November, 2023

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35 Indicators that a Company Isn’t Customer-Centric

CX Accelerator

By Jeremy Watkin and the CX Accelerator Community I’ve got a big trip coming up, and in preparation, I needed to check my flight itinerary so I could book a rental car and long-term airport parking. It’s at that point I realized that I never received an email from the airline after booking my flight. Nearing full-on panic, I was relieved to see that they had charged my credit card.

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Unlocking the Value of Customer Experience: A Guide to Measuring CX ROI


As businesses prioritize customer satisfaction, understanding the nuances of measuring Customer Experience Return on Investment (CX ROI) has emerged as a strategic imperative. The capacity to measure and quantify the return on investment (ROI) of CX initiatives is critical for businesses to thrive. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, navigating through the intricacies of measuring CX ROI, unraveling the layers of customer experience impact, and providing actionable insights for busines

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Judges' Roundtable: What it takes to become a CX Leader of the Year


Customer Experience Leader of the Year judges Christopher Brooks, Ian Golding, and Sue Duris get together to discuss all things CXLOTY. Watch on-demand now.

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How to Measure Customer Experience: 6 Key CX Metrics


Are your customers happy with your products and your customer service levels? Learn more about how to monitor and measure your customer experience programs.

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Strategic CX: A Deep Dive into Voice of the Customer Insights for Clarity

Speaker: Nicholas Zeisler, CX Strategist & Fractional CXO

The first step in a successful Customer Experience endeavor (or for that matter, any business proposition) is to find out what’s wrong. If you can’t identify it, you can’t fix it! 💡 That’s where the Voice of the Customer (VoC) comes in. Today, far too many brands do VoC simply because that’s what they think they’re supposed to do; that’s what all their competitors do.

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6 Steps To Crafting A Signature Brand Experience That Delights Your Customers

The DiJulius Group

Creating a signature brand experience isn’t just about what you do; it’s about how you make your customers feel. It’s the difference between a one-time transaction and a lifelong memory. At the DiJulius Group, we’ve honed a methodology that empowers brands to leave an indelible mark on their customers’ hearts and minds. Think of one.

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Embracing the future of CX: Unleashing the power of converged VOIP, contact centers, and video conferencing software

Adrian Swinscoe

This is a guest post by Jeni Rogers, Managing Editor, As CX continues to evolve into a modern business initiative and area of keen focus […] The post Embracing the future of CX: Unleashing the power of converged VOIP, contact centers, and video conferencing software first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe.

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Power up Your Productivity to Drive Experience Improvement

InMoment XI

Elevating Customer Experience Through Strategic Productivity Insights In a recent workshop conducted at the XI Forum 2023 in London by industry experts Simon Fraser, VP, Insights and Consultancy at InMoment, and Simon Hedaux, Founder of Rethink Productivity , the focus was on enhancing productivity to drive experience improvement within businesses. This hands-on workshop emphasised the significance of integrating customer and employee perspectives into experience enhancement strategies, whilst l

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Coffee Customers are Thirsty for More


Coffee remains a hot commodity for consumers. Drive Research reported that 74% of Americans drink coffee every day*. In a recent consumer survey conducted by Intouch Insight, 71% of coffee drinkers reported they seek out their favorite coffee brand rather than purchase the most convenient cup. But are brands doing enough to retain these loyal customers?

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The Psychology Behind Customer Retention and Loyalty

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

When working to grow their business and revenue, companies often focus most (if not all) of their resources on attracting new customers. The problem, however, is those efforts are wasted if the new connections don’t stick. Customers expect (and deserve!) personalized, convenient, and fulfilling experiences. If a customer tries a new brand that fails to deliver on their needs—especially during the earliest interactions—they have little reason to support it.

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The Open CCaaS Advantage Report

Over the next 12 months, what do you think will have the biggest impact on your CX automation efforts? When asked the same question, only 10% of CX leaders surveyed by Verint chose telephony. It’s no longer the engagement channel leading CCaaS conversations. The customer engagement challenges facing organizations have changed – so a new approach is needed.

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Enhancing Citizen Engagement: AI in Government Communication


Despite its ubiquity, AI has been underutilized in government affairs. While many lawmakers have weighed the antitrust implications of AI, not many in the public sector have sought out ways in which the technology can improve governance. This could be blamed on the median age of lawmakers (58 for the House of Representatives, 65 for the Senate) or a culture of technophobia.

