How to choose the right text analysis software


What you can do and the benefits of a text analysis software. Find out what you need to think about when deciding on a text analysis software to invest in. Feed generated with FetchRSS

A Customer Churn Analysis Checklist


Customer churn analysis can provide you and your teams with valuable insight into what drives your current churn rate and potential improvements. A Checklist for Customer Churn Analysis. Cutting-Edge Customer Churn Analysis.

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The Best Competitor Analysis Tools

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For brands, the growth of online activity has seen competitor analysis methods , metrics and tools blossom. There is now no shortage of competitor analysis tools on the market, and each can offer insights relevant to its own particular niche and contribute to competitive benchmarking.

Customer Experience Management starts with Effective Customer Data Analysis


Successful Customer Experience Management (CEM) is data-led, and customer data analysis is its foundational activity. Customer Experience

Pressure Points: How to Ensure Your B2B Pipeline Passes Inspection

This eBook highlights best practices for developing a pipeline management process that helps sales leaders and their team C.L.O.S.E (you’ll see what we mean in this eBook) more revenue through data-driven prospecting, stage analysis, and subsequent sales enablement.

Powering Sentiment Analysis with Machine and Deep Learning


The insights derived from the multi-level theme analysis can also empower employees with a prioritized list of actions they need to take in order to deliver outcomes , in addition to helping shape brand experiences. Customer Experience Sentiment Analysis

How Customer Sentiment Analysis Can Boost Sales and Grow Your Business


The Value of Customer Sentiment Analysis Tools. Customer sentiment analysis breaks down what your customer says and feels about the brand experience. Customer sentiment analysis tools can determine if each customer’s feedback was a positive, negative or neutral reaction to your brand. For companies that engage with large customer segments, they can save time and effort by using sentiment analysis software to automate the segregation and analysis process as well.

{Guest Post} Emotional Analysis Of Customer Feedback: The Missing Link

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Not surprisingly, emotion analysis is receiving a lot of buzz. What is the missing link of emotional analysis? The missing link of emotional analysis are the actions that trigger certain feelings in customers. Emotion analysis for actionable insights.

Comparative Analysis: Analytics vs Google Analytics


The following is a detailed comparative analysis for you to select the best for your business. . Concluding this comparative analysis, we hope you have figured out the best choice for your business, haven’t you? . The post Comparative Analysis:

A new era of experience branding: The KPMG Nunwood Customer Experience Excellence Centre 2015 UK Analysis


Last year, Nunwood’s UK analysis concluded that ‘Customer Excellence is here: it’s just not evenly distributed yet’. This 2015 analysis of the UK shows we are moving rapidly into the second great age of branding: the era of experience branding.

How ZoomInfo Enhances Your Database Management Strategy

Forward-thinking marketing organizations have continuously invested in a database strategy for enabling marketing processes. Download this ebook to learn how to maintain a strategy that includes refreshed information, database cleanses, and an accurate analysis at the same time.

Churn-Renewal Analysis: Should you bother?!

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Therefore, SaaS companies must focus on understanding and reducing churn through analysis. Understanding the numerous reasons for customer churn enables SaaS business to conduct better churn analysis, mitigate churn, increase customer retention, and consequently increase revenue.

The complete guide to sentiment analysis


What is sentiment analysis? Let’s define sentiment analysis as a start. If we take your customer feedback as an example, sentiment analysis (a form of text analytics) measures the attitude of the customer towards the aspects of a service or product which they describe in text.

You Need a SaaS Churn Analysis ASAP. Here’s Why.


A SaaS churn analysis is more than a quick calculation of your customer churn rate. SaaS Churn Analysis Benefits. Ultimately, a SaaS churn analysis helps ensure enterprise stability. The Value of Churn Analysis During a Crisis. Conducting an Effective Analysis of Churn.

Drive Growth with Customer Experience Analysis


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6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

Here’s a digital insurance business example: Who: Analysis of past purchases by demographic groups shows. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the overall business is a red hot. topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot.

Customer Analysis: How about creating a customer room?

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Customer analysis is no doubt an important topic in CX. We talked a lot about creating a customer room — they call it a CPX studio — which can be a really valuable tool for customer analysis. Customer analysis: The power of regularly engaging leaders in the customer room.

Mastering Competitive Analysis Reporting


Our Social Media Reporting Series continues with a look at how to use competitor analysis reporting to stay alive and thriving. What Can You Do with Competitive Analysis? What does competitive analysis reporting do for your brand? Through competitive analysis reporting.

How Retently Automated Customer Feedback Analysis Using MonkeyLearn


Moreover, a manual analysis would imply multiple errors caused by distractions and fatigue. Emotions, experiences, and knowledge are all influencers of a human being’s perception and are the root cause of inconsistencies in feedback analysis. Automated Text Analysis with MonkeyLearn.

Smart Home Market Analysis – Expectations vs. Reality


The post Smart Home Market Analysis – Expectations vs. Reality appeared first on Techsee. All eyes were on the smart home market in 2017. After all, industry experts such as MarketsandMarkets predicted that the industry would be valued at to$137.91B by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 13.61%.

