Building the Perfect Knowledge Base Template Article


Creating a knowledge base is a great way to offer quick solutions for your customers and ease the strain on your customer service team. The main purpose of a knowledge base is to show customers how to do something with your product or your website and solve a need.

What Is a Knowledge Base and Why Is It Useful?


As companies everywhere see growing customer demand for self-service functionality in addition to their core service or support channels, knowledge bases play a large part in helping organizations to meet this need. Internal Employee Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base Examples: 6 Tips for Clean, Professional KBs


One way to achieve customer service consistency is to create a knowledge base as a single, infallible point of knowledge for customers or even for your staff. Knowledge Base Best Practice: Make your main categories and search bar front and center.

Knowledge Base Template: 5 Easy Steps to Create Your Own from Scratch


It turns out the company’s customer service portal has a section called “ Building Instructions ” where customers can search for manuals based on their set number, theme, and year. A knowledge base offers your customers 24/7 support. What is a knowledge base article?

What do I Need to Know to Create a Knowledge Base?


A knowledge base is a great way of communicating with customers. You might, however, be puzzled as to which architecture to use, choosing between a customer facing and employee facing knowledge base, and what strategies to use. Who Owns the Knowledge?

Why Is It Important to Have Customer Service Knowledge Base Software?

Provide Support

Why Is It Important to Have Customer Service Knowledge Base Software? So, let’s see how you can make your customer service better by relying on customer service knowledge base software, and also why this is so important nowadays.(.).

Knowledge Base Integration With Live Chat – the Best Recipe for Customer Support

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It is important to note that most often this is not the fault of the customer service agent either – it may just happen that they do not have access to the latest information, or they may be relying on their own experience or personal knowledge. The Solution – A Centralized Knowledge Base.

From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service


In the early days of self service, companies implemented static channels such as FAQs, how-to videos, troubleshooting guides, and knowledge bases. The post From Knowledge Base to Virtual Agents: The Shift to AI-powered Self Service appeared first on Techsee.

Guest Blog: Why Knowledge Base Integration with Live Chat Is Important for Better Customer Support


You can effectively accomplish that by integrating your knowledge base with live chat software. Therefore, you should really use live chat to its full potential and integrate it with your knowledge base as soon as possible.

How to Use Internal Knowledge Base and Why is It Worth It


We’ve created Internal Knowledge Base you can install in the LiveChat application. How Internal Knowledge Base can help you. The Internal Knowledge Base is created by a company strictly for internal use. Internal or public knowledge base.

Why Self-Learning Knowledge Bases are the Future of Customer Service


A self-learning knowledge base is often found to be a key component of enterprise level self-service solutions. Leading knowledge base technologies use machine learning algorithms to automatically collect customer queries, learn from representatives? responses, and continuously expand the knowledge base over time

How to write a knowledge base article


The main aim of a knowledge base article is to show your customer how something can be done, either on your website or with your product. If you want to create a knowledge base , you need to fill it with articles. Knowledge base article checklist.

How to write a knowledge base article


The main aim of a knowledge base article is to show your customer how something can be done, either on your website or with your product. If you want to create a knowledge base , you need to fill it with articles. Organizing the knowledge base article.

Get on the Same Page with Your Customer—Literally

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Knowledge BaseEver been in a live chat with a customer wishing you could show them what you’re trying to explain? Worse yet, you’re in a chat with a customer who’s struggling to explain their issue that would be clear if you could see it. How frustrating for both parties!

Use your self-service content to build customer trust


You need deep knowledge about who your customers are and how they use your product or service. Your knowledge base article on ‘Recovering from a server crash’ needs to start by helping them get back in compliance. How ’bout that knowledge base ?

7-Second Tips to Increase Foot Traffic in Your Store

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Knowledge BaseResearch has proven that people make their first impressions within seven. seconds. If your potential customers don’t like what they see during those quick. moments, then they won’t walk into your store. And as you know, you don’t.

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5 Expert Tips for Customer Service Recovery

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Knowledge BaseService recovery is a necessity in every organization regardless of the niche of business. Good customer service involves preparing and planning service issues the organization faces.

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Why do you still have an FAQ section?


FAQs will devalue your knowledge search box. If you’re using your knowledge platform to host your solution-based FAQs (many don’t), then you risk inviting customers to click on topics they didn’t come for, but become curious about when they see it.

How to Use Videos to Improve Customer Experience

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Such videos are often more effective than text-based ‘About Us’ or ‘How It Works’ pages. While there are hundreds of text-based blogs explaining the same concept, a video helps explain the concept better. Knowledge Base

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How to Build an Engaged Team and Boost Customer Service as a Result

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People want to be able to advance in their careers, so having the chance to increase skills and knowledge is important. conferences and trade shows), and get them to network and learn while they’re there, and then share the knowledge when they return. Knowledge Base

5 Strategies for Creating a Customer Service Culture

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Knowledge BaseOne of the most common challenges I hear from managers and business owners is how to get staff to provide better service. Over the years I’ve observed that the organizations who nurture the best service behaviors use these five strategies. Educate towards Empathy.

