Do You Need a Chief Customer Officer?

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A Chief Customer Officer is successful when he or she can simplify how the organization works together to achieve customer-driven growth, engage the leadership team and connect the work to a return on investment. Understand the Work of the Chief Customer Officer.

Do You Need a Chief Customer Officer?

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A Chief Customer Officer is successful when he or she can simplify how the organization works together to achieve customer-driven growth, engage the leadership team and connect the work to a return on investment. Understand the Work of the Chief Customer Officer.

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A 6-Year Chief Customer Officer Role Roadmap, With Libby Duane Adams – CB69

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From her LinkedIn: Libby is the Chief Customer Officer and founding partner of Alteryx, Inc, Alteryx® provides strategic analytics software for enterprise and SMB companies making critical decisions about how to expand and grow. Losing customers in a period of growth.

The Lifecycle and Legacy of a Chief Customer Officer, with Stephen Ingledew – CB63

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Stephen has held senior executive roles in marketing, customer growth, distribution, or product with Barclays, AMP, Frizzell, Berkeley Berry Birch, and Standard Life. Customer as assets: Acquisition and retention. But at the same time, customers were leaving at a pretty high clip too.

A Conversation about Oracle’s’ Chief Customer Officer Experience, With Jeb Dasteel – CB015

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Jeb Dasteel is the Chief Customer Officer at Oracle. That was a role that evolved over time, but he is still one of the longest-tenured customer-facing executives in the tech sector. . Jeb holds the position of Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Oracle.

The Chief Customer Officer Role in Media, With Robert Bridge of Telegraph Media Group – CB39

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The New York Times has a leader of Customer Experience (who we will soon be interviewing), and I was pleased to see that the UK is also embracing this role. During this time he really made a science of understanding the customers and looking at the data from multiple angles.

Helping 40 Million Students Repay Their Federal Student Loans, With Chief Customer Officer Brenda Wensil – CB25

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Brenda Wensil is the Chief Customer Officer at the Department of Education Federal Student Aid Office. What are the key elements of customer experience in this specific role? Episode Overview.

A 4-Step Plan For New Chief Customer Officers, With Donna Peeples – CB29

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Donna Peeples was the Chief Customer Officer at AIG — obviously a large company. Establish listening with employees and customers. Get quick wins – usually attached to cost reduction by improving customer experience efficiency. Episode Overview.

The Shopkeeper and the Rise of the Chief Customer Officer


How can we bottle up the intimacy of the connection that a small shopkeeper has with his or her customers but do it on a much larger scale? That was one of the recurring questions at the 2015 Next Generation Customer Experience conference I attended in San Diego, California last week. During one of the panels. View Article

Imagine if Every Company had a Chief Customer Officer

Beyond Philosophy

Now, I propose they make a little more room for the latest addition to the leadership: The Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Today, we differentiate ourselves in new ways , the most important being how the Customer feels about their experience with you.

Chief Customer Officer in Manufacturing & Distribution With Anne Herman – CB47

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Anne Herman is the Chief Customer Officer for MSA – The Safety Company, the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of safety equipment. Anne is the third Chief Customer Officer for MSA. Customers Want To Have An Easy Experience.

When to Take a Chief Customer Officer Role, and When to Leave One, With Carol Pudnos – CB28

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She spent 27 years in different leadership roles at Dow Corning, ultimately becoming the Vice President of Customer Experience and Customer Service. From Carol’s own LinkedIn: Customers interface with suppliers across hundreds of touch-points. Episode Overview.

Introducing the “Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show”

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This leader unites the entire C-Suite team toward a examining and understanding the customer journey in its entirety – to drive accountability to moments that matter most in customers’ lives. The customer experience moments that drives value and growth.

How Liberty Mutual Engaged the C-Suite & Built their Customer Room, With Chief Customer Officer Margie Dillon – CB2

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In this episode, I speak with Margie Dillon, the EVP and Chief Customer Officer for Liberty Mutual , about her unusual path from Chief Financial Officer to Chief Customer Officer. See yourself through the eyes of the customer.

Chief Customer Officer 2.0 Helps You Build a Customer-Driven Growth Engine

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Utilize the proven 5-competency framework that has launched and advanced the customer experience transformation in business-to-consumer and business-to-business companies around the world. It will guide you on how to earn the right to growth by improving customers’ lives.

The role of the Chief Customer Officer in Europe

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Although I’m honored on my podcast to speak with a number of customer-driven business leaders of global companies, admittedly the majority of them are based in the United States. Trying to understand where customer thinking might fit into their business.

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CEO Guide To The Chief Customer Officer Role

Experience Matters

Someone recently raised the question: Why do companies need a chief customer officer… isn’t that the job of the CEO? It’s a fair question, since organizations can’t just keep adding new “Chief <Fill In The Blank> […]. Customer experienceVersions of that question have been around since the role started to become popular more than five years ago.

WHEN Do You Need a Chief Customer Officer?

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I am often approached by senior level executives and asked whether their company really needs a chief customer officer. Hiring a chief customer officer is not an issue of if, but of when. Does top leadership have an appetite for developing customer centricity? Customer centricity is often viewed as a "nice to have" rather than a strategic business imperative. An army of one does not win the war, nor does it bring about customer centricity.

