Your Presentation Is Not A Report And How To Fix It

Russel Lolacher

A great presentation is an amazing tool in engaging your employees. But, I can’t tell you often I’ve sat through a presentation that was just a report out in disguise. When asked to do a presentation, make sure that’s what you are actually delivering. Most presentations are far more about reading back information from a slide deck and not the engagement tool you’re promising. This was not a presentation. Purpose of Presentations.

The Past, Present, And Future Of CX(PA)

Experience Matters

The Overall Storyline My speech was entitled The Past, Present, and Future of CX(PA). The post The Past, Present, And Future Of CX(PA) appeared first on Customer Experience Matters®. This week I gave a keynote at the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA) Insight Exchange in New Orleans. As alway, it was a great event; there’s almost nothing better than a group of enthusiastic CX professionals!


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How to Turn Survey Results Into Awesome Presentations


Learn how to take the data you've gathered via your online surveys, and turn that information into visually engaging presentations. Articles

Survey 150

Need a Presentation With Punch? Think Visually

Heart of the Customer

The post Need a Presentation With Punch? “All creativity should communicate in a nanosecond.” So says George Lois, the “original Mad Man of Madison Avenue,” in his book, Damn Good Advice (for people with talent). He’s talking about advertising, but his recommendation applies to any organizational communication – especially in customer experience. There’s no time to waste I’ve written about the […]. Think Visually appeared first on Heart of the Customer.

Building Your Customer Education Brand: Using Customer Champions to Drive Widespread Program Adoption

Speaker: Natasha Husein, Product Marketing Manager, Clever

When you’re building a Customer Education program, your efforts will largely focus on content creation and strategy. In the midst of that development, it’s easy to overlook another core component of your program: marketing. In this webinar, Natasha Husein, Product Marketing Manager at classroom learning technology company, Clever, will present her strategy for branding Clever Academy, and creating customer champions that drive widespread program adoption across its broad user base.

Christmas presents, returns – your rights

Helen Dewdney

Complaining Uncategorized Christmas presents CRA returnsSo, the jumper doesn’t fit, you don’t like the hideous ornament that your aunt bought. What can you do? If the item is not faulty the store is under no legal obligation to refund or exchange with or without proof of postage, but many of the big stores will.

Sales 51

Adding Objects to Your Presentation’s Background


The post Adding Objects to Your Presentation’s Background appeared first on Dapresy Market Research Reporting. Dapresy is introducing a new series of articles, prepared by Daniel Landelius, Customer Support Specialist, which will focus on report building for efficiency. The series will highlight different functions in the system and how to best utilize them when setting up your project. The ultimate goal is for you, the project administrator, to save time and cut down manual work.

10 Key Points For A Strong Retention Board Presentation


Our VP of Customer Success ( Kellie Capote ) and I presented to the board this quarter, and I think our talk track is valuable as other CS leaders prepare for future board conversations. .

Presenting: A Treasure Chest of CRM Knowledge


The post Presenting: A Treasure Chest of CRM Knowledge appeared first on Optimove. What if I told you there’s one place with answers to questions such as how to engage customers in the era of marketing overload, or what is the real value of a lost customer? Can CRM be a strategic advantage? What are some gaming CRM strategies that work? How to structure marketing strategies in the age of the customer? How to build a smarter CRM strategy?

Takeaways From 18 Amazing Presenters at the Customer Service Revolution

The DiJulius Group

The post Takeaways From 18 Amazing Presenters at the Customer Service Revolution appeared first on The DiJulius Group. The DiJulius Group held our annual Customer Service Revolution September 11th & 12th in Cleveland, Ohio. It has grown into the #1 Customer Service conference with a community of 700 extremely passionate revolutionaries, from all over the world, looking to create brands customers cannot live without and make price irrelevant.

The Executive's Guide to Building a Community Team

Speaker: Carrie Melissa Jones; Founder, Gather Community Consulting

Successful communities demand much more attention than most organizations predict. Join Carrie Melissa Jones, Founder of Gather Community Consulting for this webinar about the right way and the wrong way to approach community building.

What to do with the ghost of Christmas Present?

