How to Draft Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions for Hotels & Tourism


Hotels and tourism simply wouldn’t exist without the positive perceptions of the people who use them. In hotels and tourism, reputation is what powers continued business success.

How Important is Customer Service in Travel and Tourism?


Travel and tourism can be difficult areas for retaining customer loyalty, with websites set up exclusively to pit brands against one another on the best deals for hotels and rock-bottom prices on flights. When it comes to the personal side of things, big data ensures that the sky really is the limit to dazzle your visitors and create enviable customer service in travel and tourism. Customer service in travel and tourism clearly needs to follow your customer wherever they might be.

Cuba: A Tourism Conundrum

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Several of my friends just returned from a trip to Cuba and I've been reliving their adventures in Havana and Santiago through photos. Leisure travel to Cuba from the U.S. is still banned, but my friends were able to enter the country through the "people-to-people" program in which visitors interact with Cuban citizens in cultural activities. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Customer Experience Marketing homepage

BLT | 28.2.-4.3.2018

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February 28 – March 4, 2018 | Lisbon, Portugal Portugal is ultimately a country oriented towards Tourism. BTL is the benchmark for the National and International Tourism industry. Events tourism

How Priority Health, Southwest Airlines and The Ohio State University approach customer experience

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Customer Experience health care education Customer Intelligence Summit travel and tourismBuilding a CX program that delivers ROI requires identifying the moments in the customer journey that actually matter.

How Iceland 'Gets' Frictionless Experiences

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Although it was a short trip, it gave me a glimpse into a well-oiled tourism engine that companies should aspire to. Hospitality and travel companies could learn a lot from Iceland in terms of creating a frictionless guest experience.

Summer Travel Trends: The Who, What and Where

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INTERNATIONAL TOURISM. While international tourism is growing at its fastest pace in seven years, the U.S. Planning a summer getaway this year? Then you’re part of the 56% of Americans who plan to take a vacation during the upcoming summer months.

Do ‘captive customers’ deserve customer service excellence?


Don’t they understand that every country and city must compete for investment, for tourism, for immigration and retention of best talent, for improving the quality of life? A government employee questioned whether my service teaching had any value for his department.

Do ‘captive customers’ deserve customer service excellence?


Don’t they understand that every country and city must compete for investment, for tourism, for immigration and retention of best talent, for improving the quality of life? A government employee questioned whether my service teaching had any value for his department. After all, he reasoned, why bother providing customer service excellence to “captive customers” who have no choice? I’ve got many answers to this loaded question.

Favorite Customer Service Providers of the Year Announced

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Leisure & Tourism: Travelzoo. Winners of the 2018 People’s Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite Customer Service, a worldwide public vote, have been announced.

Amazing Business Radio: Josh Liebman


With more than 12 years of experience in the Hospitality, Tourism, and Attractions Industry, Joshua specializes in guest experience training, feedback analysis, mystery shopping, and quality assurance consulting. Josh Liebman Encourages Running Toward Complaints, Not Away From Them.

Forgotten Facts & Fantasies of Customer Delight


They are trying hard to educate the locals that the country depends on tourism and as such they must value and protect their own country, as much as the visitors do. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I’ve just returned from a three-week visit to Peru.

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Fiji Airways announces highest profit…and highest customer satisfaction scores

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Mr. Rajesh Punja, Fiji Airways’ Chairman said the airline was well placed to deliver on its key objectives and play a major part in the growth of Fiji’s tourism industry.

What it takes to be a Customer Experience Professional – My CX Journey, by Carlton Gajadhar


Outrageous! Hotels keep on charging!

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Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism at New York University. Have you ever spent a night at a hotel, on business, and been charged a “resort fee” even though you never had time to take advantage of the pool, the spa or any of the other “amenities?”. I have, and I wasn’t happy about it.

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SalesForce, Hubspot, Zendesk and More — Which Customer Engagement Software is Right for Me?


Travel and Tourism. Emerald ISO Travel Solutions : A CRM that meets the needs of the tourism market, providing campaign management systems, complaint management, brochure fulfillment and more.

Case Study: Enhance Your CX With This Technology

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And that’s especially true in a highly competitive industry like tourism. Imagine going on a cruise and having the ship know your every desire – sometimes even before you do.

Dial Intelecom for Sweden, the First Country in the World to Have Its Own Telephone Number

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Børge Astrup, managing director of Intelecom Contact Centre Division explains how the latest contact centre technology is revolutionising the travel industry with a new form of ‘reality’ tourism in the cloud. The Swedish Number” is the tourism equivalent of reality TV.

Why our clients love outsourced inbound services (And you should, too!)

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Having served small to medium-sized enterprises since 2005, we’ve collaborated with companies from industries like travel and tourism to healthcare and consumer electronics. Outsourcing has been around for a while, and there’s a reason why clients keep coming back.

Talkdesk Weekly Round-Up #4


You have amazing cultural diversity in the UAE, both in its population and in its tourism industry. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to poor customer service providers, Don’t let ‘em drop calls and ignore customer needs, Let ‘em breed loyalty and generate leads.

Les conversations engagées par les marques sur le digital sont-elles de qualité ?


Dans notre étude, nous partageons donc les résultats d’une enquête menée auprès de 42 marques françaises de 4 secteurs d’activités différents : banque, assurance, e-commerce, tourisme & transport.

Small businesses and the importance of outstanding customer service

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photo by: New Brunswick Tourism | Tourisme Nouveau-Brunswick. Although it is very convenient to shop online, many customers still enjoy the experience of touching merchandise and browsing in a brick and mortar store; hence the popularity of small neighborhood businesses.

Is it a Service or an Operation?

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And considering Dubai’s ever-increasing hotel development, one has to consider the obvious question… If the hotels and the national tourism board are working so hard to attract people to Dubai – doesn’t the moment of welcome play a huge part?

I didn’t choose CX – it chose me!! Heather Grisedale explains how she became a CCXP


In that first couple of months, the biggest difference I found between the tourism industry and the manufacturing industry was the pace! How do you become a Customer Experience Professional?

Opportunities Abound in a Digitally Connected Asean


Economies, cultures and even digital adoption vary widely across the region, yet trade, cooperation and tourism continue to prosper. Four months after the Asean Economic Community (AEC) came into being, observers and analysts are watching as integration unfolds.

Marketing predictions CMOs need to consider in 2018

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This year will also see VR being used to improve productivity, learning and training, and save costs in areas including retail, health, tourism and hospitality, among others.