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Learn how to find the right customer experience job, thrive as a leader, and strategically plan for the future. Guides

The product manager’s CX handbook


Ten essential elements product managers need to build an agile customer feedback program. Guides


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Win a ticket to UserConf and The Customer Support Handbook by Sarah Hatter


We’re giving away a ticket to UserConf San Francisco and copies of Sarah Hatter’s book The Customer Support Handbook. We’re giving away one ticket to the UserConf, and the winner will also receive a copy of Sarah Hatter’s book, The Customer Support Handbook. UserConf ticket and Customer Support Handbook Giveaway. Customer Experience competition giveaway sarah hatter the customer support handbook userconf

What’s a Customer Success Handbook and why it’s important?


That’s why you should consider maintaining a customer success handbook to scale knowledge transfer for new employees and set standards that everyone in your organization can follow to deliver on customer outcomes. What is a customer success handbook?

The CX Leader Handbook

Whether you’re just starting your CX career or looking to change roles, our CX Leader Handbook is for you. Grab your free copy to learn how to find the right job, thrive as a leader, and strategically plan for the future.

Product Led Success: The Professional’s Handbook – An Introduction Blog


Read on for an introductory taste of product-led success and a preview of our in-depth guide, “Product-Led Success: The Professional’s Handbook.”. Take a look at ‘Product-Led Success: The Professional’s Handbook.’.

How to Unlock Your Outstanding Service Culture for Good

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

I’m delighted to tell you about Jeff’s new book, The Service Culture Handbook , A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Employees Obsessed with Customer Service. ” The Service Culture Handbook proves that any organization can turn their culture into one that is dedicated to customers. ” – Jeff Toister, The Service Culture Handbook. ” – Jeff Toister, Author, The Service Culture Handbook.

Is it Time to Do Away with Market Research Departments?


A more recent study by BCG and GRBN resulted in an Invest in Insights Handbook to help organisations report on the ROI of the insights function. As the handbook mentions: “Architecting a world-class Insights organization requires executive, cross-functional commitment/engagement” To do this, they mention the following six points: Vision & Pace. What’s your gut response to the title question about eliminating Market Research Departments? It depends?

The Agency’s Customer Support Review Management Training Handbook for Clients

The post The Agency’s Customer Support Review Management Training Handbook for Clients appeared first on Blog | Your client’s support team is the front line of your client’s business. They have the most direct contact with your customers, and are the most qualified employees to ask customers for a review. Yet many businesses fail to train their support staff to ask for reviews.

The Need for Customer Experience is Based on Science Not Myth

Natalie Petouhof

i] The Concept of Flow: Handbook of Positive Psychology, Nakamura, J. Miller’s 1968 paper The Concept of Flow: Handbook of Positive PsychologyTweet The need for customer experience to improve is not a myth. In fact, here’s why. Noted psychology researcher and writer Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi observed in 1998 that people who perform seamless, sequence-based activities on a regular basis are happier than people who don’t [i]. He coined the term “flow” to describe this behavior.

Your Complete Customer Engagement Handbook

Transform your contact center to build relationships with your customers that will last a lifetime

Presumed Innovative Until Proven Guilty

Forrester Digital Transformation

Join us at Forrester’s B2B Summit North America — an in-person and digital experience happening May 2–4 — to learn the tips and tricks we’ll reveal in “The CMO’s Handbook For Nurturing Innovation” that you can use to jump-start your innovation agenda.

How does Customer Engagement predict Retention?


“ The leading indicators for customer retention and expansion tend to be around the level of engagement between the client and the vendor. ” — Ashvin Vaidyanatham (Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight) and Ruben Rabago (Chief Strategist at Gainsight) in their book, ‘The Customer Success Professional's Handbook.’.

CCO Shares How to Create a Customer-First Health Care System by Directly Engaging Members

Customer Bliss

The Department also did a major overhaul to the member handbooks. They previously had around 13 handbooks for members which were all quite redundant. Through focus groups and member feedback, they were able to consolidate the handbook with simpler language, while also meeting the proper regulations and getting to the point. How do you make health care more personal and customer-focused?

System 163

Remembering the extraordinary life of Dr. Henk F. Moed (1951-2021)


These include Handbook of Quantitative Science and Technology Research (2004), Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation (2005), Applied Evaluative Informetrics (2017), Handbook of Science and Technology Indicators (edited with W.

Being relevant and making an impact – it’s worth the effort and investment!


There are a number of great resources available starting with GRBN’s Invest in Insights Handbook. We believe that the Handbook provides leaders with a powerful tool, across the globe, with practical advice and inspiration to forge ahead – to validate the value of insights, empower their teams and grow their business. The GRBN Invest in Insights Handbook is designed to help Insights leaders achieve both goals.

Free Webinar. Q&A with Jaakko Männistö: Ask Anything About The Emotional Value Index (EVI®)


Jaakko is a founder and CEO of Feedbackly, co-founder of CX Academy and CXforum, and the author of the CX handbook The Journey.

What exactly IS a CX Vision?


He is the author of The Service Culture Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your Employees Obsessed with Customer Service. Acclaimed Writer, Consultant, CX Trainer, and this week’s guest of ‘The Sweets of CX’, Jeff Toister , likes to think of it as, “a compass that always points you in the right direction when you’re creating a customer experience. Technically, it’s really just a shared definition of an outstanding experience.”. So, we have the WHAT.

Webinar: Conquering the top 5 customer support mistakes, with Sarah Hatter and Sarah Chambers


In Sarah Hatter’s book, The Customer Support Handbook , she discusses alternative options for using language such as: “Instead of “I apologize,” say, “I’m really sorry,”. Founder of CoSupport , and host of UserConf, the only customer support conference, Sarah Hatter will be joining Sarah Chambers, Head of Support here at Kayako for a webinar on Thursday 15th October to discuss the common communication mistakes support teams make. Sign up for it now.

