Another Competitive Advantage: Uniqueness


Because this dog is a metaphor for a competitive business success strategy , which is uniqueness. This is your competitive differentiator. The big uniqueness question is, “Why should a customer buy from you over your competition?” Business Strategy. Not all hotdogs are the same.

Customer Service: The Competitive Advantage [Video]

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It’s Time to Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage


Make Customer Service Your Competitive Advantage. What are your biggest barriers to transforming customer service into your competitive advantage? One of the biggest misconceptions is that customers value brief moments of extraordinary delight over quick and easy help.

Stop Building Your Competitive Advantage and Start Building Your Customer Advantage


Competitive Advantage isn’t Sustainable. The competitive advantages businesses have developed to serve customers in the past are neither competitive nor advantageous today. Customer Advantage Focuses on Customer Outcomes.

Service as Competitive Advantage: Creating New Value vs. Sustaining Predictable Results

Up Your Service

But in a competitive global market where products are commoditized and speed of delivery easily matched, quality service is a key differentiator in every industry – including financial services , manufacturing, high tech IT , telecommunications , logistics, and more.

Competitive Advantage and Marketing’s 5Ps


All businesses want to be competitive, and yet too many lose out by forgetting some simple elements of modern marketing. A recent experience of mine in a Peruvian bank made me realize how Swiss banks, and many others, could be more competitive and customer centric. The post Competitive Advantage and Marketing’s 5Ps appeared first on C3Centricity

Customer-Centric Transformation a no-brainer: Check out why!

Doug Leather

I admit that I’m a customer-centric evangelist because quite frankly, how else can you build meaningful competitive advantage? I’m guilty! Customer-centricity is all about differentiation and it’s almost impossible to sustain differentiation around product, price and distribution footprint. But you can sustain differentiation around your customer knowledge, insights and understanding.

Customer Strategy Infographic

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It goes without saying that if your organisation pledges to become more customer-centric, you need to innovate your business model through a customer-centric lens.

Customer-Centricity! Oh, I’m Doing that Already!

Doug Leather

Yeah right! I had a really interesting discussion with a prospective client recently. He is the MD of a multi franchise vehicle business. Successful? – no doubt. Customer-Centric? – I don’t think so. Yet he was adamant he had ‘customer-centricity’ under control. They were busy hiring someone who was going to drive this initiative. This is a classic example of a refusal to admit to the current reality.

Buddy. You’d better build a better bot


The proliferation of ‘Chat Bots’ or Virtual Agents has rapidly created a new frontier of competitive advantage, or one that carries with it severe penalties. If your Bot or VA just isn’t good enough, sure as eggs is eggs, your customers will drop you. Read More. Jacada Blog

Driving Competitive Advantage through Voice of the Customer


Together with price and product, customer voice has become the accepted third tool that top companies use to beat out the competition. These companies are doing more than merely measuring customer satisfaction or driving marketing campaigns. They are using customer feedback to drive change among their many business units. Read on for some specific examples

Driving Competitive Advantage through Voice of the Customer


Together with price and product, customer voice has become the accepted third tool that top companies use to beat out the competition. These companies are doing more than merely measuring customer satisfaction or driving marketing campaigns. They are using customer feedback to drive change among their many business units. Read on for some specific examples

4 Technology Trends set to Improve Customer Experience in 2017


As customers have more alternatives than ever, the businesses that win the battle of customer service gain a clear competitive advantage. There's no denying the fact that customer service is critical to any business.

The Challenges of Implementing Customer-Centric Strategy – What creates the problem?

Doug Leather

Let’s face it. There is very little new about the concept of customer-centricity. There is however, plenty of room for improvement in both strategy and execution. What creates the problem? The traditional functional and product silo design of organisations creates serious problems. In these instances it’s almost impossible to operationalise around ‘the customer.’

Customer Engagement Leads to Competitive Advantage for B2B Companies, Says New Study

CSM Magazine

Other benefits highly rated by respondents include enhanced revenue, improved customer advocacy, expanded market share and competitive differentiation.

Omni-channel Feedback in an Omni-channel World


Empowered customers are disrupting every industry; competitive barriers like manufacturing strength, distribution power and information mastery no longer create competitive advantage. In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge of and.

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Customer Interactions

Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield for companies. It’s proving to be the only durable competitive advantage. That’s why businesses are shifting their attention from differentiation based on product or pricing toward overall customer experience

CMO Perspectives, (18th August, 2015)

Customer Interactions

Even in the throes of summer vacations the web is ripe with great content to fill this week’s CMO Perspectives, including a great piece from Brian Solis with his 5 takeaways to make customer experience a competitive advantage. Enjoy

CX Journey™ Musings: Customer Experience is the Next.

CX Journey

battlefield, competitive battleground, competitive advantage, competitive frontier, marketing, [fill in the blank]." Ironically, I came across a report from two years ago that said that in two years (like, now) it would be the competitive advantage.

Customer-Centricity = Blue Ocean Strategy

Doug Leather

Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, deals with the reality of companies long engaging in head-to-head competition in search of profitable growth. These companies have fought for competitive advantage, battled over market share and struggled for differentiation. In red oceans, industry boundaries are defined and accepted and the competitive rules of the game are well understood. Products become commodities and increasing competition turns the water bloody.

