Inspiration, Dedication, Perspiration – welcome to the mind of the Customer Experience Professional!


Last week I was afforded the undeniable pleasure of spending two whole days with Diane Magers, CEO of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). One passionate CX Professional in a room can be imposing; two together is a formidable combination!

Transformational Leadership – the key to unlocking the competencies of Customer Experience Professionals


If you have followed my writing for a while, you will be very much aware that I am very proud and passionate Customer Experience Professional (CXP). Not only that, the Customer Experience is not the responsibility of a CXP – it is the responsibility of the WHOLE ORGANISATION.

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Announcing the Customer Experience Academy: helping you to become a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)


On this date I became a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP). For the last twenty years I have been working across multiple industries to help businesses improve their ability to meet the needs of colleagues and customers.

Earning authority as a Customer Experience Professional – the importance of professional development


When I started out on my Customer Experience career many years ago, I had no idea that Customer Experience would ever be recognised as a profession. As I started to influence the organisation I was working for, I also did not realise that to be the best Customer Experience Professional I could be, I was […].

The secret diary of a Customer Experience Professional (aged 41 & 3/4)


This blog post is written to mark the second global Customer Experience Day on Tuesday 7th October 2014. Join thousands of CX Professionals all over the world in marking the significance of Customer Experience in our lives today!

The importance of EARNING authority as a Customer Experience Professional


During my career as a Customer Experience Professional, my opinions, points of views and suggestions have been rebuffed on many an occasion. Experience IS vitally important. I am responsible for Customer Experience’ – ‘You have to listen to me!’.

I’m like parsley – I get everywhere!’ – Stories that amazed and inspired me at the 2015 UK Customer Experience Awards!


However, for one group of Professionals in the UK, September now offers a completely different and more exciting prospect. September is the month where Customer Experience in the UK is celebrated – and celebrated in style. The month of September comes around every year.

Customer Experience – Fact or Fiction?


Whilst organisations have always delivered experiences, it is only now that most are starting to recognise the importance of them. As a practitioner on the inside and a consultant on the outside – I, like my peers have fought very hard to get Customer Experience the recognition it needs….it

CCXP Exam Preparation – finally a book to help you…


Finally, a book has been written to help anyone aspiring to become a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)! I wish I could claim the credit for such an important milestone for the fledgling, global, professional qualification… but I cannot!

‘Sweeping the steps of Customer Experience in 2014? – out with the old and in with the new for 2015


As we approach the last 24 hours before the end of 2014, I feel it is time to reflect on the last twelve months in the world of Customer Experience. It is difficult to find a company at the end of a long twelve months that is not talking about Customer Experience.

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CX = V! Customer Experience is not a job… it’s a vocation!


The very first question they asked me was “How did you become so passionate about customer experience management?” Using tools and methodologies to improve the ability of a business to meet and exceed customer expectation just made so much sense to me.

Opinion or Reality? Does Customer Experience really make a difference?


I am unlikely to be the first person to write an article focusing on whether or not the Customer Experience really makes a difference. On a weekly basis, Customer Experience Professionals all over the world are being challenged to demonstrate the ‘tangible’ value focusing on the Customer […]. I am also unlikely to be the last.

Leveraging the soft and fluffy: how important are soft skills in delivering Customer Experiences?


Yesterday I had the enormous pleasure of co-chairing the first ever Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) Members Insight Exchange to be held outside of the US. The gathering of Customer Experience Professionals (CXPs) from across Europe was as inspiring an occasion as I hoped it would be.

Customer Experience Professionals: Why We Do What We Do


As we often chat with one another, the conversation at one point came to a question as to why we do the things we do as a CX professional. What do you most love about being a CX professional? The knowledge that we’re making the world a better place for customers.

Two steps forwards, five steps back: No-one said transforming the Customer Experience is easy!


Customer Experience Training CX Professionals customer experience customer experience professionals emotional experience Every job has its ups and downs. Whether you are a teacher, a doctor, an accountant, a sales rep, an IT consultant or an artist, some days will be better than others. I could continue to name more professions, but the principle would be the same – as sure as night follows day, good will […].

Guest Post: The Importance of Personal Growth for Customer Service Professionals


This week I am focusing my blog on the importance of developing ‘authority’ as a Customer Experience Professional in celebration of the upcoming CXPA Members Insight Exchange on the 10th February in London. If you have not read all about how to earn authority as a Customer Experience Professional here. CX Professionals People customer experience professionals Customer Service Profession Deanna Ayres; Marketing Zen; Kova Corp Personal Growth

The importance of persistence – why Customer Experience can only work if it is part of a long term business strategy


There are a number of things that comprise the characteristics of great Customer Centric leaders – courage; vision; passion; authenticity; humility; belief; are just some of them. The reason why Customer Experience Professionals do what they do is NOT to intentionally experience these things.

It doesn’t bother me! What would the world be like if no-one cared about Customer Experience?


In all cases, I have been asked to work with; talk to; teach; cajole; people from the C-suite to the front line; in understanding the importance of Customer Experience. Very often we will endure experiences that fail to meet our expectations but do NOTHING about it.

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of August 8, 2016


Each week I read a number of customer service articles from various online resources. Five Questions Customer Experience Professionals Are Asking Today by Michael Hinshaw. McorpCX) Everyone is talking about customer experience.

