How the Entertainment Industry is Using Data Collection

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Hollywood is learning what those in the market research world have known for years: follow the data. Richard Maraschi, global leader of advanced analytics at IBM, is helping studios leverage the feedback consumers put online to make better creative and marketing decisions.

Engagement lessons from Orlando, the world’s entertainment capital

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Besides from being a CX Speaker, I also publish articles such as this one on the CX Network, a leading platform for senior CX and Marketing leaders. The post Engagement lessons from Orlando, the world’s entertainment capital appeared first on CX Ahead.

Gen Z Rely on the Internet Primarily for Social Media and Entertainment

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Unlike their predecessors, who use the internet mainly to source information, the research found that 86 percent of Gen Z rely on the internet primarily for social media and entertainment, demonstrating a marked shift from “inform me” to “entertain me.”

Generation Z statistics: New report on the values, attitudes and behaviors of the post-Millennials

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The report, The Everything Guide to Generation Z , provides statistics and insight for marketers, customer experience and innovation pros in all major industries. Millennial marketing is so last year…. Generation Z, the cohort born between 1996 and 2010, is ready for the spotlight.

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Modern Marketing Strategies Every Company Needs to Try Today


The marketing world is moving at a breathtaking pace. As marketing advances, it becomes more branched-out and gives even the smallest brands a chance to be seen and heard. After several weeks of analysis and market survey, I’ve come up with a list of the best modern marketing strategies every company needs to try today. Some time ago, before Google’s 2013 Hummingbird update, keywords were the absolute pinnacle of SEO and marketing as a whole.

Head of Marketing, How Can You Keep Your Job When Most CMOs Are Losing Theirs?


What does a Head of Marketing (CMO) do in their average four-year tenure to ensure that they keep their job for longer? A 2012 global survey by the Fournaise Marketing Group provides one possible explanation. CMO #Marketing Click To Tweet. Forbes #CMO #Marketing Click To Tweet.

The ultimate report on Millennial customers: Gen Y attitudes and their impact on tech, finance, media and other major industries

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10 Valuable Marketing & Business Podcasts - Frank Reactions

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The world is finally waking up to podcasts, and the wonderful chance they give you to listen, learn and be entertained when you are NOT in front of a screen. Click here … Continue Reading → The post 10 Valuable Marketing & Business Podcasts appeared first on Frank Reactions. B2B Blog Content Customer Service / Customer Experience Internet Marketing Social Media podcasts

Nielsen’s Lynda Clarizio shares her perspective on the evolving media landscape

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Over the next three to five years, the media industry will become a more mature market from the consumer’s perspective, and this will have dramatic implications for media, including the convergence of media advertising into one market and great deal of industry consolidation.

The Authenticity challenge: 25 marketing, CX and innovation takeaways from the 2016 Customer Intelligence Summit

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Earlier this week, more than 400 professionals in marketing, customer experience, innovation and research gathered in Chicago for the 2016 Customer Intelligence Summit. Market research departments are increasingly contributing directly to the bottom line.

How Elizabeth Arden, Bustle, Refinery29 and Audible think about CX

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Celia Tombalakian, senior director of global marketing at Elizabeth Arden, said the evolution in customer experience has changed the way the company approaches everything from product development to marketing. “We Eighty degrees and a nice breeze – check.

Smart Home Market Analysis – Expectations vs. Reality


All eyes were on the smart home market in 2017. Tech giants are all clamoring to get in on the action with Google Home , Apple HomeKit , Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThings creating buzz, and new smart devices flooding the market at a dizzying rate.

Day 4 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips


Because marketing has moved on from shouting one-way messages. We inform, entertain […]. The post Day 4 World Cup Fever Marketing Tips appeared first on Cliizii. Day four we’re talking about going beyond the stats.

How to Apply Customer Experience Advocacy in Marketing

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drop in the company’s shares in pre-market trading. When done right, it boosts retention, satisfaction, and most recently, a company’s marketing efforts. What is Customer Experience Marketing and Why Is It Important? Challenges of Customer Experience Marketing.

Location Marketing: Catchy Buzzword or Essential Marketing Strategy?

Location marketing is a problem because. But, is location marketing really the problem? Is it a catchy buzzword or an indispensable part of your marketing? Location marketing. Is it a problem if you don't know what location marketing is?

Agency Perspective: Why Did You Start Your Marketing Agency

Sometimes it's passion for the work that just sort of leads marketers to where they're supposed to be. Naomi Aharony , Co-Founder, Reboot Digital Marketing. "We We started Reboot Online Marketing Ltd. Avrumi Weinberger , Director of Digital Marketing, Precision Brands. "I

Goodbye CMOs, Your Time is Up: From Brand Building to Business Growth


In a recent interview with Marketing Week their global vice-president of creative claims that it has “broadened” the company’s approach to marketing. HOW MARKETING HAS CHANGED. Marketing is an old profession. brand #Marketing #CEX #CRM Click To Tweet.

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9 Local Marketing Strategies You Can Do at Scale


The right local marketing strategy can help your business drive foot traffic and awareness in specific locations or regions. Local Marketing Strategies: Why Have One? For example: Ultimate Guide to Nightlife and Entertainment in (City/Town).

The top market research conferences to attend in 2019


The market research industry is evolving. In order for market research professionals to stay relevant and deliver world-class insights, they must keep up with the latest trends. Below are 10 market research conferences that you should check out for 2019.