[CHEAT SHEET] How to Get Your C-Suite to Buy-In to the Customer Experience


Customer Experience has now become one of the primary competitive advantages on which many companies strive to gain the upper hand in their industry. Customer Experience

Customer Centricity = Sustainability = Customer Centricity = Superior Business Performance

Doug Leather

In a recently published article (MIT Sloan Management Review – How to Become a Sustainable Company)the authors point to a study that supports the view that ‘high sustainability’ companies significantly outperformed their counterparts over an 18 year period in terms of both stock market and accounting criteria, such as return on assets and return on equity. Also, stock market performance was higher and there was lower performance volatility.

Employee Engagement Shaping Call Centers

Customer Interactions

Contact centers that are always on the lookout for new tools and resources can hold a powerful competitive advantage. Preparing for the New Year is a great opportunity to join their ranks and explore industry trends. Employee engagement is a top-of-mind concern for many organizations, and improving it should be on your to-do list. Employee engagement has been proven to add tremendous value to organizations, and ongoing developments are pushing its benefits further than ever before

Are You a Customer Experience Leader?

Customer Interactions

Customer experience is the new competitive battlefield for companies. It’s proving to be the only durable competitive advantage. That’s why businesses are shifting their attention from differentiation based on product or pricing toward overall customer experience

A blended set of measures are critical for customer-centric operationalization

Doug Leather

What company doesn’t want to be customer-centric? It’s highly unlikely that any executive wakes up in the morning and makes a statement along the lines of – “Customer-Centricity is not important to us and we shouldn’t consider it!”.

Using Customer Journey Maps as a Strategic CX Tool

Peppers and Rodgers

First and foremost, it needs to decide to become a Customer Experience Brand - that is to see the customer experience as central to differentiating and creating competitive advantage. Customer centricity is an elusive goal.

Preparing for the Connected Customer


In fact, mobility alone is no longer a competitive advantage; it’s basic table stakes when it comes to meeting customer service expectations. “If Competitive advantage. Mobile technology has become a part of the everyday lives of most customers, which has created a massive shift in customer expectations when it comes to service.

Key Factors to Improving Employee Engagement in Field Service


In order for businesses to gain competitive advantages, employee engagement has to be based on performance, scored continually throughout the organization and powered by innovative technology.

Study: What CEOs Really Think About Customer Experience

Think Customers

While some past studies have revealed a disconnect between the quality of the customer experiences the CEO believes a company delivers to its customers and what customers' actual perceptions are, a recent survey of CEOs finds that many chief executives view customer experience as the most effective opportunity for obtaining a competitive advantage.

New REPORT: Leading the Thought Paradigms in Future of Work

Natalie Petouhof

It is already driving massive innovation and become an opportunity for competitive advantage. A new way for companies to keep ahead of market trends and gain a competitive advantage is to pay attention to the things thought leaders are saying on social networks. Tweet.

Don’t Let Volatile Markets Scare You Away From Customer Experience Investments


But cutting CX budgets is a terrible idea because CX is the greatest potential source of competitive advantage - especially in times of high market volatility. If you like horror shows, forget The Walking Dead and check out global markets: In 2016, U.S.

The Future of Work: How Companies Are Building Cultures Worker’s Love #nytnewwork

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet Human Capital As a Key Competitive Advantage. Winning leaders have realized the value of a strong and effective culture as a crucial, competitive advantage. It is key to so many aspects of a business: growth, innovation, cost savings, new product development… There’s so much to learn about how the work place must change or companies will loose their competitive edge… Practical Research and Toolkits To Jumpstart Your Culture.

Customer Service Tips. The Secret of the Right Greeting

Provide Support

A kind greeting can become a competitive advantage for your business. Customer Service Tips. The first impression comes after the first greeting. Your customers like to be liked and to feel they are important.

How food retailers can compete against Amazon’s Whole Foods and European grocers

Vision Critical

Until this deal, traditional players had the advantage of offering an in-store experience—something that Amazon didn’t have yet at scale. Contrary to popular belief, Amazon’s biggest competitive advantage is not innovation.

Top Reasons for Making a Move to Avaya IP Office 10


Unified Communications is migrating from being seen as a business enabler to being seen as a standalone competitive advantage—be that through speed to market or even the generation of brand new services.

How IT Outsourcing Has Changed Over Time [Visual Timeline]


Since core competencies are the basis of competitive advantage, enterprises eventually realized that they need to focus their human and financial resources to core departments and delegate other secondary functions to third-party contractors and vendors—this is how IT outsourcing services emerged.

Collaboration is what CCOs need to embrace

Customer Bliss

So they key to competitive advantage is no longer to optimize value chains, but to extend capabilities through collaboration , either directly or through platforms. I wanted to take a second to talk about collaboration within CCO work.

Who comes first, the employee or the customer?


In 2016, getting a competitive advantage requires making this shift. I was visiting a client last week and we started talking about the recent trend in customer experience which suggests that customers should come first over everything else.

How businesses in Australia are losing $11bn a year due to poor customer service – a 38% increase from 2014 (INFOGRAPHIC)


How to future-proof your contact center technology and find your competitive advantage. Research unveiled this week from NewVoiceMedia reveals that $11 billion is lost by businesses in Australia each year following a bad customer experience – an increase of 38 percent and $3 billion from 2014. With revenue being transferred between companies at such an alarming rate, the study highlights the considerable impact that customers have on a business’s success.

Service Innovation…What’s your game plan?


The increasing dominance of service, around the globe, is causing many companies to re-evaluate their service offerings to not only just retain customers but to stay ahead of the competition. Service innovation is becoming a major source of competitive advantage, regardless if you are a pure service business or a manufacturer, yet many companies are not focusing on innovation with the same intensity as product innovation.