How to Impress Potential Customers with UX Design

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Knowledge BaseIT services providers emphasize the creation of UX design as it’s one of the key criteria that make customers appreciate an application or a system. But what about the pre-project stage of software development?

Customer Onboarding and Its Impact on Satisfaction

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Knowledge BaseAccording to popular American advertising advocate, Elias St. Elmo Lewis, the average customer goes through four distinct stages before they make a purchase.

How to Identify and Deal with Difficult Customers in the Banking Sector

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These customers like to showcase their knowledge and will have an inherent need to dominate any conversation. While you can compliment their extensive knowledge of your products and services, don’t appear patronizing as a dented ego can soon turn into aggression. Knowledge Base

Are You Keeping up with Your Customers?

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Let them go head-to-head with customer service and experience expectations based on the existing industry standards. Knowledge BaseYou may be striving to keep up with the competition, but are keeping up with the increasing expectations of your customers?

10 Words and Phrases Customers Hate to Hear

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Knowledge BaseShep Hyken looks at some of the most common words and phrases that are guaranteed to get customers rattled. You have a problem. You call the phone number listed on the company’s website.

Do You Really Provide Great Customer Service?

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Real customer service (based on the definition given above) should be the concern of everyone in the organization, not just one department, and that message needs to be clearly communicated to all employees. Knowledge Base

How Does Live Chat Increase Efficiency While Reducing Costs?

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The actual number varies based on the industry and complexity of the query. Routing of chats – Automated routing to support operators most knowledgeable of the customer inquiry topic ensures expeditious responses and resolutions. Knowledge Base

Customer Service Tip: The Power of Observation

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Knowledge BaseSometimes it’s what a customer doesn’t do or doesn’t say that gives you the opportunity to create an amazing customer service experience. I was out to lunch with a colleague at one of our local St. Louis restaurants. Rico was our waiter and was taking great care of us.

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Conquering The World – Chatbots Gone Wild (Infographic)

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Knowledge Base ChatbotsWe’re positive you’ll agree that chatbots have become a significant part of our everyday lives. Judging by the market situation today, it seems like chatbots are here to stay.

Customers Love Talking About Great Service

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Knowledge BaseNew research shows that customers are just as likely to share a positive experience as a negative one. Read on to learn more.

5 Reasons Why Old School Customer Service Still Shines

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Knowledge BaseDespite big data, artificial intelligence and CRM customers still appreciate good old fashioned customer service. What does good customer service mean to you? Is it a restaurant owner who ushers you to your favorite table with a warm welcome?

10 Ways Social Media Can Improve Your Customer Service

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Knowledge BaseThe use of social media has been recognized as a useful tool to connect with customers. Here are some key ways to utilize this channel to improve your service. More businesses than ever are recognizing the benefits of using social media.

2 Questions Every Customer Service Manager Should Be Asking Everyday

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Knowledge BaseYour most important assets are not your customers and your employees. It’s how your customers and your employees feel about your company.

Does AI Mean the End for Contact Centres or Simply Higher Levels of Customer Care?

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If you are a contact centre, it is time for you to move more of your team to video based live engagement. Incorporate co-browse and screen-share technology into your phone based contact centres. Knowledge Base AI Contact Centre

5 Secrets to Mind-Blowing Customer Service

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Knowledge BaseCindy Solomon invites you to check out these five secrets to creating a mind-blowing service culture. Secret 1: Know who your real competition is. Surprise! It’s actually not the guy down the street doing the same thing as you are.

How to Get More Customers to Take Your Surveys

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The repair center’s employees are friendly and knowledgeable. Knowledge BaseIf you want to boost your customer survey response rate there are two important factors to consider. Shep Hyken explains. There is a place I get my car worked on. They do a great job.

5 Common Attribution Problems All Sites Suffer From

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Knowledge BaseAttribution modelling is a set of rules that determines which touchpoints during a customer’s journey have resulted in the highest amount of conversions, allowing you to pinpoint the marketing channels that are driving the most revenue.

20 Ways to Express Empathy to Your Customers

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Knowledge BaseEven though you may not be able to provide 100% customer service all the time, there is one thing you can always deliver to your customers – empathy. When I hear an excellent, and genuine, expression of empathy from a company, I make a note of it.

7 Trends in Customer Service Expectations

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The key is that the humans involved need to be well trained, competent and knowledgeable, not scripted. Meeting the needs wants and expectations of a diverse customer base will often win out over a free refill, discount off a next purchase, or a “buy 10; get one free” loyalty program offer.