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The Employee Hierarchy of Needs


Last week, I introduced you to The Customer Hierarchy of Needs based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. This week, we focus on our employees. Before you can have a strong customer experience, you must have a good employee experience. So, here are the five levels of the pyramid that make up The Employee Hierarchy of Needs. The Paycheck: At the base of the pyramid is an employee’s primary need: money.

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Navigating the Customer Journey: Why Every Step is Important


Our expectations for services and the customer journey we experience have changed a lot over the past number of years. We now expect these services much more quickly.

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Your Guide to Mastering Brand Reputation Management

InMoment XI

Your company’s reputation is arguably more important than your product or service. That’s why maintaining a positive brand reputation is crucial for business success. Consumers today rely heavily on online information and reviews, making brand reputation management a top priority. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of brand reputation management, exploring strategies, key components, pitfalls to avoid, and the role of online and employee reputation management.

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Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Loyalty Strategy

Speaker: Lauren Barash, Vice President, Brand Marketing

In an ever-evolving industry, building and retaining loyal customers is critical to the success of any restaurant business. Join Lauren Barash, VP of Brand Marketing at Full Course, as she delves into the world of restaurant loyalty programs, and reveals the top five essential strategies to optimize your approach! This webinar will explore: Loyalty trends and what you should be focusing on 📊 Actionable insights and ideas to help you develop the most powerful and effective loyalty program

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Benefits of Outsourcing your NPS process


Outsourcing has become increasingly popular these days, as more companies worldwide are exploring different destinations for outsourcing their business activities, and it’s no wonder why. The many advantages of outsourcing make it an attractive strategy in today’s global economy, turning it into a common practice. But before diving into the benefits of outsourcing services, it is essential to understand what exactly outsourcing means.

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Highly Cited Researchers 2023: The evolution of our evaluation and selection policy to support a robust scholarly landscape


Every year, the unveiling of the Highly Cited Researchers list sparks anticipation within the global research community as both researchers and their affiliated institutions or organizations scrutinize the list. Today, we present our 2023 list , recognizing 6,849 individuals from more than 1,300 institutions across 67 countries and regions. These Highly Cited Researchers stand out for their significant and broad influence in various scientific and social science domains, representing a small fra

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Welcome to a New Era of Building in the Cloud with Generative AI on AWS

AWS Machine Learning

We believe generative AI has the potential over time to transform virtually every customer experience we know. The number of companies launching generative AI applications on AWS is substantial and building quickly, including adidas,, Bridgewater Associates, Clariant, Cox Automotive, GoDaddy, and LexisNexis Legal & Professional, to name just a few.

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Are Your Customers Happy Or Not?


Top Takeaways: Customer feedback is crucial for businesses of all industries. By actively seeking and analyzing feedback, businesses can identify areas of improvement, make informed decisions, and ultimately enhance their overall customer experience. Technology, such as feedback kiosks and tablets, provides a simple and non-intrusive way for customers to provide feedback.

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Mapping Digital Transformation: Retail’s Strategic Shift

Speaker: Jennifer Wright, Michael Scholz, Jasmin Guthmann, and Scott Canney

Digital transformation in retail is so much more than new technology. You need to get your whole organization, from entry-level workers to executives, on board with the new tech, new skills, and culture changes that digital transformation brings. Leading this mindset shift can be a daunting task… but that’s where this webinar comes in! Join our panel of experts as they guide you through the challenges of digital transformation, preparing you to avoid common mistakes and make the most of incredib

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Strategic Design: The Key to Building a Successful Business & Captivating Customers with Prof. Jan-Erik Baars


Executive Session formato convencional The European Customer Experience Organization (ECXO) is delighted to announce that Prof. Jan-Erik Baars will be our guest for the Executive live LinkedIn Session on November 29th Time: 1 pm CET / 12 pm (noon) GMT. We will be discussing ‘Strategic Design: The Key to Building a Successful Business & Captivating Customers ,’ a crucial element for corporate success.

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Review Management: An Essential Component of Modern Marketing

InMoment XI

In the digital age, platforms such as Yelp, Google, Facebook, and Tripadvisor wield unprecedented influence over consumers’ purchase decisions. Recognizing this, top brands and businesses are integrating review management into their marketing strategies. Not only does review management help safeguard and enhance a company’s brand reputation; but it can also improve search engine visibility and cultivate brand trust among existing and potential customers.