Helen Dewdney

Have you received an unwanted present? See Christmas presents, returns – your rights. If you can’t ask the present giver for the receipt, or you don’t know where the item was bought and there is no way of returning the item you got for Christmas, what can you do with it? Another idea: Perhaps this year is the year that you have a chat with people about reducing the present buying next time?! Latest News Christmas donating gifts regifting returns unwanted presents

The Future of Customer Experience – Virtual Course


PresentationsThe post The Future of Customer Experience – Virtual Course appeared first on StoryMiners.

Course 130

5 Tips to Making a Great Sales Presentation in Live Chat

Provide Support

5 Tips to Making Great Sales Presentation in Live Chat. Do they know the specifics of the live chat tool which could help them to make a better product or service presentation to clients? Below are my 5 tips on how to structure and polish your sales presentation offered in the environment of online chat. Paradoxically, this is one of the most important qualities of a successful sales presentation – keeping it as simple as possible. Personalize your presentation.

Sales 82

How to Write and Present a Winning UXR Case Study (With a Free Outline Template)

dscout People Nerds

Learn how to tell your project’s story—all while showing off your own skills.

Turning Your Contact Center into a Profit Center by Leveraging Chat

Speaker: Tony Medrano, CEO of

and Heidi Rote, Director, North America Sales Center of Jenny Craig, as they present real case studies of how live chat drives engagement, order size, conversions, and allows agents to build relationships with customers.

Present Customer Asset Metrics in Whole Numbers of Customers, Not Retention Rates

Customer Bliss

Present your customer asset metrics in whole numbers of customers, not retention rates. The post Present Customer Asset Metrics in Whole Numbers of Customers, Not Retention Rates appeared first on Customer Bliss. When I ask executives if they know the volume and value of their new customers and compare it monthly, weekly and annually to the volume and value of lost customers – it’s not top of mind. “It’s It’s in our data” is often the answer. But it’s buried data.

IBTM Keynote: Mike Wittenstein


PresentationsThe post IBTM Keynote: Mike Wittenstein appeared first on StoryMiners.


Evolution of Customer Success: Past, Present, and Future


The Customer Success – Past, Customer Success – Present, and the Customer Success – Future are all subsets of this historic evolution. Customer Success: Present. Customer Success – Present. Is it really 2021? Did we successfully make it through 2020 and the years ahead of that?

Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service: The Past, Present, and Future


Particularly when they are given a name and presented as equivalent to a human customer support agent, they often fail to grasp the nuances of a real-time text discussion, leaving customers exasperated. . The post Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service: The Past, Present, and Future appeared first on Solvvy Getting the customer experience right is a delicate balance.

Top Priorities in Customer-Centric Contact Centers

Speaker: Tony Medrano, CEO of

Customer preferences are constantly evolving, creating the need for contact centers to change in order to meet their needs. What communication channels do customers prefer? Leading contact center and technology experts will discuss trends in phone, chat, email, SMS and self-serve options in order to help our audience better connect with, retain and acquire customers. Join Tony Medrano, CEO of, Nate Brown, Co-Founder of CX Accelerator, and Kaye Chapman, Learning and Development Manager at Comm100, as they present real case studies of how companies are adapting to industry trends to meet the needs of customers and agents.

The CX opportunities presented by COVID-19


I am wondering - why most people are talking only about survival as being the best possible outcome of the COVID-19 crisis? While I do not.T 8th Jun 2020. By Manuela Pifani Founder & Managing Director

How to Present User Test Findings Strategically With Video Highlights


The post How to Present User Test Findings Strategically With Video Highlights appeared first on truthlab. Reading Time: 4 minutes When you’re doing everything right to try to make your product or service better, you should be conducting task-based usability tests with real users, and of course you’re also filming those tests so you can show video highlights to convince the team or the stakeholders, or the company’s executives, that these findings must be acted […].

Video 58

Summit presentations that score big: How to make your proposal stand out


The post Summit presentations that score big: How to make your proposal stand out appeared first on ForeSee. Case Stories Events Case Studies ForeSee Summit ForeSee Summit 2017 socializing data Summit presentationsWith 2017 Connect: The ForeSee Summit just a few months away, we’re in search of client speakers who want to share their customer experience (CX) measurement successes and inspire their.

Jeanne Bliss’ Daily Dose…of Reality: How to Present to Your Executive Team without “Calling Their Baby Ugly”

Customer Bliss

There will be a day (or days) for all of us doing this work…that we will have to present some not so great depictions of the company’s customer experiences. And how do you showcase what you’ve learned and must often present to the people who, in many cases, created that customer experience in the first place? 3 Actions to Present the Story. Make your presentation experiential. Instead of presenting a dashboard, or a deck, walk them through the life of the customer.

