Improving Customer Experience Management in a State Government Agency

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In today’s episode, I speak with Greg Derwart , Managing Director, Administration & Customer Experience at Maryland Department of Commerce. The Department of Commerce is Maryland’s state government economic development agency; it makes sure businesses are staying in the state and growing.

The NSW Government Embarks On A Bold Journey To Improve Customer Experience (CX)

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Weak Government CX Harms Mission Performance As customer expectations keep rising, governments around the world struggle to improve customer experience (CX).

How to Unite Silos Across Multiple Government Agencies to Streamline a CX Transformation

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That’s right, when your customers are the employees within a group of government agency partners, you’ve got a lot of work cut out for you. In order to provide IT support the various government branches, the state of Colorado decided to consolidate IT into one division.

Is Your Government Service Operation Keeping Pace with Increasing Citizen Expectations?

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Government agencies often times struggle to deliver a customer experience on par with what their citizens receive when they interact with private-sector businesses. Necessary upgrades to provide a modern omnichannel customer experience are often prohibitively expensive, or simply not possible. Citizens increasingly expect the same levels of service they get as customers. The post Is Your Government Service Operation Keeping Pace with Increasing Citizen Expectations?

6 Killer Applications for Artificial Intelligence in the Customer Engagement Contact Center

topic in C-suites, AI for customer engagement is white hot. As a pioneer in AI for contact center customer service and customer. companies to transform—not just improve—customer service and. center customer service. Intelligence in the Customer Engagement.

Customer Experience Governance: Do This, Not That


Customer Experience Governance: Do This, Not That. Governance doesn’t get much airtime in customer experience management conversations and writings. NOT THAT : Do not wait until something gets rolling for a while to start thinking about governance of it.

Government Customer Service: Lead the Campaign to Improve Public Perception

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In a new Government Business Council Report titled The Path to Customer-Centric Service , 67% of surveyed federal managers say their organization’s service is on par with that of the private sector. Customer Service of the People, by the People, for the People.

7 Steps to Successful Government Customer Service


So how can public sector customer experience professionals keep up with the ever-increasing expectations of their customers? The post 7 Steps to Successful Government Customer Service appeared first on ForeSee. Customer Satisfaction E-Government

Guerrilla CX For Government


Federal customer experience (CX) professionals are trying to wage a conventional war against bad CX. Make The Best Use Of Available Customer Data. A formal voice of the customer program with both quantitative and qualitative feedback mechanisms is ideal - and you'll definitely need one eventually - but you don't need anything that fancy to start improving your CX. Instead: Aggregate and use the customer data you already have. Customer Experience Government

The Government orders full Whirlpool tumble dryer recall – at last!

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Today (12 June 2019) The Consumer Minister, Kelly Tolhurst, announced that the Government intends to serve Whirlpool with a full recall notice for all tumble dryers that are at risk of fire. She told the House of Commons that “consumer safety is a priority for the Government”.

What CX Should Mean For Government Leaders

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To succeed in today’s federal government, leaders need to view the world by how their decisions impact the experience of the people and organizations they touch daily. While customer experience (CX) is on the […]. age of the customer customer experience employee experience

Goodbye Smart, Hello Insights-Driven: Insights-Driven Cities Deliver Effective Governance

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age of the customer data economy Government insights-driven organization smart citiesI’ve always struggled with the term “smart city.” The word “smart” can mean a million different things.

Achieving Customer Experience Excellence in Digital Government


It takes a village to deliver a great customer experience. The report also reveals citizen satisfaction scores for 100 federal department, agency and program websites and the latest ForeSee Mobile Federal Government Benchmark. Customer Experience Research E-Government

2017: Transforming Government Perspectives


Toward the end of 2016 I had the opportunity to hear the perspectives of many people who worked at city, state and national government and who participated in the first few Citizen2020 'Conversations Workshops.'.

The Future of Vendor Risk Assessments for Data Security and Governance: A Zero Trust Approach

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Hackers stealing customer data can erase millions in profits within weeks, stolen intellectual property can erase competitive advantage overnight, and unexpected privacy abuses can bring unwanted scrutiny and fines from regulators while inflicting reputational damage that can last months, even years.

Government customer experience: are we making progress yet?


Over the past several years I’ve been asked more times than I can count: “Why should government care about customer experience?” Almost everyone has at least one story of how an interaction with a government organization impacted their life in a not-so-great way.

Governance in Customer Journey Mapping


CEM/CJM Governance is a process focused on managing the quality, consistency, usability, security, and availability of your overall CEM strategy as well as for the building blocks such as VOC/VOE/Journey Maps and CEM Dashboards. Presentations Thought Leadership

Customer Success in the Business-to-Government Sector


For the most part, when we are talking customer success, we are dealing with the business-to-business (B2B) ecosystem where your CS team is in contact with the representatives of the customer companies. What Is the Business-to-Government Sector? Future Government Contracts.

