Customer Analysis: How about creating a customer room?

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Customer analysis is no doubt an important topic in CX. We talked a lot about creating a customer room — they call it a CPX studio — which can be a really valuable tool for customer analysis. Customer analysis: The power of regularly engaging leaders in the customer room.

The Key to Customer Satisfaction Analysis


You have more customer data than ever before, and customer satisfaction analysis is one of the most important things that you can do with it. But what exactly is customer satisfaction analysis? The post The Key to Customer Satisfaction Analysis appeared first on Clarabridge.

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Root Cause Analysis: Getting to the Heart of your CX Problems


Root cause analysis means looking at all your data to find out what is really causing the problems that your customers are experiencing. Because of this root cause analysis, the engineering team redesigned the headrest fastening system. Customer Experience big data root cause analysis

Analysis of the Top 100 eCommerce Help Centers


Digging into this deeper — and to be clear on our analysis — we were looking for an option on the page to translate only. Design standards are not top of mind for you as a customer support professional but they are critical to your customers’ experiences.

Customer Comments + Intelligent Analysis = Gold

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Certainly, executives know that they could read comments or apply software-based text analytics—but what’s really needed to unpack meaning is intelligent text analysis. Unfortunately, most research agencies have not been good at educating the marketplace on the advantages of this kind of analysis. Is text analysis similar to just reading customer comments? Adding new codes for emergent themes (good text analysis must be performed in an iterative, non-linear way).

A new era of experience branding: The KPMG Nunwood Customer Experience Excellence Centre 2015 UK Analysis


Last year, Nunwood’s UK analysis concluded that ‘Customer Excellence is here: it’s just not evenly distributed yet’. This 2015 analysis of the UK shows we are moving rapidly into the second great age of branding: the era of experience branding.

Customer Journey Touchpoint Analysis


Whether by default or by design, every company provides a customer experience. s unavoidable because, as sensory beings, we experience our interactions and the interactions we have with businesses are no different. The quality of those experiences when interacting with businesses is determined by a number of factors. Of the more important factors, how and where we interact with businesses greatly influences the type of customer experiences we have

Drive revenue with great customer experience – Our 2017 analysis will help you make the case for CX investments


If you are like other CX pros, at some point in your CX career you'll encounter the "money question." Your CEO will ask you: "What's an improvement in our customers' experience worth in dollars and cents?" And it's likely that you won't have a (good enough) answer. I say that because I know that 50% of CX pros we surveyed have not modeled how CX quality influences customer behavior. We know great CX drives revenue. But to make the case, you need a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding.

Customer Behavior Analytics & Analysis Can Improve Your eCommerce Business KPI’s


Nanorep lead the way in customer data analysis with VOC, or Voice of the Customer analytics. Build Context with Customer Behavior Analysis. This kind of customer behavior analysis hinges on more than what your customers can tell you themselves, it’s about analysing the way they access your site and what they do once they arrive. It might even be worth investing in an app if your analysis show this to be the area to improve on for success.

Webinar: Practical Survey Analysis in Excel


While there are many advanced statistical packages out there you don’t need them to perform a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your survey data. The post Webinar: Practical Survey Analysis in Excel appeared first on Genroe. Excel is a very functional tool and it has the advantage of being on everyone’s desk. In this one hour webinar we will share, using Excel: How to design your survey […]. Best Practices Customer Feedback

NPS and Text Analytics—Customer Feedback Decoded


Analysis Blog Churn Featured analytics NPS root cause analysis text analysisSo…you’ve surveyed your customer base and now you have a ton of feedback. How do you extract value from these comments? Or process all this data in a reasonable time frame?

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Customer segmentation analysis: why it matters and how to make it count


That’s where customer segmentation analysis comes into play. How customer segmentation analysis puts the focus on each customer. Rather than market as if all customers are created equal, with customer segmentation analysis businesses can sharpen messages for each segment, thereby relating to the members of each group in the way that is most likely to connect with them. Selecting the right variables for your segmentation analysis.

5 So Whats: Prioritizing Improvement Opportunities

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impact analysis lean management process improvement root causeImage courtesy of (F.Q) How do you identify and prioritize improvements within your organization?

James Patterson's New Book Will Self-Destruct in 24 Hours


With the launch of Private Vegas, Patterson isn’t just creating a reading experience for consumers, he’s creating real-world, … Continue reading → Blog Customer Engagement Strategy Experience Design analysis Customer Experience Design james patterson mike wittenstein opinion reader experience social media strategy thrill James Patterson has written lots of books. He’s known for thrilling readers with his engaging style.

How to Clone Your Best Customers with Attribute Analysis

The post How to Clone Your Best Customers with Attribute Analysis appeared first on Imagine you have a Net Promoter Score of 75. That’s pretty amazing, right? According to scoring guidelines, it’s world class!

Ensure High Quality Products By Outsourcing Structural Analysis Services

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In the field of engineering, structural analysis is one of the services being offered by BPOs to assist structural engineers in fulfilling their work. . The post Ensure High Quality Products By Outsourcing Structural Analysis Services appeared first on Magellan Solutions.

5 Methodologies to Kick-Start Your CX Program


Using analysis techniques for CX programs allows data to be transformed into information and knowledge. Although there are many broad areas for analysis, this chapter will touch on five instrumental techniques.