The Reciprocal Nature of ROI: Maximizing Value for the Customer

Speaker: Sarah Tarraf, Director of Customer Experience, Gongos & David Robbins, Account Strategist, Gongos

Despite increasing investment in new tools and technologies, executives still struggle to demonstrate their impact on the customer. Instead, we must focus on the ability of organizations to drive actionable change across the enterprise by transforming the design and delivery of experiences.

You Ask, Mike Answers


Presentations2021 is already a year of big changes. That makes planning tough. Let’s make it easier. Click on the video and ask a question that’s important to you. Go ahead, just ask it. Our team will consider it and I’ll get back to you with an answer. No fluff, no sales. It’s that simple.

Video 130

And now… presenting the 2018 ESM Wave!

Forrester's Customer Insights

The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Service Management, Q3 2018, is live! Take IT service management, add the age of the customer, stir in some employee experience (EX) and a healthy dose of low/no-code platform, and voilà! Enterprise service management (ESM)! Or if you prefer a more traditional description, we define ESM as: Extending IT service management […]. age of the customer IT process automation IT service management (ITSM) IT services

Telling a Better Story: How Conifer Delivers Presentation-Ready Deliverables

Conifer Research


Nanorep Joins Chatbot Summit Berlin 2017 as Sponsors and Presenters


– CTO and Cofounder Amit Ben will offer a keynote presentation on the impact of chatbot hype, addressing what businesses need to understand to ensure they avoid crucial mistakes and develop a comprehensive strategy for their organization. The post Nanorep Joins Chatbot Summit Berlin 2017 as Sponsors and Presenters appeared first on Nanorep - Digital Customer Self-Service Solution.

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

presented with the proposition “bad decisions cost my organization. If Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the overall business is a red hot. topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot. wonder professionals, who had removed AI from their resumes, are. scrambling to add it back in!

Present Your Consumers With More Product Information Using Telesales

Magellan Solutions

And if you present these to them in a very organized, personalized and professional manner, you are setting up the stage for more conversions that will positively affect your bottom line. The post Present Your Consumers With More Product Information Using Telesales appeared first on Magellan Solutions.

Customer Service: The Past, Present, and Future

transcosmos Information Systems

Here’s a look at the past, present, and future of customer service. </strong></p> <p><a href=’ [link] src=’[link] alt=’customer-service-past-present-future-infographic’ width=’800′ border=’0′ /></a></p> <p> The Past. The Present. The post Customer Service: The Past, Present, and Future appeared first on transcosmos.

Our Award-Winning Voice of Customer Technology: Present and Future


The post Our Award-Winning Voice of Customer Technology: Present and Future appeared first on ForeSee. Answers recently ranked 11th on Forbes’ 2015 list of America’s Most Promising U.S. Companies for our continuous innovation in enabling brands to harness the voice of their customers to continuously improve their products and services. We’re proud to be named to this list, and wanted to share a few highlights from the past year that helped us get there.

How to Turn Survey Results Into Awesome Presentations


And with the user feedback you’ve gathered, you can now take your survey results and turn them into awesome, insightful presentations that paint a clear path for how the organization should proceed. However, there are certainly some do’s and don’t’s when it comes to how you’ll go about presenting your survey’s findings. In doing this (specifically within presentations) you create a scenario in which comprehension can be one of both depth and breadth. Pick a presentation tool.

Survey 163

Hello Customer Presents: Future talks with Rik Vera!

Hello Customer

After an analogue and a digital era, what will be next for the customer experience? CX expert Rik Vera predicts that offline and online will merge in the future. Humans will take center stage again, empowered by technology. The power of companies working with AI lies in their ability to gather a lot of data from the many and use it to create well-being for the individual. Check out our first episode of Future Talks! customer experience Customer Centricity

Carine Clark CS100 Summit Presentation – Top Customer Success Leadership Characteristics


Notably, Carine Clark , CEO of Banyan , presented at last year’s premier customer success leadership event in Sundance, Utah, and her message was both powerful and practical. The post Carine Clark CS100 Summit Presentation – Top Customer Success Leadership Characteristics appeared first on ClientSuccess. As we’re less than two weeks away from the 2018 CS100 Summit , we’re reflecting on some of the amazing messages we’ve heard over the years.