Chatbots for the tourism industry, a multi-faceted benefit


The tourism industry, an ever-changing sector. The face of tourism has evolved a lot in the past decades. In this new context, automating some tasks becomes necessary and allows the tourism industry players to tackle some of the challenges posed by this new generation of travelers.

How to Draft Effective Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions for Hotels & Tourism


Hotels and tourism simply wouldn’t exist without the positive perceptions of the people who use them. In hotels and tourism, reputation is what powers continued business success.

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Cuba: A Tourism Conundrum

Think Customers

Several of my friends just returned from a trip to Cuba and I've been reliving their adventures in Havana and Santiago through photos. Leisure travel to Cuba from the U.S. is still banned, but my friends were able to enter the country through the "people-to-people" program in which visitors interact with Cuban citizens in cultural activities. There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit Customer Experience Marketing homepage

How Important is Customer Service in Travel and Tourism?


Travel and tourism can be difficult areas for retaining customer loyalty, with websites set up exclusively to pit brands against one another on the best deals for hotels and rock-bottom prices on flights. When it comes to the personal side of things, big data ensures that the sky really is the limit to dazzle your visitors and create enviable customer service in travel and tourism. Customer service in travel and tourism clearly needs to follow your customer wherever they might be.

The ultimate report on Millennial customers: Gen Y attitudes and their impact on tech, finance, media and other major industries

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Business Strategy Customer Experience Employee Engagement Innovation Marketing Research CPG finance FMCG health care Media & Entertainment retail technology travel and tourism

How Priority Health, Southwest Airlines and The Ohio State University approach customer experience

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Customer Experience health care education Customer Intelligence Summit travel and tourismBuilding a CX program that delivers ROI requires identifying the moments in the customer journey that actually matter.

BLT | 28.2.-4.3.2018

Happy or Not

February 28 – March 4, 2018 | Lisbon, Portugal Portugal is ultimately a country oriented towards Tourism. BTL is the benchmark for the National and International Tourism industry. Events tourism

What Happens When You Ruin Breakfast for Your Customer

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Case Studies breakfast Customer experience customer service darby's olympia quality check road trip tourism tourist washington word of mouthBreakfast is your first and most important meal of the day, and the experience can have a pretty big impact on your travel adventures.

How to give your family and your wallet a holiday

Helen Dewdney

As the school holiday season approaches many of us turn our thoughts to warmer climes and getting away from it all. But with a long heatwave predicted for the UK how about holidaying here, supporting the UK economy and catch some good deals along the way.

Experience Delivery = Quality Products + Service Excellence + Empathy

Michelli Experience

I am blessed to be attending the gala Singapore Experience Awards as a guest of the Singapore Tourism Board. I was asked earlier in the year to serve as a judge to help determine the best experience providers in Singapore. As you likely know, I am a fan of this uniquely special city/state and truly

Summer Travel Trends: The Who, What and Where

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INTERNATIONAL TOURISM. While international tourism is growing at its fastest pace in seven years, the U.S. Planning a summer getaway this year? Then you’re part of the 56% of Americans who plan to take a vacation during the upcoming summer months.

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How Iceland 'Gets' Frictionless Experiences

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Although it was a short trip, it gave me a glimpse into a well-oiled tourism engine that companies should aspire to. Hospitality and travel companies could learn a lot from Iceland in terms of creating a frictionless guest experience.

Travel Trends of 2018

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Amid low unemployment rates, travel and tourism is still one of the world’s fastest growing sectors, with bookings hitting close to $1.6 trillion in 2017 , and expected to continue to grow in 2018. Did you take a summer getaway this year?

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Do ‘captive customers’ deserve customer service excellence?


Don’t they understand that every country and city must compete for investment, for tourism, for immigration and retention of best talent, for improving the quality of life? A government employee questioned whether my service teaching had any value for his department.

John Paul names Frédéric Martinez as CEO EMEA

John Paul

His knowledge of the challenges in the tourism and finance sectors as well as the richness of his career will strengthen the group and its teams.”. “I

Spring Break Sentiment is Shaky This Year


Those in the travel and tourism industry are taking note, of course. Spring Break is time for college kids and families to escape for a bit from the stresses of everyday life, but sentiment around travel is a bit shaky this year.

Do ‘captive customers’ deserve customer service excellence?


Don’t they understand that every country and city must compete for investment, for tourism, for immigration and retention of best talent, for improving the quality of life? A government employee questioned whether my service teaching had any value for his department. After all, he reasoned, why bother providing customer service excellence to “captive customers” who have no choice? I’ve got many answers to this loaded question.

Amazing Business Radio: Josh Liebman


With more than 12 years of experience in the Hospitality, Tourism, and Attractions Industry, Joshua specializes in guest experience training, feedback analysis, mystery shopping, and quality assurance consulting. Josh Liebman Encourages Running Toward Complaints, Not Away From Them.

