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Driverless Cars: Are Consumers Ready?

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Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is continuously working to improve cyber security to protect against such breaches, but it is an ever-changing environment that requires constant innovation to stay ahead of potential threats. According to the J.D.

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New Cars, Electric Vehicles, and Insurance Coverage


Summer is in full swing and consumers who are looking to get out and enjoy the weather need reliable transportation. This naturally has them contemplating whether it's almost time for a new car — and if they can save a bit more on their insurance to save up for one.

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What Is a Flatbed Transportation Service?

CSM Magazine

If you are a manager responsible for the shipment of your customers’ orders, you may have come across the term flatbed transportation. A flatbed service means using an open trailer to transport cargo. Benefits of flatbed transportation service. This service allows the transport of various types of materials in one trip.

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How New Year’s Resolutions Impact Consumer Buying Behavior

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January 1 marks not just the beginning of many consumer’s journeys to their goals, but also a turning point for industries that stand to profit from these sudden shifts in consumer behavior. Airfares are anticipated to increase 3.5%, hotel prices by 3.7%, and ground transportation is expected to rise 0.6%.

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5 Challenges Facing Your Customers and Brands, and What They Mean for Your CX Program

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Brands have had to pay more to produce, transport, and store their wares, which means passing that cost burden onto their customers. The events of the last few years (and their lingering effects) have resulted in a consumer demand collapse for many goods and services. Challenge #2: Efficiencies. Challenge #3: Off-Price/Discounts.

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5 Steps to CX Management in the Public Transportation Industry with Anand Sampat

Customer Bliss

At a time when more and more people are taking public transportation, customer experience for commuters has a big impact on their daily lives. Anand talked to people on the team and communicated what he already knew from the consumer insights to gain a deeper understanding of what they meant, from the teams who handled that specific work.

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US Consumers Rate eGain Clients at the Very Top in CX, Yet Again!

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These are not subjective awards—they are based on quantitative data gathered from tens of thousands of consumers on the customer service experiences of leading brands. 1 rank in Services: Transportation and travel – Low-cost airlines. #1 The post US Consumers Rate eGain Clients at the Very Top in CX, Yet Again!