches on that post, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson had simply issued an apology and made a promise do a thorough investigation into the situation. Predictions Made and Predictions Overlooked.

Collaborate 18 JDE Recap & Resources

Circular Edge

to at least 2028. The CE team just wrapped up a full and amazing week at the COLLABORATE conference in Las Vegas, where we enjoyed #GoodTimesWithJDE and connecting with new and longtime customers, friends and partners.

A Positive Customer Experience by Tailoring Communications

CSM Magazine

By 2028, recent research forecasts that 70-80% of online purchases will be made using mobile devices. Konstantin Selgitski, Chief Marketing Officer at Apifonica explores how to make it easier for customers to get what they want, when they want and to ensure a positive customer experience.

Which is more integral to success: Digitization or customer experience?

CX University

A top-of-the-line experience in 2018 might easily seem frustrating in 2028. In an era when disruptors like Uber, Netflix, and Amazon are reimagining markets and eroding the boundaries between markets, incumbents know they need to change.

Beauty in Imperfection

C Space

In 2028, will brands seek new avenues for growth because their sponsored posts keep getting ignored, or because their TV adverts become cringe-worthy comedy relics like a laugh track? Beauty in Imperfection. Marketing (and advertising) has a perfection problem.