The Year 2022 – A Case Study of a Happy Customer

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The post The Year 2022 – A Case Study of a Happy Customer appeared first on Currency Alliance. Sometimes friends ask me if I remember how we used to shop several years ago, as things seem to be changing so quickly at the moment. The truth is I try not to remember.

eCommerce Will Account for 36% of Global Fashion Retail Sales by 2022

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Fashion is the second largest retail category after grocery. The eCommerce shift is a significant, palpable movement in most economies. A quarter of clothing, accessories, and footwear (fashion) spending already occurs online and is still rapidly growing.

Lumoa raises €650 000 seed funding to take AI-powered customer experience analytics to the new markets


billion by 2022 growing from $4.76 Finnish SaaS company Lumoa , which provides AI-powered customer experience analytics software for medium and large sized companies across the Nordics, has announced €650 000 in funding. The investment was led by, along with serial entrepreneur Ali Omar and Business Finland. Lumoa, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, offers a simple and intuitive service for analyzing large amounts of customer feedback.

The Best Infographics of September

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CBD is a $1 billion industry, and sales are expected to grow to $22 billion by 2022. September may have gone by in the blink of an eye, but we can still learn something interesting from it. We’ve compiled the top 5 infographics, with a wide variety of topics.

What’s The Number?: Analysis Of The Latest Statistics Of The BPO Industry

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Sadly, it has been forecasted that the growth of the industry will continue to be stagnant until 2022. Benedict Hernandez, chairman of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), said that the roadmap to 2022 is looking bright.

How Amazon is Owning the Smart Home Market

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And that opinion seems to be a popular one: the smart home market is predicted to grow into a $53 billion industry by 2022, according to a recent report.

“OK, Google…” How Smart Speakers Will Evolve in 2018

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households will have a smart device in their house by 2022. Move over, smartphone. Smart speakers are the new “it” device.

Why the retail apocalypse is really a renaissance, and what your company can do about it

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between 2017 and 2022. The retail apocalypse may just have to wait.

Retail 229

$122 Billion: The Marketing Technology and Services Investment Sticker Shock

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At $90 Billion today and growing to $122 Billion by 2022, CMOs are pouring budgets into investments which align their organization’s operations with greater customer and experience focus. Planning and budgeting for the technology and services investments supporting these goals stands as a critical task for CMOs and will only get harder in the future. […]. marketing & strategy marketing automation tech market outlook

Infographic – AR in Customer Service


Augmented Reality (AR) – the ability to overlay and share physical objects, spaces and images on mobile devices – is revolutionizing the customer experience across multiple industries.

Machine Learning and Field Service Management in Practice


B y 2022 , Gartner predicts that one-third of complex field service organizations will utilize machine learning to predict work duration and/or parts requirements, up from less than 2% today.

The 3 Hottest Trends Impacting Outsourced Customer Care


In all, chatbots – and related Natural Language Processing tools – are predicted to save companies about $8 billion in costs by 2022. The only constant in the customer care world is change, and if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind.

The Case For Customer Service Chatbots- As Part Of Your CX Strategy


According to one recent forecast by Juniper Research, chatbots will be responsible for more than $8 billion in annual savings for companies worldwide by 2022. If consumers had to give chatbots a performance review, it probably wouldn’t be stellar.

AI and Customer Care: The Future is Here


IBM reports that by 2022, businesses will save approximately $8 billion annually, up from the $20 million dollars saved in 2017. Siri, Alexa, and OK Google… these are the virtual interactions that Sci-Fi movies have portrayed for decades past. The future is, it seems, here at our fingertips.

How AR Instruction Manuals Drive Superior Product Engagement


According to research and consulting company Tractica , expanding use cases for mobile AR will lead to growth from 343 million unique monthly active users (MAUs) globally in 2016 to nearly 2 billion MAUs by 2022.

CustomersFirst Now (CFN) Named as a Leader in Customer Journey Mapping by Aragon Research


Aragon expects the Customer Journey Mapping market to grow into a US $5-billion market by 2022.

The Bots Have Eyes: Why the Evolution of Visual Chatbots Has Entrepreneurs Excited


Juniper Research projects bots will cut business expenses by as much as $8 billion by 2022; without a doubt, this technology can make a huge impact for both SMBs and enterprises. The world may be enamored with bots at the moment, but they’ve actually been around for quite some time.

What To Expect From The BPO Industry In 2018

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The growth of the sector also expects an annual slowdown until 2022 due to security risks in the country and the larger scale, slow-moving industry growth globally.

One if by Voice, Two if by Drone – Make it Easy or Turn out the Lights

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Of course, I am talking about voice-activated digital assistants and according to Brian Braiker’s Ad Age article titled What Really Works in Voice — And Why Google is Smarter than Amazon , 55% of all US households will have at least one digital assistant by 2022.

5 Ways Small Business Security Systems Pay for Themselves

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billion by 2022, the report projects. Rapidly increasing threats, both in person and online, are driving a demand for business security systems, according to the latest report by Markets and Markets. The global security solutions market, valued at $206.69

System 103

Striking the balance between humans and AI in CX


And by 2022, 72% of interactions will involve an emerging technology such as machine-learning, chatbots or mobile messaging - up from 11% in 2017. And by 2022, 72% of interactions will involve an emerging technology such as machine-learning, chatbots or mobile messaging - up from 11% in 2017

What Makes an Unforgettable Customer Experience

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17% of all retail sales are expected to be ecommerce by 2022. Especially around this time of year, we’re forced to interact with all types of companies, from retailers to restaurants to the Salvation Army donation collectors ringing bells on the street corners.