Game Changing Methods to Optimize Your Customer Experience


Lynn authored 6 benchmarking studies and 3 CXM handbooks. Game Changers. We’re always on the lookout for the ones that will make the biggest impact. And, on this week’s “Sweets of CX ” podcast, we’ve got the expert. Lynn Hunsaker – Chief Customer Officer at ClearAction Continuum & co-founder of ClearAction Value Exchange, CustomerThink Hall of Fame Author, Professor, award-winning Performance momentum expert, and MORE- shares her wealth of knowledge.

The 5th Way B2B Companies Can Accelerate Growth

Waypoint Group

You can catch up on all of our previous posts on our blog and put them together in the ultimate growth handbook. Part 5 of 5: Optimize your company’s resources to make the bets that will deliver the biggest bang for the buck Welcome to the 5th and final installment on Accelerating Growth series for B2B companies. The first post focused […]. The post The 5th Way B2B Companies Can Accelerate Growth appeared first on Waypoint Group. Loyalty Research News Tools/Templates TopBox

CX Mission Moments: 3 Ways to Turn Words into Actions

Experience Investigators

Some employee onboarding journeys feel like they end in two days of training, during which they might meet with HR, review the handbook, and maybe sit in on a training session or video course. Yes, the mission should be covered in the training and handbooks.

Free Customer Trends That Drive Your Business Future


We've created a Handbook that challenges you to identify the opportunity for your business from these Customer Trends. Download your Free Copy Business Opportunity Handbook. Understanding ever-changing Customer Trends can shape your business future. Let's start with the biggest.

Why a Product-Led Growth Strategy Is Becoming a Must in Today’s Competitive Market


Download our “ Product-Led Success: The Professional’s Handbook ” to learn how to lift your team and organization to a whole new level. As a product leader or manager, it may feel like you’re being asked to help your company outrun the competition while the field becomes more and more crowded.

The 7 habits of Companies with successful customer-centric cultures


Again, using the example of Nordstrom, their employee handbook is effectively a bible. Here are some of the points from the handbook: • Salespeople are taught to walk your bagged purchased around the counter to you vs. just handing it across the counter. • Companies today want to delight customers at every interaction. However, little do they realize that great customer experiences start from the inside.

Make Your Company’s Name Your Brand Promise


As I read through the handbook, I could sense the bank’s vision and values coming through the pages. Earlier this year, I had the pleasure and honor of being the keynote presentation for River Valley Bank, soon to be Incredible Bank , as they merge the names of their brick-and-mortar banks and their online bank. I love that word, incredible , almost as much as my favorite word, amazing. If someone told you the customer service at a bank was incredible, you would only think positive things.

How Documented Procedures Can Make Your Customer Support More Effective


Stephanie Spaan, CEO of Excel Achievement Center says she has handbooks with policies and procedures for both her part-time and full-time employees so they know exactly when they get paid, who to talk to if they have a question, and more. Others create internal wikis on WordPress sites, and some even have hard copies of manuals or handbooks. This is a guest post by Owen Enaohwo of Sweet Process. Are you looking to develop trust with your support team?

Reshaping The Future Of Digital Customer Service: 22 Influential Leaders to Watch in 2022


In addition to authoring four customer service books including The Service Culture Handbook, Jeff reaches more than 10,000 customer service professionals every week through his Customer Service Tip of the Week email newsletter. Customers expect better and faster pre and post purchase services.

The Three Stages to Developing a Customer-Centric Culture

CX Accelerator

All or Nothing As Jeff Toister describes in “ The Service Culture Handbook ,” a redirection in culture cannot be a “pet project” or just another program. A customer-centric culture is the “make or break” component of any customer experience initiative.

The Three Stages to Developing a Customer-Centric Culture

CX Accelerator

All or Nothing As Jeff Toister describes in “ The Service Culture Handbook ,” a redirection in culture cannot be a “pet project” or just another program. A customer-centric culture is the “make or break” component of any customer experience initiative.

A Step-by-Step Guide for a Successful Qualitative Interview

2020 Research

Put this into an interview handbook to improve engagement and effectiveness. Key Takeaways: . Qualitative interviews provide in-depth insights from individual respondents, and are useful when follow-up or clarification is needed.

Holiday greetings from HappyOrNot

Happy or Not

We remodeled our Help Center (formerly the Customer Community), and did an overhaul of our Handbook based on our customer’s feedback to deliver improved materials and an enhanced user experience. . We’re sure you can agree – 2021 went by in the blink of an eye.

5 Cost-Effective Ways to Keep Furloughed Employees Engaged


Companies should always dispense HR handbooks and related media as a matter of course, but it’s also a good idea to highlight those resources during this pandemic.

An Exploding Stove, Epic Hold Music, and AI that Measures Consumer Emotion

Chadwick Martin Bailey

Emotion is a powerful motivator—arguably THE most powerful motivator—and can make or break a consumer relationship. Case in point: Me and KitchenAid. I recently bought a KitchenAid gas cooktop. It was a gorgeous model I loved—until one of the burners exploded.

Top 5 Customer Success resources


The ultimate guide to Customer Success in SaaS: the essential handbook for building the modern Customer Success program.

Stop using spreadsheets, start tracking attendance with Call Experts.

Call Experts

5 Tips to Track and Manage Employee Attendance, Call-Outs, and Absences: Develop and record your call-out and absence policy in your employee handbook.

Does Your Company Have A Customer Service Strategy?

Integrity Solutions

But what about the more subtle “rules” that aren’t covered in the employee handbook? By Steve Schmidt. Most companies like to say they provide great customer service and deliver it with integrity, but what does that really mean? Does your team understand what your expectations as a leader are?