Temkin Group’s (Exciting) Plans For CX Day 2016

Experience Matters

Temkin Group has labelled 2016 The Year of the Emotion for customer experience. Customer experience Customer Experience Day Customer Experience Professionals Association CX Day CXPALast year, Temkin Group had a great time celebrating CX Day. This year, CX Day will be held on October 5th and we’re planning another exciting celebration.

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The wonderful sound of Customer Experience: Tales from South Africa


When I became an independent Customer Experience Specialist in 2012, I could scarcely have imagined where my chosen career, my passion, would take me. It would take me too long to write about every experience – because almost every one was good – even when it went wrong.

Temkin Group Plans For CX Day 2015

Experience Matters

Temkin Group has labelled 2015 as the Year of the Employee for customer experience. Jen Rodstrom will present The Fundamentals of Customer Experience at 10:00 AM ET and Aimee Lucas will present Tapping into the Power of Engaged Employees at 1:00 PM ET. Customer Experience Matters video. We plan to unveil an exciting new video showing the importance of customer experience and the critical role of employees.

CX in the C-Suite: Webinar With Mercedes-Benz CEO

Experience Matters

As part of Customer Experience Day , I interviewed Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA) CEO Steve Cannon on a webinar called Customer Experience from the C-Suite. One of the highlights of the webinar was when Cannon said that “ customer experience is the new marketing ” and is critical for fulfilling MBUSA’s brand promise, The Best or Nothing. Cannon mentioned that great leaders create culture that creates great customer experience.

Closing the Forgotten Loop


As customer experience professionals, we often worry about response rates. At the heart of the question of response rate is whether customers want to provide you with feedback and engage with your survey. Why do customers provide feedback?

CX makes the world go around! Why customer experience is a global challenge


This article was originally written for my exclusive column on – a hugely valuable and rich resource of information, expertise and inspiration for CX Professionals. There is still a band of people who do not consider customer experience to be a ‘profession’ at all.

Five Things to Do on CX Day


Shouldn’t every day be customer experience day? Well, yes, but even the most customer-centric companies need fresh ways to turn their good intentions into customer happiness and sustainable growth.

Customer Experience & Service Design: Let’s Be BFFs

Kerry Bodine

For the better part of a decade, I’ve had courtside seats to the evolution of two interrelated disciplines: customer experience and service design. Customer experience professionals must design improved interactions for their customers and, as part of this work, change the processes, policies, and culture of the organizations that drive those interactions. Customer experience professionals are partly to blame.

Customer Experience in 2016: Making the Emotional Connection

Think Customers

One of the undisputed thought leaders in the customer experience space is Bruce Temkin, customer experience transformist and managing partner at Temkin Group as well as co-founder and initial chairman of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).

How Can You Improve Customer Experience Across the Organization? Take The CX Challenge!

Customer Interactions

​If you’re a customer experience professional you will know that CX isn’t something confined to the contact center or store front anymore. Today every part of the business effects CX

Is the Customer Experience Really Everyone's Job?

CX Journey

Pundits and experts alike say that customer experience is everyone's job. If you google "customer experience is everyone's job" and "customer service is everyone's job," you'll find endless articles, blogs, and webinars with that very title.

Proof That CX Pays

Heart of the Customer

As a customer experience professional, you know CX pays. Customer experience leads to loyalty – so if your customer experience is poor, you have to spend an inordinate amount of time replacing the customers you’re losing.

The Value of Connecting with Other #CX Professionals

CX Journey

I think that describes the customer experience profession, and especially the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), quite well. Yes, I know, you may have been a customer experience professional longer than that.)

Journey Mapping: Interview with Annette Franz

Heart of the Customer

As part of the launch of our new website, I’m interviewing Annette Franz, author of the popular Customer Experience (CX) blog CX Journey. In addition to her blog, Annette and I volunteer together as CX Experts at the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).

The Value Of Experience Design Improvement Is On The Rise


In the last decade, many brands have used customer experience processes and perspectives to complete corporate turnarounds and experience make-overs. They all use the six customer experience pillars.

The Distance between Terrible and Excellent Customer Experiences

Andrew Mcfarland

Most customer experience professionals would rather invest time in creating an amazing experience, than spend time recovering from ill-designed or poorly executed customer journeys. Customer Experience Customer Journey IHG Seinfeld

Happy Customer Experience Day!

Customer Bliss

Today is a great day for customer experience professionals around the world, as we celebrate and support the work of driving customer driven growth. Learn More: Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).

CX Journey™ Musings: No Budget for #CX Improvements

CX Journey

Image courtesy of aliceheiman No customer experience budget? I recently read an article on MyCustomer about a study that Ovum and BoldChat conducted in which they found that many companies don't have the necessary budget to improve the customer experience.

I Found My Customer’s Heart in San Francisco

Customer Interactions

So said Larry Yusuf, head of customer analytics at IBM, one of the mainstage presenters at Forrester’s CXSF 2016 conference, which I had the pleasure of attending last week in San Francisco.

What’s the CX buzz this week? (6th October, 2015)

Customer Interactions

As the website [] says, CX Day is a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers put on by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA). However, as a company that helps those companies create those great customer experiences, CX Day means so much more to us ​What does CX Day mean to NICE? Today, October 6 is International CX Day.

Today is Day One!

CX Journey

And lots of amazing customer experience professionals. (I I'll be expanding on the work that I've been doing and will be focused on helping clients ground and frame their customer experience strategies in/through customer understanding. Today is my Day One.