Create An Online Experience That Reduces Cart Abandonment Rates

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Establishing an excellent brand experience in the modern age is impossible without providing enhanced value to consumers that visit your online channels. However, simply having the option of buying your product online is not enough based on current consumer expectations. If you are not aligning your eCommerce brand experience with the rest of your consumer touchpoints, it will be challenging to retain a positive brand perception.

Challenging Your Focus on Customers

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They are too busy creating their online personas, interacting with brands they love on their own terms. pay very little attention to traditional advertising, so offering meaningful experiences is how some brands are breaking through the noise. You can only determine what experience might be meaningful by asking, observing and listening to your customers. This has led to an increase in sales and better partnerships with their retailers. I have a challenge for you.


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Customer Experience Is… What, Exactly?

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

What is customer experience? According to Wikipedia, it’s this: Customer experience ( CX ) is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods and/or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier. It can also be used to mean an individual experience over one transaction; the distinction is usually clear in context. Yes, it’s the actual experience you have as a customer with a particular brand or organization.

When Was the Last Time You Experienced Your Customer Experience?

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Checked to see if a promotion code works when you try to enter it online? Asked one of your field sales representatives about the specifications of one of your products? Used your interactive voice response unit to access your account information online?

Tweets Not All Sweet on Black Friday

Customers Rock!

Social media has brought the customer experience more in-focus than ever before, and this became very apparent during the start of the 2010 holiday shopping season on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Other customers started their own Cyber Monday on Black Friday and decided to stay home and shop online. 38% of customers were delighted with the online shopping experience.

In a time when e-commerce is booming, what should you invest in first?

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So, in a time where customers expect to be serviced as well online as offline, what aspects of your online business should you invest in first? Some industries are faced with a doubling or tripling of online transactions. Spot quick wins to improve the online experience.

How Visual Transformation Will Revolutionize Customer Service


Whoever wasn’t online before COVID-19, is online now. With so much more of our lives online, companies are prioritizing the need to deliver engaging, frustration-free online experiences for their customers.

Is the Future of Retail, Physical or Virtual?


Like many CPG companies, they were considering online retailing. They were already selling a little online, but hadn’t seriously considered it until then. they were reconsidering just how big they could or should grow their online business.

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How Understanding Shoppers Can Save Retail


More clothes stores are shut down than any other category because sales have gone online. So if bricks and mortar stores are in difficulty, are we helping our customers to buy online? Online, even more than offline depends upon capturing customer data.

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Get Ready to Personalize & Optimize Your CRM Campaigns Across ALL Customer Touchpoints


The partnership unlocks the personalization and optimization of marketing campaigns and customer experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle. And even more, depends on how eager your brand is to give its customers the best possible experience.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing eCommerce

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A technology that once sounded futuristic is now here, and smart businesses have realized it’s not an optional tool in this tech-crazed climate, and begun implementing AI in order to create the easiest possible user experience. By using AI, eCommerce sites are able to create personalized online experiences and recommend products uniquely suited to each shopper. The future is here, and the future is artificial intelligence.

Are you still chewing bubble gum when it comes to creating a better customer experience?

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We could take a lesson from Mr. Piper when it comes to designing a better customer experience. If you really want your brand to stand apart from your competition, your customer experience must as well. Create an engaging and effective online experience. experiences.

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Key Learnings from Cyber Monday 2018


While Cyber Monday 2018 was a huge success for online retailers, with U.S. sales jumping 19.7% billion according to Adobe , results could have been even higher if online retailers addressed key issues that are creating poor customer experiences. Online retailers need to realize that just moving to digital is not a panacea — rather, they must give consumers a great experience at the same time.

Marketing to Boomers? Here Are 3 Tactics You Can Apply Today.

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In response, we saw a massive migration to online shopping. 30, 2020, online sales ordered by Baby Boomers increased nearly 50% each week compared to the same period in 2019. With the increase in options that online shopping affords, we also saw brand loyalties tested.

Improving Your E-Commerce Customer Service to Meet Today’s Consumer Expectations

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The 2017 IBM Consumer Experience Index (CEI) Study says only 3.4 percent of brands are delivering leading-edge customer experience , while 33.5 In an economy where customer experience is key to staying ahead of the competition, these numbers mean most companies need to improve their customer service to avoid losing sales to rivals. Deliver a Satisfying Omni-Channel Experience. Live chat is another technology you can use to improve customer experience.

Lessons Learned from the Frontlines of CX: 7 Major Trends that Impact Customer Engagement


Self-service tools have become more widely utilized and also more user friendly, improving the customer experience (CX). The entire customer engagement ecosystem is shifting online. . It’s about tailoring the customer experience. Best Practices Customer Experience



Mapping the customer journey is often the first step an organisation takes when it wants to improve the customer experience. The ultimate goal is to provide better experiences for customers. The Limitations of Journey Mapping for Customer-Obsessed Brands.

The Use of Design Speaks Volumes About Your Online Business

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The internet has been around long enough that businesses no longer question the need to establish an online presence. You don’t pay annual hosting and domain registration fees for what amounts to an online business card. Failing to do so can result in undesirable experiences.

All Touchpoints in the Customer Journey Are Not Created Equal!

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Even service providers who decorate their in-store or online experience with lots of joyful TLC and attention to details, then make online check-out, paper invoicing, or the cash register encounter seem like it was concocted and managed by an IRS agent eager to do an audit. How many service providers put Happy on the sales floors and Grumpy at the register? And today, the great majority of customers review online comments before deciding to do business with you.

Becoming Customer-Centric: 5 Ways to Walk the Talk

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Make a positive example out of those employees who speak up about broken parts of the customer experience. Ask customers to share their stories with your sales teams at their quarterly retreats. Invite your least tech-savvy customers to speak with your digital marketing department at the kick-off meeting for the online experience redesign. 360Connext serves mid-market companies and larger by helping them evaluate their true customer experience.