How to Create a Modern Stadium Fan Experience with a Digital Identity


Sports fans are focused and engaged, with instant mobile access to info and entertainment. Avaya was one of the first to market with bot technology for stadiums. Customer Engagement Avaya Avaya Sports and Entertainment fan engagement Fan Experience

Content Marketing Trends in 2018: Experiential Content Joins Old School Formats

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In an interesting dichotomy of content marketing trends, popular content formats in 2018 will be a mix of interactive assets and long-form print pieces. According to a recent report by Grand View Research , the global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.25

How to Recession-Proof Your Business - Frank Reactions

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Entertainment. ” So think about the self-images of your target customers, and then design your marketing to appeal to those self-images. Entertainment. People pay extra for entertainment. Because of the entertainment value. Their desire to be entertained.

Technology for 21st-Century, Experience-Driven Sports Fan Engagement


This consumerism shift towards mobile devices makes it easier for teams to influence impulse sales through personalized messages, geo-targeted marketing, instant offers, and loyalty rewards. Customer Engagement Avaya Avaya Sports and Entertainment fan engagement

10 brand and marketing conferences you should attend in 2019


Marketing is constantly changing and attending conferences is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with the industry. From content marketing to brand management to SEO, there are numerous marketing topics you can learn about. Ashmeed Ali- Head of Market Research, Buzzfeed.

How to Kickstart Your Content Marketing Strategy in 3 Steps


Content marketing is like a well-cooked lobster. Insolent words, you might say, but I have reasons to think that marketers don’t know how to make a good use of content. So, every couple of months someone announces the death of content marketing.

Dapresy Canada Team – Growth and Innovation in Market Research Reporting


And, Dapresy is well represented amongst top Canadian research firms and within enterprise market research teams spanning financial, telecommunications, loyalty, government, entertainment, non-profit, and technology – all looking for a more efficient and effective way to report market research data. Dapresy is now in close proximity to numerous market research firms like Ipsos, GfK, Nielsen, and Kantar, and many mid-size MR consulting firms.

Defining Brands with The Kind of Customer Experience They Deliver: An Exclusive Interview with Mr. Viraj Verma, Marketing and Strategic Alliances Head, PVR BluO

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Mr. Viraj Verma is currently working as the Head of Marketing and Strategic Alliances at PVR BluO, a one of a kind of entertainment concept in India. As the Head of Marketing and Strategic Alliance at PVR BluO, what role do you think Customer Experience plays in marketing? .

CMOs and CIOs: Stop Battling and Start Collaborating on Marketing Technology Solutions


If you think back (even as recently as 10 years ago), organizations didn’t use much marketing technology in order to achieve their objectives. Just 10 years ago, marketing technology platforms like Marketo and HubSpot had just been founded and were in their primal stages.

Omnichannel Customer Experience: Can Banks & Others Get It Right? - Frank Reactions

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Reduce friction : Michael Marino, of Caesar’s Entertainment, gave some great examples of ways they are using mobile apps to make it easier for their visitors to spend money and have a good time.

Facebook Audience Optimization Capabilities: What Does it Me To You?

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Most interests are sorted into broad categories like Lifestyle and Culture, People, or News and Entertainment. For marketers, this could be very helpful in target marketing. Tweet Audience Optimization is a new tool that reveals the hundreds of thousands of categories Facebook divides its users into, but also the number of people who belong to each one.

How to Use Emojis in Your Marketing Campaigns


Now they are entering the world of marketing – as even subject lines of trendy product pitches consist of emojis, and nowadays you can even order a large pizza from Domino’s by simply texting them a pizza emoji! Use emojis to add a personal element to your marketing.

How To Best Utilize Content Marketing To Gain Consumer Loyalty

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The Importance of Content Marketing. Content marketing is frequently used to make certain the target audience sees exactly what they want. There are important guidelines for content marketing and the old views should be eliminated. So is creating content specifically to educate the customers, entertain them and teach them something interesting and new. There are a wide range of formats effective for content marketing. Content Marketing Strategies.

Four Ways CSPs Can Use AI to Gain New Subscriber Insights, Out-Market OTT Competitors and Deliver a Better Customer Experience


Service providers are sitting on more marketable data than even Google — but they’ve been slow to harness it for profit. CSPs are sitting on a veritable data goldmine that places them firmly in the catbird seat of digital marketing and delivering a better customer experience.

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Why is Most Marketing Communication Boring?

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The antidote to sleep-inducing marketing communications is to firstly accept that great communicat ion should boldly dramatise a brand purpose and the experience that the brand delivers. OK, so everyone gets that in today’s commercial world customers are powerful.

Increasing member engagement: 4 effective strategies for online community growth

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Gartshore shared these ideas on how to add variety to your member engagement activities: Give a sneak peek into new products before they hit the market. Gartshore encouraged attendees to borrow new engagement ideas from marketing practices to keep things fresh in the community.

2019 Preview: 4 CX Innovations Shaping the Way We Watch Movies

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While late 2019 will see new streaming offerings from both Disney and AT&T, Netflix promises to fight for market share by focusing on customers with new content development and ongoing innovation to the tune of more than $8 billion in original content, AdWeek reports.

Will Morning Shows Lose Advertisers Over Sexual Harassment Allegations?

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Sexual harassment and assault in the entertainment industry has always been Hollywood’s worst kept secret, but with women speaking out now, and providing indisputable evidence, it can no longer be swept under the rug. Audience Business Marketing and Advertising