Governance in Customer Journey Mapping


CEM/CJM Governance is a process focused on managing the quality, consistency, usability, security, and availability of your overall CEM strategy as well as for the building blocks such as VOC/VOE/Journey Maps and CEM Dashboards. Governance in Customer Journey Mapping. Governance in Customer Journey Mapping March, 2015. Governance is focused on enhanced data, process innovation and new customer metrics.

What Should Washington Do About The Public's Lukewarm Attitude Toward Digital Government?


Digital government is big in Washington. Next year, the White House plans to spend $35 million more on the US Digital Service, $105 million for digital services teams at 25 agencies, and tens of millions more for digital channels throughout the federal government. And that's just the latest tranche, piled atop hundreds of millions in digital government spending in recent years. Why is public interest in digital government so weak? digital government.

Mobile Matters for E-Government Digital Success


As a government department, agency or program, your goal is to serve citizens– efficiently, cost-effectively and using their preferred channels. The release of The ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q3 2015) highlights mobile, increasingly the medium of choice for many people.

Government Customer Service: 3 Ways to Get Better Even as Budgets Get Smaller

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Government customer service continues to be plagued by shrinking budgets and staff, and increasing media coverage when things go wrong. Consumer feedback should drive customer technology strategies. Get Started with the New Customer Service Playbook for Government.

Why And How To Improve The Government Customer Experience

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CX Success Is Vital To Mission Success The need to upgrade the government customer experience (CX) has never been more urgent. Government departments around the world still struggle with substandard experiences — and their poor CX performance hampers mission success.

Digital Government: Making Customer Experience a Priority


Today’s release of the ForeSee E-Government Satisfaction Index (Q3 2014) marks the 44th consecutive quarter ForeSee has been reporting on citizen satisfaction with government websites. The post Digital Government: Making Customer Experience a Priority appeared first on ForeSee.

5 ways to build better government with citizen feedback


You probably know it’s important to collect citizen feedback on government services, but have you ever thought about all the ways and places you could do it? Government officials use the feedback to help make decisions.

We Hold These Truths: Implementing CX Governance

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The post We Hold These Truths: Implementing CX Governance appeared first on Heart of the Customer. As the summer goes on and the Fourth of July approaches, I’ve found myself thinking once again about the principles that our nation was founded upon.

Customer experience for government: 6 resources for understanding OMB Circular A-11 Section 280


federal government agencies, our team is always working with clients and partners on fascinating, newly emerging issues that impact the business, customer, and employee experience parts of federal government agencies.

Improving Digital Engagement with the UK Government


Recently, the British government announced a £1 billion pound investment for faster broadband and 5G in the UK, which will benefit consumers and businesses.

Digital Government: Digitally Enabled, Not Necessarily Digitally Delivered

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I've been thinking a lot about "e-government" and "digital government" these days, and one thing bugs me: the push for online services. Yet not everyone has easy access to a government office. digital government. e-government.

How Governments Can Improve Everyone’s Customer Experience


I spend a lot of time talking about the poor quality of federal customer experience (CX) and the effects it has on the public. Government. Acquisition Customer Experience Government ProcurementI've already talked about how federal agencies averaged the lowest score in Forrester's CX Index.

4 Key Pillars Of Customer Experience Governance


The era of the customer experience (CX) is well and truly here. Customer ExperienceEvery aspect of your company, from your employees to the products and services you offer, are now key cogs in the CX machine. With the right structure and the right processes, this CX machine can become one of your biggest strengths that sets you apart from your competitors.

You have experience and operational Data. Now what? Governance.


Don’t you just love customer stories? If your business or agency has been around for a while, then you probably know at least one story of how a customer’s life has been transformed by the work of your organization. It’s always great to tell customer stories. Governance.

Citizen Satisfaction Rivals Private Sector CX in 50th E-Government Satisfaction Index


Today marks the release of ForeSee’s 50th consecutive quarterly E-Government Satisfaction Index. The post Citizen Satisfaction Rivals Private Sector CX in 50th E-Government Satisfaction Index appeared first on ForeSee. Customer Experience Research E-Government

A Toolkit for Customer Experience Leadership in Government With CCO Anahita Reilly – CB74

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Did you know that government agencies are working hard to embed customer experience strategies in their operating plan and mindset? Anahita Reilly is the Chief Customer Officer for the U.S. Use Human-Centered Design to Transform Your Customer Experience Methodology.

Federal Government Agencies Need Good Customer Experience Management, Too


In a recent report entitled “ The Public Is Still Skeptical of Federal Digital Customer Experience ,” Forrester’s Rick Parrish notes that, since 2011, the White House has been trying to improve the federal digital customer experience. Customer Experience

Guest Blog: Technology Trends That Will Govern the CX Landscape


This week we feature an article by Shaista Haque who writes about the top technology trends of 2017 that she believes will disrupt customer experience benchmarks. One day a customer during peak hours lodged a complaint on the live chat about the late delivery.

The Best Omnichannel Solution for Your Government Agency


Budgetary constraints have caused too many government agencies to rely on legacy IT systems that are more than a decade old. Brick and mortar stores and government agencies are giving way to a hyper-connected digital ecosystem. 360-degree look at customer context.