Customer Experience: The Evolution and The Revolution


Gartner predicts that by 2022, approximately 65 percent of all customer service interactions will be digital or text-based versus the phone. Customer Experience is set to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 2020. Many companies already recognise the importance of customer experience for customer retention and business growth. Over time they have invested heavily in their CX programmes with 58% of businesses aiming to be CX leaders within three years.

The Nightmare After Christmas: ‘Tis the Season for Augmented Reality for Retailers


With the number of mobile augmented reality users expected to reach nearly two billion by 2022 , forward-thinking companies are harnessing this powerful technology to enhance the initial customer engagement with their products, during purchase, onboarding, setup, troubleshooting or regular maintenance. You’ve heard of the Nightmare Before Christmas, but for retailers, especially those carrying consumer tech products, the real horror begins after gifts are opened.

Artificial intelligence and the rise of augmented agents in customer experience


Therefore, while the percentage of interactions handled by technology will rise from 49% in 2017 to 85% in 2022, the human side will not fall by a corresponding amount. Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Artificial intelligence and the rise of augmented agents in customer experience.

AI isn’t Artificial in the Contact Center—Here’s Why it Works


Gartner predicts that by 2022, 72% of customer interactions will involve AI in some form with more than 15% being completely handled by AI.

How CX is central to Digital Transformation


It continues to grow in importance – with total smartphone traffic expected to increase by 10 times by 2022 However, many big change projects fail to deliver the benefits that they promise.

Four Technologies Reshaping the Customer Experience


Juniper Research even translates this into dollars and cents, predicting that AI processes will be responsible for eight billion in cost savings per year by 2022. This article was contributed by Ryan Gould, VP of Strategy and Marketing at Elevation Marketing.

Three AI Applications to Transform Your Customer Interactions


This sort of automation can deliver a more consistent experience and a huge financial impact according to Juniper Research, which estimates cost savings of more than US$8 (AU$11.27) billion annually by 2022, up from US$20 (AU$28.19) million in 2017. Could there be value lying dormant in your company? Claire Fastier gives three examples of AI unlocking efficiency and opening avenues for your customer like never before. Artificial intelligence is everywhere.

The Growing Value of Ethical Values at Salesforce

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And taking this even further, Salesforce publicly announced a commitment to 100% use of Renewable Energy by 2022. I was recently a guest at Dreamforce , the annual gathering of Salesforce customers, partners, and employees in San Francisco.

3 Steps to Building a Winning E-Commerce Ecosystem

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Online sales are growing five times faster than offline sales, and will account for 17 percent of total sales in the United States by 2022, Forrester projects. An effective e-commerce ecosystem is vital to business success in today’s mobile-first economy. E-commerce sales increased 23.2

Sales 82

It’s All About The $$$ – How Much Money Can Chatbots Actually Save You?


Findings from analysis firm Juniper Research show that Chatbots are expected to trim business costs by more than $8 billion per year by 2022. Source: Alex Knight. It’s hard to remember a time when Chatbots weren’t a hot (albeit, polarizing) topic in the customer service and tech industries.

ROI 195

The best dating apps 2018 ranked – which one finds you the big love?


by 2022. Revenue in the online dating segment amounts to US$1,380m in 2018, and is expected to grow to US$1,610m by 2022.

How to Identify and Deal with Difficult Customers in the Banking Sector

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With the introduction of more mobile banking services, this number is expected to decrease to only 4 visits a year by 2022. When employed in the banking industry you deal with a large variety of customers from all walks of life on a daily basis.

Mobile Notifications: The Driver for Modern Communications


The forecast up until 2022 puts it even higher. Communication, as a whole, is an incredibly powerful and necessary process for any business operation. It drives relationships internally and externally, and helps boost awareness and engagement all around.

Guest Blog: How to Personalize Your Chatbots for Customer Journey Tracking & Provide a Better Experience


It’s estimated that by 2022, the banking and healthcare sector will make savings of up to $8 billion with chatbot usage.

The Effectiveness of Email Marketing Versus SMS Marketing

That number is expected to climb to 333 billion emails in 2022. Statistic: Number of sent and received e-mails per day worldwide from 2017 to 2022 (in billions) | Statista. When it comes to email marketing and SMS, marketers aren't sure which marketing channel performs best.

Best Software for Every Stage of Email Marketing


billion by 2022, (there were 3.7 One of the most comprehensive marketing tasks is to make your email attract subscribers’ attention in their busy inboxes. According to VentureBeat, email marketing generates the highest ROI for marketers.

AI, cost saver, service enhancer, what’s not to love?

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According to new research recently published, Chatbots will cut business costs by circa $8 billion by 2022. We’ve all seen the attention-grabbing headlines about Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Telegraph’s headline in April this year asserted ‘ AI is the future of Customer Experience’. Digital transformation of the customer experience has seemingly become the silver bullet. AI in its current form is only part of the solution.

5 Top Customer Service Articles for the Week of September 25, 2017


By 2022, 1 trillion networked sensors will be embedded in the world around us, with up to 45 trillion in 20 years. by Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Here are my top five picks from last week.

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