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Totango named 3x TrustRadius “Best of” award winner in customer success


TrustRadius, a renowned platform for transparent business technology reviews, announced its 2023 Best of Awards, with Totango emerging as a triple winner. We were recognized for our strength in end-to-end relationships, overall value, and leading features and functionality. Totango’s customer success software drives cross-functional enterprise teams toward enhanced productivity, retention, and growth.

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Birdeye Reports: Revolutionize business intelligence with actionable insights


We live in a data-driven business world where every piece of customer feedback is nothing less than a goldmine. Organizations that effectively use customer feedback data to improve operations can expect a boost to their performance. Studies have shown that companies leveraging analytics and reporting tools experience an ROI increase of 25%. Birdeye Reports is at the forefront of innovation in this field, providing advanced reporting tools that empower businesses to unlock the hidden potential wi

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Revolutionizing Contact Centers: Next-Gen Tech for Enhanced CX

Speaker: Liran Meir Frenkel, Performance Management and RPA Sr Product Marketing Manager at NICE; Harpreet Makan, Practice Director at Everest Group; & Santhosh Kumar, Practice Director at Everest Group

As contact centers navigate the challenges of delivering excellence within budget constraints and adapting to evolving employee expectations, optimizing agent tasks becomes crucial. Discover a holistic approach across three pillars - people, process, and technology - that is essential to excel in this dynamic landscape, and explore how next-gen technologies such as generative AI, performance analytics, and process intelligence play a pivotal role in transforming contact centers into advanced CX

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Proving the ROI of Customer Experience Initiatives

Doing CX Right

Gregorio Uglioni and Stacy Sherman, customer experience leaders, reveal tactics to get leadership buy-in, break silos, prove ROI & drive human connections through meaningful customer experience initiatives. The post Proving the ROI of Customer Experience Initiatives appeared first on Doing CX Right.

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How to Optimize Customer Service With Omnichannel Support

Team Support

Your company’s reputation depends on excellent customer support. Even if you utilize tools like self-help, community forums, or automation, some customer issues still require a human touch. Although hiring staff can be costly, companies can’t afford to skip it if they are concerned about customer satisfaction. Case management continues to play a critical role in preserving customer relationships while also feeding the product development process.

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Creating Comfortable Conversations: 3 Tips for Qualitative Discussion Guides

2020 Research

Just like wide-leg jeans making a comeback in style, in-depth interviews (IDIs) are now more popular than ever. At Sago Strategy + Insight , we’ve noticed a growing demand for qualitative research that relies on these individual in-depth interviews. The next generation of insights professionals truly value the authentic connections and deep understanding that comes from engaging in one-on-one conversations with consumers.

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6 attributes to look for in your CCaaS provider


Date: Friday, November 3, 2023 Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager 6 attributes to look for in your CCaaS provider Published on: November 03, 2023 Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager Not all CCaaS solutions, or vendors, are the same. We examine what to look for when picking a partner to ensure long-term success. Read the full article on our parent company Enghouse Interactive’s site.

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The New GTM Playbook: 18 Ways to Future-Proof Your Sales Team

Longer sales cycles. Increasingly discerning buyers. More meetings. Intensifying competition. Economic uncertainty. Go-to-market teams of every size, in every industry, are grappling with these challenges firsthand. Thankfully, there’s an answer. We’ve developed an entirely new way for GTM leaders to identify and execute proven, data-driven strategies that drive revenue.

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Supercharge customer success with Totango email and calendar integrations


Every customer interaction matters in today’s digital age. These touchpoints serve as critical indicators of overall customer health, enabling leaders to proactively detect risk, prevent churn, and identify opportunities for expansion and revenue growth. But, oftentimes, managing and documenting these customer interactions—especially cross-functionally among global and remote teams—can be challenging and time-consuming.

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31 irresistible car sales email templates to close more deals


Do you know what’s the one thing that is crucial in getting more sales? It is effective communication. As customers verify your brand’s reputation on top car review sites , you need to ensure that your email marketing strategy also delivers to meet their expectations. Car sales emails are a crucial part of that effective communication strategy.

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17 Social Media Holidays to Celebrate This December

Brandwatch CX

Leverage these 17 December holidays to level up your marketing strategy and connect with your audience, whether it's through Santa Claus, ninjas or cookies.