The Rise - and Flutter - of the Chief Customer Officer

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Corporate leaders are beginning to recognize that the lines have blurred between the brand and the customer experience. This revelation is prompting a growing number of companies to establish a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) role and bring a more unified approach to customer centricity. According to The 2014 CCO Study conducted by the Chief Customer Officer Council, 22 percent of Fortune 100 companies have adopted the role.

The customer is still the boss. Interview with the new Tesco Chief Customer Officer

Helen Dewdney

So, not being one to miss an opportunity, when Alessandra Bellini joined Tesco on 1 March 2017 to become their Chief Customer Officer I requested an interview! It’s important to her to regain customers’ trust with a sustainable vision for the long term.

The Rise Of Federal Chief Customer Officers


Hundreds if not thousands of leading corporations have created chief customer officer (CCO) positions in recent years to help them become more customer-centric. For more of my federal CCO research, check out my Executive Q&A: Federal Chief Customer Officers report on or my blog post on the subject. Customer Experience

Where are the UK’s Chief Customer Officers?


Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 Where are the UK’s Chief Customer Officers? Author: Pauline Ashenden The combination of growing competition and more demanding consumers means that customer experience is now recognized by businesses everywhere as crucial for success.

The Impact of the Chief Customer Officer, Part I

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Today''s customers require access to a company''s offerings through many forms of media in order to meet their preferences and lifestyles. Furthermore, they also require a consistent customer experience across these channels since they can easily choose to change vendors if they do not receive support that meets their expectations. This still-emerging and evolving role can be defined as: the executive responsible for the total relationship with an organization''s customers.

The Impact of the Chief Customer Officer, Part II

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Last week, I described recent research conducted by the CCO Council into the impact of the chief customer officer on company financials. Customer Centricity is a two-year investment. Developing and improving customer strategy is a profitable but longer-term investment. Recommendation : The CCO must "bank" customer trust and loyalty to protect customers against hard times. Everyone says they are customer centric.

Quickly Accept Accountability When Things Go Wrong

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It is unavoidable that at some point, your business will suffer a failure that disappoints customers. How your company reacts, explains, removes the pain, and takes accountability for actions signals how you think about customers, and the collective heart of your organization.

How a CCO Thrives During CX Transformation

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The Chief Customer Officer role will evolve as you progress through the phases of the Customer Experience Maturity Map. Successful Chief Customer Officers need to deliberately build a plan of action in the early years.

How to Bring a Customer Focus Competency to Life

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Delivering a reliable and then innovative customer experience requires adding a customer focus competency to the core competencies of your business (as important as products, finance, marketing or sales). The customer-focused experience needs to be built and honed as a skill.

More U.S. Federal Agencies Are Considering Chief Customer Officers

Think Customers

With federal customer experience (CX) so weak, I''m happy to report that several more U.S. federal agencies are considering adding chief customer officers (CCO) to their executive management teams. In the past few months, some of these agencies have asked me to discuss how CCOs can help them improve their customer experience (CX), the best way to structure the position, and what new CCOs should do first.

Ten Aptitudes of a Successful Customer Leader

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A successful Chief Customer Officer/Customer Leader can: Bring folks together who don’t normally work together. Establish clarity out of the complexity that surrounds who does what on projects for “customers.”.

CCO Survival Skill: Creating a United Leadership Team

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I’ve been honored to do 13 episodes of my customer experience podcast so far, and in each episode, I talk with the guest about these ideas. If you want a deeper dive, I’d consider my book Chief Customer Officer 2.0. If you say “We love our customers!”

Rise of the Customer Experience Executive

CX Journey

A customer experience leader, that is. There's an alphabet soup of letters thrown together to title the customer experience leader role, whether it's CCO, CXO, CCXO, etc. Quite simply, it's time to create memorable customer experiences!

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Listen to Customers & Build a Customer Listening Path

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A customer listening path unites leaders and the organization in understanding experiences that impact customer growth or loss. When you focus on listening to your customer by using your “one-company” listening path method ( CX competency 3 ), you are able to utilize feedback and tell the story of how your customers experience your business. Customer Listening Requires Agreement on Your Customer Journey Stages.

Five CX Competencies Transform Your Experience

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The customer experience that gains the most confidence with customers is to get the basics right. These five CX competencies work in tandem to ‘earn the right’ to customer growth: Connect to business growth. Demystify the role of the Chief Customer Officer.

An Ambitious First 90 Days for a #CXO

CX Journey

One of the questions that Scott asked me during our session is what I'd call the customer experience officer's (CXO's) "first 90 days." Phase 1: Information Gathering Having a CXO is critical to success for any customer experience transformation.

Why Does Your Company Need a Customer Experience Executive?

CX Journey

Image courtesy of GMC Who needs a customer experience executive? What advice is there for future customer experience executives? One of my favorite questions was about my "Shark Tank sales pitch" about the CXO role: Why does a company need a customer experience executive? You are serving a customer, not a life sentence. chief customer officer customer experience customer-centric culture

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Should We Have a Chief Customer Officer?

Brad Cleveland

Call Center Contact Center Customer Service Leadership Organization and Culture Videos Brad Cleveland culture leadership

Transforming CX in Financial Services, With Claudiu Coltea – CB53

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Claudiu Coltea is the Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience for Citizens Financial Group. He’s a perennial customer experience leader with a background at Gallup, in health care, and in operational roles. Episode Overview.