Run Root Cause Analysis (RCA) After Every Recover Alert — It's Worth Every Penny and All The Pain


However, if you want an even bigger ROI and to reduce the chance of churn across all of your customers, implement root cause analysis (RCA) on each and every recover alert. What is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)? The extra steps required for root cause analysis can powerfully improve ROI.

Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins of Linkage Analysis


We certainly do not set out in marketing research endeavors to make mortal mistakes with design and analysis, but the complexity involved in linkage analysis is susceptible to errors both of omission and commission.

How to Do an Effective Competitive Analysis

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How To Build Your Own Feedback Analysis Solution


At Thematic, we’ve spent years researching, designing and developing our customer feedback analysis platform. . So, in this post, I’ll help you get started by answering these questions: Which core text analysis engine should I use and what should it be able to accomplish?

Customer Segmentation Analysis: Complete Guide for 2020


The post Customer Segmentation Analysis: Complete Guide for 2020 appeared first on Survicate. Customer Segmentation

Comparison Analysis: Mixpanel Analytics vs Google Analytics


Here in this blog, we see a detailed comparison analysis between Mixpanel and Google Analytics. The Funnel Analysis. When the need is to measure how many visitors moved through a series of page views, funnel analysis is the best you can do. The Retention Analysis.

Best Thematic Analysis Software: How It Works & Why You Need It


Or you could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy expensive text analysis software that requires a lot of specialist work on the backend — without much actionable output. Enter thematic analysis software. What is thematic analysis? What is thematic analysis software?

Linkage Analysis: Connecting the Voice of the Customer (VoC) to Positive Business Outcomes (ROI)


In today’s industry, there’s a constant demand for corporations to deliver a positive ROI (Return of Investment) from their business initiatives.

The Key to Customer Satisfaction Analysis


You have more customer data than ever before, and customer satisfaction analysis is one of the most important things that you can do with it. But what exactly is customer satisfaction analysis? The post The Key to Customer Satisfaction Analysis appeared first on Clarabridge.

Basic Linkage Analysis

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Combining different types of data (Linkage analysis)

. We all collect lots of data. We all have financial and operational data and many of us also conduct satisfaction and loyalty surveys.

Mastering Influencer Analysis Reporting


Our Social Media Reporting Series continues with a look at how to perform influencer analysis reporting – and why you must. Agencies like Intermark Group use this type of reporting to understand influencer activity in the context of converged media analysis for their clients.

Here’s why Thematic analysis beats sentiment analysis


Have you heard of Thematic analysis ? If you are working in insights or data analysis, you will have heard of Sentiment Analysis. Sentiment analysis is important because companies want their brand being perceived positively, or at least more positively than the brands of competitors. Sentiment analysis, if accurate, can be a valuable tool for this specific use case. But what about Thematic analysis? Thematic analysis is more nuanced.

Tips for Competitive Analysis in the Banking Industry


By conducting competitive analysis, your bank can understand. It’s not enough for banks to have a great mix of products and services for its customers. They must also be able to collect data and achieve a deeper understanding of whom they’re competing against.

Ensure High Quality Products By Outsourcing Structural Analysis Services

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In the field of engineering, structural analysis is one of the services being offered by BPOs to assist structural engineers in fulfilling their work. . The post Ensure High Quality Products By Outsourcing Structural Analysis Services appeared first on Magellan Solutions.

Text Mining Software and Text Analysis Tools


Read more » The post Text Mining Software and Text Analysis Tools appeared first on Ascribe. What is Text Mining Businesses collect many types of text data, but it’s difficult to get value out of this information when manual handling is required to process it. It’s impossible to perform these duties at a scale that many companies require when you rely on manual processing, but text mining technology provides the automation.

Advanced AI Sentiment Analysis: Conversational Context


When it comes to sentiment analysis , AI technology is a powerful advantage. What makes sentiment analysis so valuable is the way it contextualizes social conversations. The post Advanced AI Sentiment Analysis: Conversational Context appeared first on NetBase. Sentiment Analysi

AI Series: Demystifying AI in Sentiment Analysis


Sentiment analysis is the foundation of social analytics – and of understanding your target audience. Advanced AI Sentiment Analysis Considerations to Plan Ahead For. Demystifying AI in Sentiment Analysis (Currently viewing). Sentiment Analysis

Brands’ Meme Marketing Makes Sentiment Analysis More Important Than Ever


This makes sentiment analysis more important than ever, as not all memes are created equal, of course. And that requires sentiment analysis, if you want to get it right. The post Brands’ Meme Marketing Makes Sentiment Analysis More Important Than Ever appeared first on NetBase.

{Guest Post} Emotional Analysis Of Customer Feedback: The Missing Link

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Not surprisingly, emotion analysis is receiving a lot of buzz. What is the missing link of emotional analysis? The missing link of emotional analysis are the actions that trigger certain feelings in customers. Emotion analysis for actionable insights.

Part 2: The Difference Between Customer Sentiment Analysis and Customer Distress Index and Why You Should Pay Attention

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A relative sentiment analysis score provides insight into the effectiveness of B2B customer support agents and also serves as a useful measurement to gauge the overall opinion of a company’s products or services.