What Is AR or Augmented Reality Technology?

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Automotive, military, healthcare, education, telecommunications, retail, real estate, tourism, advertising – you name it. The sky is blue. The grass is green. AR (augmented reality) is the next big thing.

Guest Blog: How to Get the Most from Seasonal Customer Service Employees


The financial services, insurance, tourism, education, and hospitality industries all rely heavily on seasonal staff to meet peak demand. This week we feature an article by Joel Gottesman who shares tips to ensure that seasonal employees provide an excellent customer experience.

Favorite Customer Service Providers of the Year Announced

CSM Magazine

Leisure & Tourism: Travelzoo. Winners of the 2018 People’s Choice Stevie Awards for Favorite Customer Service, a worldwide public vote, have been announced.

What it takes to be a Customer Experience Professional – My CX Journey, by Carlton Gajadhar


On the 3rd October 2017, in celebration of Global CX Day, I wrote an article entitled, ‘What Does it Take to be a Customer Experience Professional’ It is not the first time and will most certainly not be the last time I write about the significance of the profession that has become my vocation AND one that continues to grow at a rapid rate. I have had the pleasure of meeting many amazing Customer Experience Professionals (CXPs) over the years – amazing for a whole variety of reasons. No two CXPs are the same. Among many things we do have in common, is the desire to support, counsel and share with each other. As we are all at differing stages of our own personal journeys, the support and guidance we naturally exude is one of the things that makes the profession so rewarding. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a man who had not yet started his CX journey. Carlton Gajadhar has an infectious passion for all things Customer Experience – yet his career as a CXP is still only just beginning. It is with great pleasure that I am able to share, in Carlton’s own words, his CX journey so far… Every morning when you wake up to you have a passion that continually eats in you, and you can’t shake off, well, I experience this every day, so let me explain. Customer experience (CX) has changed the way I think about customers, staff and operations within organisations and I wanted to share my story so far on how as a new CX professional let myself, with the struggles, achievements and inspirational moments I have encountered over the last four years. I never heard about the concepts of CX until I attended University when doing my Masters in International Tourism Management in 2013, prior to that, I have worked in several different industries but mainly the tourist attractions industry, which is a fun and exciting one to work in, for the past 19 years. At University, there was no mention about CX in any of my classes which meant I accidentally came across this concept when writing my dissertation on getting tourist attractions to become more focused on building personalised relationships with their guests before they arrive on site. This dissertation has given me opportunities that I never thought I would have had; from presenting my concepts at the IAAPA European Attractions Show in Gothenburg which is the largest event of its type in Europe. One of my highlights was having a representative of Euro Disney praising my research, which gave me the drive to continue learning as much as I could in this field. So, I started on a high and continued this journey and wanted to do more. The natural step for me was to get involved in promoting CX within my place of work to become more customer-centric, but this was my first negative hurdle. Profits, revenue, up-selling and anything financial base was a priority which had a massive impact in their way they delivered their customer experience. It felt like pushing water uphill, but this did not stop me from continuing sharing this burning passion of CX to the world. After attending several conferences which were organised by CXPA, tourist attractions industry led events and enrolling for a mentoring programme by CXPA, (thanks Jim Tincher for all your support) I had a fire in me that couldn’t be put out. I was so excited of how I could use my experiences and new knowledge base to shape businesses to make them more customer focused. However, my internal Fire Brigade started to win the fight, and my fire started to get smaller and smaller from getting constant rejections from jobs who wanted superior customer experience individuals to come into change organisations. So, the big question I had is how junior customer experience individuals can get into this field? I don’t think there’s an easy answer to this as a lot of the industries around the world don’t have the same understanding of customer experience concepts and disciplines as we do, so job titles were very random and misleading. I decided to find another route in. So, applied for several marketing roles, but this led to a dead end. Then I got an opportunity to teach a university class about my experiences which led to me teaching several classes at two different universities on customer experience which was a fantastic way for me to give back and promote the CX concepts to the next generation who currently have no idea of the positive power of CX. This inspired me to work towards becoming an inspirational leader in providing customer experience solutions and become an educator within my industry and needed to find out how I could penetrate and transform this very old school attitude, dry and dusty sector. So, I buddied up with some colleagues to create a forum which dedicates on education and peer-to-peer information sharing for visitor experience professionals within the tourist attractions industry in London, UK called the Visitor Experience Forum ([link] This led to creating dedicated and tailored events for these professionals and networking opportunities which didn’t exist before the organisation was set up. I got a fantastic insight on how I could help organisations become more customer focused. This has let me in creating a targeted database of individuals that I can help as well as sharing my knowledge and expertise to them which they would never have opportunity’s if this weren’t set up. This has been one of my favourite achievements which have given me the confidence to make a positive difference. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but what I do know is no one could take this fire way which I have nurtured and protected. If you’re starting in this fantastic field, it’s not going to be the most comfortable road to follow. You will have some extreme highs but also some catastrophic lows, but it’s your attitude towards these events which will make you a better and stronger individual. One thing that I’ve learnt is to be patient, but not complacent. Continue to learn as much as you can and get practical experiences where possible. One day I will have the opportunity of running a CX department or even my own practice. If you are a senior CX practitioner, I encourage you to spend some time to develop and create opportunities for the new CX generation who are going to fight the fight for us for positive changes within our industries. Excited to see what the next four years creates. The post What it takes to be a Customer Experience Professional – My CX Journey, by Carlton Gajadhar appeared first on I J Golding. CX Professionals Carlton Gajadhar customer experience customer experience profesion customer experience professional CX Journey CXP