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{Guest Post} Emotional Analysis Of Customer Feedback: The Missing Link

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Not surprisingly, emotion analysis is receiving a lot of buzz. What is the missing link of emotional analysis? The missing link of emotional analysis are the actions that trigger certain feelings in customers. Emotion analysis for actionable insights.

{Guest Post} Emotional Analysis Of Customer Feedback: The Missing Link

Michelli Experience

Not surprisingly, emotion analysis is receiving a lot of buzz. What is the missing link of emotional analysis? The missing link of emotional analysis are the actions that trigger certain feelings in customers. Emotion analysis for actionable insights.

Analyzing Customer Feedback Data: Manual Analysis vs NLP


Challenges of customer feedback analysis: Analyzing all this data correctly is critical, because it reveals everything from buying trends to product flaws and provides a significant business advantage. Manual analysis: Many approaches to text analytics have been tried and found lacking.

Your Process Flows Don’t Know Jack!


Blog Customer Experience Customer Journey Mapping Featured customer journey mapping customer service linkedin management process qualitative analysisA client was really excited to share something: “We have finally done all our process maps!” ” She was the newly appointed customer service director, and she had heard mapping was important.

“In the Moment” for Customer Service

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Commentary Service Analysis Tips for Better Customer Service being present customer service dennis snow In the Moment Lessons From the MouseThe only way that we can consistently delight our customers is if we are truly present for them – truly “in the moment.” ” If we’re not in the moment, we miss the visual, verbal, or even written clues customers are constantly giving us, and we end up processing customers through our systems. And no […].

5 Fails to Avoid with Your VoC Program

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Blog customer feedback feedback Survey survey analysisby CallidusCloud CX Guest Blogger, Annette Franz, CCXP. ~~~. Not seeing the results or improvements you expected to see from your customer listening efforts? Why is that? What’s going on?

Creating Moments of Wow

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Commentary Service Analysis Tips for Better Customer ServiceMany companies I consult with are in search of that magical, all caps, bold WOW they can create for their customers that will result in insane customer loyalty. And I’m all for the big WOWs.

How Sports Results Affect Our Decision Making

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Blogs Customer Analysis Most of us think that people make decisions, especially big, consequential decisions, based on a rational assessment of the consequences of that decision. The stock market is a great example.

B2B Customer Feedback: Are You Making This Mistake?

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Want to see a quick comparison of “insightful” analysis vs. merely showing data? Lessons Learned Metrics TopBox analytics topbox voc analysisI saw this poll presented the other night: Now imagine if the same poll were presented the way many companies show their Customer Satisfaction results: The first image shows the percentage of the population that feels a certain way, while the bottom chart shows (a fictionalized version […].

Why I Suffered Through A Website Redesign (and You Should, too!)

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Blogs Digital Experience CEM CEO consumer behaviour Customer Analysis Customer Behaviour customer experience management digital experience Emotional Experience Market Research The end of 2014 was really busy.

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Do You Harness the Power of Habit in Your Marketing Yet?

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“ Most of the time, what we do, is what we do most of the time”. This is former F1 champion Lewis Hamilton stopping in the wrong team’s garage to change tires.

Genius Sentiment Analysis Fact Sheet


Confirmit Genius employs state-of-the-art statistical analysis techniques for analyzing items of text (such as survey verbatims, social media posts, etc.)

4 Actions to Exceed Customer Expectations

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Basic Linkage Analysis

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Combining different types of data (Linkage analysis). For a skilled data analysis junkie, not a data scientist, there is a great deal of useful information to be gained by looking at all your data together and drawing the appropriate conclusions to improve your customer’s experiences, financial results, and employee satisfaction (a side benefit of making your customers happier). We all collect lots of data.

Voice of the Customer: Easier Than Understanding Pokémon

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Customer Insight, Root-Cause Analysis Mean No More Playing Games with CX

7 Signs of Decline for the CX Movement in 2015

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Customer Experience continued to be a dominant business issue throughout the world in 2014. We get many inquiries for our services globally. I worked with clients in more countries than ever before last year, including China, India, and Saudi Arabia to name a few.

Discovering What Customers Don’t Know Themselves

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Cause can be a hidden factor only discovered upon deeper analysis. Blogs Customer Analysis Customer Experience

4 Things That Predict Customer Sentiment After Online Interactions with Brands


A key tool that cutting-edge CX practitioners use to measure their social media (SM) reputation is sentiment analysis. It’s no secret that customers are flocking to social media in droves to express their delight and disdain with the brands they buy.

Forrester’s 2016 Predictions: All That Data Will Finally Drive Business Action

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Big Data; Advanced analytics; business intelligence (BI); analytics; Hadoop; data mining; predictive analytics; sentiment analysis; behavioral analytics. big data Big Data; Advanced analytics; analytics; Internet of Everything; video analytics; data virtualization; digital intelligence Big Data; Advanced analytics; business intelligence (BI); analytics; Hadoop; data mining; predictive analytics; sentiment analysis; behavioral analytics Customer Insights

State Of CX 2015 – Nunwood’s UK Analysis: What Are the Key ‘Findings’ (Part 1)

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Today, … Continue reading State Of CX 2015 – Nunwood’s UK Analysis: What Are the Key ‘Findings’ (Part 1). It’s the time of the year where I share my take on the latest CX research published by Nunwood. Worth pointing out that Nunwood has been acquired by KPMG so is now KPMG-Nunwood. Back to the research titled: A New Era of Experience Branding. You can download this by going to the KPMG-Nunwood website.