How retailers can create a frictionless path to purchase

Taking the friction out of shopping To help drive sales, retailers must do everything in their power to make the online shopping experience as frictionless as possible. It ensures their experience is responsive and creates more value for your business.

What Is E Commerce? Understanding a Shifting Landscape

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There was a time when the answer to that question was a simple one: you made a website, listed a product that you already had for sale in your brick-and-mortar location, and customers placed their orders. In fact, e commerce was often used as shorthand for online retail, as those businesses were among the first to enlist the internet as a point of sale. This widening of the field has brought with it a re-think in how commerce is conducted online. What is e commerce?

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5 Keys for Multi-Channel Customer Support

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It’s not uncommon to spot shoppers scanning bar codes in stores to see if there is a less expensive price via online stores. Treating social media channels as nothing more than sales promotions will fail every time. Treat your online channels as friends, not enemies. Update employees who deal directly with customers, whether in-store or via any channel, on the most current online experiences. The following is a Best of 360Connext post.

How to Segment Your Customers to Grow Revenue


You want to provide great customer experiences to every possible customer group, but that’s difficult to do, even with a relatively small organization. Customer segmentation is the practice of creating separate target customer groups in order to provide customers with personalized content, website, user experiences, and other marketing techniques. Most evenings, she stays home playing video games online.

How the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden Approaches the Visitor Experience

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Quite a few of the CX leaders I’ve spoken to on the podcast have shared that previous experiences in sales, retail, and hospitality helped create a foundation for the skills required to be a successful CX champion in their organization. In today’s episode, I chat with Rhiannon Hoeweler , the Vice President of Visitor Experience, Strategy, and Fun at The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. STRATEGIZE THE VISITOR EXPERIENCE.

NRF 2019: 3 Days of Retail Customer Experience Takeaways

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The SmarterCX team is on location at NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show in New York City this week getting an inside look at the latest in retail customer experience trends and technology. “Target posted its best sales in a decade.” Evolving in-store experiences was a hot topic at NRF 2019, from the keynote stages to the expo floor. Seamless omnichannel experiences. CX Events Customer Experience

Why UX Design is Vital to User Satisfaction and Ongoing Job Security


From smarter homes to an improved online experience, people have a lot to gain from the situation. Recent reports have shown that: 62% of consumers shop online more now than before the pandemic ( Bazaarvoice ). of all US sales, compared to 11.8%

Everything You Need to Know About the Oracle Cloud CX Virtual Summit on November 9 featuring Larry Ellison

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Samantha Mohr, Vice President, Inside Sales, Ricoh. Katrina Gosek, Vice President, Product Development, CX Sales and Commerce Portfolio, Oracle. Kamyar Seradjfar, Vice President, CX Sales Product Management, Oracle. Michelle Brusyo, Director, CX Sales Product Strategy, Oracle. Douglas Wise, Product Marketing Manager, CX Sales, Oracle. Facebook updates during the event will be shared on the Oracle Customer Experience Facebook page. Mark your calendars!

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COVID-19 pushes loyalty to the top of retailers’ festive wish list


They are directing resources online, hoping to attract not only the usual e-commerce enthusiasts, but those who may – because of current circumstances – explore other avenues to grab hot deals.

The Future of Live Engagement Is Here as Vee24 Launches V11 Intelligent Conversational Experience

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Vee24 , the leader in intelligent, conversational, multi-experience solutions, today announced the launch of its latest release, raising the bar for live online customer engagement. Vee24 is an intelligent, conversational, multi-experience platform for customer-centric teams.

The Future of Retail is in the Stars (or is it the Cloud?) Testing


Like many CPG companies, they are considering online retailing. They are already selling a little online, but haven’t seriously considered it until recently. they are now reconsidering just how big they could or should grow their online business. “Never miss an episode.

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Top 10 Customer Success Takeaways from INBOUND 2020


For the first time in nine years, HubSpot’s INBOUND conference was not able to hosted as an in-person experience for obvious reasons. Instead they created a new immersive online experience that took the course over two days (September 22 & 23, 2020). .

What Is Data, Anyway? 4 Types of Crucial Customer Information Your Company May Be Ignoring

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Each and every time a customer reaches out to your business in the form of a sale, email, or website visit, there’s an opportunity to learn something about the market at which you are aiming your products and services — at both the individual and the aggregate level — and improve your sales model. One of the first steps is to analyze points of contact where the loss of a sale occurred. Data Customer Experience“What is data?”

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5 Quick Ways to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Efforts


Users want their shopping experience to be as fast and seamless as possible. A whopping 88% of buyers do research online before purchasing an item. Treat your customers like they’re friends, not potential buyers, and you’re more likely to drive more sales.

Your ‘Must Have’ Features For Successful Online Shopping

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There are three critical elements every online holiday shopper expects this year. Chances are if you are shopping for the holidays, you are buying at least in part online. billion in sales, representing 12% growth for Cyber Monday sales in 2015. These results show us what the customers say their expectations are for their online shopping experience. They feel unsatisfied with their experience because it wasn’t extraordinary enough.

The Most Important Touchpoint in the Customer Journey

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Even service providers who decorate their in-store or online experience with lots of joyful TLC and attention to details make online check-out, paper invoicing, or the cash register encounter seem like it was concocted and managed by an IRS agent eager to do an audit. How many service providers put Happy on the sales floors and Grumpy at the check-out register? And today, the great majority of customers review online comments before deciding to do business with you.

When personalization goes wrong

By creating personalized campaigns that resonate with people on an individual basis, companies have the potential to forge stronger connections with prospects and customers, strengthen their brand, and boost sales.