Axis Group Hosts Institute of Customer Service CEO Breakfast

CSM Magazine

CEOs attended from sectors ranging from housing and construction, to tourism and utilities.

Forgotten Facts & Fantasies of Customer Delight


They are trying hard to educate the locals that the country depends on tourism and as such they must value and protect their own country, as much as the visitors do. If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I’ve just returned from a three-week visit to Peru.

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How to create better experiences in the hospitality industry


There’s no denying that the tourism industry is one of the largest industries in the world. According to Statista , 1.323 million international tourists traveled in 2016 and the total contribution of travel and tourism to the global economy was $8.27

Why Private Jet Charter Offers the Ultimate Customer Service

CSM Magazine

Customer service is arguably more important for some businesses than others, however, with tourism-based firms offering a relevant case in point.

Augmented Reality Study Shows Big Business Impact in Customer Experience

Smarter CX

Link this with the remote virtual experiences available through the technology, and you’re suddenly looping in the tourism industry which can display properties worldwide from the comfort of a local office. Augmented reality (AR) has been hovering at the periphery of the corporate conversation for a number of years now, and it’s poised to make a major impact in the business world — especially in the realm of customer experience.

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Renovate Your CX Program with a Listening Audit


He has taken roles on both the agency and client-side, developing and managing large, multi-national programmes across a range of industries including travel & tourism, automotive, utilities, finance and telecoms. Webinar Details. Date: Tuesday, April 30. Time: 8am PDT, 11am EDT, 4pm BST, 5pm CEST. REGISTER HERE. A green field site for a customer experience program is a rare thing these days. Almost every CX professional is dealing with some legacy elements.

Outrageous! Hotels keep on charging!

Beyond Philosophy

Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism at New York University. Have you ever spent a night at a hotel, on business, and been charged a “resort fee” even though you never had time to take advantage of the pool, the spa or any of the other “amenities?”. I have, and I wasn’t happy about it.

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Talkdesk Weekly Round-Up #4


You have amazing cultural diversity in the UAE, both in its population and in its tourism industry. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to poor customer service providers, Don’t let ‘em drop calls and ignore customer needs, Let ‘em breed loyalty and generate leads.

Fiji Airways announces highest profit and highest customer satisfaction scores

Up Your Service

Mr. Rajesh Punja, Fiji Airways’ Chairman said the airline was well placed to deliver on its key objectives and play a major part in the growth of Fiji’s tourism industry.

Fiji Airways announces highest profit…and highest customer satisfaction scores

Up Your Service

Mr. Rajesh Punja, Fiji Airways’ Chairman said the airline was well placed to deliver on its key objectives and play a major part in the growth of Fiji’s tourism industry.

I didn’t choose CX – it chose me!! Heather Grisedale explains how she became a CCXP


In that first couple of months, the biggest difference I found between the tourism industry and the manufacturing industry was the pace! How do you become a Customer Experience Professional?

First Steps in the Marketing World


I have also wondered if marketing is a good fit for me, I have always enjoyed a lot of different industries; I have worked in leisure and retail, studied Travel and Tourism, I am a qualified painter and decorator and there have been other things in between!

Case Study: Enhance Your CX With This Technology

Beyond Philosophy

And that’s especially true in a highly competitive industry like tourism. Imagine going on a cruise and having the ship know your every desire – sometimes even before you do.

Chatbot Benefits in the Business World: A Comprehensive List of Statistics

SmartMessage Blog

Tourism and Travel. Amadeus, a leading solution provider for the tourism and travel industry, was able to start providing faster, 24/7 customer support service with the help of chatbots. In last years, we heard a lot about chatbots in the marketing world. The increasing popularity of instant messaging platforms created opportunities for engagement via conversational experiences.

Why our clients love outsourced inbound services (And you should, too!)

Magellan Solutions

Having served small to medium-sized enterprises since 2005, we’ve collaborated with companies from industries like travel and tourism to healthcare and consumer electronics. Outsourcing has been around for a while, and there’s a reason why clients keep coming back.